What’s the best no deposit bonus in India?

To start, we feel it might be best to explain to you what a no deposit bonus is and what it is exactly that you can claim. It may seem fairly straightforward, however, there are some types of misleading information which you need to look out for.

What you should also be aware of is that not all online casinos offer no deposit bonuses, as technically speaking, the casino could be out of pocket once you claim it. This begs the question “Why offer it in the first place?” Well, that’s because a lot of online casino players enjoy no deposit bonuses as it can give them, essentially, a free fortune.


What is a no deposit bonus?

Great question! To put it in a simpler form, a no deposit bonus is essentially an offer from the casino, which doesn’t require you to make a deposit. It sounds strange, however, it’s a clever tactic from the casino to offer this as it gives you a taste of what the online casino is about, while still being given the chance to win some funds.

Majority of the time, in order to claim the no deposit bonus offer, you’ll just need to register onto the site, select that you agree to all terms and conditions, and then you’ll be able to claim your free offer. We highly advise that you do read through the terms and conditions, just so you’re fully aware of what’s happening. It’s also important to make sure you don’t get mixed up with “Deposit Bonuses”. This is something completely different and requires you to make a deposit.


Types of No Deposit Bonuses out there

So, so far, we have managed to discuss what a no deposit bonus is, however, there are different types of no deposit bonuses too which we want to share with you. Let’s begin the breakdown.

Regular no deposit bonus

Possibly the simplest version of them all and it’s also what we have just been discussing. A no deposit bonus is very simply a bonus you get for simple signing up to the casino. You don’t need to make a deposit or input any form of transaction to receive this.

No deposit bonus with free spins

This is very similar to what’s explained above, the only difference being that you may also get some free spins instead. Some casinos may only offer free spins; however, some will offer a no deposit bonus plus some added free spins on a certain slot. The terms and conditions will tell you which slot you can use the free spins on.

Free bets

You’re probably thinking what’s the difference between free bets and no deposit bonuses? Well, there isn’t much of a difference, the only one being is that free bets are usually for sports. Some sites which offer sportsbook products, will offer a free bet on sign up.

Cashable bonuses

This is where things can get slightly complicated for new customers. Essentially a cashable bonus allows you to claim a bonus and withdraw any funds you once you complete the wagering requirements. What’s the wagering requirements you ask? Well, it’s basically a cap the casino can add in order to make it a little harder for you to withdraw your funds. You basically need to play the amount you get a certain number of times. For example, if you get 5 as a bonus and the wagering is 5 times, you need to play 25 worth of your local currency before you can begin withdrawing any leftover funds.

Non-cashable bonuses

Basically, the opposite to the above. This means you can now withdraw whatever you win from the bonus amount alone. There is now wagering attached to this. It is basically as though you are depositing your own money and withdrawing your own winnings, just without the depositing part.

No deposit bonus terms and conditions

These are the nitty gritty parts which most people find way too boring to read. We understand perfectly why too as usually it’s just pages and pages full of technical terms that nobody understands or is interested in. Well, it is actually important to know some of the things that they mentioned and we have decided to break it down for you to make it easier for you to understand and what to look out for.

As we have already touched on, casinos don’t just give away their money for free, the majority of the time you’ll have to earn it. This can be through wagering requirements or through other services you may need to complete.

Minimum Deposit

Once you claim a no deposit bonus, it’s very common for you then to receive another bonus which will require a minimum deposit in order to claim it. Then you will need to read the fine print here and see what the minimum amount is that you’ll need to deposit in order to claim the bonus.

Maximum no deposit bonus

This isn’t a restriction on the amount you have to deposit, but rather on the amount that you can actually win. At the end of the day the casino is giving you a free bonus so if you go and win the jackpot on that bonus then the casino is down massively. The caps on the amount you can win do vary so once again, have a good read through and see what it says.

No deposit bonus games

We did slightly touch on this earlier, but it’s always good to recap. Basically, when you get a free bonus and sometimes even free spins, you will be told that only certain games or slots will be active when using your bonus. So, for example, it may say “5 free spins on Starbursts”. This literally means your free spins are on the slot game starbursts and nothing else. If you struggle to see the information and you don’t know what game the bonus is

Why might there be a no deposit bonus?


As mentioned previously, a no deposit bonus can actually impact an online casino heavily as some players do get a bit lucky when it comes to the winnings on it. If you are fortunate enough to win, then the casino will lose out and hasn’t gained any funds from the player at all. Therefore, some casinos can be put off from offering a no deposit bonus and will much prefer to offer a bonus which requires the customer to make a deposit of some sort.

How can you withdraw and keep your bonus money?

Definitely the most confusing part about the whole process, however, don’t worry. Here we will break down all you need to know in the simplest form on how the wagering process can work.

Pretty much all no deposit bonuses and even regular deposit bonuses will come with some form of wagering requirement. This will be something you will need to do in order to turn the bonus money into real money and then make a withdrawal request. As a general rule, the amount of the bonus that is given to you, interconnects with the difficulty of how hard it is to clear the wagering requirements.


The no deposit bonus is ₹400 with a 20x rollover, this would require you to play 8000 times in order for you to meet the wagering requirement and have the funds withdrawable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually free spins can be claimed when you sign up to the online casino as a new player. The free spins can be part of the casino offer and once claimed will be credited in your account but usually can only be played on certain games.

A no deposit bonus is a promotion, usually for first time players, which allows you to have a free trial on some games using the funds without having to make a deposit.

You will need to complete the wagering requirements before you can withdraw any funds.

Sometimes it can be, sometimes it can be credit in your account.