Want to get some unique gaming experience different from others? Get ready to meet this desire by playing a highly entertaining game of dice – Sic Bo. It is a fast-paced game that literally means “dice pair”. Also known as Dai Siu (Big-Small) and Tai Sai (Lucky dice), this game is played with 3 dice. With its origin root in China, the game is the most entertaining option among roulette and craps fans in India. The Sic Bo table is similar to that of the roulette table. Thinking to try this game at least once? Read this guide to get familiar with it.    

Online Sic Bo Rules

The chance-based game of Sic Bo is easy to learn. Place your bet on the possible winning combinations which can occur from the roll of 3 die together. The dice are rolled by a dealer and you’ll win the game if the rolled dice is in your favor. 

Sic Bo Bets With Winning Probability, House Edge, & Payout

As you can guess, understanding the betting options is essential to get the most entertaining experience. In the Sic Bo online table, you will find plenty of them. Here is a list of all possible bets you can make in the Sic Bo game. 

  • Small It is when you guess that the total score of the dice will fall between 4 and 10 except for triples. Its payout is 1:1, winning probability is 48.61%, and the house edge is 2.78%. 
  • Big – This bet is placed when you predict that the total sum will be between 11 and 17 except for triples. The house edge is 2.78%, the probability of winning is 48.6%, and the payout is 1:1 odds. 
  • Combination Bets – This bet revolves around any two specific numbers appearing on the three dice. Its payout is 6:1 and the house advantage is 16.67%. 
  • Triple – In this, you predict that all 3 dice will have the same numbers of a kind. Its payout ranges between 150:1 to 190:1 and house edge is 11.57% to 30.09%.
  • Single Dice Bet – Here, you guess that a particular number will come on 1, 2, or all 3 dice. Its payout is 1:1. 
  • Double Bet – You bet on a pair predicting that two of the dice will appear with the same number.
  • Total of 4 and 17 – With house edge varying between 8.33% to 29.17%, this bet payout 62:1 in Australia, 50:1 in Macau, and 60:1 in Atlantic City. 
  • Sum of 6 and 15 – Its winning combinations are 10, the house edge is 16.67%, and payout 17:1. 
  • Any One Number – Predict a particular number from 1-6. Its payout is 2:1 if the selected number comes twice, 1:1 if it appears once, and 3:1 if it comes out thrice. 
  • Domino – Select a 2-number combo using 2 different numbers. Its payout is 5:1, the house edge is 16.67%, and the winning possibility is 13.89%. 
  • Sum of 5 and 16Its house edge ranges between 8.33% to 47.22%, payout from 18:1 to 32:1, and the winning probability is 2.78%. 
  • Sum of 8 and 13 – It pays between 7:1 and 8:1 and has house edge ranges between 12.50% to 22.22%.
  • Total of 9 and 12With house edge ranging between 7.41% and 18.98%, this bet payout between 6:1 and 7:1. 
  • Sum of 10 and 11 – With 27 winning combinations, this type of Sic Bo bet pays 6:1 and has a house edge of 12.50%. 
  • Any TripleMake your win on any three of a type. Its house edge ranges between 8.33%-30.56% and has a payout between 24:1 and 32:1.
  • Odd – Win this bet by predicting any odd total and loses on 3 of a kind. Its house edge is 2.78% and the winning probability is 48.61%. 
  • Even – Win on any even sum excluding 3 of a kind. It comes with the same house edge and winning probability as of odd bet. 
  • XXY – Pick 3-number combination and predict which of them will be rolled two times. It has a 1.39% winning possibility, 29.17% house edge, and 50:1 payout. 
  • XYZ – Select 3 number combinations using 2 different numbers. The house edge is 13.89%, the payout is 30:1, and the winning probability is 2.78%. 
  • WXYZ – Select 4 number combinations using unique numbers. If the roll matches 3 out of 4 numbers, then it will pay 7:1. The house edge and winning potential is a whopping 11.11%. 

Top Online Casinos For Sic Bo Game

If you have made your mind to play Sic Bo game, then you might search the web for the keyword “top online Sic Bo casinos in India”. It is a good decision because the quality of experience and fun you’ll get is highly based on the casino you’re selecting. There are so many factors which you need to be sure of before playing the game online, especially when you are enjoying them for real money. It includes licensing, regulation, authenticity, integrity, security, player protection, payment methods and processing, fairness, bonuses, and of course players’ reviews and ratings. 

Do all these terms seem a burden for you? Wondering how to do this homework without spending much of your valuable time? Get relaxed. Simply register your account on any of these following websites to rest assured about the fair gameplay, correct payouts, and safe transfer of winnings. 

