A Handy Guide To The Best Online Casino Table Games With Rules, Odds, And Lots More

Online casinos become the most famous destination for more than millions of people across the world. The reputable licensed sites are now offering more than hundreds of games to be played from the home comfort or on the move through their mobile device. If slots are not your favorite things, then there is no need to worry. You can pick a title you wish to play. In this post, we provide an overview of top online casino and the table games that provide you the best chance of winning. The selection of the most favorable game is vast. So, take your time and compare them based on rules, payouts, and odds.

1)- Roulette

As the most social game, Roulette has been a gambler favorite for as long as it has been launched. Its history starts over 300 years ago, most probably at the end of the 17th century. Tons of bet choices, different variations, and fun all lead to the increasing popularity of roulette tables jam-packed with so many smiling players. It is one of the easiest games as it takes hardly 4-5 minutes to learn the rules and how to play. The biggest advantage of choosing live roulette is that it facilitates a gamer to play as short as or as long as he/she likes.


In the mid-1600s, the renowned scientist Blaise Pascal was trying various ways to create a perpetual motion machine. The roulette wheel we all see today is a result of so many attempts made to create such machine. There are no major differences between traditional design and today’s wheel. In the 1800s, it was decided to add a single zero. The 2nd zero was added when this game was brought to America. Roulette game was opened for online casino players after the launch of internet gambling in the mid-1990s. Since then, several innovations have been made related to this game. For example, live roulette versions. According to some sources, numbers on the wheel will add up to 666.

Main Rules

Roulette game is all about placing wagers on an individual number or predefined group of numbers. Players can bet on inside or outside bets.


Want to earn more? Risk more. The payout is different for various types of bets. In this table, you’ll find how much you can enjoy on playing certain roulette bet.

Types of Bet Payout
Odd/Even 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
Low/High 1:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Double Street 5:1
First Five 6:1
Corner 8:1
Street 11:1
Split 17:1
Straight Up 35:1


There are some roulette variants such as Lightning Roulette from very popular software provider “Evolution Gaming” that offers extra prizes to the luckiest gamers.

Bet Types

Roulette bets are classified into 2 types – inside and outside with so many sub-categories. Each of them offers different ways to win.

Inside Bet

In the inside of betting space at the roulette table, you’ll find some numbers. Bets placed on these numbers are called as the inside bet. Many bets fall in this category. It includes Split, Straight, Corner, Street, Line, and Double Street Bets.

– Outside Bet

These types of bets are placed on the space outside the number board. Some of the examples of this type of bet include Low/High Bet, Even/Odd Bet, Red/Black Bet, Column Bet, and Dozen Bet.


Outside bets offer players much better odds when compared with inside bets (having less winning chances). Hence, it is not a surprising fact that some outside bets such as odd/even are often called as even-money bets because they pay 1:1. When it comes to inside bet, odds with Straight Up bet are 2.60% in American Roulette and 2.70% in European Roulette.

How To Play Roulette?

In this game, you are supposed to place a bet on whether a ball spinning over a wheel will land on a specific number or a color. You can select to wager on a single number or a group of numbers. It is up to you to decide whether a ball will land on odd or even number, or a red-colored number or black-colored. A dealer spins the ball in the direction opposite to the turning wheel. Gamers can bet until a dealer or a croupier announces no more bets. When a spinning ball comes to a stop, winners are selected and awarded with the amount they wager.

2- Blackjack

Another table game that is famous among online gamblers is blackjack, recognized for several reasons. Since there is a simple rule and strategy to follow, it is quite easy for gamers to learn how to play blackjack. Sometimes called as “21”, blackjack is available at almost any online gambling destinations such as Jeetwin Online Casino, LeoVegas India, Royal Panda, and more Indian-friendly sites in multiple variations. Besides ease to learn & play, its popularity stems from the fact that it has an incredibly low house advantage of 0.28%.


The game of blackjack has been played for more than hundreds of years, in fact, it is difficult to find out the accurate date of its launch. But, it is known that this table game does not come to America until the 1800s. Its early version was believed to be played with wooden blocks in the Roman Empire. Some theories revolve around the chances of Italians, who started the game “31”. But, there are major differences between this game and Spanish 21 version (declared as the 1st historical version of blackjack from the 16th century).

Then, the story of this game comes from French. It was started in land-based casinos in Nevada during the 1930s. The legalization of gambling in Merica made its people play this exciting game. Nowadays, many online casinos across the world are providing different types of blackjack games with several promotions. For example, RoyalPanda offers special “Lucky 21” promotion to lucky gamers playing Royal Panda Live Blackjack or Royal Panda Live Blackjack VIP.

