Online Andar Bahar in India (2023)

Andar Bahar is one of the most popular gambling games in India. It’s a game of luck in which a player can only guess which one of the two sides will have a winning hand. As such it has a slight advantage in favour of the house, as is the case with most gambling games.

Andar Bahar originates from India and that’s one of the reasons there are so many online casinos that offer many variations and modes. Check out our list of Andar Bahar sites and choose the one that suits you best.

List of Andar Bahar Casinos
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List of the Best Online Andar Bahar Sites in India

What Is Online Andar Bahar?

Online Andar Bahar is an online version of the popular Indian game of luck. There are two main versions of the game – one that is played live by streaming a game played in real-time in a real casino. The other is played online and based on a random number generator.

The online version of the game can be played for tokens or real money and sometimes for large sums. It’s also playable on mobile devices as well as on desktop ones. Andar Bahar is now played outside of India as well.

History of Online Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a game with long roots and traditions in India. It dates back to the Harappa civilisation when it had a different name and somewhat different gameplay but worked on the same principles. Over the ages, the game changed and evolved as India itself did.

The online version was produced in the early 90s as soon as online gambling became widely available. The Indian population is very tech-savvy and it has a growing middle class. Therefore, the gambling population quickly accepted innovations in their favourite game.

Current Online Andar Bahar Trends

Andar Bahar is the most popular Indian gambling game and in many casinos, it’s the most popular gambling game overall. It’s a simple and exciting game to play and even a novice can learn how to do it rather quickly. Andar Bahar is also deeply rooted in Indian history and many players prefer it to western games of luck and chance.

Casinos are investing in Andar Bahar and especially in the mobile and live versions of the game since that’s what’s most popular with young and new players at this time.

Why Is Andar Bahar So Popular in India?

Andar Bahar is popular because it’s a simple and exciting game in which you can win big if you’re lucky enough. Setting up and playing a hand can take less than five minutes and you can get into the game even if you’ve never played it before.

It’s also a uniquely Indian game with origin in local culture and history that predates British games that became popular later. This too contributes to the popularity Andar Bahar still has in the gambling public with all of its origins and betting habits.

Andar Bahar is a game of luck.

Online Andar Bahar India

Is Online Andar Bahar Legal in India?

India doesn’t have national gambling laws. Instead, the states govern gambling. Four Indian states allow Andar Bahar since they allow gambling games based on luck and played in casinos founded in India. Indian laws usually make a distinction between games of skill and luck.

However, since the laws regarding gambling are usually rather old – they don’t mention online gambling at all. This creates a loophole allowing the players in states that don’t allow Andar Bahar to play it on sites based outside of India. The winnings made this way are still taxed once you transfer them to Indian banks, however.

Indian’s Online Andar Bahar Laws

In most of India, the law that governs gambling remains unchanged since the 19th century. The Public Gambling Act was enacted in 1867 and most states haven’t changed it to this date. This law doesn’t mention online gambling since it wasn’t a thing in 1867.

This means that online gambling isn’t illegal but unregulated. Players therefore can play Andar Bahar online on sites based abroad without worrying about regulations. The states that do allow gambling have laws of their own and they differ from one state to another.

Indian States Where Andar Bahar Is Legal

Four Indian states allow online Andar Bahar. These states have legalised gambling in recent years and it has proven to be a great choice for the local economy and tourism. Other states are now considering the move or they are already in the process of allowing gambling.

  • Sikkim is a small state in the North of India and it’s one of the few states where all gambling is allowed.
  • Goa regulates gambling and it allows Andar Bahar. This goes for both online and on-the-ground casinos.
  • Meghalaya is one of the seven sister states and it was the third state to allow gambling including Andar Bahar.
  • Nagaland is unique when it comes to gambling laws. It does allow Andar Bahar but it’s much more restrictive than the other states on our list.

Andar Bahar Taxes in India

The income you make from playing Andar Bahar is taxable in India. This is true for both the winnings you make in casinos based abroad and those made from local casinos in states that do allow gambling. It also doesn’t matter what kind of payment method you’ve used to deposit and withdraw your winnings.

The taxes start after 10.000 rupees and the flat rate is set at 30 percent. This means you’ll be taxed 30 percent on any sum larger than 10.000 rupees regardless of how much you win after that.

Different Modes of Andar Bahar Available in India

There are two main modes of Andar Bahar played in Indian casinos. These are versions of the game played for tokens and played for real money. Both are popular with the players because they serve different purposes. Playing Andar Bahar for tokens can be a good way to learn how to play the game without risks.

Mode played for real money can be a way to earn a bit if you’re lucky. Within that, there are many different levels you can play at and you can increase your bets over time or lower them as you keep spending more.

Andar Bahar originates from India itself.

Free Online Andar Bahar

A free version of Andar Bahar is played for tokens with no real money involved. The rules and dynamics of the game are the same as when playing the real thing and so are the bonuses that some casinos offer. That way the game mimics the real money version completely.

