Craps is one of the most popular table games in Indian casinos and beyond. It’s an especially lively game in which players gather around the table, shout, and cheer as they wait for the results of their turn. The game is also very popular in its online form when the results are determined by a random number generator.

We’ve created a list of casinos that offer craps for you to check out and choose from. When doing so the players should take into account the bonuses and the size of the bets they can make in the process.

List of the Best Online Craps Sites in India

What Is Online Craps?

Online craps is the online version of the popular dice game. The rules and the gameplay are the same as in the on-the-ground real casino and so are your chances of winning. The game uses two dice with 6 sides each. The odds of winning are therefore 1 to 36.

The players can’t affect the outcome of a turn since it’s a matter of luck how the dice will fall but they can choose how to bet and do so strategically so that their odds are improved and the edge in the favor of the casino lowered.

Online craps is a dice game based on luck.

History of Online Craps

Craps have been around for a long time, at least when it comes to on-the-ground casinos. The game was invented in the 18th century in France and from there it took over the world. The biggest change in how the game was designed came in 1907 when it was made fairer by redesigning the dice.

An online version of the game was created in the 90s as soon as the internet became widely used. There are live versions of craps that are streamed from a real casino and an online version in which the results are randomised.

Current Online Craps Trends

Craps is the most popular dice game in any casino in India or the world. It’s a game of luck but it’s a fast-paced one and one in which you can win big. Craps are also a more social game meaning that they work better as a part of live events than other games of luck.

Casinos in India are investing more in craps than before since there’s a growing market for western games and craps are always on the top of the list of players that enjoy games based on luck alone.

Online Craps India

Is Online Craps Legal in India?

India doesn’t have nationwide gambling regulations. Gambling is governed by individual states and most of them don’t allow craps or any other gambling game. Only two Indian states allow all kinds of gambling and some states make a distinction between games of skill and games of luck such as craps.

However, Indian gambling laws usually date back to the 19th century and therefore don’t mention online gambling at all. Most players use this loophole to play in online casinos based abroad. The funds won this way are still taxed in India.

Indian laws allow using online craps from sites based abroad

Indian’s Online Craps Laws

In most Indian States, the Public Gambling Act of 1876 is still governing the rules regarding online gambling. Since it doesn’t mention online gambling at all, Indian players can use online casinos based outside of India and get taxed on the winnings they transfer to an Indian bank.

The states that do allow gambling have laws of their own. Only two states allow all gambling and most others make a distinction between games of luck and games of skill. Craps is a game of luck so it’s not allowed in many Indian states.

Craps Taxes in India

The winnings made from craps as well as other gambling are taxable in India. This is the case with the winnings made abroad as well, even in states that don’t technically allow gambling. The winnings are easily tracked regardless of which payment methods the player will use.

The tax rate for gambling winnings is set at 30 percent. It means that it will remain at 30 percent regardless of how much you’re winning. The nontaxable limit is set at 10.000 rupees and you can win as much without being taxed at all.

Different Modes of Craps Available in India

There are two different modes for playing craps in Indian casinos. These differ based on whether you want to play for tokens or use real money. Both have their advantages but the gameplay and the bonus structure are the same since games played for tokens mimic those played for real money.

In most cases, novice players start by playing for tokens so that they can learn how to play the game without having to risk real money of their own. After a while, they tend to move on to playing for small sums.

Free Online Craps

A free version of online craps is played for tokens but its gameplay as well as the chance of winning are the same as playing a real version of the game. Many casinos on our list offer both this option and a chance of playing for actual money.

Using a free version of online craps is a good way for a new player to learn about the game and figure out its rules and structures without risking any of their funds. After a while, players usually move on to real money casinos and bet small sums.

Real Money Online Craps

Most players play the real money version of craps. It’s a version where you bet actual money transferred from your bank, card, or e-wallet. Within this, there are many variations since you can bet small or large amounts of money depending on your preferences and skill level.

This version of craps also comes with bonuses that are real money added to your account but it can’t be withdrawn without fulfilling the wagering requirements. In some cases, this means that the bonus won’t be worth it. A player should be aware of it before using a bonus.

Basics of Online Craps

Online craps is a gambling game based on luck. It consists of guessing the outcome of a dice roll with a 1 to 36 chance of winning based on how many options are out there. The player can’t affect the outcome; they can only bet strategically so they lower the edge in favour of the casino.

The game is started when a shooter throws the dice to set the point number. A shooter will continue to throw the dice before a 7 is rolled. Once the point number is established, there could be chances for 3 possible outcomes as given below:

  • The most participants will win and the game starts again if the dice thrower hits the point number.
  • Most players will lose and the game will start over if a dice thrower rolls a 7.
  • If a dice thrower rolls another number, rolling will be done most frequently until any of the above outcomes do not come.

Craps Rules

The game of Craps is pretty straightforward. What you have to do is throw the dice and simply predict the value of the outcome. The complexity lies in which bets you must place as it offers various betting options. If you’re someone who doesn’t know different types of Craps bets, then dive into these options with the below section:

  • Pass Line Bet or Don’t Pass Line Bet — Pass Line Bet is when players (shooters) have to make a minimum bet on the pass line. You will win if 6 or 11 come out, while you’ll lose when 2, 3, or 12 come out. You’ll win or lose based on whether the shooter rolls point prior to 6. The Don’t Pass Line Bet is totally opposite to the Pass Line.
  • Come Line Bet or Don’t Come Line Bet — These sorts of bets are similar to Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets except that these bets are played after the come-out roll and establishing the points. You can make multiple bets.
  • Odds Bets — These sorts of bets are placed after a point is established and follow the same rules of win and loss as the bets they go with. This is one of the most beneficial bets as it pays out with true and maximum odds.

