Going To Play Live Dealer Games? Make Sure You Follow These Etiquettes

The craze of playing live dealer games is on the rise these days. This advanced form of gaming has opened up the world of online gaming to a whole new market by providing a realistic experience without visiting land-based casinos. Just like the brick-and-mortar gambling venues, live dealer games also have certain areas of do’s and don’ts.

Here Are Some Of The Basic Etiquettes To Follow At Live Casinos –

You can play at your favorite casino without making any traveling expense or without getting dressed. Simply, access the casino site from your device browser and sign-up using the valid email ID or username and password. But, before playing live dealer games at the Royal Panda, LeoVegas, or other live casinos, it is important to get well-versed with the art of live casino etiquettes. Learning how to behave best can bring you closer to the real dealer.

  • Read The Guidelines Before You Go

Even though most of the live casinos do not have any dress code for players, there are some casinos where gamers cannot wear anything as per their wish. However, they don’t have strict rules for wearing flip-flops, swimming trunks, or any high professional-looking outfits, upscale live casinos may require players wearing a casual dress. Hence, before you visit the site and start playing the game, be sure to check the casino’s guidelines for being an eligible member.

  • Learn The Game Rules

You would be less likely to win a live dealer game if you don’t have any idea on how to play the game, what rules you have to follow, and which strategies could provide you the amazing win. Hence, before taking a seat, do some research and gather the best of information about the rules of the game you choose. Most casinos provide pamphlets, tutorials, or lessons to explain informative facts about the selected game.

Trusted online casinos such as Jeetwin, Bitstarz, and Spin Casino to name a few are probably the right place to master the selected game. Most of these sites offer certain games to be played for free as well as real money. You can access their demo mode to get familiar with the rules of a game before heading to the live casino.

  • Don’t Drink Excessively

Drinking too much is not only dangerous to your health, but it can also create a negative impact on your gaming experience. There is no problem in enjoying a couple of drinks on the live casino floor. Many players used to have it for increased fun. But, it will affect your performance in a negative way. You would not be able to make the confident and right decisions if you drink excessively. Even more, you will be more likely to wager large beyond your bankroll. Since you’ll not be in a conscious mind, you will not be able to understand what you’re saying and which language you’re adopting while interacting with a live dealer or other players.

  • Don’t Use Bad Language

The use of bad language cannot only affect real-life relationships, but your live dealer gaming experience as well. The risk of misunderstanding gets increases in written communication as another person could not judge what is your emotion behind the particular message. In a chatbox, you cannot guarantee whether something has been said in fun or in a serious node. Thus, it is always suggested to use the right language avoiding the offensive one.

  • Behavior To Adopt While Playing Roulette

No matter which roulette version you’re playing, it is important to get your own colored chips and do not exchange or combine it with other players’ chips to keep everything clear and avoid confusion with other gamers. Cash in your roulette chips at the playing table and collect winning wagers in between hands.

  • Be Nice To A Dealer

Regardless of the type of a live dealer game you’re playing, it is advised to remain nice to a real dealer. Never use any insulting language or tone while interacting with a dealer and never use him/her as a metaphorical punching bag. Don’t forget that a dealer is a highly knowledgeable, well-trained, and professional expert who is well-versed with game rules, live casino etiquettes, and all regulations. Hence, you cannot advise him/her to give you more time for betting or other things. There is no benefit in blaming the dealer for your lose. He or she is present there to ensure the smooth gameplay.

  • Listen To A Dealer

An ardent and well-informed dealer can help you a lot in playing the game most successfully by guiding you accurate game rules. Hence, it makes a great deal of sense to open your ears and listen to your dealer while he or she is directing the gameplay. For example, if a dealer at a roulette table declares no more bets, it’ll mean every bit of it. Sincerely listening to the croupier and behaving like a gentleman will not only allow you to enjoy a good time, but it will also build your trustworthy reputation at the live casino.

  • Best Use Your Money

Bankroll management is one of the top strategies for effectively playing live dealer games. So, don’t make the mistake of consistently placing the hard-earned money on the table beyond your budget. Don’t buy chips until the current hand is over. Since a dealer is not allowed to take the money of players’ hands, you have to put the cash on the table. Don’t touch your wager until you win the game and get paid with the winning amount.

