Online Teen Patti in India (2023)

Teen Patti is a popular Indian card gambling game. It’s also known by many other names depending on where you decide to play it. The game most resembles western poker. Teen Patti is therefore enjoyed by Indian players because it’s based on skill rather than blind luck.

Many Indian gambling sites and casinos offer Teen Patti as one of the games you could play. We’ve compiled a list of Teen Patti casinos for you to browse and choose from. When doing so it’s important to take into account the bonuses different casinos have to offer.

List of Teen Patti Casinos
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List of the Best Online Teen Patti Sites in India

What Is Online Teen Patti?

Online Teen Patti is an online version of the popular Indian card gambling game. It can be played against other players in real-time or against an AI with a random number generator that determines which cards you’re going to get. It’s a game of skill in which a player can improve over time.

It can be played by anywhere from two to ten players, however, in most cases, a table consists of about 4 players. The chances of winning are always set in favour of the casino, but the edge is quite small when compared to other casino games.

History of Online Teen Patti

Teen Patti was once a part of the religious festivals in India. It was considered to be a family game that family members play together when they meet for the holidays. The game was popular before British influences on the local gambling culture and it remained so over the years when the western 52 card deck replaced the traditional Indian decks.

Online gambling became popular in the 90s as soon as the internet became widely available in India. Teen Patti was among the first games to be played online. As the tech improved so did Teen Patti and now it’s played live and on mobile devices.

Current Online Teen Patti Trends

Teen Patti is the most popular card game in India. In some casinos, it’s the most popular card game overall. Indian players feel a strong connection to this game because it’s rooted in Indian culture and they usually have memories of playing it with their friends and families.

Recently Teen Patti is moving to mobile devices as are all gambling games since that’s where the younger players are. Live events which mimic the look and feel of playing Teen Patti at an actual casino are also gaining popularity since it’s a more dynamic way of playing the game.

Variations of Teen Patti Names

Teen Patti has a long history in India and over time it came to be known by many names. The rules and the goal of the game are the same regardless of which name is used. Novice and foreign players sometimes get confused by this so it’s a good idea to learn a bit about what the game is called in different parts of India.

  • Teen Patti
  • 3 Patti
  • Teenpatti
  • Teenpatthi
  • Indian Poker

Teen Patti is known by many names.

Online Teen Patti India

Is Online Teen Patti Legal in India?

India has no nationwide laws governing gambling. Instead, each state has its own laws regulating the industry. In some states, gambling is outlawed altogether and four states allow for all kinds of gambling including Teen Patti. When it comes to the rest of the country the states usually make a distinction between games of luck and games of skill.

Since the laws about gambling are often outdated they don’t mention online gambling at all – allowing the players to use online casinos based abroad, while still having to pay taxes on their winnings.

Indian’s Online Teen Patti Laws

In most of India, the Public gambling act of 1867 is the law that regulates gambling. Since it’s an outdated law it doesn’t mention online gambling at all. This creates a loophole that makes playing in a casino based abroad simple and legal in India.

The states that do allow gambling have regulations of their own. These have proven to be effective and they’ve helped grow the tourism industry in these states. As a result, chances are more Indian states will follow along soon. Some states do make a distinction between games of luck and games of skill. Teen Patti is considered to be a game of skill.

The Indian States Where Teen Patti Is Legal

Four Indian states allow all gambling and this includes Teen Patti as the most popular real money card game for Indian players. These states allow both online and on-the-ground casinos and both have proven to be great for the local economy and tourism in particular.

  • Sikkim is one of the smallest Indian states located in the far north of the country. It allows all kinds of gambling.
  • Goa is one of the first states that allowed gambling and it covers both online and on-the-ground casinos.
  • Meghalaya is one of the seven sister states and it was the third Indian state overall to allow gambling.
  • Nagaland has the most restrictive gambling laws of all the states that do allow gambling but it does allow Teen Patti.

Teen Patti Taxes in India

Winnings made from gambling are taxable in India. This is true even though gambling itself isn’t legal in some states. Once you transfer the funds from a casino based abroad to India you’re eligible to pay taxes on it regardless of the payment methods you’re using.

