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Are you looking for the best slot games for real money in India? Do you want to enjoy some of the highest-quality games with the most rewarding features? Then you are in the right place as on this page we’ll list all the notable slots you should try out today. We’ll also list some of the best new games, video slots, classic slots, and more.

As this is a complete guide on online slot games, we’ll also explain the types of slots on the web, how to play slot games, what elements they include, what special features can be found, what are the most popular online slots terms and more.

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What Are Online Slots?

If you are familiar with slot machines that are found in casinos around the world, then you basically know what online slots are as well.

After all, online slot games came into existence as web-based slot machines. They are effectively the same — you need to stake money and spin the reels. If a paying combination occurs, you win, and if it doesn’t, you lose your stake. Then you repeat the process for as long as you want to.

That being said, online slots come in greater numbers and they provide more variety when it comes to different gameplays, number of reels and paylines, bonuses, etc. But essentially, online slots are based on slot machines and some of them are available both online and in land-based casinos.

How Do Slot Games Work?

Online slots today work by following simple patterns, created by random number generators and other software that ensures that all outcomes are random and incidental.

Once you start playing, you will spin the slot and each spin has the potential to bring you a win, which can be a small one that doesn’t even cover your stake, but it can also be a big win, all the way to jackpot wins on some slots.

However, the fact that all slots are based on certain patterns doesn’t mean that all games are the same. In fact, online slots have such a huge variety when it comes to their gameplay that even similar slots can actually be pretty different.

Land-based and Online Slots Difference

The biggest difference between land-based and online slots is in their variety and numbers. Simply put, you can find a much greater number of slots online than you can find in any casino, even the biggest ones in the world.

Also, most land-based casinos have a lower return to player (RTP) percentage than online slots, with some land-based casinos having RTPs of around 85% or lower, while most slots found at online casinos have RTPs of 90% or more.

Other than that, land-based and online slots are pretty similar otherwise. After all, land-based slots are the predecessors of online slots.

Online Slots India

How We Review Online Slots?

We tend to focus on a few of the most important things when we review slots and some of those can be rather subjective, like the gameplay. Still, we feel that we can provide you with a full picture of a slot in our reviews.

To do this, we check out what the RTP for the slot is. A higher RTP doesn’t always mean that the slot is better, but it does give you a slightly better chance of winning, which is important.

In addition to that, we review the slot’s features, gameplay, and graphics. Those are the three things that separate good slots from average ones because that is what makes the slots fun to play.

Finally, we also pay attention to what other players said about the slot to see what the general feeling is when it comes to that specific slot. However, if you want to learn more about our process of reviewing slots, you can check it out on this page.

Different Types of Online Slot Games

As stated before, online slots can come in various shapes and forms, differing in basic things like the number of reels, but also in gameplay, features, and other things.

For that reason, online slots are usually separated into several types and we will take a closer look at some of the most popular types of online slots you can find at casino sites in India.

Video Slots

Video online slots are the most numerous, as this category includes all slot games with 4, 5, or more reels. More importantly, they include all slots with added features and bonus rounds.

Video slots are all modern, so expect them to have the best graphics, animations, and sounds as well. These slots have made a clear separation from the simple slot machines of old and the range of video slots is so wide that there are also different types of video slots to check out.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Jackpots are all slot games with a jackpot feature where you win a massive prize instantly, as long as you are lucky. Naturally, jackpot prizes greatly vary in size and how you win them.

Some slots let you win jackpots randomly in the base game, while some put them as parts of bonus rounds. Additionally, some jackpots are progressive, meaning the jackpot increases over time as you’re playing until someone wins it.

These are usually very popular because progressive jackpots can become quite massive and bring enormous wins to the lucky player that manages to win the jackpot.

Classic Slot Slots

Classic online slots are the simplest form of slots today. However, they are intentionally minimalistic and straightforward as they are made to pay homage to the slot machines of old.

They are usually 3-reel or 5-reel and devoid of special features and bonus rounds. Some of them do however have free spins as a bonus feature, but those are pretty rare.

However, these slots often have jackpots and the regular, base-game wins can be quite high given the low number of potential paylines.

3D Slots

While 3D slots are still quite rarely found at online casinos, they are becoming more prominent and popular recently. As the name says, 3D slots include three-dimensional graphics that can enhance the playing experience — at least the visual side of things.