The main advantage of playing a free version of Andar Bahar is that you get to learn how the game is played without the risk of losing your own funds. That’s why so many novice players play it first so that they can prepare themselves for moving on to real money Andar Bahar.

Real Money Online Andar Bahar

On the other hand, real money Andar Bahar is played for cash and it’s the most popular version of the game. This mode of playing Andar Bahar can be used with a variety of different payment methods such as banks, cards, or e-wallets.

There are also many different modes within that, which differ in terms of how much you can bet. Andar Bahar can be played for small sums and mostly for fun or you can bet and win big if you’re lucky. Most players start with small amounts and move up from there.

Basics of Online Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is an Indian gambling game based on luck alone. The main goal of the game is to predict on which of two sides (Andar or Bahar) the winning card will land on. As such the outcome of the game is random and it depends on a shuffle of cards or on a random number generator.

The odds of winning are therefore always 50:50 since there are only two options to choose from. Some players believe there are streaks when it comes to the outcome but it’s a mistake to believe so and to base your bets based on it.

Andar Bahar Rules

The rules of Andar Bahar are pretty simple and easy to follow even if you’re new to the world of gambling. That’s one of the reasons why the game is so popular. There are two possible outcomes for every hand and your goal is to guess which one will come about.

In every round of Andar Bahar, one card from the deck is selected as the main card. The operator shuffles a single deck of cards with the odds being 50-50 and put one card at the table’s centre. A player can choose the left (andar) or right slot (bahar). Participating players have to do nothing except for predicting where the main card or a similar card will appear.

The game ends when a card of the same value as the main card appears. A player who guesses correctly will be declared the winner and provided with a huge payout. Please keep in mind that you make the bet in advance as no wagers can be placed after the cards begin displaying.

There’s a 50:50 chance of guessing the outcome of an Andar Bahar game.

Andar Bahar Terminology

Andar Bahar doesn’t have as many complicated betting terms as is the case with most other gambling games. That’s because it’s a simple enough game with only two possible outcomes on which you can bet. These two outcomes are the only terms to remember.

  • Andar — refers to the boxes left to the left of the player.
  • Bahar — refers to the boxes left to the right of the player.

A player bets on one of these two outcomes.

Popular Types of Andar Bahar in India

There are a few types of Andar Bahar you can choose from that are commonly played in India. Keep in mind that these aren’t different versions of the game and that the rules are the same regardless of which type you’re playing.

The main difference between these types is how the players get access to the game. Live and online versions of the game are the most common but both are played in the same way. A live version is played in an actual casino and an online version is a game whose outcome is determined by a computer.

Online Andar Bahar

Online Andar Bahar is the most common type of game and one that most players refer to when they think of Andar Bahar played in an online casino. The rules and propositions we’ve described above refer to this version of the game. As with all other versions, it’s a betting game and one controlled by a random number generator.

A random number generator is a software that will randomly produce the outcome of Andar Bahar. This means that an outcome of one hand won’t affect the other and you can chase a streak when playing.

Andar Bahar with Live Dealer

A live dealer version of Andar Bahar has the same rules and the same goals as the online Andar Bahar. The goal of the game is to guess if the winning card will fall on the Andar or Bahar side of the table. In doing so, a player can’t affect the outcome of the game.

The difference comes from the fact that a live dealer version of the game is streamed from a real-life casino and played in real time. The game is run by a dealer and the outcome is just as random as with any other deck of cards.

Video Andar Bahar

A video version of Andar Bahar came about in the 1970s when a video version of poker was also invented and became popular. The game has 2d or 3d graphics that resemble the look and feel of playing Andar Bahar in a casino and the outcome is determined by software as in the online version.

The difference between the online and video version of the game is the fact that the video version isn’t as interactive as the live one. It doesn’t have a chat through which you can interact with other players involved in the game.

A live version of the game is streamed from a real casino.

Multiplayer Andar Bahar

A multiplayer version of Andar Bahar is played against other players, playing against you in real time. The goal and the outcome of the game are the same and it remains a game of luck in which a player needs to guess which of two outcomes will the chance produce.

It’s a more interactive version of the game and players chat with one another while waiting for the results of the game. This feature is usually the best thing about the game and it’s why so many players keep coming back to it.

New Andar Bahar Sites in India

There are many Andar Bahar sites in India being opened every day. Andar Bahar is one of the most popular gambling games in India and there’s a wide selection of sites to choose from. Our list treats every Andar Bahar site opened in the last 2 years as a new one.

There are advantages to using a service of a new Andar Bahar site since they tend to offer the best bonuses. These sites also have the latest software and tech options in order to keep up with the competition.

Is Andar Bahar Available in Hindi?

Andar Bahar has a long tradition in India. The game was invented in India and it’s one of the few rare Indian gambling games that’s still widely played alongside western games. That’s why most sites provide a version of Andar Bahar in Hindi.