Main Rules

The objective is to get a hand value of 21 or closer to 21 than a dealer. A player will lose the bet if this value goes over 21. 


The odds of this table game differ depending on which variant you have selected and what are its rules. When played using the basic blackjack strategy, the house edge of this game is less than 1% i.e. 0.5%. Players, on the other hand, if do not follow perfect strategy has the disadvantage of higher house edge ranging between 2-8%. And, remember that lower the house edge is, higher will be the odds. So, if you want to increase the winning possibility, then learn the best blackjack strategies.


When compared with online slots, blackjack gives lower prizes. There is an option of playing side bets that have a higher risk by paying more prizes. Generally, casinos payout blackjacks at 3:2 or 6:5 rate. However, it is suggested to get payouts at the rate of 3:2 if possible.

How To Play Blackjack?

In a blackjack game, the main purpose of a player is to beat a dealer by getting the cards with a value equal or close to 21, not more than 21. The ace card is counted as 1 or 11, and face cards with 10 value. Number cards are counted with the value of their individual number. First of all, players have to place their bet. Then, a dealer deals 2 cards (one face-up and one face-down card) to himself and 2 face-up cards to all participating players. After the cards are dealt, players can choose to hit, stand, split up, double down, or surrender.

Once each player has completed their turn, a dealer turns out his hole card (face-down card). He will hit to get additional cards if a card holds the value at 16 or less. A dealer will continue to hit until the value reaches more than 16. He’ll bust if a card has over 21 value. In case, he does not bust, a player with the value higher than a dealer and other players will win the game.

3)- Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most elegant and easy to learn casino games in the world. Tommy Renzoni is considered as the “Father of American Baccarat.” Besides this renowned name, James Bond was another person, who was considered as the ardent baccarat player. These gamers inspired others to take pleasure from this classic casino game at world’s one of the finest gambling establishments. Let’s dive deep into some basic, but interesting details of the famous game of baccarat, starting with its history.

Baccarat History

The game of baccarat has been into existence for many years. However, it is almost impossible to trace the exact date of its origin. Many historians have presented different facts on the year it stems out, but when and where it started is still a secret. The main popularity of its variations has been observed since the 19th century. According to some sources, the baccarat game was started 500 years ago in Italy. It was launched on the basis of an Etruscan legend known as “nine gods”. The same sources said that a game of baccarat was adopted by the French soldiers from Italy after coming back from the Franco-Italian War in the late 15th century during the control of King Charles VIII.

The popularity of this game extended to the region of Europe by the 1800s. In France, there is a town named Baccarat. It is recognized for the crystal and glassmaking. The term Baccarat was derived from the Italian word “Baccara” meaning the zero number. This game changes as Punto Banco in England. In 1959, this game was introduced to Las Vegas. After that several versions have been developed with exciting features and the same set of rules with only a few differences.

Main Rules

Place a bet on whether the banker, player or both will have a hand value 9 or closer to 9.


Baccarat is such casino game that offers the lowest house edge in comparison to other online games. That’s a reason it is widely played by high rollers and wise gamblers. The winning probability of a player’s hand is 44.6%, while banker bet has the lowest house advantage with the possibility of 45.8%. In case of a tie, the odds will lower.

How To Play?

Just like roulette, this table game is purely a game of chance that does not require players to develop high skills. You can start playing just after going through its rules. The game starts when a player places a bet on 3 choices – a player’s hand, banker’s hand, or the tie. To win Baccarat, a gamer has to get the hand value closer to 9. Much like blackjack, each card has its specific value in Baccarat. Ace is counted with the value of 1 and number cards between 2 and 9 are worth their face value i.e. 3 is counted with a value 3. Jacks, Queens, Kings, and 10s are worth 0 points.

Once a player places a bet on any of the options, a dealer deals 2 cards for the player and the banker’s hands. A 3rd card is drawn when a player has a total value between 0 and 5. A player with a total worth of 8 or 9 in the first hand is the winner.


Wagers on the banker’s hand pay the lowest prizes of 0.95:1 because a casino takes 0.5% commission on the wagers with the better odds. Payouts for the player’s bet will be 1:1, while it is 8:1 for the tie bet.


As you can see that rules, payout, house edge, and odds are different for each of these table games. Thus, carefully choose the game considering your gaming style, preferences, bankroll and ability. And, don’t forget that each of these games has a range of variants to choose from. Thus, conduct thorough research to pick a title that provides an exciting and rewarding experience.