Most online casinos, including reputable ones and not-so-popular ones, are bristled with a wide selection of casino games online. The selection of the games available at the casinos includes old & classic as well as new & flashy games with high-end graphics, animations and soundtrack. But, amongst the large herds of games, table games remain to be on the top of the list that has a huge and loyal fanbase. This category includes both, the games of skills and the games of luck. These are the games that attract many new as well as experienced players to test their strategy, skills, and luck. Let us explore what are the best table games driving most online casinos in the country.

Online Roulette 

Roulette is one of the classic and most preferred games by gamblers of all time. It is known to be a game of pure luck and chance because after placing the bet on the desired number or color, there is no strategy the players can use to turn the tables in their favor. The online version of roulette is equally interesting as the offline. In this game, either the player has the potential to bag numerous benefits, or they have to satisfy themselves with nothing at all, and this fact makes this game more interesting. Online Roulette is a safe and entertaining game when played for small stakes. When played for high stakes, the chances are 50-50, either the player gets to bag a very huge amount or gets broke within a moment.

Of all the roulette variants, the European variant is the most popular one, which offers better odds. The spinning wheel of European Roulette consists of 37 numeric from 0 to 36, where half of the numbered pockets are black and others are red, whereas the single zero is in the green pocket.

Besides European, there are many other versions of the game, named American Roulette, French Roulette, Mini Roulette and more. LeoVegas is one of the best places to enjoy this game of chance. The casino also offers many different roulette variants in its live dealer section.


Blackjack is another one of the most popular and ever-green casino games that never get outdated. Earlier the game was also known as 21. There will be hardly a casino around the world where Blackjack and its variants are not available in its game gallery. Alongside land-based casinos, this game is also available at almost all international and local online casinos. The best thing about the game is that different variations of Blackjack bring different excitement and benefits to the players. Moreover, the players do not have to be very lucky to win it, as unlike roulette, the game requires some skills and strategies. The game aims to create a hand close to 21 without overlapping it. Blackjack has a huge and loyal fan base since it is a low house edge game. You can master this game with regular practice and the right implementation of strategies.

This game of 21 is played against a dealer, where he will give you two cards, and keep two to himself at the starting of each round. Half of the dealer’s card will be revealed to the player, and after having a look at his hand the player can decide whether to ‘stand‘ and ‘hit’. Stand means no further actions will be taken by the player, and hit means the player asks the dealer for an additional card. The ‘Hit’ can be opte as many times as the player wants until it does not overlap 21. Wildz casino offers many different versions of Blackjack.

Andar Bahar 

Andar Bahar is a traditional Indian game that originated in Bangalore invented hundreds of years back. The simplicity of the game has made it immensely popular amongst Indian gamblers. This is one of the most appreciated games by Indian players, and it is mostly played during family gatherings and in villages. Thanks to the technology, Andar Bahar made its way to young casino players as most online casinos adopted this game. The players now can play this traditional card online from the comfort of their homes at Indian Online Casinos, such as Pure Casino.

Andar Bahar is a simple and unique card game that is played against dealers and many players can participate in this game at once. Most casinos allow 5 players at a time.

Before the beginning of the gameplay, each player has to place a bet either on “Andar” (Inside) or “Bahar” (outside), which means the player has to wager either at the right or the left side of the table. The minimum table amount on this game is “₹10” and the maximum amount is “₹10,000”. Here, the players have 50-50 chances of winning. In this game, the dealer draws on a card and places it in the center of the table, the drawn card is the match card. Then the dealer will continue to draw cards and place them on the right and left side of the match card alternatingly. When the match card appears on either side, the game is over. The players who wagered on the correct side win double the amount and players wagered on the other side lose the stakes.

Teen Patti (Indian Poker)

Teen Patti is one of the most famous games in Indian online casinos. The game is also known as Indian Poker and it is quite similar to the western poker. Teen Patti is played during festive celebrations in Indian families, yes, we are talking about Diwali. The best part is that the game has made its way to the Indian online gambling market and is appreciated by most desi gamblers.

Teen Patti is a simple game, which can be played between 3-6 players with a deck of 52 excluding Joker. Each player is dealt three cards, just as in Three Card Poker. The betting rounds in the game are unlimited. You can try different versions of this popular game at many popular casinos like Betwinner and 22Bet casinos.

So, these are some of the top online casino games that are driving the Indian gambling market.

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