Casino Welcome Bonus
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As a new player, you’ll get the delighting welcome bonus as given in the table above. The best thing is that all of these online casinos accept players from India and allow them to make deposits and claim bonuses in their local currency – Indian Rupees (INR).  

Online Sic Bo Strategy

Just like roulette, try to avoid the Sic Bo systems that claim to provide guaranteed wins because nobody can precisely figure out how dice will land beforehand. So, instead of finding the sources that promise you the ways to discover the secrets of predicting the specific outcome, do your best to use the fundamental strategies. But, what are these? Let’s check out them in detail. 

  • Understand Sic Bo Odds

Don’t relate payout ratios of the Sic Bo table with the odds of the value of a box appearing after the rolling of a dice. The odds winning are directly proportional to the house edge. Placing wagers on 3 of a type has comparatively much better odds than 35 to 1. You will be paid on a 1:1 if the side you bet comes on one dice. 

  • Prefer Small And Big Bets

The only way to profitability with reduced house edge (less than 3%, most probably 2.8%) is to understand small and big wagers (bets). Stay away from the selection of supplementary betting options. Some Sic Bo bets such as Double, Triple, or Combination of both offer the highest house edges with returning payouts that simply do not describe the risk. 

  • Medium Risk Betting

To maximize your payout potential, you might be interested in learning about the larger risks. For this, you can opt for the medium-risk betting that says that a total of all 3 rolled dice can lie between 3 and 8 if 2 of them result in 1s. While if 2 rolled dice result in 6s, then the total will be minimum 13. So, try to place wagers on various scenarios within a single roll. According to this strategy, the game table will payout 7 to 1 for 9, as well as, 12.  

  • D’Alembert Strategy

Every time you lose, increase your bet by a single unit. On the other hand, your bet will reduce by one unit whenever you win. The moment you will get 0, the progression will get end. 

  • Stay Away From The Hype

The biggest advantageous point that makes players play Sic Bo is that they don’t find other gamers at the table. However, once in a while that triple bet will arrive for those gamers, thereby creating cries of happiness and hugs across the table. But, this is not true in real-time. Even players have spent a number of rolls to wait for the most profitable combination to come out.  

Are There Any Sic Bo Variations?

We didn’t find any major Sic Bo variations that differ a lot from each other. But, we did get back with some online Sic Bo variants that are designed and offered by different game providers. 

  • Evolution Gaming Sic Bo Variant

Sic Bo game from Evolution Gaming is quite different from the others with a unique title of Super Sic Bo. It offers the traditional bet options and random Multipliers with the maximum up to 1,000x. Multipliers to some betting positions are added before the shake of dice to give players the full excitement with the live experience. 

  • Microgaming Sic Bo Variant

You’ll find the layout similar to the Chinese Sic Bo number style and red shade. There is a table limit above the small bet area on the green cloth interface. You’ll find big and small bet option on the top left and right-hand corner of the Sic Bo layout. In the bottom left-hand corner, you’ll see your balance. There are 3 icons – 1) Clear to clear your wagers, 2) Repeat to repeat the same wager, and 3) Roll to be used when you are all set to play the game and have already placed the bet. 

  • Playtech Sic Bo Variant

In this variant, you’ll get the lowest betting chip out of 3. About 10% of chips are available up to $100 chip. Its layout is similar to the Microgaming variant, but it is hard to understand what information is given on the screen because the text size is quite smaller. Reach the bottom left corner to determine your balance. You can activate the full-screen mode and change the audio by accessing the toolbar given on the right-hand corner. Even you can also enable and disable the animation of a rolled dice. 

  • NYX Interactive Sic Bo Variant

This variant has occasional red and blue cloth table and chips in the centre of the screen between 0.25-100. The betting options and layout are the same as you’ll find in Microgaming’s Sic Bo variation. It does not feature an autoplay function and also does not provide the chance to repeat your bets. However, you can check the dice history in the top right-hand corner.  

  • XPG Sic Bo Variant

This is a live Sic Bo game with a modern look. This variant is targeted at Asian and European markets. There is red and beige color background and dealers from these targeted countries. The dealer controls the glass shaker by hitting operational buttons. And, just in front of the dealer, you can access all the possible bet options.     

Final Words

That’s all there to discuss about Sic Bo online game. Just like roulette and craps, it is totally a game of chance, where you have to select a number or specific outcome and wait for it. With this guide, Sic Bo online harder game becomes much easier to play by getting the basic but vital details. Just keep in mind that you would play the game responsibly without spending the amount that you are not willing or cannot afford to lose. If you have experience with craps, then Sic Bo will be like a walk in the park.