Baccarat: The Paroli System

Even though online Baccarat is known as the game of pure chance, some strategies can bring you closer to the win. The Paroli System is one such strategy that can help you bag huge winnings in this famous game of chance at both land-based and online casinos. Let’s get started and understand the ins and outs of this betting system. 

Interesting Facts about the Paroli System

  • The Paroli System is simple and follows a positive progression. 
  • When the player bags a win, the bet has to be doubled up
  • When the player experiences a loss, a flat bet is placed in the next round  
  • The players using the paroli system must not necessarily have a substantial bankroll
  • The losses occurring while using this system are generally small
  • The players do not have to be bothered about table limits when using this system
  • This system is best for the casino games that involve luck such as Baccarat and Roulette. 

What is the Paroli System?

Paroli is a positive progression betting system, which is also a tried-and-tested method by experts. The system aims to boost the chances of enhancing the profits in the game by taking advantage of winning streaks. This is about a 100 years old betting system, which was initially implemented at a casino in Monte Carlo. Since then, it has become one of the highly used betting systems in the world. The Paroli system received its name from the Latin term “Par” which translates to “match” and can also be determined as equal. 

The father of the betting system, Victor Bethell, also talked about the Paroli Betting system in his book ‘Monte Carlo Anecdotes’ released in 1910. He stressed that Paroli is a progression system that works opposite to the Martingale system. This betting system is sometimes also called the Reverse Betting System.

In this system, some of the elements from both the Martingale System and Anti-Martingale system are merged. Where, it basically has two objectives, first to produce small winnings consistently and second to prevent the risk of big losses. Below is an example showcasing the standard baccarat game. 

                 The Paroli Betting System for Baccarat
Bets  Wager Amount  Outcome 
#1  ₹100 Win
#2 ₹200 Win 
#3 ₹400 Win
#4 ₹800 Loss 
#5 ₹100 Loss
#6 ₹100 Win 


In the above example you see that there had been three progressive wins in a row, while in the fourth bet, the player experienced a loss, and went back to the initial stake. So, it was wiser for the players to walk out the game after three consecutive wins. However, the experienced players must have sensed the danger hovering around, and pulled himself out of the game. It is always advised to never test the luck beyond three wins. 

The Paroli System is a straightforward strategy that can be used in other casino games like roulette, craps, and even sports betting. It only involves adjusting your stakes according to some simple rules. 

Rules Involved in The Paroli System 

This betting system involves a set of rules, which include four steps, and show players the path to win. 

Rule #1 – Decide The Base Stake 

For the effective use of this system, it is important to have a fixed base stake. The decided amount has to be the stake at the beginning of each cycle. The players can choose any amount, but they must decide the stake amount taking the bankroll into account. The base stake must not be too high against the bankroll. It is always about 2% of the amount that can be put on risk for loss, however, this may not go beyond 5%. So, if a player has a bankroll of ₹5,000, then the base stake should be around ₹100.

Rule #2 – Double The Amount After Winning 

Every time the player experiences a win, he has to double the stake amount in the next bet. So, if the player begins with ₹100, his next bet will be ₹200 after winning. And if the same event transpired in the next round then the stake will double up to ₹400. 

Rule #3 – Take A Break After Three Wins 

If the player has already experienced three consecutive wins, then it is the time to take a break from doubling the amount. Instead, go back to the base stake. The players can often make three wins in the game using this system, but winning more than thrice is less likely to happen.

Rule #4 – Go to Base Stake After Losing 

In case of loss in any round during the game, the next bet must be the base stake. No matter how many losses come the way of the player, he/she should keep the betting amount the same. If the player keeps on wagering the same amount, he or she can soon come across a profitable winning streak.

Advantage of Using The Paroli System in Baccarat. 

  1. A straightforward strategy, which is very simple to learn. 
  2. This system does not need a big bankroll 
  3. The players get to enjoy small and consistent small wins 
  4. No need to look after losses
  5. Reduces the risk of huge losses

Disadvantages of The Paroli System

  1. Generates short-term profits/wins 
  2. Does not helps with guaranteed winning every time 
  3. The bankroll can be decreased quickly

Does The Paroli System Work in Baccarat? 

Well, it depends on what your aim is, in the game of baccarat. Decide whether you want to play Online baccarat at big online casinos like JungleRaja or Betwinner Casino to win huge amounts, or you simply want to have a great time by winning and spending real money without hampering your budget. If you are aiming at the second scenario, then the Paroli System can be your best bet. 

When you are using this strategy, you generally do not have to be bothered about other things. The system usually works, and if you know when to stop, you can surely take some profit home. However, you cannot fully trust the RNG of an online casino, which may not let the winning occur thrice in a row.