If you are from India and have a great passion to play different games, then you might know about the game of Jhandi Munda. It is originally an entertaining street game that is played by all age groups of people including teenagers, their parents, and grandparents. This traditional dice betting game has been popular since the Hindu festival of Dashain, Tihar, and Dashami. It is known as Langur Burja in Nepal, and Crown and Anchor in other parts of the world. In this Jhandi Munda online review, you will learn about the basic things that you must know before playing this game.  

What Is Jhandi Munda Online?

Jhandi Munda (Crown and Anchor) is a traditional Indian game played as favorite gaming pastimes at homes and on the streets. This is purely a game of chance. However, there are certain strategies recommended to players, but they cannot guarantee the win. Tracing the roots from Indian state Arunachal Pradesh, this widely popular game is played with 6, 6 sided dice featuring a diamond, a heart, a flag, a club, a spade, and a face as different symbols.

Play Jhandi Munda for Free

The rising popularity has taken this game to online portals. Some casinos even offer free versions (demo versions) of Jhandi Munda so new players can try it out and get some practice before playing for real money.

Play Jhandi Munda Online With a Bonus

Numbers of online website operators have brought this game to the digital platform with increased options, striking features, and a bigger payout. A gamer has to simply place the wager on which symbol will appear the most often. A winner is a player who bets on the symbol that appears the most often after rolling the dice.   

Benefits Of Playing Jhandi Munda Game Online

Playing a game physically is much different than enjoying it on the digital platform. When it comes to playing Jhandi Munda online, you will have numerous variations, statistics to win, and potential bets. The following are some of the advantages of playing this famous game online –

  • Play For Free: On online platforms, you can start playing for free if you don’t have any detailed knowledge about the game. Once you get well-versed with the basics and advanced facts of this game, you can start betting and playing for real money to win big. 
  • Safe Payment: No worries about deposits and withdrawals as online operators offer trusted payment methods for secure transactions. These are governed and regulated by strict regulations of reliable jurisdictions. That means all casino bonuses and associated wins will be credited straight to your bank account. 
  • Excellent Device Compatibility: The fun of Jhandi Munda online game can be taken straight on the palm of your hand by accessing it on your mobile devices. You can play this traditional game on phone casinos whenever you want and wherever you are. 
  • Multiple Table Options: Unlike the real world, the online Jhandi Munda game comprises numbers of tables. If you do not feel comfortable at one table and find a particular dice unlucky, you may move to another table. Download Jhandi Munda mobile app from the Google Play store to play with your Android mobile device.  

Alongside these benefits, there are numbers of ways you can take advantage of playing the game online. To discover the list of strategic advantages you can avail, play this game online while having a lot of fun. 

Play Jhandi Munda From a Mobile App

Casinos are now offering a number of casino apps and downloads for Jhandi Munda. Downloading any of these apps will let you enjoy playing the Jhandi Munda game whenever you want. 

How To Play The Game Of Jhandi Munda?

Involving a combination of luck as well as some skills, the Jhandi Munda is not a challenging game to play. It is played with six 6-sided dice that may provide you the feel as if you are playing with a ludo dice except that numbers are replaced by the symbols in Jhandi Munda. You will find the same symbols on the gaming board. These include Spade, Club, Face, Diamond, Flag, and Heart. The winners are selected based on the symbols appear on the dice after it is rolled by the organizer.   

To win this game, a player has to guess and place the bet on which selected symbol will appear face-up. If the same symbols will present, you will win the game and placed betting amount. 

Is It Legal To Play Jhandi Munda Online in India?

The legal status of this web-based game is not mentioned clearly in the list of official laws of the Indian constitution. But, since it is originated from the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, this Indian game is completely legal to play. Gamers from the restricted states, where online gambling is prohibited, cannot play this game. Otherwise, players from allowed Indian states can safely and legally play the game for free or for Indian Rupees by choosing the reputable and licensed operator.    

Online Jhandi Munda Rules

The simplicity of Jhandi Munda makes it an extremely popular game among Indian players. Its rules are quite easy to learn. It is played with 6 dices (each having 6 symbols onto them) by placing the bet on which symbol will come face up the most once a dice is rolled by an organizer. 

The payout is given based on the game rules. Here is the paytable for Jhandi Munda online game. 

Number Of Jhandi Payout
1 Placed bet plus 1 time of bet money
2 Placed bet plus 2 times of bet money
3 Placed bet plus 3 times of bet money
4 Placed bet plus 4 times of bet money
5 Placed bet plus 5 times of bet money
6 Placed bet plus 6 times of bet money


To understand the detailed rules of the Jhandi Munda game online, access the information tab given on the game. Play it for free to master the gameplay without putting your hard-earned money into the risk.   