The taxes start at 10.000 rupees. Everything below that isn’t taxable and the players are allowed to play for smaller sums without having to worry about taxes. The tax rate is set at 30 percent and it is a flat tax meaning that you’ll keep paying as much regardless of how much you earn.

Teen Patti is legal to play in four Indian states.

Different Modes of Teen Patti Available in India

There are two main modes in which you can play Teen Patti in India. The rules and the gameplay are the same in both modes. The main difference is that one mode is played for tokens while the other is played for real money. This isn’t to say that only the one played for actual cash has value.

In most cases, players start by playing Teen Patti for tokens. That way they can learn and experience the game without having to risk any of their own funds. The players then gradually move on to playing for real money and increase the size of their bets as they get better.

Free Online Teen Patti

Free online Teen Patti is played for tokens instead of for real money. The rules of the game, the odds of winning, and the bonus structure are the same as when you’re playing for actual money but the only thing you can win out of it is the tokens. This isn’t to say that this mode of the game is inferior.

Many players use this version of the game to learn how to play Teen Patti without the risk of losing any real money. After a while, they move on to the real money version and there are plenty of scaling options within that.

Real Money Teen Patti

Real money online Teen Patti is played for actual money. It can be transferred to your casino account using cards, bank accounts, or e-wallets. The rules and chances of winning are the same regardless of the sum you’re playing for. It also features bonuses that you can withdraw once you’ve met the wagering requirements.

Players usually start with smaller amounts once they are new to the game. That way you can’t lose that much if you’re out of luck for a few hands in a row. Teen Patti is also played by high rollers and you can win big if you’re up to the task.

Basics of Online Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a card game played with a standard deck of cards excluding the Joker. It can be played by anywhere between two and ten players. The sequence of the card determines its value. Each player gets 3 cards faced down which means that it’s a somewhat simpler version of poker.

Teen Patti is a game of skill since the players determine what they’ll do with the cards once they get them even though they have no say in which cards will be dealt to them. The online version works the same as the one played in real casinos.

Teen Patti Rules

The rules of Teen Patti are simple enough and even a novice player can easily get into it. Make sure you study the rules first and try the game out, by playing for tokens or small sums.

Every player in this game contributes towards the boot money. Each participating member will receive 3 face-down cards. The first player is a gamer who is next to the dealer.

Once the game gets to start, the player has a ‘blind” option that allows him/her to place the wager without looking at the cards. However, if he or she looks at the received card, then he or she can choose to play “chaal”. Even he or she may also get some other options depending on the progress level of the game. If a player prefers to make a blind bet, he or she is considered a blind player.

On the other hand, a seen player is a gamer who places the wager after looking at his or her cards.

You can play Teen Patti for tokens or real money.

Teen Patti Terminology

Teen Patti players use a few gambling terms that are unique to the game. New players should try to learn these terms beforehand so that they understand the game as they go into it.

  • Ante (Boot) – it means the pot, the amount you play
  • Pure Sequence (Straight Flush/Pakki Round) – three consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Spread Limit – the limited amount you can raise your bet to.
  • Trail (Three of a Kind)/Set/Trio – Three of the same cards, of any suit.
  • Loose and Tight Play – Playing after the first round vs folding quickly.

Popular Types of Teen Patti in India

There are a few popular types of Teen Patti played in Indian casinos. These mostly differ in how the game is set up and how the player interacts with it but not when it comes to actual rules and the gameplay. All of the versions also offer bonuses and have wagering requirements attached to them.

Players usually prefer live versions since they mimic the experience of playing the game in a casino and with a group of friends. For those that don’t however, there are online versions, played against an AI and with a completely random outcome.

Online Teen Patti

Online Teen Patti is the most common version of the game and one most people refer to when they think of the online mode of the game. The game is governed by a random number generator. It’s a piece of software that determines how each hand will be dealt with.

