Litecoin Casinos in India (2023)

Litecoin, a Bitcoin source code adaptation, is one of the more popular cryptocurrencies in online gambling. The silver to Bitcoin’s gold, Litecoin offers faster transactions at minimal costs, making it an easy-to-use crypto, perfect for online casinos. Its popularity has also been rising on Indian gambling sites, so if you want to learn about it, you’re in the right place.

We’ll tell you about Litecoin gambling, making deposits and withdrawals with it, and much more. Most of all, you’ll learn what the best Litecoin casinos in India are.

List of Litecoin Casinos
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List of the Best Indian Casino Sites That Accept Litecoin

What Are Litecoin Casinos?

Litecoin casinos are online casinos that use Litecoin for making transactions. The casinos are effectively the same as all other online casinos, with the main exception being that you get to use Litecoin for deposits and withdrawals, in addition to other payment methods.

Litecoin-exclusive casinos are crypto casinos that solely use crypto. This makes them less prone to regulations, but they also offer faster payments, lower fees, and more privacy.

If you decide to use LTC instead of rupees, you’ll benefit from higher privacy, swift transactions, and minimal fees.

It’s worth noting that many Litecoin casinos only allow you to use LTC to make payments, not to play games. When you deposit LTC, they convert it to rupees, and when you want to withdraw your winnings, they convert them back to LTC. This can incur losses from exchange margins.

Litecoin General Information
Created 2011
Inventor Charlie Lee
Symbol LTC
Accepted in Indian Casinos Yes

Brief History of Litecoin

Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, created Litecoin in October 2011. He based it on Bitcoin’s source code but made notable improvements in the block time (only 2.5 minutes) and transaction fees (usually very low).

These unique aspects made LTC highly suitable for micro-transactions and POS payments. This led the crypto to grow in usage quickly, which is why it’s constantly in the top twenty on the planet.

Lee intended Litecoin to be a lighter version of Bitcoin, which is why the maximum supply of LTC was set to 84 million. This is one of the main reasons why Litecoin is a lot cheaper than Bitcoin. The price has never gone above $350, while it’s typically around $50 for 1 LTC.

Milestones in Litecoin’s History

Litecoin hasn’t had an eventful history like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it has gone through a few crucial milestones you should know about. Here they are:

  • October 2011 — Charlie Lee creates Litecoin, making it one of the world’s first altcoins.
  • November 2013 — After a few slow years, the price goes on a bull run to reach $50.
  • January 2015 — Due to the Mt. Gox exchange scandal, the price drops to $1.
  • December 2017 — After a few months of constant climbing, the price reaches an all-time high of $413.

Litecoin Casinos India

How Do Litecoin Casinos Work?

There’s nothing complicated about Litecoin casinos as they are essentially the same as regular casinos — they only use Litecoin as a payment method and currency, as LTC is effectively both.

You must still register on a Litecoin casino as on any other website. However, you must buy it first to make deposits with LTC.

Storing Litecoin is simple. You can use almost any notable crypto wallet, as most support LTC. They are free (software wallets only), and you need to get just one.

Once you have it, you can make a deposit and start playing all the casino games you typically play. Litecoin casinos usually have various slots, table games, live dealer games, and more.

When you want to make a withdrawal, you simply use Litecoin as the cashout method.

Making Deposits in Litecoin Casinos

Making deposits in Indian online casinos using Litecoin is as simple as with most cryptocurrencies. If you’re entirely new, the first thing to do is get an LTC wallet, which we’ll explain later.

For now, here’s what you need to do if you have a wallet and LTC on it:

  1. Log into your Litecoin casino account.
  2. Go to the Cashier/Balance section of your account.
  3. Visit the Deposit area and choose Litecoin.
  4. Copy the LTC address or scan the QR code using your wallet app.
  5. Visit the wallet app, prepare an LTC transfer, and paste the address or let the QR system do its thing.
  6. Input the amount you want to deposit.
  7. Check that all information is correct and confirm the payment.

The funds should reach you instantly or within a few minutes. After that, all that’s left is to start playing!

Making Withdrawals in Litecoin Casinos

After you’ve had fun and won money, it’s time to cash out those winnings. The good news is that Litecoin withdrawals are as simple as deposits. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log into your casino account.
  2. Visit the Cashier/Balance area.
  3. Move to Withdrawal and pick Litecoin as the method.
  4. Open up your LTC wallet app and copy the Litecoin address.
  5. Go back to the casino and paste the address.
  6. Input the amount you want to withdraw.
  7. Double-check all of the information you’ve typed in and confirm the transaction.

Withdrawals in Litecoin casinos are usually instant, making them one of the best instant withdrawal casinos you can use. Some sites take time to process these requests, but that’s usually handled within a few hours, much faster than Bitcoin or traditional payment methods.

