LeoVegas Players Can Enjoy Early-Exposure to CRAZY TIME Live Game Show by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Game Show

Evolution Gaming, one of the leading software providers, is already popular for coming up with a series of live casino games. And this time too, they have come up with a blockbuster gameplay, which they claim to be the most fun game ever developed in the history of online gambling. The style setting of this gameplay is curated in a way to appeal to the audience vastly since the game is fun to play as well as watch. 

The lucky players of LeoVegas will get exposed to this new live casino game at the pre-launch by the developers, which is three weeks earlier to their official website. 

This fun game will be launched at this online gambling platform on 10th June 2020. Well, the fun doesn’t stop here for the LeoVegas players. They can also enjoy a three-weekend long cross-vertical special campaign to celebrate the launch of Crazy Time. The players from across the world can participate in this new live casino game except for a few countries. The gambling markets where the game will not be available are Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and Schleswig-Holstein. 

Evolution Gaming is set to launch 12 new titles under ICE 2020 among which Crazy Time steals the limelight. The official website of the providers announced the arrival of the gameplay with a powerful slogan “CRAZIEST, MOST FUN GAME YET” AMONG EVOLUTION’S 12 NEW GAMES AT ICE 2020”. 

Wondering what Crazy Time is all about? Let’s explore more details about this new live dealer game by the industry’s leading developers. 

Everything You Need to Know About Crazy Time Gameplay

Crazy Time by Evolution gaming is a Live Casino game show, themed around an out-of-this-world amusement park. The game features a main money wheel, a top slot above the wheel, and 4 exciting bonus gameplays. 

This is one of the high potential games with RTP of 96.08%, which means the players have big opportunities to bag big winnings on the main wheel, while the top slot is generating multipliers for bet spots on the numbers or bonus games in 54 segments. The featured bonus games on the main money wheel are Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt and Crazy Time. 

Crazy Time Multiply Feature

To initiate the rounds, the Money Wheel and Top Slot will spin at the same time in the bonus game plays. Here the Top Slot creates random multipliers, to offer the players an opportunity to bag the multiplied value as payouts. 

Let’s dig out more about the bonus games involved in the gameplay

Coin Flip 

In this bonus game, a coin with blue or red colors on the either sides assigned with a random multiplier is flipped. All the action happening around while the coin is flipped is displayed on the screen. As the coin stops flipping, two different multipliers are shown and the top side is the winning side. When the coin lands at blue, the multiplier linked to it adds to the payout, and the similar case happens with the red side. There is a bowl located under the screen which holds another coin. The prize of the players is determined by which color the face hits. 

In case the winnings secured by the players are small, the game comes up with a Rescue Flip, which gives the players a new chance to flip the coin, with the new multipliers. 


In this gameplay, a virtual Pachinko wall is incorporated, where physical pegs and pucks are dropped from the drop zones to the landing zones. In each landing zone, a random multiplier is assigned at the beginning of each round. Here the pucks are dropped meandering their ways through the pegs. The bet is multiplied, when the puck makes its landing on a multiplier, according to their zones. For instance, if the puck lands on the ‘Double’ zone, the multiplier in the zone will be multiplied accordingly. And then again, a new puck is dropped until it lands on the multiplier, the mechanism keeps on repeating itself until it reaches the multiplier of 10,000x. Like Coin Flip, this gameplay also has a Rescue Drop feature.

Cash Hunt 

As the name suggests, this game feature is all about cash and winnings. On entering the bonus round the player comes across a grid of 108 different multipliers prizes waiting for them. The players have to choose from the different 108 symbols. Once the symbol is selected the player shoots a cannon to reveal the multiplier behind the symbol. The overall bet size of the player will be boosted with the multiplier. This is another high potential gameplay, with the ability to payout 25,000x of the player’s stake. 

Crazy Time 

Finally comes the Crazy Time, the last bonus round of the game. Once the players reach and manage to enter the red mysterious door – they come across a giant virtual wheel set up by a wacky background, which looks like a virtual theme-park world. The giant wheel consists of 64 sections featuring multipliers and endless winning opportunities. The multipliers are put on the main wheel in each round and it features a ‘Double’ and ‘Triple’ zone in gameplay, just like Pachinko. 

The wheel contains three different flappers – green, blue, or yellow. The players need to choose the flappers they want to use in the gameplay at the beginning of the round. Then the wheel containing different multipliers are spun, and when it stops, the prize of the player will be determined by chosen flapper color. This bonus round has the RTP of 95.5% and it can bring the winnings up to 160,000x the player’s stake. 

Live Campaign – Crazy Time 

Crazy Time Live Campaign consists of 2 programs. The first program is a 3-weekend long tournament, which features a leaderboard operational on the weekends from 12th to 28th June 2020, which starts from Fridays at 4:00 pm through Sundays until 11:59 pm CEST. 

The second program of the campaign is cross-sold from live casino to casino. Here the players will have to wager to receive a spin on the wheel.