Jhandi Munda Winning Potential

Jhandi Munda is an engaging, fun, and rewarding game that features one of the best winning potentials than other luck-based games. The potential RTP of this online game is at a whopping 97.14% and boasts a house edge of 2.86%. That means you can make a lot of money online while entertaining yourself with this top-rated game. 

Jhandi Munda Variations

Just like popular card games such as roulette online, baccarat, and blackjack, there are no multiple variations of Jhandi Munda. There are mainly 2 variations of this game with the same play style. The most popular version is played much like Sic Bo by placing the bet on the symbol coming up face-up for the most number of times. Another variant offers a fixed return of 3.4 times of the bet regardless of how often the selected symbol appears face-up. 

However, mathematically the payout comes up is the same as in the game’s progressive version i.e. 3 times the bet for 3 symbols, 4x the bet for 4 symbols. The expected value of a dice’s roll with numbers ranging between 1 and 6 is 3.5, calculated as (1+2+3+4+5+6) / 6 = 3.5.

On average, you will receive 3.4x the bet amount for each Rupee you wager. While playing this 6-diced game, you will get a return of x3.4 on receiving 1 or more face-up chosen symbols.  

Where To Play Jhandi Munda Game Online for Real Money?

A large number of trusted website operators are offering Jhandi Munda game to play online both for fun and real money. These sites are governed by the strict laws of reliable authorities and jurisdictions for offering the quality and safe games with utmost protection and privacy of players’ data. You can start playing casinos games for real money (Indian rupees) by visiting any reputable site accepting players from India such as Jeetwin. This is a licensed and regulated site recognized for offering a secure and fair gaming environment to Indian players. The registered users will find a massive selection of bonuses & promotions, the number of payment methods, and excellent customer support. The secure SSL encryption is used throughout the site to protect the player’s personal and financial data. 

Jhandi Munda Strategies

As mentioned above, Jhandi Munda is a game based on the chance or luck. But, there are some strategies you can use during the game to increase the winning potential. There are 2 types of symbols – hot that appears face-up the most often and cold symbols that don’t appear face-up the most of the times. 

When you play this game, a site will display the list of hot and cold symbols based on the last 10, 50, or 100 rolls. You can place the bet on any symbol you find the lucky for you. Also, you may limit your losses by creating the limit of maximum deposit or the maximum loss for a specific session or a month. It will help you in playing the game without exceeding your bankroll size. 

Live Jhandi Munda

Enjoy the social experience of playing Jhandi Munda on the streets from home comfort by playing it in a live casino. You will easily find the list of operators offering the chance to play this 6-diced game with a live dealer in a realistic environment while interacting live with fellow players and dealers. The game is streamed live on the players’ screen in HD quality with all the current and updated data on hot and cold symbols. But don’t forget to search this game as “Crown and Anchor” on the live casino site you are playing with.


Frequently Asked Questions

Jhandi Munda, also known as Crown and Anchor, is purely a game of chance played with 6, 6 sided dice featuring different symbols. Players have to bet on the symbol that comes frequently.   

Jhandi Munda is played with six 6-sided dice having different symbols – Diamond, Spade, Flag, Heart, Face, and Club. To win, a player has to bet on which symbol will come face-up. 

To win the game of Jhandi Munda online, a player has to predict and bet on which of the 6 symbols will come the most when dice are rolled.

A large number of reliable casino sites such as 10CRIC and Jeetwin allow Indian players to play the game of Jhandi Munda online in a secure and fair environment.

Technically, Jhandi Munda is not illegal to play online in India. Many trusted and licensed online casinos in India such as Voodoodreams offer players the chance to play this game fairly and securely. 

 Yes, the game of online Jhandi Munda can be played to win real money at online casinos such as 10CRIC offering it with a chance to win real money.  

Just like other card games, Jhandi Munda is available in multiple variations. In some variants, the earning is based on the number of Jhandies, while others require getting more face-up symbols.

Yes, the popular game of Jhandi Munda can be played live against a real human dealer. The live streaming video providing a crystal-clear view is of 4K and HD quality.

Jhandi Munda is purely a game of luck. But, you can improve the winning chances by looking for the hot and cold symbols to make a confident betting decision and choosing a reliable site such as Jeetwin.

No, you cannot cheat Jhandi Munda online game. So, if you’re finding any guide, resources, or software that claims to cheat at this game, then it is totally a scam.