A player should be aware of how the game is set up and how it operates. That will prevent them from looking for patterns in the outcome of the hands being dealt with. With a game governed by a random number generator, it becomes pointless to chase your losses or expect a good hand after a series of bad ones.

Teen Patti With Live Dealer

Teen Patti can also be played with a live dealer. This version of the game is streamed live from an actual casino and a live dealer deals the hand as they would in the on-the-ground casino. Players place their bets in real-time and can even talk to each other in a chat.

A live dealer version of Teen Patti mimics the experience of playing the game in a casino and in real-time. The outcomes are the same, but this is a more exciting and dynamic version of the game. It’s becoming increasingly popular with younger players and more casinos are turning to live events recently.

Video Teen Patti

Video Teen Patti became popular in the 70s when the technology became available. The game is played on a monitor with the results of each hand being represented on the screen. A player can interact with the game as it unravels and bet as they would in an online version of Teen Patti.

The outcome of the game is determined by a random number generator as in the online version. The player can still affect their chances by deciding when to bet or raise or fold at each turn of the game. There’s no interactive component in this version of Teen Patti, however.

There are a few modes of the game and it can be played against an AI or against other players.

Multiplayer Teen Patti

A multiplayer version of Teen Patti is played online and against real players taking part in the game in real-time and simultaneously. It’s therefore more similar to visiting a casino than the video and online versions. A chat feature also allows the players to interact with each other while playing.

It’s a more interactive version of the game and one that’s gained traction in recent years as a part of a growing trend. Younger players are looking for ways to mimic the experience of going to a casino without actually visiting one and multiplayer games are a part of it.

Teen Patti Variations

If you think that you can indulge in only one specific kind of Teen Patti game, then rethink. There are numerous variations of this game that take its enjoyment factor to the next level for all types of Indian players. Among many Teen Patti variations, here are some of the most popular ones:

  • 999 – A winner is a player who gets his hand value closer to the hand combination value of 999.
  • Best of Four – 4 cards are dealt instead of 3. Hence, the best 3-card value must be made from the 4 cards.
  • AK47 – This variant is mainly played between 2-10 players. Wild cards or Jokers are A, K, 7 and 4 of all suits and you can use them for any cards you like. A player who has the strongest hand value is considered as the winner.
  • Mufliss (Lowball) – This variant aims to receive the weakest Teen Patti hand. All the gameplay rules are similar to the traditional game except that card ranking is reserved.
  • Bust Card Draw – A dealer draws a random card, which would be considered as the call of death for any person who holds that card in his or her hand as they need to fold.
  • Two-Lowest Wild – Every player is dealt with the 4 cards. The 2 lowest-ranking cards are considered as the wild cards in the hand of a player.
  • High Wild – In this variant, the highest-ranking cards are considered as the wild cards, however, other things remain the same like low wild.

New Teen Patti Sites in India

Teen Patti is one of the most well-liked Indian card games. New casinos that offer it are opened almost every day and they differ greatly in terms of the quality of their content and the bonuses they provide. When it comes to our list, every casino opened in the last two years is considered to be new.

These sites come in all shapes and sizes and they offer different versions of the game as well as different types of bonus structures. It’s important to carefully compare them against each other before choosing the one that will suit you best.

Is Teen Patti Available in Hindi?

Teen Patti is a game with deep roots in Indian history and culture. It does use a western deck of cards but the gameplay and the tradition of Teen Patti are uniquely Indian. That’s why it’s not surprising that most if not all casinos that provide this game also provide a version in Hindi.

The whole game is available in Hindi and that includes the gameplay you can see on your screen and the interface you can interact with and use in order to actually play the game. Since most payment methods are also available in Hindi a player can deposit the funds, bet and withdraw the funds in Hindi as well.

Are Online Teen Patti Games Available on Mobile?

Teen Patti is available on mobile and desktop devices. Younger players prefer to play the game on mobile devices and casinos are trying to accommodate that growing market. The rules of the game and the overall experience are the same regardless of which device you use.

It’s also possible to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your casino account using mobile devices. That means that the players can go through the whole experience on their phones alone. It’s equally safe and easy to do so as it was on a computer.