Craps Terminology

As is the case with most other gambling games, craps have unique terminology that the players should learn about to better understand the game. These are commonly used in most versions of the game and in both the offline and online modes.

  • Big red any seven craps bet — Also known as big red, is perhaps the most popular and well-known wager in the game of craps. Basically, all you are doing is betting that the shooter will roll a 7 on the next roll.
  • Hard way — It is sometimes known as betting on pairs or doubles. Basically, you are betting on both dice to show the same numbers, such as 22, 33, 44, and 55.
  • Whirl bet — This bet consists of a combination of bets that includes the horn bet and any seven bets. The horn bet itself is a combination of different bets in which you are wagering on the shooter rolling a 2, 3, 11, or 12.
  • Proposition bet — A prop bet is a one-roll bet. You either hit the bet on the next roll or you lose!

There are a few different ways to bet on craps that you should learn before playing.

Popular Types of Online Craps in India

There are a few types of online craps you can try in Indian casinos. They are pretty similar when it comes to gameplay and the overall rules but they differ in how you can place your bets and therefore in what the odds are for winning.

For a new player, it’s best to get familiar with the basic and classic versions of the game first and then move on to different types that are based on that version with slight variations. That way you can easily adjust to new variations as you try them.

Crapless Craps

Crapless craps is known by many different names. In some casinos, they call it ruse craps and in others, it’s known as never-ever craps. This version of the game came about in a land-based casino in Mississippi and from there it spread across the world.

The gaming experience itself is a mixed bag. It’s less profitable and less rewarding for the players but it does offer better odds and the edge is somewhat less in favour of the house when compared to the classic version of the game. As is often the case with gambling games, it’s a matter of balance.

Die Rich Craps

This version of the game is somewhat different because it’s played with a single dice. This makes the game simpler and increases the odds in favour of the player. The winnings are therefore a bit smaller as is the case with any other gambling game.

A player who manages to bring a 6 on the come-out roll will be declared the winner. However, a gamer will lose the round if lands 1 on the come-out roll. That’s all there is to this variant of the game. It’s a good option for novice players due to its simplicity.

High Point Craps

This version of the game is one of the most popular with the players since it’s more favourable and the edge in favour of the casino is lower even though the house always has a small advantage. This is accomplished simply by overlooking the numbers 2 and 3 when rolling the dice.

The winner of the game is the player that throws 11 or 12. The edge in favour of the house is about 2.35 percent. The game is therefore well suited to new players that don’t want to risk big right away.

Simplified Craps

This is the simplest version of the game and that’s why it’s usually the first version new players try. The gameplay is the same and so are the goals of the game. The simplified version of craps also offers bonuses as does the classic one.

In this version, a shooter throws only one roll of the dice. The payouts and outcomes are determined by the particular number a player rolls. For example, a player will lose the bet if he or she has thrown a total of 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9.

There are a few versions of craps that differ based on how simple they are to bet on.

New York Craps

This version of the game was developed on the east coast of the United States and that’s how it got its name. Over the years it became popular all over the world and with Indian players as well. For some reason, the game is also often played in the Bahamas.

The main difference in comparison to the traditional version is in the layout of the table itself. The table has no Come and Don’t Come, Place and Space Bets. It’s also sometimes called double dealer craps.

New Craps Sites in India

Craps is a very popular gambling game in India and new casinos that offer it are open every day. For our list, we consider every casino that’s been open for two years or less to be new. Make sure to check out our list and browse to find the casinos that suit you best.

There are a lot of variations between these sites not only in terms of how you can bet on craps but also in terms of the size of the bets and the types of bonuses that the casinos offer.

Are Online Craps Games Available on Mobile?

Online craps are available on mobile devices. More and more casinos are moving to offer their services on mobile devices first and foremost since that’s where the younger players are at and it’s the least expensive gambling platform at the moment.

This is a useful option since funds can also be deposited and withdrawn using a mobile device. That way the player can complete the whole process using their phone or tablet alone. It’s the case regardless of the payment method you’re using.

Online Craps Bonuses in India

Craps sites offer bonuses to their players as a promotional tool. These come in many different forms but welcome bonuses and match deposits are the most common. Bonuses such as these are especially useful to new players that can try the game out with little risk to their own funds.

Bonuses come with wagering requirements and players need to be aware of how they work. In many cases, these requirements tend to be more expensive than the bonus itself. Therefore, the players need to spend more of their funds than they’ve got.

Key Takeaways

  • One of the most popular dice games in the world is craps. The game was invented back in the 19th century in France and it spread across the world, especially with the boom of online casinos that made the game even more popular, especially in India.
  • The rules of craps are pretty simple – it is a dice game based on luck in which you bet on the outcome of two dice thrown. Of course, you can try to predict a total number or even the exact roll, so there is some strategy involved, in addition to luck.
  • There are many variants of craps that you can check out, but the most popular are Crapless Craps, Die Rich Craps, High Point Craps, and Simplified Craps.
  • Just like any other online casino game in India, craps are only legal in a few states, while in others the online casinos are working based on the fact that the gambling laws in India are old and don’t specifically ban online gambling since it didn’t exist at the time.

Play at the Top Indian Craps Sites

Online craps is one of the most popular gambling games in India. It’s a dice game and therefore based on luck alone. The game comes in many different forms and there are numerous betting strategies you can try to play against the odds set in favour of the casino.

We’ve compiled a list of sites that offer craps – make sure to check it out and choose the one that suits you. When choosing a craps table, a player should take into account its bonuses and the wagering requirements they come with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is based on luck alone.

There are – mostly welcome and deposit match bonuses.

Yes, the game is made to work in favour of the casino.

Yes, there are free versions available.

The most popular versions of craps include: High Point craps, Simplified craps, Die Rich craps.

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