In addition to that, 3D slots often have interactive gameplay, which often includes different levels and a wide range of pretty unique themes. So, it’s easy to understand the appeal of 3D slots, especially when it comes to fantasy or action themes.

Penny Slots

As the name implies, penny slots are the slots that are played one cent per line, which means that you only stake a few pennies per spin. At least that was the case with penny slots originally — online penny slots today do cost a bit more, usually between 25 and 50 cents per line, adding to a stake of around a dollar at least.

In any case, that is still affordable and the main reason why penny slots remain popular today, despite their simple gameplay and usually not amazing graphics. On top of that, penny slots can even pay a lot, especially those that also have progressive jackpots, which is often the case.

Megaways Slots

Traditional slot machines and online slots came with a certain number of lines. So, in order to win, you would have to hit the right symbol on one of the paylines. Some slots had a set number of lines, while others allowed you to choose how many lines you want to play on. In any case, they would usually range from 10 to 20 paylines, but some had more.

However, the introduction of Megaways slots changed that and while many slots remain faithful to that classic payline concept, most of the newer online slots are Megaways slots. These slots don’t really have a set number of paylines, but the number of ways instead changes from one spin to another and, depending on the game, can reach huge numbers.

The only condition is that you hit the symbols in adjacent reels, which constitutes a paying spin. Of course, how much you can win will depend on the symbol you hit and the number of winning ways for that particular spin.

Most Important Slot Features

If you want to try some new online slots at Indian casinos or you haven’t yet tried some of the more popular ones, there are a few things to consider first.

These are the most important slot features and they can make your experience more fun as you play, so let’s take a closer look at some of the key features.

Slot RTP

RTP, which stands for return to player, is a percentage of money that is returned to players on that particular slot. A slot’s RTP is listed in the information about the slot.

For example, if the RTP is 95% for a slot, that means that the slot will pay out 95% of the stakes back to players, over time, while 5% is the margin that the casino earns.

So, the higher the RTP on a slot, the better your chance to win. With that in mind, it is better to go with slots that have high RTPs, which usually means RTPs of 96% or above.

That being said, the RTP doesn’t really take into account the frequency or size of payouts, which is another factor known as volatility.

Slot Volatility

As we said above, the volatility of a slot represents how volatile it is, i.e. what is the frequency and what is the size of an average payout. The best way to look at volatility is in combination with the slot’s RTP percentage.

In any case, slots that have high volatility will pay bigger wins, but less often, while slots with low volatility will pay more often, but smaller-sized wins.

So, both of these options are good in their own rights, leaving you to choose what you prefer — less or more volatile slots.

  • Low-Volatility Slots — Starburst, Thunderstruck II, Wild Scarbs, Diamond Dogs, Son of Fortune, Arabian Nights, etc.
  • Medium-Volatility Slots — Diamond Strike, Guns’n’Roses, Twin Joker, Carnival Queen, Reel Rush 2, Satoshi’s Secret, etc.
  • High-Volatility Slots — Jokerizer, Marching Legions, White Rabbit Megaways, Blazing Bull, Leprechaun Riches, Magic of Oz, etc.

Slot Reels

Online slots can have a wide range of reels, which is a term used to describe horizontal columns where the symbols are located. The most common types of slots based on the number of reels are:

  • 3 Reel Slots
  • 5 Reel Slots
  • 7 Reel Slots
  • 10 Reel Slots
  • Cascading Slots

Classic slots of old had only three reels, while most online slots after those had five reels. Today, slots at online casinos can have any number of reels, although three to five reels is still the most common number of reels for video slots. There are also cascading reels, which means that the symbols fall from above.

Slot Paylines

Online slots can have a different number of paylines as well, which is logical since they often have a different number of reels. In any case, slot paylines are specific lines or patterns on which the same symbols need to line up for a spin to be a winning one.

The symbols usually have to be lined up next to each other, left to right. Some of the most common numbers of slot paylines are:

  • 3 Paylines
  • 5 Paylines
  • 10 Paylines
  • 20 Paylines
  • Multi-Lines

Today, some of the most popular slots are multi-line slots that have more than twenty paylines and the total number can go incredibly high, even up to more than 1000 lines.

