Teen Patti, also called, 3 Patti, Indian Poker or Teen Pathi is one of the very popular Indian gambling card games with its resemblance to the western Poker. This is one of the staple games for many generations in India even now it becomes the trendy phenomenon. You’re not a desi gambler enough if you are based in India and never heard about this game. Its popularity isn’t restricted to tournaments and gatherings even it is used as the key source of mutual entertainment during family events and festive celebrations in India. This game was especially played during the Diwali celebration. Have you made your mood to up your sleeves and become the next winner of Indians’ favourite card game “Teen Patti” online? Just hold a few minutes and go through this definitive guide. Below you’ll check out some basic yet useful facts that help you to get aware of its rules, strategies, winning potential, variations, etc. So, go ahead.

Play Online Real Money 3 Patti

What Is Online Teen Patti Game?

Online Teen Patti is a software version of traditional gambling card game Teen Patti, which is originated from India. Typically, it is played with a group of friends including people who’re residing miles away from you. It is India’s new twist to the original 3 card poker and is very much similar to the UK’s popular 3-card brag card game.

Thanks to rapid technological advancement that brought the digital version of this famous Indian traditional game just with the need of internet connection. With state-of-the-art security measures, attractive graphics, real money betting, encouraging soundtracks, and iGaming experience, Teen Patti helps you to connect with friends at any time and at any place you want like never before.

Key Essentials For Playing An Indian Teen Patti Game

To start playing the Indian popular game of Teen Patti, 2-10 players are required with a deck of cards excluding Joker. Alongside this, a dealer, poker chips, a poker table, and a dealer button are also required as the essentials.

Basic Indian Teen Patti Terminologies

Before we go ahead towards learning the Teen Patti game rules and strategies, let’s first look for the terms most frequently used in this Indian online game.

Ante (Boot) Post Blind Chaal – Call and Raise
Fixed Limit Spread Limit Pot Limit No Limit
Sideshow Blind Play Show (down) Fold (Pack)
Pure Sequence (Straight Flush/Pakki Round) Trail (Three of a Kind)/Set/Trio Sequence (Straight or Run) Colour (Flush)
High Card Pair (Two of a Kind) Loose and Tight Play Seen
Side Pot (Compromise)

These are some of the very basic Teen Patti terms that you must know to smoothly play the game online. Better understand the meaning of each terminology to get well-versed with the gameplay.

Is Playing Teen Patti Legal In India?

Online Teen Patti game is completely legal to play in India since it is a game of skill that can be played for real money on the Indian online casinos. By developing and improving the skill to properly understand your hand vs. others and the ability to bluff them or create an intelligent call to a sideshow or fold can provide you the better win. Also, it is quite safe to consider Teen Patti as the legal game in India because Indian gambling laws are ancient and do not comprise the web.

Important & Interesting Facts To Know About Teen Patti Game

  • The origin of this gambling card game dates back to the Indian subcontinent.
  • It is often termed as Indian Poker.
  • Medium random chance.
  • It is also known as flash or flush in some regions.
  • In 2010, the Indian Bollywood industry made the Hindi language thriller film with the same title – Teen Patti. This movie got success by gaining the attention and interest of the worldwide players in this game.
  • Counting skills is essential to play this game.
  • A deck of Anglo-American 52-card is used.
  • The cards’ sequence is identified by the value of cards.
  • The counting of players at the table ranges between 4 and 8.

Teen Patti Indian Game Rules

It is quite easy to learn the rules of 3 card Teen Patti. Every player in this game contributes towards the boot money. Each participating member will receive 3 face-down cards. The first player is a gamer who is next to the dealer. Once the game gets to start, the player has a ‘blind” option that allows him/her to place the wager without looking at the cards. However, if he or she looks at the received card, then he or she can choose to play “chaal”. Even he or she may also get some other options depending on the progress level of the game. If a player prefers to make a blind bet, he or she is considered a blind player. On the other hand, a seen player is a gamer who places the wager after looking at his or her cards.

Indian Teen Patti Online Game Variations

If you think that you can indulge in only one specific kind of Teen Patti game, then rethink. There are numerous variations of this game that take its enjoyment factor to the next level for all types of Indian players. Want to know about these variants to pump up your excitement? Here, they’re.

  • 999 Variation

A winner is a player who gets his hand value closer to the hand combination value of 999.

  • Best of Four

4 cards are dealt instead of 3. Hence, the best 3 card value must be made from the 4 cards.

  • AK47 Variation

This variant is mainly played between 2-10 players. Wild cards or Jokers are A, K, 7 and 4 of all suits and you can use them for any cards you like. A player who has the strongest hand value is considered as the winner.

  • Bust Card Draw

A dealer draws a random card, which would be considered as the call of death for any person who holds that card in his or her hand as they need to fold.

  • Joker Variation

3 cards from a shuffled deck are dealt by the dealer with the players. After that, a dealer randomly takes out one card and nominates other cards of the equal strength/number/ran as the Joker or a wild card. Joker can be used as another card in the Teen Patti game.

  • Mufliss (Lowball) Variation

This variant aims to receive the weakest Teen Patti hand. All the gameplay rules are similar to the traditional game except that card ranking is reserved.

  • Royal Variation

Players have to play with just 20 cards such as A, K, Q, J, T. Since, there are few limited cards, a maximum of 6 players can play the game.

  • 4x Boot Variation

This variant is played similar to the traditional Teen Patti except that starting Ante value is 4x more than normal Ante value. That’s a reason its pot value increases faster.

