Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in Indian casinos but also across the world. Players love blackjack because it has a low edge in favour of the casino and you can get better at it as you keep playing. The game is also easy to learn and even a beginner can quickly get the hang of it.

We’ve compiled a list of online blackjack casinos for you to browse and choose from. When doing so make sure to take into account different types of blackjack as well as the bonus policy different casinos are offering.

List of the Best Online Blackjack Sites in India

What Is Online Blackjack?

Online blackjack is an online version of the popular card and table game. The game can be streamed live from a real casino or it can be played online where the outcome of the game is determined by a random number generator. The rules and gameplay are the same in both versions.

The goal of the game, controlled by a dealer, is to reach the card value of 21 or to get the closest to it. Those that go over lose the bet. This casino game is therefore a mixture of luck and strategic betting.

Blackjack is a card and table game based on skill.

History of Online Blackjack

Blackjack probably traces back to the 18th century but the game has gone through a lot of changes since then. The version we know today became a staple of on-the-ground casinos in the 1920s. The online version of blackjack was set up in the early 90s when online casinos became a thing.

The online version of blackjack improved over time and started to resemble going to an actual casino more and more. The latest innovation comes from the popularity of live games, streamed from real casinos in which players take part in real-time. Mobile versions of the game are now mostly played using apps.

Current Online Blackjack Trends

Blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games in most casinos. Statistics show that about 31 percent of all games played in casinos are games of blackjack. In the 1980s this number was much higher meaning that some games have overtaken blackjack in recent decades.

Investing in online blackjack casinos is also a good way to go for years to come since casinos are making a push for these games and especially on mobile devices. These plans are mostly aimed at a younger generation of players.

Online Blackjack India

Is Online Blackjack Legal in India?

India doesn’t have nationwide gambling laws. Instead, the laws are regulated by the states. Only two Indian states have legalized gambling altogether and others have numerous restrictions to banning the practice entirely. Most states make a distinction between games of luck and skill and blackjack is seen as based on skill.

In most states, however, the rules don’t mention online gambling at all — therefore creating a loophole most players use to play in online casinos based abroad.

Indian’s Online Blackjack Laws

In most Indian states online blackjack is governed by the gambling law from the 19th century. That law did forbid gambling but it didn’t mention online gambling at all since it didn’t exist yet. That way the players can use the services of online casinos based abroad.

The states that do allow gambling have their laws usually making a distinction between games of skill and luck. This covers blackjack as well since it depends on the player’s skill as a game of cards, even though players can’t control which cards are dealt to them.

Blackjack Taxes in India

Even though online gambling isn’t completely regulated in most Indian states, the winnings from it are still taxed and easy to trace. This is true regardless of the sums you’re playing for or the payment methods you’re using to withdraw and deposit your winnings.

The winnings from blackjack as well as other gambling games are taxed at 30 percent after 10.000 rupees. The winnings smaller than that aren’t taxed at all and the rate of 30 percent is flat regardless of how much you win after that.

Different Modes of Blackjack Available in India

There are a few different modes of blackjack you can find and play in Indian online casinos. These differ based on how you bet on them and do you use real money in the process. Novice players can play blackjack for tokens without risking any of their funds, while the rules remain the same.

Blackjack casinos that do use real money come in many different shapes and sizes and you can play for rather small amounts as well as on the high rollers tables where you can win big and play against the best of opponents.

Free Online Blackjack

Free online blackjack is played for tokens without any real money involved. The rules and the structure of the game are the same as when you play for money. It’s therefore a good way for novice players to learn about the game as they play it.

There’s no risk involved and you can play for fun until you get better at it. This version of the game also has bonuses that players can take advantage of. Players usually move on from this mode and start playing for real money after a while.

Real Money Online Blackjack

On the other end of things, there are blackjack casinos in which you can play for real money and win if you’re lucky and bet wisely. There are a lot of different options within this since you can bet rather small amounts and still play for fun only or you can be a true high roller and win big.

Real money casinos also offer bonuses that are sometimes attached to wagering requirements and that you can withdraw as payments once you’ve wagered enough of your funds to do so. Sometimes, this is more difficult than it seems.

Online blackjack can be played for tokens or real money.

Basics of Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is the same as the offline real-life version of the game when it comes to its rules and how to bet. Blackjack is both a card and table game and it’s one of the most popular gambling card games since the edge in favour of the casino is just 0.5 percent.

It takes at least two players to play the game and it requires two decks of cards. There are also a few variants out there and they vary in terms of what your chances can be. A live version of the game is streamed from an on-the-ground casino.