Slot Symbols

Slot symbols or characters are simply symbols that appear on the screen when you spin a certain slot. They can have different values and even different purposes. So, let’s take a closer look at the most common slot symbols:

  • Standard Symbols — Standard symbols are the most basic slot symbols. They have different values and in order to win, you need to get the same standard symbol on a payline or multiple paylines. The better the symbol and the more paylines you get, the more you can win.
  • Wild Symbols — Wild symbols can substitute any of the standard symbols. However, wild symbols can’t substitute special symbols, like scatters, bonus symbols, or multipliers.
  • Scatter Symbols — Scatter symbols, or simply scatters, are special symbols. They can appear on all reels or just a few specific reels, like three reels. When you get a required number of scatters in a spin, you can trigger free spins, win a certain multiplier on your wager, or both, depending on the type of game or number of scatters won.
  • Bonus Symbols — Another special symbol type, which isn’t always a part of a slot’s gameplay. However, slots that have special bonus rounds also have bonus symbols and once you get the required number of bonus symbols in a spin, you can trigger the bonus round. Some slots have multiple bonus symbols that trigger different bonus rounds.
  • Multiplier Symbols — Some slots have multiplier symbols that can take a wide range of values. When you get a multiplier on a winning spin or payline, your win is multiplied by the value of that multiplier symbol.

Slot Themes

Online slots today don’t just have amazing graphics and complex gameplays with multiple paylines and different bonuses — they also come in a wide range of themes. These themes can be based on many things, like history, religion, mythology, pop culture, animals, and many others.

Some of the most popular ones are horror slots, Ancient Egypt slots, movie slots, Norse mythology/Viking slots, fruit slots, Oriental slots, Irish slots, adventure slots, and more.

Autoplay Option

One of the features that the majority of online slots today have is the Autoplay Option. This option allows you to spin the slot automatically, based on your predetermined criteria, such as your stake, number of spins, total losses/wins, etc.

This is a handy option that you can use when you don’t want to spin the slot manually and you can set it to stop spinning once you hit a big win or you get a bonus feature, so you won’t miss the bonus round.

Different Modes of Online Slots Available in India

When it comes to modes of online slots that you can play in India online, there are two of them – free online slots and real-money online slots.

So, let’s take a closer look at both modes and learn more about them.

Free Online Slots

As you probably guessed by the name, this mode of online slots allows you to play them for free. That means that you don’t have any no bankroll restrictions, so these slots can be enjoyed as long as you want.

This free mode offers you the opportunity to test the rules of the game and additional features, without having to risk any real money. You can spin the reels with no registration and no download required.

Online Slot for Real Money

Unlike free mode, once you decide to play a slot for real money, you will only be able to spin the slot if you have enough of a balance to do so. On the other hand, that means that you can also win real money, which is not a possibility when you play in free mode.

Keep in mind that if you play online slots for real money, you risk losing that money. In fact, that is what usually happens, but if you’re lucky enough, you can sometimes win.

Online Slots Bonuses

Online casinos offer a wide variety of bonuses that you can use to play online slots. That includes a welcome bonus, which can be a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus, in some rare situations. Slot bonuses can also come in the form of a reload bonus or a loyalty bonus,

Probably the most popular bonus type when it comes to online slots is a free spins bonus. In fact, free spins are exclusively awarded for slots — sometimes for one specific slot, other times for a few different ones.

Also, depending on the bonus, you can get a different number of free spins. Usually, online casinos award 20-50 free spins, but it can certainly be even more than that.

Slot Games Terminology

No matter you are a newbie or a slots expert, you should be updated with some of the most important slot terminologies that keep on evolving from time to time. Taking a note of these slot terms will only enhance your gaming pleasure. So, scroll down and check out the complete glossary of slot terms and phrases:

3-reel slot: As the name suggests, this type of slot has a 3×3 reel set, i.e. three reels and three rows. Being inspired by the first ever slots, they often look like vintage games.

5-reel slots: This is the most popular format of slots that most of the casinos offer. However, you can always find a variety of reel slots at different casinos. These slot machines have three rows and five reels.

3D slot: In this type of game, everything – animation, interface, symbols, introduction etc. – is in 3D.