Limits on these transactions are typically incredibly high. Crypto transactions don’t have to be limited to fiat currency payments, which is why Litecoin is ideal for high-rollers.

How Litecoin Wallets Work and Which One to Get

Litecoin, like all cryptocurrencies, requires a crypto wallet for safe storage and easy access. You can use almost any crypto wallet, as most support Litecoin, but it’s important to check if this is the case.

Most cryptocurrencies don’t require a wallet for storage, as they are stored on the blockchain. You only need your coin’s address to access it, but a wallet makes that much easier and lets you transfer the coins wherever you want.

LTC is still a fairly unique crypto, so you need to focus on security and ease of use when looking for the perfect wallet. Besides that, you should also look for the following:

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Low deposit minimums
  • Option for locking withdrawals
  • Crypto exchange capabilities
  • Support for other major coins
  • Multisig
  • Multi-chain

Lastly, you need to consider the type of wallet. Let’s review those.

Desktop Litecoin Wallets

Desktop crypto wallets are programs installed on a laptop or PC. Their pros and cons include:

  • Private keys are yours
  • Security is high
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Free to get and operate
  • Some of them come with cold storage
  • Slightly vulnerable to malware or viruses
  • Your coins are lost if you lose the computer

The best choices include Exodus, Guarda, Electrum Litecoin, Litecoin Core, and Atomic Wallet.

Mobile Litecoin Wallets

Mobile LTC wallets are smartphone apps. They come with these pros and cons:

  • Simple to use
  • Perfect for casino players
  • Great user experience
  • Quality design and high functionality
  • If you lose your phone, you can lose your coins
  • Not suitable for larger sums due to lower security

The top choices you need to consider are Litewallet, CryptoWallet, Exodus, Atomic Wallet, and Guarda.

Web Litecoin Wallets

Web wallets are web-based third-party crypto wallets. They offer the following pros and cons:

  • Very simple to use
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Security is usually high but handled by third parties
  • Could fall prey to hackers targeting the third party
  • You don’t keep your private keys

The best choices to consider are Guarda and Rahakott.

Hardware Litecoin Wallets

Hardware wallets are just what their name suggests — pieces of hardware that store cryptocurrencies. Here are their pros and cons:

  • Highest security and privacy
  • Private keys are yours and permanently offline
  • For every transaction, confirmation through the hardware wallet is required
  • Great for long-term storage of various coins
  • They cost, usually several thousand rupees
  • Make everyday use complicated
  • Not good for beginners

The best options are Ledger and Trezor wallets.

Which Type of Wallet Should I Get?

For most uses, it’s best to get both a hardware and a software wallet. That way, you can use the hardware wallet for long-term storage and the software for everyday use, where a mobile app is typically the easiest.

However, if you only plan to use your LTC for gambling, you likely won’t need a larger amount, so you won’t need a hardware wallet. That way, you’ll also save money.

New Litecoin Casino Sites

In the sea of cryptocurrencies today only a few of them are reliable enough to be used as payment methods at online casinos in India and one of them is Litecoin, along with the other most popular cryptos.

However, it is more often found at new online casinos that started operating in the past two years, which is another way for them to attract players. So, we have prepared a detailed selection of the best new casinos in India where you can find Litecoin as one of their payment methods.

Advantages of Litecoin Gambling in India

Litecoin is an interesting cryptocurrency offering a lot of benefits in online gambling. Keep reading to learn the most important ones.

Fast Transaction Times

Litecoin is an extremely fast cryptocurrency, unlike Bitcoin or other heavy hitters. The average time of an LTC transaction is around 2.5 minutes.

Naturally, this is only the time of the blockchain network, which doesn’t account for the casino’s processing time. However, most LTC casinos offer instant deposits and withdrawals.

Extremely Low Fees

Every payment method can come with its own fees, and cryptocurrencies like Litecoin are no exception.

However, LTC blockchain fees are incredibly low, barely a single rupee. Plus, the casinos themselves don’t have fees on Litecoin transactions.

Higher Bonuses

Crypto bonuses are usually significantly higher than regular ones, primarily for how cheap it is for casinos to introduce Litecoin and other coins. Consequently, they have more room in their budgets for bonuses.

The diversity of bonuses is still essentially the same, so you’ll get welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, cashbacks, free spins, and more.

Better Security

Most modern payment systems are safe thanks to their robust security features, but cryptocurrencies are even safer because of their decentralised nature.

Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin when you consider its security features, meaning that hacking attempts are practically useless. Your money is thus completely safe in Litecoin casinos.

Litecoin Is Easy to Buy and Widely Available

You can buy Litecoin with ease on almost any crypto exchange. On top of that, the number of LTC coins is much higher than BTC or many other cryptos — 84 million. This means that there are many more coins in circulation, which implies that the price is lower.