Blackjack Rules

A game of blackjack can be played by at least two and up to 7 players. Online versions can sometimes have infinitive players. A player makes a bet after the cards have been shuffled and before dealing them. After that the dealer will deal two cards –one face-up and one face-down to each player.

Now, a player has to choose one of the multiple actions – hit, stand, split, double down, surrender, and stay, based on the blackjack variant they are playing. A winner will be the one who holds the highest value hand that would not be higher than 21. A hand that is dealt 21 from the beginning is called Perfect Blackjack or Blackjack and awarded with additional payouts.

Blackjack Terminology

As is often the case with gambling games blackjack has its own terminology used to describe certain moves and steps in the betting process. The player needs to understand what these terms mean so that they can follow and take part in the game with ease.

  • Hit – A player can request another card from a dealer which is known as asking for a hit or asking a dealer to “hit me”.
  • Stand – This is an option a player uses when they don’t want an additional card and they want to keep their hand as it is.
  • Split – When a player gets two cards of the same value, they can split them and turn them into two hands. It’s important to always split Aces.
  • Double Down – A player chooses this option when they are confident in their hand. When they do they are making an additional bet on their current position.

Popular Types of Online Blackjack in India

There are a few different types of blackjack you can play in Indian casinos. These are similar in rules and bonus structure, but they differ somewhat in how fast the gameplay is and how many players can take part in it.

It’s always a good idea for a novice player to try as many of these out and figure out which version suits them best. Try free online versions at first so that you don’t risk too much of your funds while figuring out which type suits you best.

Classic Blackjack

Classic blackjack is the most common type of online blackjack and one that most casinos will offer. This is the version of the game we’ve described above and that limits the number of players that can take part in it. The limit is set at 7 as is the case in the real life casinos.

If you want a game that closely mimics the look and feel of going to an actual casino and playing blackjack – this is the version for you. It also allows for side bets and the use of match bonuses, with certain wagering requirements.

Online versions of blackjack can be played by an infinite number of players.

Infinite Blackjack

Infinite blackjack is a common version of online blackjack. When it comes to rules and gameplay – the game is the same as the classic version of blackjack. You’re still betting on your card value being the closest to 21 and the dealer controls the game by allowing you to “hit” “split” or “surrender”.

The main difference is in how many players can take part at once. There’s no limit to the number of players that can play infinite blackjack. Online and live versions of the game allow an infinite number of players to join in and bet.

Lighting Blackjack

Lighting blackjack is also based on the classic version of the blackjack game we’ve mentioned here. The rules and goals of the game are the same and so are the bonuses players can use. The difference is in the supercharged multipliers that appear at the end of each round.

These lighting rounds are based on a random number generator, meaning that the outcome of the round is determined by software and random. The rest of the game doesn’t depend on an RNG but is controlled by a dealer.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack is a version of the classic game that came about in Atlantic City in the 70s. It now exists mostly as an online game but the rules have remained the same. The value of the cards and the main goal of the game are also the same.

This version enforces the dealer to stand on soft 17 and also to peek for Blackjack as there is a hole card. The peak is in place on both ten-value cards and aces. If the dealer has a blackjack, they would immediately expose the value of their hole card. Players lose all wagers unless they have naturals as well to push with the dealer’s blackjack.

New Blackjack Sites in India

Blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games out there and many casinos are offering it. Our list covers blackjack sites that have been established in the last 2 years and that we consider to be new. Different versions of blackjack are available in most of these casinos and they vary in terms of the size of the bets you can make.

When browsing our list, players should take into account the types of blackjacks that they can choose from as well as the bonuses and wagering requirements available in these casinos.

Are Online Blackjack Games Available on Mobile?

All of the blackjack games we mentioned are available on mobile devices and they work the same as they would on a desktop device or in a real-life casino. Casinos are moving to mobile devices to meet the needs of younger players that use mobile devices as their primary tool for betting.

Mobile versions of blackjack come in the form of apps or they can be played on browsers from a phone or a tablet. The funds can also be deposited using a mobile device meaning that you can go through the whole process on your phone.

Online Blackjack Bonuses in India

Blackjack casinos offer a variety of different bonuses to help support new players and allow them to explore the game with less risk. These bonuses aren’t always free money since they come with wagering requirements you need to meet before withdrawing the funds.

  • Welcome bonuses are awarded to every new player. These usually have the lowest wagering requirements.
  • Match bonuses that double the amount you’ve added to your casino account.
  • Cashback bonuses with which a player can get back a portion of the funds they’ve lost.

Blackjack players need to take advantage of casino bonuses.