243 paylines: Also known as ‘243 ways to win’, this term means that there are no fixed paylines in the slots. However, the slots will count a few identical symbols (generally three or more) as a win, which land next to one another.

Auto play: This is a popular feature or option that allows the reels to spin automatically, a certain number of times – 10, 20 and even 100. Hence, the player needs not to click on a button every time they wish to spin.

Active payline: A payline that is currently in play is known as an active payline. If it consists of a winning combination, it will result in a payout. Usually, the multiple paylines slots, give a chance to the players to choose the number of paylines that they desire to be active on a spin.

Bet: A bet is referred to as the total amount of money wagered by a player on each spin or round of the game.

Bet per line: This term refers to the amount of money wagered on a specific payline. In some of the slot games, players have the option to make bets across different active paylines.

Bet levels: Bet level defines the size of the wager placed by the player, in relation with the coin value. This can be better explained by an example. For instance, if you have a coin value of £10, then a bet level of 3 will be three coins, i.e. £30.

Budget: A budget defines the limit of money that a player sets aside for playing slot games. Now, this budget can be constructed, with or without loss limits, time limits or win limits, for one game separately or all of the games altogether.

Bonus game: This is a popular feature in slot games that adds fun to your gaming pleasure. The bonus offered to you can be anything, like a mini-game based on skills, an opportunity to spin the bonus wheel etc.

Bonus features: Features found within a slot game are known as bonus features. They may include (but are not limited to) re-spins, free spins and modified wilds, like cascading and expanding.

Coin: Each coin used in the game represents the virtual money of the player, which has a specific coin value assigned to it. This value is subject to change between rounds.

Coin value: As stated above, each coin used in the game is assigned a specific value that can be set or defined according to the value range offered by the game.

Coin win: It is a kind of reward offered to the players in terms of coins. If each coin value is £1, then a 50-coin win will be equal to £50.

Cascading reels: This is a bonus feature, wherein after a win has been achieved, the winning combination disappears from the screen. To fill the empty space, symbols from the above reel fall and create new opportunities for a winning combination on a single spin. They are also known as tumbling or falling reels.

Cold slot: It is a popular slang term used for games that don’t pay out quite often or do not pay out soon. At present, this term is not widely used because of the RNG software. However, this may be used when talking about jackpots

Double or nothing: This is a gamble feature in some slot games, which allows the players to place a wager or bet on their win. In such a situation, there are two options left to the player – either to lose the amount of money won or double it. This feature involves guessing what number would appear next or what colour of the playing card would appear next, etc.

Demo game: As might be evident by its name, a demo game feature allows the player to try a specific game for free. This allows the player to get an overview of the game, learn about different features, how these features behave and know how the slots pay out. In a demo game, you need not to place a cash bet. Hence, you cannot claim any wins. You might also not require to log in to a casino website.

Expanding wild: Most of the slot games offer these types of wild symbols, which expand wildly to cover the entire reel. This, in turn, creates larger chances of wins.

Expanding reels: This term is used to describe the additional reels that are introduced on the game screen. There is no limit of expanding reels in a game. Hence, there can be one or more of such reels, which makes way for more winning opportunities.

Free Spin: This is one of the favourite features of the slot machine players as you need not to place a bet to spin the reels. Hence, while you leverage free spins, you are actually not risking anything. This is how without putting money, you can make money at online slots. In some games, you might also find different elements included in free spins, like modified Wilds, multipliers, special symbols etc.

Fixed paylines: In some slot games, players are not allowed to activate paylines, as they have fixed paylines.

Fruit machine: A fruit machine is just another regular slot machine, which generates random combinations of fruit symbols.

Fixed jackpot: In a fixed jackpot feature, one can win a fixed amount of money. Even if the player continues to play, the set limit of winning amount does not increase.

Hot slot: These slots are the ones that are known to have a higher frequency of winning. This implies that these slots fetch more rewards for the players.

High-value symbols: The symbols featuring on the slot reels are assigned with different values. Hence, the high-value symbols are the ones that pay out the maximum amount, when a winning combination appears.

High volatility: This term represents a slot that offers high rewards and high risks. In such slots, the players are more likely to win or lose large amounts simultaneously.

Jackpot: It is known as the biggest win possible on the given slot machine. A slot game which offers a huge win can also be termed as a jackpot slot. They are generally classified in different types – local, fixed and progressive.

