What is Making Online Poker So Popular in India?

Poker Cards

With the rise of the internet, online gaming has become a big thing in India. A huge number of the population in the country is routing towards this source of entertainment to savor several quality moments, release stress and enhance their problem-solving skills. Amongst thousands of online gaming platforms, there is one continually topping the list- Online Poker

What is Online Poker?

Poker is a game of cards played between 6 to 9 players with a deck of cards, where the player has to generate the best 5-card poker hand according to hand ranking rules. It’s a psychological game that requires a skill set and intelligence to defeat the opponents having years of experience and expertise. Online poker is also a traditional poker game played over the internet, available in a wide range of games and stakes.

Poker has always been a favorite game amongst the gamblers, and with its availability on the internet, more and more gamblers are turning their ways to the online version in India. When we talk about the current scenario, millions of gamblers are spending several hours along with a lot of money playing poker.

With the rise in the statistics of online poker fans, the industry is coming up with numerous poker sites to provide them with a variety to play.

Why is online poker constantly becoming popular amongst Indian Gamblers?

Online Poker is stealing the limelight amongst other online games at an impressive rate, but what is making it so popular by the day? Well, several factors are doing the job.

• 24×7 operational hours

Firstly, the major advantage of online poker is that gamblers do not have to look at the watch before playing it. The players can access the game anytime and anywhere in India, which cuts down a lot of hassle, such as getting into the car, facing traffic and then going to the casino to play poker. Whereas, in the case of online poker, time/operation hours is the last thing that the players have to worry about.

• Flexibility

Secondly, online poker is “Flexibility”. It allows the players to start and stop the game according to them. Also, they can select the thread from wherever they want to. Besides flexibility in time and gaming, device compatibility is one of the major factors contributing to the popularity of the game. The players can play it on the computer, laptops and also on their mobile phones. The best part is, the players savor the same gaming experience as when they play it on other devices. Most players have the same question in mind regarding playing poker on mobile – whether playing online poker on mobile phone involves any limitation. The answer to this most common question is – NO. The game offers the same possibilities, whether it is being played on mobile or computer.

• The Variety of Features

The fanbase of online poker is rising like never before. Therefore, to attract the new players, the poker sites compete with each other to provide the best playing features, design, interface, etc to satisfy the cravings of poker fans.

• The Variety Special Deals and Bonuses

Another contributing factor is the variety of special deals, bonuses, and other promotions, which attract different newbies. Most online poker platforms offer amazing signup and deposit deals, welcome offers, fast and efficient deposit and withdrawal methods, big and exciting prize pools, VIP/loyalty programs and so much more.

The players can choose from an array of game options available for different skill set levels and experience and still bag some matching deals and bonuses. But before that, the players must check the website authenticity, to ensure they are spending money at the right tables.

• Simplicity and Problem-Solving

Online poker is simple and easy to learn the game. The Internet is flooded with a range of tools to educate the player about how to play online poker games. There are blogs, articles, videos, forums, and e-books explaining the basics and rules of poker.

Poker is known to be a game of mind and skills which challenges the minds of youth. Youth find these challenges exciting as well as fun-filling, which ultimately enhances the problem-solving skills in them.

• Availability of Free Versions

Beginners wanting to try their hands in online poker do not have to spend their hard-earned money for the first time. Many variations of the game also provide freeroll games. The beginners can take part in the game with practice chips to learn the basics without investing real money.

• Variety of Cashless Payment methods

The players investing their real money in online poker games have a variety of options. The players can make deposits using Bank Wire, UPI, Paypal, Debit/Credit Cards, Neteller and other electronic payment methods accepted in India. The reliable and authentic poker websites provide their websites with a 100% secure and hassle-free mode to make financial transactions.

Withdrawing the winnings is also a trouble-free process. Most sites provide a fast and transparent process for withdrawing the funds into the players’ bank account, with zero risks of identity theft and data leakage.

• Big Winning Opportunities

Last but not the least, online poker can win you big amounts. Earlier, Poker was associated with a lot of myths and misconceptions, such as it is a game of luck, and winning a combination hand is a thing of chance. But the truth is that the players need to implement a set of mathematical calculations, skills, and human psychology to build a strategy and win the combination. The more dedication and understanding you put in the game, the more steps you come closer to bag the big winnings.

These were some of the top reasons for making poker a popular game in India. Online Poker is seen as a new sport in India, which determines the rise in the number of Indian players in the game.

After Online poker, Live Roulette is the second most popular game in India. Indian players love the concept of playing Roulette at a Live dealer at their convenience. And then, Blackjack follows the list. These games are appreciated amongst Indian Players the most.

Is Online Poker Legal in India?

Yes, playing online poker in India is completely legal, because it falls under the category “games of mere skill’. Poker, whether online or offline has been accepted as a game of mind and skills on a global scale. The game requires a high intellectual level, which is also accepted by mathematicians, economists, and chess masters around the world. In 1996, The Supreme court of India affirmed and ruled that games involving a substantial degree of skills will fall under the “games of mere skills” category. Also, the court declared that betting on horse-racing is also a game of skills.

Later many Supreme Court Judgements also depicted that providing the game of skills is listed amongst the fundamental rights in the constitution of India and hence these games cannot be prohibited in the country.

Also, The High Courts of Kolkata and Karnataka noted that law enforcement authorities cannot interfere in Poker Games. Following this legal background, various legal experts and jurists declared Online Poker legal in India.

How to Check the Authenticity of an online poker site in India?

Online poker is a game that offers a lot of excitement, fun, and numerous possibilities. Since there are a wide number of poker sites available in India, it is easier for players to get carried away. These sites may allure players with exciting deals to sign up to their sites, but it is always important to check the authenticity of the website to choose the right website. Mentioned below are some tips to know how genuine a Poker site is.

1. Go through customer reviews on the site.

Before registering with a site, it is always advisable to look for the reviews of poker players on it. If the other poker players have found the site reliable, then you can proceed with the site. Look for the personal blogs by the poker players sharing their experience and reviews about a particular site. Personal blogs usually provide genuine information about poker providers.

2. Check legalities

Legality is one of the most important things to look for. Verify whether the site complies with Indian Laws of Gaming and taxation. The government will shut down the website which is not following the rules and laws. One of the important parameters the players must look for is TDS Certificates, which must be provided to the players by the site in compliance with the IT act.

3. Software and Security

Must check the software and security measures of an online poker website. Make sure the software is highly safe and the website is having a complete set of licenses, controlled under law. Also, the website must have an SSL Certificate along with antivirus protection, to keep the financial and personal information of the users safe on the site.

4. Transparency in Money Handling

The transactions and money handling criteria of the poker site must be transparent and smooth. There must not be any hidden terms on the deposit and withdrawal of funds. The website must provide popular payment channels acceptable in India to ease the money matters.

5. Customer Care Service

An authentic poker website will try to ease the problems to its players by providing a quality customer care service. Usually, a genuine poker site will have a reachable contact number, live chat, and email. The customer support must be efficient enough to provide a quick solution to the query raised by the players.


The internet has brought a tremendous change in the world of online gaming, which also reflected a big rise in usages of online poker in India. Hassle-free access to online Poker with no time boundary is making is a hot choice amongst the Indian players.