Played with sets of tiles, Mahjong is one of the most popular Chinese games available in different regional variations. This tile-based game was originally launched in China in the Qing Dynasty and then become the preferred choice of worldwide players in the 20th century. Today, it becomes one of the favorite games throughout Asia and quickly gaining the fan-following in the West. Do you also wish to play Mahjong? You feel extremely delighted to know that you don’t need to go anywhere else to make this wish a reality as you can play Mahjong online for real money by accessing top online casinos in India. If you are a beginner and don’t have much knowledge of this game, then get ready to up your sleeves with this Mahjong guide that provides all types of info you need to become a Master of It. 

What Is Online Mahjong? 

First sold in the United States in the 1920s, Mahjong is often played ancient Chinese game. It was prohibited after 1949 in China, but it was relaunched after the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976. While the founder of this game is unknown, there are many theories and beliefs about the inventors of this fast-paced four-player game. Some historians claimed that 3 dragon tiles coincide with the idea of Confucius regarding 3 virtues including humaneness, sincerity, and filial piety. If this concept is true in any way, then it must be considered Asia’s oldest game. 

Four players are required to play this game, but some variations in Japan and South Korea can be played with 3 gamers. There are multiple variations based on the regions. The playing time is considered for approximately 1 hour. But you can play it more quickly and interestingly by creating an account at reputable Indian online casinos. No software downloads or high data consumption is required to enjoy it online as you can play the game instantly even on 2G devices. 

Can I Legally Play Mahjong Online In India?

Public gaming act, 1867 was created for land-based gambling and does not cover the legalization of online gambling in India. But there are no strict laws that show that online or internet-based gambling is not safe in India. No gambler has been taken to the court for online gambling. Information Technology Act of 2000 also does not make any clear statement towards playing games at online casinos. So, it is safe to play Mahjong on the web at a licensed and regulated online casino. Still, it is recommended to check the updated legal status of Indian online gambling. 

How To Play Mahjong Online?

The basic game of Mahjong has 144 tiles, including 36 bamboos, 12 dragon tiles, 36 circles, 8 flower tiles, 36 characters, and 16 wind tiles. 1 dice pair is used to figure out the deal. Each participating gamer receives 13 tiles which are based on the Chinese symbols and characters. It is an optional choice to have 4 racks. To win the game, a player has to receive a Mahjong that means to form a legit hand by getting all 14 of tiles that can form four sets and one pair. A set can be either a chow (run of 3 successive tiles in the identical suit), kongs (4 similar tiles of the same suit), or a pung (3 similar tiles of the same suit). Please note that you can use a single tile only in one set at once. 

Tips & Strategies

Any mistake in the gameplay can lead to a violation of rules and reduce the winning potential. Thus, it is important to follow all the rules properly. Taking less or more than 12 tiles in step 8 is the biggest mistake because it makes the player husband, xiànggong, or messire those don’t have any chances to win. Not only this, but a messire must pay the additional money when another gamer wins. 

If you compare the modern form of Mahjong with a traditional one, you will find that it got changed with major differences. In today’s time, a dealer is determined by the simple roll of dice. Allow other players to select prior every round if you need discarded tile. The use of discarded tile for completing the game provides a win by allowing a player to show the winning hand of 14 tiles.  

  • Know What Other Gamers Have In Their Hands

Much like the cards game, Mahjong also facilitates interaction with other gamers. It is beneficial to understand what other players are holding in their hands. This knowledge helps in making informed decision about the hand selection. You can determine whether to have a smaller hand or the bigger one to make the successful and winning move. A big hand is usually made for a high score, but it reduces the speed and consumes much time. So, try to know about the hands of all 4 players and pretend other gamers that you are holding a small hand. It will benefit you in getting more time as they will prefer a big hand. 

  • Honor Triplet

The honor triplet can combine with triplets, mixed one-suit, kong the 4th tile for 5 points, or mixed lesser terminals. Keep in mind that it cannot combine perfectly with other things. Patterns that combine with other things will be the same sequences. To better understand this concept, it will combine with a tier 1 pattern for 15-25 points hand. 

Start the game by throwing the guest winds, terminal numbers, and value honors. Before using any of these tips or other strategies, it is essential to consider the variation you are choosing. Let’s jump ahead to the next section, where you will learn about different online Mahjong variations. 