Low-value symbols: Symbols appearing on the reels are assigned certain values, which may be high or low. So, the symbols whose pay out is lesser than what is offered by others are known as low value symbols. Some of these symbols include A, Q, K and J.

Local jackpot: Most of the casinos offer local jackpot game, which can be won only by the players of that specific casino and players are also paid money by the same casino. For example, you are eligible to win a local jackpot in Casino Days, only if you are a Casino Days player and the casino will pay you the money, upon winning.

Low volatility: Low volatility slots are those that are less risky than others. Owing to the minimised size of risk, the players can expect frequent wins and also recoup their wagers. However, players trying their luck at low volatility slots may not be able to witness any huge win.

Minimum bet: Minimum bet is the least amount of cash one can place a bet on per spin.

Max bet: Maximum bet is the biggest amount of cash one can place a bet on per spin.

Moving Wild: These are special types of symbols, which move to a different position when different paylines are hit. This is done so as to benefit the player.

Medium volatility: In these types of slots, the risk factor is higher than low volatility slots, but lesser than high volatility slots. Hence, if you play medium volatility slots, you have the chance to lose and win larger amounts, in comparison to the slots that offer less risk.

Multiplier: These are unique, in-built slot machine features that multiply your winnings by a numerical figure that is generally predetermined. The aim of multipliers is to increase your wins.

Mobile slot / Mobile optimised slot: The meaning of this term is quite evident by the name itself. With the increasing demand of mobile gaming and gambling, most of the slots are optimised for all types of mobile devices. Hence, you can access them from anywhere, anytime and from any mobile device. Click here to check out our best mobile casinos.

Nudge: Once a spin is completed, the nudge feature in the slot shifts symbols to a different position, so as to help the player conclude more number of wins. These symbols are shifted by one or more spaces.

Network jackpot: When you play with real money on the slots offering network jackpot, a small amount gained from each spin is given to the game provider, which is then added to the pot. The contribution keeps on going and the moment someone wins the jackpot, the total money is sent to the winner-hosting casino. It is also known as a pooled jackpot.

One-armed bandit: This is nothing, but a nickname or slang used to describe a slot machine. Since these machines consist of a lever (looking like a single arm) and make the players feel robbed, when they lose, this is why the reference to ‘one-armed’ and ‘bandit’ comes in respectively.

Pay table: A pay table icon is generally available at the bottom of the screen. Once you click this icon, a pop-up will appear, which will help you everything about the game – list of payouts, symbols in-game features etc. It explains how much the player will win for each combination of ‘number of coin bets’ and ‘symbols’.

Pooled jackpot: As mentioned above in network jackpot, this type of jackpot consists of a prize that is contributed by the wagers of players. These players are the one who play the slot games in casinos that offer a particular game.

Progressive jackpot: As the name suggests, this type of jackpot continues to progress or grow as long as the players continue to place a bet. The other jackpots, viz. local and network, can be progressive in nature.

Payline: It is a line that displays the winning combinations of symbols, and accordingly, the payout is awarded. It is also known as a winning line or betting line. Usually, in most of the slots, the paylines move from left to right. However, in some, they move both ways.

RNG / Random number generator: Almost all the slot games use RNG software, which produces a random combination of numbers, symbols or other patterns, after each spin. Hence, there is no fixed pattern that appears as the outcome. Slots, which use RNG technology are completely fair. Also, the games are stringently checked through an audit test to analyze if the software is up-to-date or not.

Re-spin: If you are playing re-spin slot games, you will get another chance to spin the reels, after the initial spin has been made. This is done to help the players achieve a bigger win. In some slots, the symbols and bet levels remain the same in the second round of spin.

Row: Just like any regular row, a ‘row’ in slots represents a horizontal line that consists of symbols aligned on the reels, side by side. The number of rows in different slots may vary.

Reel: It is the vertical section of a slot, on which different symbols land in different combinations, once a wager has been placed and the player clicks on ‘spin’ button. There can be three or more reels in a slot game. However, 3-reel and 5-reel slots are the most popular ones.

RTP / Return To Player: It is the percentage of money (wagered by the players) that is paid back to the players over time. This is calculated over a long period of time. So, one must not expect that the value shown on every spin will be recouped. Read more about RTP here.