The interface of the game as well as everything you can see on the screen is available in Hindi, at least if you use the version of Andar Bahar provided by the best and most popular software providers out there. These games are also the safest to use.

Are Online Andar Bahar Games Available on Mobile?

Andar Bahar is available on mobile and desktop devices alike. The casinos and gambling sites are moving to a mobile version of the game in order to accommodate the needs of younger players who are used to playing on their mobile devices.

It’s also possible to deposit and withdraw funds using a mobile device alone, meaning that the whole experience can be completed on a phone or a tablet alone. The look and feel of the game are the same as when playing on a desktop device.

Andar Bahar can be played on a phone or a tablet.

Online Andar Bahar Bonuses in India

Indian casinos offer bonuses to attract new players and reward loyal ones. These bonuses apply to players of Andar Bahar as well. The most common bonuses offered to Andar Bahar players are welcome bonuses and match bonuses which double the amount the players add to their account.

The bonuses usually come with wagering requirements a player needs to meet to withdraw their funds. This sometimes makes the bonuses less valuable and in some cases even not worth using. The players should be aware of these requirements before using the bonus.

Key Takeaways

  • Andar Bahar is a simple and exciting card game that is very popular in India since it originated in the country and has long cultural roots within India as it went through a few changes over the year. While it can also be played live, Andar Bahar at online casino sites is quite popular as well.
  • The rules of the game are simple — in every Andar Bahar round, one card is selected from a deck of cards and it serves as the main card, which is placed in the centre. The operator then shuffles the deck and starts drawing one card at a time, adding one card to the left side (andar) and another to the right side (bahar). The game stops once a card of the same value as a main card is drawn and the winning side is the one on which the card lands, basically giving the players a 50-50 chance to win.
  • In addition to the basic Andar Bahar version, there are other versions of the game at online casinos in India, with added betting options, those that have a Joker in a deck as well which counts as a card of the same value when drawn, etc.
  • Online casinos in India offer Andar Bahar in different forms, such as video Andar Bahar, Andar Bahar with a live dealer, and multiplayer Andar Bahar.

Play at the Top Indian Andar Bahar Sites

Andar Bahar is one of the most popular Indian gambling games. It’s a card and a table game at the same time and a game of luck in which a player can’t affect the outcome but only guess and bet on one of the two possible options. This is what makes the game so simple and so exciting to novice players.

We’ve compiled a list of Andar Bahar sites for you. These offer many different bonus options and different modes of playing the game. Check it out and choose one that suits your playing style and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Originated in south India, Andar Bahar is a popular card game that involves the use of a single pack of cards. It ends when a card matches the value of the middle card.

There is no Indian gambling law in India that shows the game of Andar Bahar illegal in the country. Hence, you can safely play it online at trusted casino sites.

The operator shuffles one deck of cards with 50-50 odds and places a card at the table’s centre. Players can pick andar or bahar and guess where the main card will appear.

To win the online game of Andar Bahar, a player has to predict where a similar card or the main card will appear. You’ll win if you make the right guess.

Just like other card games, Andar Bahar is available in multiple variants. It includes Online Andar Bahar, Live Andar Bahar, Video Andar Bahar, and Multiplayer Andar Bahar.

Yes, it is a game based on luck alone.

Live Andar Bahar is streamed from a real casino.

Yes. There is a version played for tokens (for free) and one played for real money.

Yes, it can be played on both mobile and desktop devices.

It is not possible to cheat or hack the game of Andar Bahar online. If there are some people or sites that offer hacking tricks, don’t trust them.  

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How to Start Playing at an Andar Bahar Casino in India

  1. Choose an Andar Bahar Casino From Our List

    Discover the best online Andar Bahar casinos in India and pick the one that suits you best with the help of our ratings.

  2. Read the Terms and Conditions

    Reading and understanding the terms and conditions is a crucial step before deciding to join an Andar Bahar casino site in India.

  3. Create an Account

    To begin playing at an Andar Bahar casino in India, you will need to open an account with the casino. This process is simple and straightforward.

  4. Make a Deposit

    In order to play the games offered by an Indian Andar Bahar casino, you will first need to make a deposit into your account.

  5. Claim a Casino Bonus

    If you are a new player at an online Andar Bahar casino, you can claim the welcome bonus after you create your account and make your first deposit.

  6. Choose the Andar Bahar Casino Game

    After you sign up for an online casino in India and make a deposit to your account, it’s time to choose Andar Bahar as a casino game you want to play.

  7. Have Fun and Enjoy Playing

    With everything ready at your preferred Andar Bahar online casino, it's time to play some games and have a good time.

  8. Withdraw Your Winnings

    Don't forget to withdraw your winnings when you play at Andar Bahar casino sites in India and are lucky enough to be a winner.

  9. Don't Forget to Gamble Responsibly

    When you start playing at an Andar Bahar casino, it's important to keep in mind that gambling should be for fun and to always be responsible and stay within your means.