  • Choose The Right Seat

Each table at live casinos has some minimum and maximum bets. So, you must take a seat at the table that best fits your budget. Never sit at the table you cannot afford to place wagers. Remember that tables are reserved for players. Thus, you should not take a seat at the table if you are not in a mood to play the games. You may be asked to vacate the seat at any time, especially when the seat is required for another player. In the craps tables, you’ll find a rail rather than chairs. Remain away from a rail if you don’t want to place a bet.

  • Don’t Insult Others

One of the topmost reasons why most players prefer playing live casino games is the availability of live chat option. In the live chat rooms, you can interact with a real dealer as well as other players sitting at the table via the chat window. Just like a dealer, you must be nice to other participating gamers. Don’t use any language or tone without thinking about fellow gamers’ feelings. Don’t express any thoughts and leave the table if you think a player is not playing right or making silly mistakes. Never take your frustration to the dealer or customer support representatives as they are there to help you with casino related queries not to reduce your anxiety. So, be nice to other gamers without getting too friendly that you reveal your cards to them.

  • Tipping

Even though tipping is not the part of online gambling culture and is generally advised a player not to give any tip to the dealer, some casinos allow tipping. But, remember that it is not compulsory. It all depends on you whether or not you want to give tip to a dealer by sharing the wealth if you win. If you decide to give tip to a dealer, then make sure that you only give a small part of your tip to the dealer as tips are usually pooled.

  • Blackjack Gaming Behavior

Just like a roulette game, you have to adopt certain etiquettes of blackjack and all its variations. Use only one hand to play the blackjack genuinely without looking like a cheater. Regardless of the friendly nature of a live dealer with you, never do the mistake of asking him or her to show his or her pocket cards. Always keep this tip in your mind no matter whether you are in a serious mood or a fun way. Besides avoiding the desire to ask a dealer for revealing his/her card, don’t help the real dealer by showing cards you’re holding. Turning over your cards can be easily captured in the cameras placed above the table. If you have any confusion, simply signal hit and stand with your hands along with your mouth.

  • Table Etiquette

Alongside developing a good behavior for a real dealer and fellow players, there are certain things that you should not do at the live casino table. Don’t take photos, use Skype, or capture videos at the table as these activities are completely banned. Messaging and net surfing on the mobile phone are also prohibited. So, try to avoid practicing these things. You are free to leave the specific table and find the new one if you are not satisfied with the results at that table. Play confidently with proven strategies and tricks without depending completely on the dealer as he or she would not be responsible for your losses or wins. If you are playing Pai Gow, a dealer can guide you on how to play your hand according to the standard house rules.

  • Handling Disputes

As already discussed above, the live dealer or a customer support staff will not be responsible for dealing with your frustration of seeing another gamer playing with a lot of schoolboy mistakes. The process of handling player disputes is clearly given in the Gambling Act. You can inform the dealer when you have any complaint while playing the game at the live casino table. If you’re not satisfied with the dealer or a croupier’s support, reach to the floor manager or the boss with your relevant concern. If you still don’t get the solution you are looking for, contact customer support representatives through available options – email, telephone or live chat. The last option is to register your queries or complaints with the head office of a live dealer casino you’re playing the game. If the concern is too big and highly serious, request Independent Panel for Casino Arbitration intervene.

  • How To Behave While Playing Craps?

So, you have learned the rules and associated terminology while playing Craps. Well, it’s good. But, do you know the etiquettes you must follow to avoid showing yourself silly. You are allowed to place pass, field, don’t pass, big 6/8, come, and odds wager. After making the wager, place your cash on the layout and inform the dealer for making other wagers in place of yours. Keep some patience and don’t show any interference while another person is tossing the dice. Make sure that you don’t touch the table. Keep one thing in your mind that sliding the dice is strictly banned so simply toss the dice if its your chance to be a shooter.


Before you head out on the town of live casino, develop above-mentioned etiquettes to play successfully and properly without looking worse or foolish. Understanding and following these etiquettes is not rocket science. You can easily adopt them by keeping some patience and bringing a few changes in your behavior. If you follow the game rules and live casino etiquette, you can have a remarkably exciting gaming time and win some good amount of money. So, be nice and play nice to enjoy the game in a much more pleasant gaming environment.

Not to mention, find the marvelous collection of top live casino games at the recommended site to play safely and fairly. The perfect blend of high-quality live dealer game and basic live casino etiquettes can go a long way in providing you the mind-blowing experience you always dreamt of.

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