Teen Patti can be played on a mobile device.

Online Teen Patti Bonuses in India

Teen Patti casinos offer a variety of bonuses to their players. This is a good way to promote a casino to new players and to keep the old ones loyal. The most common bonuses used in Teen Patti casinos are welcome bonuses offered to every player and match bonuses that double the amount a player has added to their casino account.

Bonuses come with wagering requirements, meaning that you can’t withdraw them without betting with some funds of your own. In some cases, these requirements make the bonus worth much less than it seems and sometimes not worth using at all.

Key Takeaways

  • Teen Patti is a popular Indian card game that’s known by many names and long history as a family game before it became a staple at online casinos in India.
  • The game is somewhat similar to poker but instead of five cards in hand, the players have three cards. Teen Patti can be played by up to ten players at a time, but in most cases, a table will consist of four players. Of course, there are additional rules to the game you should know, as well as different variants of the game.
  • Some of the most popular variations of Teen Patti that you can play at online casinos in India include Best of Four Teen Patti, Teen Patti AK-47, 999 Teen Patti, Mufliss (Lowball) Teen Patti, and others.
  • Teen Patti is fully legalized for online gambling in four states in India, but given the old gambling laws in the country, you can also play Teen Patti at online casinos in other states too. However, keep in mind that any win over 10.000 rupees is subject to a 30% tax.

Play at the Top Indian Teen Patti Sites

Teen Patti is one of the most popular Indian gambling games. It’s a card game that somewhat resembles poker and it’s sometimes known as Indian poker because of it. The game depends on both luck when it comes to what cards will be dealt to you and skill when it comes to choosing how to bet.

We’ve compiled a list of online Teen Patti casinos for you to choose from. Check it out and make sure to take into account the bonuses they provide and which variations of the game you can play at each one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s an Indian game that uses a western deck.

Teen Patti is a game of skill.

A dealer gives 3 face-down cards anti-clockwise. Players sitting to the left side of a dealer start betting and all players act on their turn. One who remains, in the end, will win.

The biggest cards in the online game of Teen Patti are three of the same cards. The highest ranking order is A-K-Q, K-Q-J, and Q-J-10.

To win online Teen Patti, you have to remain in the game until the end with the highest ranking hand. The last player will win if all participants fold except for one.

Yes, there are versions of Teen Patti available in Hindu.

Yes, Teen Patti can be played on both a mobile and a desktop device.

 It is not possible to cheat or hack Teen Patti. If you’re finding any site to do so, don’t trust them as they all are nothing but a scam.

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2. Terms and Conditions

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Total Rating

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Playing Cards

How to Start Playing at a Teen Patti Casino in India

  1. Choose a Teen Patti Casino From Our List

    It's important to take a look at our list of the best Teen Patti online casinos in India before making a decision on which casino to join.

  2. Read the Terms and Conditions

    We know that reading terms and conditions at Indian 3 Patti online casinos might not be exciting, but it's vital to know what you are getting into.

  3. Create an Account

    In order to play at Teen Patti casino sites in India, an account is a must, so once you've decided which casino to join, proceed with the registration process.

  4. Make a Deposit

    To start playing Teen Patti games in Indian online casinos, you need to make a deposit if you already have an account.

  5. Claim a Casino Bonus

    When joining a Teen Patti online casino, bonuses for new players can come in different formats, make sure to claim the welcome bonus.

  6. Choose the Teen Patti Casino Game

    After you sign up for an online casino in India and make a deposit to your account, it’s time to choose Teen Patti as a casino game you want to play.

  7. Have Fun and Enjoy Playing

    All set to go, you can now enjoy playing Teen Patti games at the Indian online casino of your choice.

  8. Withdraw Your Winnings

    Be mindful to withdraw any winnings you might have at Teen Patti online casinos — try not to procrastinate this process.

  9. Don't Forget to Gamble Responsibly

    It is important to be responsible while gambling at Indian 3 Patti online casinos, pitfalls like chasing losses or overspending should be avoided.