Symbol: The icons appearing on the slot reels are known as symbols. There are different types of symbols, each having a different value assigned to them. Some symbols even have the power to activate features.

Slot tournament: Since it is a tournament, you get the chance to compete against other players. If you win, you can receive a coin prize. The players spin the reels like they always do, and each time they win, they are offered with some points. The more the players will spin and win, the more will be their rank among all the players. This, in turn, boosts the chances of winning the tournament. These tournaments also include a leaderboard, which helps in keeping a note of the progress of the players.

Scatter: Known as the highest paying symbols, the scatter symbols often appear in a slot game to open up mini-games, free spins or other bonuses. Hence, they can be referred to as symbols that unlock various fun bonus features, designed with a unique graphic.

Sticky Wild: These are Wild symbols that do not change their position for more than one spin. Generally, they are not available in the base game. You will always find them when the bonus round is triggered.

Stacked Wild: This is another type of Wild symbol that cover an entire reel, giving you improved chances of a win. They come in bands of two, three, four or five symbols.

Slot / slot machine: In a slot machine, the players place a bet on the outcome of spinning reels. Its standard layout consists of three or more reels, which spin and display the outcome, once the player clicks on ‘spin’ button or pushes a lever, as in brick-and-mortar casino.

Total bet: The total amount of money wagered by a player for the current spin.

Video slot: This term is just an alternate way to refer to or describe online slots.

Variance: Variance represents the amount of risk involved in a game. Slots with high variance are more risky, while slots with low variance are less risky.

Volatility: Volatility is another term for variance. Just as mentioned above, slots with high volatility have higher risk, which means that the players have more chances to lose before landing a win.

Wild: These are unique symbols in slot games, which have the ability to substitute for other symbols. As a result, the players land with more wins and turn from losers to winners. In some slot games, wild symbols are assigned with a very high value.

Win both ways: It is a popular phrase that you will generally hear when the win will be counted in both directions across paylines. You will always find winning combinations from left to right, if the slot you are playing is not ‘win both ways’.

Wandering Wild: It is a bonus feature that appears on the reels of the slot game. After the first spin, these symbols will shift or move to a different position in a certain direction. It is also known as Moving Wild.

Winning combination: A wining combination is a pattern in which matching symbols land on the payline. After a winning combination has been achieved, the player is rewarded accordingly.

Benefits of Playing Online Slot Machines

Online slots are probably the most popular type of real money casino games that you can find at online casinos and there are many reasons why that’s true.

So, while it’s important to note that gambling should only be a fun activity and that in order to do that, you need to gamble responsibly, it’s also undeniable that there are certain benefits to playing online slots — especially compared to land-based slots or other casino games.

Online Slots Are Convenient

If you want to play slots at a land-based casino, you would have to physically be present at the casino obviously. That means leaving your home and going to the casino, which sometimes you just don’t want to do. Furthermore, if you live in India, land-based casinos are illegal in most of the country, so you don’t even have this option.

On the other hand, you can play online casino games in India at any time and in any state, if it is a casino based abroad. So, that means that you can play online slots at any time and anywhere — whether from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Online Slots Are Easy to Play

Online slots are casino games that are based purely on chance or luck. While some people might prefer casino games that require some skill to win, others just want to have fun and leave it all to chance.

If you are one of those people, online slots are the perfect choice for you. You don’t even need to know the rules of a specific slot in order to play or win, although it is more fun when you do. Still, there is no need for developing different strategies and all you have to do is start spinning.

You Can Win Big at Online Slots

While you can certainly win big at other types of casino games, you can win even more when playing online slots. Yes, not all online slots will give you a chance for massive wins, but some of the more volatile slots offer a chance to win huge — and that’s without even counting progressive jackpots.

For example, some online slots have max wins that range from 5,000x to 20,000x, which means that you can win five to twenty thousand dollars on a one-dollar spin. Some rare slots have even higher max wins that go up to 100,000x per bet.

Online Slots Have Innovative and Engaging Gameplays

Put simply, online slots are just fun to play. From engaging themes and gameplays to sharp graphics and exciting audio-visual effects, online slots can be as fun as some of the best video games available today.

Thanks to the multitude of innovative bonus features and different ways to play and win at online slots, this type of online casino games remains at the top of the list when it comes to popularity and that will stay true as long as software providers keep finding ways to make their online slots better and better.

