Indian casinos offer many bonuses to attract new players and reward loyal ones. One such bonus that’s especially popular among new players is the so-called cashback bonus. It allows the players to get back some of the funds that they’ve lost as a refund made in cash. More casinos are starting to use this type of bonus, varying significantly in terms of stakes and the games they provide.

Check out our list of casinos that offer a cashback bonus, and choose the one that suits you.

List of the Best Indian Cashback Casino Sites (2022)

What is a Cashback Bonus?

A cashback bonus is one of the casino bonuses that an Indian casino offers to its players. This bonus comes in the form of reimbursement for losses that a player has made while playing at a casino. It’s one of the most appealing bonuses a casino can offer a novice player since it somewhat lowers the risk for them.

How does Casino Cashback bonus work?

A cashback bonus comes in the form of a percentage, and it comes with a clear limit as to how many losses can be reimbursed. For instance, if a bonus is set at 20 percent and the limit is set at $100, this means that a player will get 20 percent of the funds they’ve lost back, and the maximum amount they could claim is $100.

Is Cashback Bonus Legal in India?

Yes, cashback bonuses are legal in India, and many casinos use them since they are a good way for the casino to attract those players that are new to gambling. There’s always some risk involved in gambling, and this way, a portion of the losses is always recovered. Different casinos have different policies when it comes to amounts.

Why Do Casinos Offer a Cashback Bonus?

Casinos offer cashback bonuses to attract new players. It is true that the casinos give back the funds they’ve made in the process, but the amounts and the percentages are in favor of the casino. The promotional value of this bonus brings in more funds that the casinos give back, all things considered.

Types of Cashback Bonuses

There are a few types of cashback bonuses out there, and some different casinos will have different types available. These differ based on how much you need to wager in order to be able to withdraw the funds and based on how long the bonus is available. The players need to be aware of these differences and choose accordingly.

No Wagering Cashback Bonus

No wagering cashback bonus doesn’t require the player to wager additional funds in order to withdraw the bonus and get the cashback. Some bonuses require the player to add a percentage of the bonus as their own funds to be able to withdraw their winnings and the cashback. Sometimes these amounts are more than you’ve got. A no-wagering bonus is more generous.

Daily/Weekly Cashback Bonus

Weekly and daily cashback bonuses are common and work the same as the bonuses we’ve mentioned before. The main difference is that you get the payout at the end of the day or the end of the week, depending on the bonus. You’ll still get a percentage of what you’ve lost in that time, and there’s a cap.

VIP Cashback

VIP cashback bonuses are also often used among Indian casinos to reward the high rollers and set up a class of players that has a special relationship with the casino. The basic premise is the same but the limits and the amounts you get back are higher. This is an option available only to players that spend a certain (and large) sum of money at the casino.

Benefits of Claiming Cashback Casino Bonuses

Many benefits come from using a cashback bonus for both the players and the casinos and that’s why it’s so popular and widely used. All of these come from the fact that this bonus isn’t a giveaway- you’ll get a percentage of your own funds back. Instead, it’s used to mitigate and lower the risks that come with gambling.

Avoiding Expensive Mistakes

Using a cashback bonus means you can avoid at least some of the costly mistakes that come with gambling at an online casino. Regardless of which game you’re playing and how good you are at it, you’re bound to lose at least some of your bets and this is where a cashback bonus can help you recover.

Extending the Gameplay

A cashback bonus allows the players to keep playing for a while even after they’ve lost all of the funds they’ve meant to use for gambling. This is a chance to recover your losses or for those who play for smaller sums – it can be a chance to keep the fun going and enjoy the game a bit more.

No Wagering Requirements

There are no wagering requirements attached to this bonus. Most bonuses come with wagering requirements and in some cases, this means that it doesn’t pay off to use them in the first place. A cashback bonus does come with a cap on how much you can get back, but there’s no minimum amount you need to wager first.

You Get Your Money Fast

In many other cases, a bonus structure is complicated and it may take a while until you qualify to get your funds back and even more until you actually get to deposit the funds to your account. With a cashback bonus, the structure is simple and therefore you get your funds right away, with the only delay depending on your payment method.

Play at the Best Cashback Casinos in India

Many Indian casinos offer a cashback bonus and in some cases, you can get back a large chunk of the funds you’ve lost during a bad streak. These casinos also have many different games to choose from as well as plenty of other bonuses. Check out the list we compiled and choose the one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are.

With this bonus, a casino refunds a portion of your loss.

There’s a limit to the percentage you can get back and to the maximum amount.

There are no wagering requirements attached to cashback bonuses.

A weekly cashback refunds the percentage of an amount you’ve lost within a week of gameplay.