  • Lowest Joker Variation

Joker is every player’s lowest card. The lowest pair is converted into 2 Jokers if it exists in pairs.

  • Two-Lowest Wild

Every player is dealt with the 4 cards. The 2 lowest-ranking cards are considered as the wild cards in the hand of a player.

  • Revolving Joker Variation

Whenever someone folds, the Joker gets change. In case, a player loses or folds in a slideshow, the dealer selects 3 new Jokers from the rest of the cards.

  • High Wild

In this variant, the highest-ranking cards are considered as the wild cards, however, other things remain the same like low wild.

  • Faceoff Variation

In this variant, players are dealt with the faceoff cards – 10, A, J, Q, and K. Rest things remain the same as ordinary Teen Patti Indian games.

Teen Patti Winning Potential

If you want to master an Indian 3 Patti online, you must understand the winning potential of each hand type. Here is a brief idea of the hand rankings of this game.

Hand Type Probability Frequency Odds Cumulative Probability
Three of a kind/set/trail/trio 0.24% 52 424.00:1 0.24%
Straight flush/pakki round/pure sequence 0.22% 48 459.42:1 0.45%
Run/straight/sequence 3.26% 720 29.69:1 3.71%
Flush/color 4.96% 1096 19.16:1 8.67%
Pair 16.94% 3744 4.90:1 25.61%
High card 74.39% 16440 0.34:1 100.00%
Total 100.00% 22,100 0.00:1 100.00%

Keep in mind that the probability of getting a “Three of a kind/trail/trio/set” is 0.24%. Statistics suggest that it would be equal to 1 in every 500 hands.

How To Play Online Teen Patti In India?

Often termed as India’s very popular poker game, Teen Patti requires 3-6 players with a 52 cards deck with no jokers. Just like the poker game, a dealer distributes 3 face-down cards in an anti-clockwise direction to all the players on the table. Generally, the hand’s winner is considered the dealer for the next hand. After all the cards are dealt by the dealer to all the players, the game starts when players sitting to the left side of the dealer begin placing the bets and every player acts on their turn according to the strength of the card.

There are no limits to the betting rounds. The maximum 2 players who remain in the game until the end have to show their cards. A gamer with the highest-ranking hand will win the pot. Alternatively, the last player will be the winner if all players fold excluding a single gamer.

Tips & Strategies To Play Indian 3 Patti Online

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, these tips and strategies will help you to master the game and improves the winning chances at an extended level.

  • Start with low-value wagers and increase it based on your strength.
  • Betting larger from the beginning will scare other players and let them fold, thereby avoiding further increment in the pot money.
  • Learn the art of bluffing to persuade other players that you’ve a strong head even if you have a comparatively weak hand. Worrying about how to make this possible? Don’t take the stress. Make pretty wagers and adopt the body language, eyes gestures, and facial expressions that show you highly confident and stronger.
  • Study the behavior, body language, and playing patterns of other gamers, be calm, confident, and keep bluffing by having your neutral expressions.
  • No matter whether you’re an experienced player or a newbie, play blind to boost your overall pot money.
  • Ask for a slideshow from a previous player if you’ve no idea of how to make the best use of your hand.
  • Keep some patience and take quality time to look for the right opportunity and play your turn effectively.
  • Fold when you feel that you must stop now.

Can I Play Teen Patti Game For Free As Well As Real Money?

3 card Teen Patti online is available for free at reliable casino sites. However, playing this game with real money is the biggest deal, you can try out its different free to play variations. Make sure that you better understand the little nuances regarding each variant before you make the final selection.

Newbies are always recommended to start with these free variations because there are many turns and twists that a player should be confident of before starting the gameplay. You don’t need to worry about where to play because there are many Indian online casinos such as 22Bet, Betwinner, 10Cric Casino, etc that offer Teen Patti online game to enjoy with live players. This is one of the best ways to learn how the real human mindset works on the first-hand level. This will help you to get an impressive win when playing with rupees. Don’t forget to pick Indian casino site that accepts Indian players in Indian time zones with local currency – Indian Rupees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Teen Patti is a web-based version of traditional card game Teen Patti. It is highly similar to the 3-card brag card game of the UK. It can be played live on LeoVegas.

Yes, you can play the game of Teen Patti legally in India at LeoVegas because it is a game of skill that can be played for real money and free.  

3 aces are the highest cards in the game of Teen Patti online. The hand ranking order is a trio, pure sequence, straight, flush, pair, and high card.  

A dealer gives 3 face-down cards anti-clockwise. Players sitting to the left side of a dealer start betting and all players act on their turn. One who remains, in the end, will win.

The biggest cards in the online game of Teen Patti are three of the same cards. The highest ranking order is A-K-Q, K-Q-J, and Q-J-10.  

To win online Teen Patti, you have to remain in the game until the end with the highest ranking hand. The last player will win if all participants fold except for one.  

Play blind and make the smallest bets and put fewer chips at stake to play longer. Learn the art of bluffing to let other players make the wrong decision.

Check the offerings of a casino site such as LeoVegas and play only the virtual version of Teen Patti game i.e. RNG as it can be played absolutely for free.

 It is not possible to cheat or hack Teen Patti. If you’re finding any site to do so, don’t trust them as they all are nothing but a scam.   

 Teen Patti can be played to earn real money by registering at a casino site offering it for real money like 10CRIC Casino and LeoVegas. Gather the best game knowledge to improve winning chances.