Key Takeaways

  • Online slots are basically slot machines that you can plan at online casinos in India. There is a huge number and variety of them, including classic slots, video slots, progressive jackpots, Megaway slots, and many more.
  • There isn’t a huge difference between land-based and online slots, other than the convenience of online slots that you can play at any time and any place, although online slots also commonly pay better since they often have a higher return to player (RTP) percentage.
  • Some of the key features to consider when choosing a slot to play online include RTP, volatility, theme, graphics, and gameplay, as well as the number of reels, paylines, and special features like bonuses or free spins.
  • The main benefits of playing online slots come from the fact that they are convenient and easy to play, can pay huge wins, and have engaging and interesting gameplays and features.

Play at the Best Indian Online Slots Sites

Now that you know all there is about online slots, it’s time to try them.

Take a look at our list of the best online casinos where you can play countless slot games, claim different bonuses and promotions, make payments in rupees, and try other types of casino games too.

The important thing is that whichever casino you choose, you’ll get the chance to play some of the most interesting slot games on the planet, all the while using a site optimised for Indian users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online slot games are basic casino games where you’re betting on the outcome of a spin. They were first made to be computerised versions of casino slot machines but, in time, became an industry of their own with various gameplay features, eventually turning into the cornerstone of the online iGaming market.

Yes, of course. In fact, this is the primary way to play online slots. As always, there are some strictly free online casino slot games, but most are using real money while giving you an option to play for free if you want to try them.

As long as they are made by reputable providers and hosted on reputable online casinos, your data and money are entirely safe while playing them.

You win money by landing a winning combination. In video slots with added features and bonus rounds, you can win more money if you’re lucky enough to activate those features and win prizes from them.

Most online casino slots are the same, at least the basics are. You get to spin the reels and hope to land a winning combination. This is enabled by random number generators that create random sequences every time you spin the reel. This ensures you land a random combination of symbols and keeps the game fair.

Yes, of course. If they come from notable and reputable game providers, they are. That’s because these companies are regularly audited to ensure their games use random number generator (RNG) technology which makes all events in the games random, as they should be.

You can play online slots at real money online casinos. The best ones, like the ones recommended on our site, offer a wide range of high-quality slot games you can play for real money.

The paytable in a slot game is the list of payouts for that game. It typically shows the prizes and payouts, the number of paylines, betting requirements, symbols on the reels, and other important information.

Slots with the highest payouts are typically progressive jackpot games. Some of the best slot games in this category are Mega Moolah, Legacy of the Tiger, Narcos Slot, Mighty Griffin Megaways, Scroll of the Dead, Mustang Gold, Primate King, and Deal or No Deal Megaways, among a few others.

Some of the top slot games with the most interesting bonus games are Planet of the Apes, Rocky, Hot as Hades, Game of Thrones, Gladiator Jackpot, Guns ‘N Roses, The Invisible Man, Pharaoh’s Fortune, Jurassic Park, Pink Panther, Avalon II, Family Guy, and Finn and the Swirly Spin.

Some of the most popular online slots today are Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Book of Dead, Bonanza, Wolf Gold, Sweet Bonanza, Twin Spin, Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, Big Bad Wolf, Mega Moolah, Big Bass Bonanza, Legacy of Dead, Book of Ra Deluxe, Primate King, and Immortal Romance. You can find even more popular titles in our Top Online Slots list.

Most slot machine games can be played for free nowadays. Most providers allow people to test their games for free through their demo versions that are entirely the same as real money versions, only without the real money element. Instead, you only win in-game coins.

Some good examples of slot titles with the highest Return to Player (RTP) percentages include Goblins Cave from Playtech with a 99.32% RTP, Ugga Bugga from Playtech with a 99.1% RTP, Big Bet Machines from Barcrest with 99%, Mega Joker from NetEnt with 99%, Cosmic Quest: Mystery Planets from NetEnt with 98.7%, and ChessMate from MultiSlot with 98.7% RTP.

There are many casino slot games with progressive jackpots you can try. Still, the ones you definitely need to test are Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights, Cleopatra’s Gold, Hall of Gods, and Joker Millions Jackpot.

Sean Byrne
Sean Byrne

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