Gambling Trends 2020 – Know What’s Hot and What’s Lost

Casino Chips Flying

The gambling industry is consistent as well as variable. The industry kept on evolving at a faster pace with the incorporation of high-end technology. The advancement in technology has brought tremendous variations in the industry. Especially, online casinos have undergone massive changes, the gamblers a while ago did not have a huge range of gaming options and other features like responsible gambling as they have now. Several types of research state the revenue generated from the online gambling industry may reach $1 trillion by 2021; huge isn’t it? Thanks to technology that played a major role in attracting players to the online platforms for gambling. 

According to expert predictions, the demands in the online gambling industry are only going to increase, with the arrival of new operators and software developers. This indicates that the competition is going to be intense in the coming years, which generally reap the benefits to the players. With technology, the trends in the online gambling industry keep on changing that have changed this year too! So, what are the latest gambling trends in 2020? Keep on reading to discover and stay updated with the latest gambling fashion. 

Top 6 Gambling Trends 2020

Transition to web-based casinos 

One of the top and foremost gambling trends seen by the experts are the transition from land-based to web-based casinos. Today, more players are turning their ways to online casinos. Since the popularity of online casinos has been increasing rapidly over the past few years, the experts predict that more players will sign-up to online casinos in this and coming years. After noticing the popularity of online gambling many land-based casinos have also launched their mobile versions. 

Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality (VR) is an advanced technology that has been incorporated by numerous casino operators to deliver an authentic online gambling experience to the players at the platform, where they can come across virtual casinos. So, what does virtual reality in online casinos do? Well, this technology creates an artificial environment and presents it to the user as a real environment. VR has been around for a long-time, but it still has a long way to go. Since online casinos have realized its importance and started incorporating it recently. It generally is used in computer video games, but several leading software providers like Evolution Gaming and NetEnt have begun embracing this technology. 

With VR, online casino games become more engaging and realistic. This advanced technology enables the players in the casino room to see each other. Other renowned developers like Novomatic and Microgaming are making arrangements to introduce VR into their upcoming games. 

Advantages of VR
  • The players can experience the real land-based casino ambiance, from the comfort of their homes. 
  • VR enables players to enjoy gambling face-to-face with the other players. 
  • VR allows social gambling, which means the players can chat with its opponents.
Possible Disadvantages of VR
  • This technology can be an expensive deal for some users since they have to buy VR equipment to enjoy VR online casinos. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence has a huge significance in online gambling and casinos. Initially, when AI was introduced, it had a great impact on online video games. It influenced the customization of video games. AI analyses the preferences of the players when it comes to game selection, welcome package, payment methods and much more. It saves the players’ hassle and time searching for the right gaming option. Artificial intelligence is also highly used in customer support in many online casinos. The casinos use chatbots to assist the players and answer the queries. 

Artificial Intelligence can be used in online gambling in the two most efficient ways. 

  •  Detecting the Cheating Users

With the help of AI software, the casino operators can keep a check on the cheating players and stop any kind of fraud. Such software tracks the players by detecting their patterns and gaming behaviors. 

  •  Protection against Gambling Addiction 

AI systems have the potential to detect the players’ gaming behaviors and the stages of gambling addiction by analyzing the time spent, wagering frequency, and top betting games of a player. They identify the stage of gambling addiction and notify the players to gamble responsibly. 

Blockchain Casinos 

Blockchain technology is being used by the casino industry already on a huge level. The markets have several decentralized platforms, such as blockchain casinos and bitcoin casinos. There is a difference in both the platforms, the bitcoin casinos cannot incorporate blockchain technology, but use the standard one that uses cryptocurrencies as a payment option

Whereas, blockchain casinos incorporate the crypto platforms, which is an open-ledger decentralized system that offer several advantages: 

  • Fast actions with anonymity 
  • Transaction information is transparent and saved in public smart contracts. The data cannot be altered or manipulated either by users or operators. 
  • The game fairness is audited independently, as the players can see that slots are randomly generated under the casino smart contract. 
  • Blockchain casinos have miners (accountants) who track and validate all the activities of users and operators, which further bring more transparency and decentralization to the outcomes of the games and the entire process. 

Live Casino 

Most online casinos launched in 2020 and already existing leading web-based gambling sites such as LeoVegas and Royal Panda necessarily have a special segment – Live Casinos. The industry has witnessed an upsurge in user engagement in live dealer games. Live casinos are a way to boost the trust of the players in online casinos since many players do not believe the randomness of the results brought by online casinos games. Ever since such establishments have started embracing live casinos, the numbers of clients at online casinos have increased significantly. Seeing a human dealer on the table builds up the trust of the players.

Responsible Gambling and a Cleaner Environment 

Presently, the number of scammed online casinos has reduced significantly. This is majorly due to the awareness of ‘Responsible Gambling’ among the players. Also, the casinos are emphasizing on “Fair Go Casino” Login to protect the players. Indian online casinos are using several measures to ensure the players are at a safer place.