Variations of Online Mahjong

There are multiple variations of Mahjong as it is played somewhere across the world and consists of sets of tiles and suits. In total, there are more than 20 different variations including American Classical, British Official, Chinese New Style, Dutch League Rules, Internet Mahjong Server, Japanese Transitional, Japanese Modern, Mahjong Masters Million, Wilmington Advanced 12-Tile, and lots more.

The classical Chinese is the oldest version. The American version is much similar to the popular card game – Gin Rummy. The Hong Kong version, also known as the Cantonese version, is very similar to the American version except for the Charleston or joker tiles. The Taiwanese version has many different rules such as 16 tiles instead of 13 tile hands. The Japanese Mahjong is regarded as the very similar game to Japanese video games. The gamers begin with a score variable that ranges between 20,000 and 30,000, which are showcased by a series of bars. 

Riichi Competition also called the Japanese Modern version, is used in the tournament play. Here, you will find the presence of riichi which means the ready hand.  The Singaporean Mahjong rules share the similarity to the classical Chinese version. However, it does not have an additional set of tiles. It includes 148 tiles and an extra Animal tileset. Both the dealer (East) and a gamer opposite to the dealer (West) have 19 tiles, while others have 18 tiles each. There are 15 tiles in the dead wall. Indian players normally love that version where Chinese symbols are numbered down. 

Rules of Mahjong Online

Before playing any game for real money, it is always recommended to get well-versed with their rules to understand how you must play the game to have smooth, successful, and winning gameplay. So, before you dive deep into the vast sea of Mahjong, it is important to know the game rules. There are no specific rules for all variations of Mahjong even they vary across the regions or the countries where they are played.  

The goal of this game is to be able to eliminate all Mahjong tiles (14) from the board before the allocated time passes away. Put all your focus on getting a Mahjong, which comprises a hand of 4 sets and a single pair or a special hand out of the 14 tiles in the rack. You have to gather chows, pungs, and kongs, which are already discussed above. Don’t misunderstand that these rules are applied for all the available versions, but these are related to Hong Kong Mahjong. 

If you are choosing the Japanese version of this game, then you must remember that it is played with 136 tiles and require the removal of just free tiles. The term free here means that the tiles are not touching another tile on the left or right. Before the game starts, points and their respective money value mutually figure out by comparing the winning hand to multiple winning conditions. The point values differ for all based on the particular set of criteria of each winning combination.  

Live Mahjong

The fun of playing Mahjong game is not limited just to the online world even you can extend the excitement level by enjoying it live from home comfort. Please note that by the term live, we do not mean that there is a live dealer (real human dealer) who dealt the tiles to players on the web with live streaming of the actions. But we mean that you can enjoy this game among 4 live players, who are the real humans. While playing live Mahjong, players are connected to the room where all key elements are managed by registered software. Randomness is also authorized by the specific recognized authorities. 

 Winning Potential

So, you have removed all the tiles. Congratulations! Do you know how much you are going to receive for that win? As we have already touched above, a player has to determine the points monetary value before the game starts, if he or she is playing in the land-based venues. But, you don’t need to fret about these if you are playing the game online as these are pre-decided for each variation. Let’s understand this with the example of a scoring rule of the Singaporean Mahjong version. 4 players choose the monetary value as 1S$ for 1 point. The gamer, who discards a tile, has to pay double as agreed. 

Losing players will pay S$1, S$2, S$4, S$8, and S$16 for points 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 points respectively. A guilty player will pay S$2, S$4, S$8, S$32, and S$64 for points 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 points respectively. While a winner will receive S$4, S$8, S$16, S$32, and S$64 for points 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 points respectively. Please check the complete list of all bets and payouts before playing the game. It will help you in understanding how much you are going to earn or lose at the end of the game.

Play Online Mahjong For Free And Real Money

Whether you wish to play online Mahjong game for fun or for a win-win situation i.e. having enjoyment as well as making money out of it, you can experience both at licensed Indian online casino. Register an account at authentic websites with relevant and valid details such as email, date of birth, bank credentials, ID proofs, and others (vary from one site to another). Do thorough research about the selected site by identifying the information about license, regulation, randomness, reviews, ratings, bonuses & promotions, security measures, privacy policies, banking methods, and other essential factors. Don’t forget that Mahjong is a game of skill. So, practice it more in a free mode before moving ahead for playing it for real money in India.