Winnings Can Increase in Value

Litecoin’s price is highly volatile, and even though this can be a bad thing, it can also be good.

The price of Litecoin goes up and down all the time. If you’re willing to wait, you could see your winnings rise in value once the LTC price goes up.

You’ll have to follow the market and plan when to buy, deposit, and withdraw, but if you can do that adequately, you’ll get even more rupees for your LTC winnings.

Near-Perfect Anonymity

With Litecoin, you don’t have to offer many personal details you typically have to in online casinos.

If you join crypto-exclusive casinos, you won’t have to send any personal information, becoming anonymous while gambling.

Disadvantages of Litecoin Gambling in India

Litecoin gambling sounds perfect, but it still has some pitfalls. Let’s check the most important ones.

Many Casinos Don’t Accept Litecoin

The number of Litecoin casinos is on the rise, but the number of platforms that don’t accept it is much higher.

Plus, they are less numerous than Bitcoin or Ethereum casinos.

Price Volatility

We’ve already mentioned that price volatility can be a good thing, but it can equally be bad or even detrimental if the value drops significantly.

A drop in the price of LTC would diminish the value of your winnings.

Not Always Used as Playing Currency

Litecoin is a payment method in LTC casinos, meaning you can make deposits and withdrawals with it.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll always get to play with LTC. The casino will likely exchange these funds for rupees so you can gamble and turn them back into LTC when you want to withdraw. This will usually come with exchange margin costs.

Litecoin Gambling Guide — How to Start Gambling With Litecoin in India

To start gambling with Litecoin in any Indian casino, you have to complete a few simple steps. Let’s review all of them in detail.

1. Set Up a Litecoin Wallet

Use our guide to decide which type of wallet to get and which specific solution to choose. Once you pick one, visit the official site and work on setting it up. The manufacturer will explain the steps, so you only need to follow them.

Once it’s ready, you’ll only need to create a Litecoin address. Then the wallet will be prepared to receive LTC.

2. Buy Litecoin

There are several ways to obtain LTC, but the simplest and fastest method is to buy some coins on a crypto exchange.

India has many exchanges, and some of the most popular ones are WazirX, CoinSwitch Kuber, Bitbns, UnoCoin, and Zebpay.

Once you choose an exchange, head to its official website and register an account. Verify your identity and deposit rupees. Once you have the funds, you can buy Litecoin with just a few clicks.

The remaining thing to do is transfer the coins to your wallet. Ensure you input the correct address, and you’ll get your funds in a second.

3. Choose a Litecoin Casino

Take a look at our list of recommended Litecoin casinos for Indians and pick one.

Set up an account by following the instructions and make sure to verify it if required. Regular online casinos follow the standard KYC procedure, while crypto-exclusive casinos will let you register without using personal information.

4. Make a Deposit and Start Playing

Visit the casino’s Cashier section and find where the Deposit area is. It will likely be prominently displayed.

Pick Litecoin as the deposit method and complete the payment. You’ll get the funds instantly.

After that, you only need to head to the game section and choose a game to start playing.

How to Find the Best Indian Litecoin Casino?

Finding the best LTC casino on the Indian market is simple, as long as you know what to look for. Let’s check the main criteria you need to pay attention to, and all of them together will always point you toward an excellent platform worthy of your time and money.

Reputation and Validity of the Licence

First and foremost, make sure you check the licence. You can usually find that information in the site’s footer. The casino will provide the name of the regulatory body and the permit number.

The licence should come from a notable name like Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission, ensuring the casino is held to the highest standards.

You should also confirm that the licence itself is valid. The platform will likely display a logo you can click, and the link will take you to the official page of the regulatory body that will display whether the licence is active or not. Alternatively, visit the provider’s website and check the numbers manually.

Availability in India

Many casinos are international, but that doesn’t mean they are available in every country. You need to verify that India is not restricted.

You can do this easily by starting the registration process and checking that India is featured in the country list. You can also search for India in the casino’s T&Cs with the CTRL + F function.

Litecoin Availability

Naturally, it’s a given that an LTC casino should support Litecoin transactions, but this is still something you have to check.

The casino might offer it only for deposits and not for withdrawals, or vice versa. It might not offer it at all, even though it’s mentioned somewhere.

You might also want to ask customer support if Litecoin is used for gambling, not just for making payments. Some casinos offer it only for making payments, but they change the funds into rupees or dollars afterwards. This usually leads to exchange rate losses, and you want to avoid that if possible.

LTC Transaction Speed

Litecoin is a very fast cryptocurrency, and transactions on its blockchain are usually completed within a few minutes.

However, the casino itself also has to handle them quickly. LTC deposits are typically instant across the board, but some platforms tend to have slow processing times for cashouts.

