Interview With Winner From Genesis Casino

Ruby: Thank you for talking to us at Tina! Big day and a big win for you, many congratulations!

Tina: Thank you so much, Ruby. I still cannot believe I have won Rs.15,00,000 on the exclusive offer of no deposit 300 free spins! It is yet to sink in.

Ruby: Certainly, we are so happy for you! Before we jump into details of your game, tell us something about yourself. Our readers enjoy a sneak-peak into the lives of our big winners.

Tina: Well, in 23. I just graduated a year back, and have been working with a digital marketing agency in Delhi for the last year, saving up to study further about. This game has just boosted my savings with a huge surge!

Ruby: Amazing! Truly well deserved. So coming to the game, tell us about your experience in the world of online casinos. How often do you play? How did you win this big?

Tina: Would you believe me if I told you this was my first experience in an online casino? That’s right! Beginners luck. I have never played slot machines before in my life. I was researching on some content for my next copywriting work, and this promotional link from Genesis Casino throws up. It was a no-rush weekend, so I figured, why not give this a shot. What have I to lose anyway?

Ruby: Wow! That’s some luck! Run us through your big win!

Tina: Well, I honestly started with a lull. Didn’t really make anything close to even a win. But they were no deposit free spins so I was at it anyway. Since it was the first time I was in a casino, physical or online, I thought, why not exhaust all my chances? I didn’t even sign up to claim my signing up bonus and check out the website. Besides, I had three hundred chances of winning something even reasonable, so why not?

Ruby: Absolutely! I admire your confidence and ability to take a chance.

Tina: It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? This was on the game Starburst, which I just discovered is a beginners favourite. So, I was down to my last fifty when I hit my big win! Since I hardly knew how to go about the game, it was great luck and a bit of logic that helped me crack it through. I was stunned when I saw the numbers climbing, and climbing some more! Whatever it was, it got me my Rs.15,00,000!

Ruby: We love listening to stories like these! Especially for our readers, it’s a great encouragement to try new things and explore new games. Many congratulations from Any comprehensive plans with your big win?

Tina: Yes. I want to gift my parents something for all that they have done for me. A holiday, maybe? Yet to wrap my head around it. And certainly something for my kid sister too. I’m sure her list is going to be rather long. But definitely, a large chunk of this is going to go into my higher education fund. I’ve just saved on nearly two years of saving up!

Ruby: More power to you! May this be the first of a score of success stories in the future, both in and out of casinos! Thanks for your time.