Key Takeaways

  • Blackjack is without a doubt one of the most popular casino games in the world, especially when it comes to card games. The same goes for India, where blackjack is quite popular as well, despite stiff competition from other card games that originated in India.
  • Blackjack and other games at online casinos in India aren’t exactly legal, except in a few states where their legality is clear, but they are not illegal either. The loophole comes from the old gambling laws in India that don’t mention online gambling since it didn’t exist at the time, so online casinos from abroad operate without any problems in the country. On top of that, winnings over 10.000 rupees are taxed at 30%.
  • The rules of blackjack are simple and the main goal of the game is to reach the card value of 21 or to get the closest to it. Whether you are playing alone against the dealer or other players are involved, you only have to beat the dealer in order to win.
  • While the basic rules and goals of blackjack are unchangeable, there are different variations of the game. In addition to the classic blackjack, you can also try infinite blackjack, Atlantic City blackjack, or lighting blackjack, among others.

Play at the Top Indian Online Blackjack Sites

Online blackjack sites are popular among Indian players. It’s a game of skill with a small edge in favour of the casino and you can win big if you’re lucky. Blackjack comes in a few variations and it can be played for real money or tokens.

We’ve compiled a list of blackjack casinos for you to browse and check out. When choosing the blackjack site for you – you should take into account the bonuses it offers as well as its wagering requirements. Blackjack can also be played on mobile devices on an app.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s an online version of a card and table gambling game.

Blackjack is a game of skill and has a small edge in favour of the casino.

Yes, most online casinos provide online blackjack game optimised for mobile devices.

There are versions of the game you can play for tokens.

Yes. The most common ones are match bonuses, welcome bonuses, and cashback.

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How We Review and Rate Blackjack Casinos in India

Overall Reputation

1. Overall Reputation

We examine a blackjack casino's reputation in further detail based on the licenses it holds, its reliability and safety, and if it is a well-known brand with a wealth of expertise.

Terms And Conditions

2. Terms and Conditions

Blackjack online casinos in India should offer clear, fair, and simple terms and conditions that are easy for players to grasp.

Complaints History

3. Complaints History

We make sure to look into whether the Indian blackjack casinos we review have a lot of complaints as player complaints about online casinos are a certain red flag.

Depositing Process

4. Depositing Process

When rating blackjack casino sites based on their deposit alternatives, we always evaluate the whole range of deposit options, as well as minimum deposit and deposit times.

Withdrawal Process

5. Withdrawal Process

When we analyse an Indian blackjack online casino, we also look at the withdrawal options, withdrawal times, and any withdrawal limitations.

Withdrawal Process

6. Casino Games

The number of casino games, together with the type of games and providers, is probably the most crucial aspect to take into consideration when rating blackjack casinos.

Bonus Offers

7. Bonus Offers

We pay particular attention to the quantity and diversity of bonus offers that are offered to new and active players when we review blackjack casino sites in India.

Mobile Optimisation

8. Mobile Optimisation

Mobile optimisation is one of the primary criteria we use to rate blackjack casinos in India because many players nowadays use mobile devices to play at online casinos.

Customer Support

9. Customer Support

Good blackjack casinos also place an emphasis on their customer care, including the channels you may utilise and the usual response times.

Special Features

10. Special Features

When we review blackjack casinos, we also pay attention to other unique features, such as responsible gambling tools, VIP programmes and the No-Account option.

Total Rating

Total Rating

In order to provide you a complete view of each blackjack casino in India, we present a total rating that is the average of all the parameters we consider.

Playing Cards

How to Start Playing at a Blackjack Casino in India

  1. Choose a Blackjack Casino From Our List

    Our list of the best online blackjack casinos in India should be consulted before deciding which casino to join.

  2. Read the Terms and Conditions

    Boring as it may be, reading the terms and conditions at blackjack casinos in India is important to understand what to expect.

  3. Create an Account

    Once you have chosen a blackjack casino you want to join, you must create an account to play at online casinos in India, so simply start the registration process.

  4. Make a Deposit

    If you have an existing account at an Indian blackjack casino site, it's time to make a deposit and enjoy the casino games.

  5. Claim a Casino Bonus

    Various types of casino bonuses are offered to new players at blackjack online casinos, so don't forget to claim your welcome bonus.

  6. Choose a Casino Game

    After you sign up for an online casino in India and make a deposit to your account, it’s time to choose blackjack as a casino game you want to play.

  7. Have Fun and Enjoy Playing

    Having completed all the necessary steps, you can now play games and enjoy yourself at the blackjack casino of your choice.

  8. Withdraw Your Winnings

    Be sure to withdraw any winnings you may have when playing at Indian blackjack casino sites and avoid delaying this process.

  9. Don't Forget to Gamble Responsibly

    It is essential to exercise responsibility when gambling online at blackjack casinos, to avoid falling into pitfalls such as trying to recover losses or spending beyond your means.