Finding the best bonus for you is so important when it comes to finding the best online casino for you. Obviously, if you find a site which offers a great sign up bonus, then that’s amazing. However, if you can find one that offers a reload bonus too, then that really is an added extra!

What is a reload bonus? 

Sign up bonuses don’t really offer much to customers who have stuck with the same online casino for a while. Therefore, it’s important to find an online casino which offers a bonus which rewards those loyal customers. These are referred to as reload bonuses. 

Sometimes they can be exactly what the welcome offer is, just repeated for you, or they can be brand new offers. Essentially, a reload bonus is for those who have “reloaded” their accounts. You can usually activate reload bonuses when you keep your account active and constantly make deposits, or if you leave your account for a while and then re-visit it and deposit again. 

What’s the difference between a welcome and a reload bonus?

Well, it’s fairly self explanatory. Essentially, a welcome bonus is for new customers, it’s an opportunity for the online casino operator to welcome a new customer with a nice juicy welcome bonus. It is also a very nice marketing technique which is used by the online casino operator, as they can show off their nice fancy welcome bonus in order to attract new customers to the site. 

A reload bonus, as explained above, is sort of like a loyalty bonus for those customers who have been around for a while. Most casinos do offer other bonuses and promotions during your ongoing time at the casino, however, a reload bonus generally is a little bit bigger than that. Sometimes these reload bonuses can come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be in the form of a deposit bonus, or it could be free spins, which we will touch upon a bit later on. 

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How to use reload bonuses at online casinos in India?

It’s really important to understand how bonuses work and to really get your head around whether it’s something you think will be beneficial to you in the long run. Therefore, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions. Here’s a small breakdown on things you need to look out for:


  • Wagering requirements
  • How long the offer will last
  • If there is a bonus code
  • Which games are valid for this type of bonus

Regarding the wagering requirements, it’s very easy to get yourself involved in this and not know exactly how many times you need to play before you can withdraw your winnings. The wagering requirement is there to protect the casino from essentially losing out big. 

All bonuses and promotions can expire, even reload bonuses, so you need to make sure that when you claim your bonus, you know exactly when it’s going to expire, so you don’t lose out on any winnings. A lot of the time, these types of bonuses and promotions are only valid on certain games/slot games. Sometimes it’s due to that promotion being specifically for that game in order to promote it a bit more, and other times it’s because the game has a lower win ratio, meaning it’s a bit safer for the casino operator to give out free spins on it. 

Finally, reload bonuses can usually come with codes. This code can be sent to you from the online casino operator, either by the email address you registered with, or via text with the phone number you have on the system. You will need to copy that code, and make sure you’re pasting it in the correct field in order to claim your bonus once you have made your deposit. 

If you are still struggling with some topics, feel free to reach out to the customer service line that the casino operator has to offer. This is usually via live chat or email. 

How to get a reload bonus and get your winnings?

Most of the time the casino operator will give you a reload bonus for regular play. This means the more you play and deposit, the more likely the chance of you being able to claim a reload bonus promotion. However, there are circumstances where if you feel like you’re entitled to a reward or bonus, you can actually reach out to the online casino operator via their customer service portal, and request one. This doesn’t always work, but it can and has done in the past for some players. 

Getting your winnings paid out to you works the same way as a regular bonus or a welcome bonus. There are wagering requirements attached which must be completed before you can withdraw any funds. A lot of the time the wagering can vary from 30x to 50x, this all depends on the promotions being offered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A reload bonus is a bonus which is given to you by the casino operator for either regular play, like a reward, or for reactivating your account after months of inactivity.

Yes, there are many types of reload bonuses available to Indian players which you can check out in the list at the top of the page.

It entices the customer to either keep using the current account they have, or allows them to start back up again with a little boost once they return after an absence.

Most of the time the reload bonus has a certain slot game attached to it. Read the terms and conditions before claiming so you know which game it is.