Quality and Diversity of the Game Library

The more games and providers the casino has, the better. You’ll want to find popular and quality providers, as this will ensure the library is filled with great games.

Also, look for provably fair games — titles made with the help of this novel technology based on the blockchain. It ensures transparency and randomness, so you can be sure the games are not rigged.

Quality and Diversity of LTC Bonuses

Every online casino has bonuses, and LTC Indian casinos are no different. Look for a good welcome bonus with high percentages and reasonable wagering requirements (around 30x or less).

Check the Promotions section to see the entire Litecoin bonus selection. It can include free spin offers, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, cashbacks, special promos, tournaments, and a loyalty program. The more it has, the merrier.

Fairness of Bonus Terms and Overall Casino T&Cs

You can learn a lot about the quality of an online casino by checking its terms and conditions.

Naturally, you don’t have to read the entire thing — just focus on the important stuff, like wagering requirements, other bonus terms, and payout rules.

Responsiveness and Availability of Customer Support

The best customer support systems work 24/7 and can be accessed through different mediums, most notably live chats. If the site has both, the service is already decent.

However, the agents need to be responsive and ready to help. The average response time must be low, so you can always get the help you need.

Mobile Optimisation

If you like using your phone for gaming, you must ensure the casino is mobile-friendly. You can even look for one with a dedicated app, but if the mobile site is highly functional, you likely won’t need it.

Some games might not work on mobile, so it’s normal for the LTC casino library to have fewer titles. Thankfully, these games are typically sporadic, as most are HTML5-based, giving them cross-device functionality.

If the casino is adequately optimised for the phone, it will work perfectly on most iOS and Android devices on the market.

Key Takeaways

  • Litecoin casinos are online casinos that accept Litecoin as one of their payment methods. Some online casinos in India are exclusive to cryptocurrencies, while others offer Litecoin and other cryptos on top of their more common payment methods.
  • If you want to use Litecoin as your payment method at online casinos in India, you must have a crypto wallet first. The most common types of wallets for cryptocurrencies include a web wallet, mobile wallet, desktop wallet, and hardware wallet.
  • When you use Litecoin to make payments at online casinos, you get certain benefits, including faster withdrawals, better casino bonuses, anonymity, and lower fees. On the other hand, not that many casinos in India accept Litecoin, which limits your choice.
  • There are certain things you need to consider carefully before you sign up at a Litecoin casino. For example, check how reliable the casino is and whether it holds appropriate licences. Also, check the number of games they offer, promotions and bonuses, customer support, and other important features.

Play at the Best Litecoin Casinos in India

Litecoin casinos are ideal for players looking for a crypto gambling experience but don’t want to use the more obvious solutions that come with higher fees, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Litecoin is truly a lite crypto with very low fees and high transaction speeds.

So, if you’re looking to start your gambling adventure with LTC, feel free to choose one of the several excellent Indian online casinos featured on this page. Make sure to pick the one that works best for you to have a smooth experience in the days and months to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re using reputable Litecoin casinos, it’s safe. Crypto casinos are mainly unregulated, so it’s easy to run into a bad apple. That’s why you need to stick to high-quality and trustworthy casinos like the ones featured on this site.

India doesn’t have specific laws on Litecoin gambling or crypto gambling. Online gambling itself is largely unregulated in the country, so people are free to use online casinos. However, choosing a reputable site like the ones featured here is crucial. It’s important to know that online gambling is forbidden only in Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.

Most Litecoin casinos don’t charge deposit or withdrawal fees when using LTC. However, you still need to pay the fees to the Litecoin network every time you make a transaction. Thankfully, these fees are barely noticeable, usually less than a single rupee.

These vary from casino to casino. In most cases, the minimums are pretty low, while the maximums are incredibly high, as with most cryptocurrencies.

No, but they are close. The average transaction time for the LTC network is only 2.5 minutes, which is a lot faster than with many other cryptos.

In a manner of speaking, yes. Litecoin may be a cryptocurrency, but you can easily exchange it for rupees. However, you’ll typically have to withdraw it first to turn it into cash within a cryptocurrency exchange.

The price changes constantly, so you should always check the live valuation on a trustworthy exchange before you buy. At the time of writing, 1 LTC was around $80 or ₹6,600.

Yes, of course. The best Litecoin casinos, like the ones featured on this page, offer a wide range of bonuses. This includes a hefty welcome bonus, reload bonuses, free spin offers, cashbacks, and loyalty programs.

Most high-quality Litecoin casinos in India have the same games as all other online casinos. So, you’ll get to play various slots, jackpots, roulette games, baccarat titles, blackjack games, video poker titles, live dealer games, and more.

Litecoin is used to purchase various goods and services. However, it’s not as widespread as Bitcoin or Ethereum. At the moment, people primarily buy LTC for investment purposes.

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