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Skrill, an online payment platform that allows fast and secure transactions of money to a bank account. The platform claims to offer free or low-cost international money transfers. This is one of the most famous platforms used by millions across the world. Known for its convenience, confidentiality, and swiftness, Skrill is quite famous amongst Indian casino players. Being 100% legal and safe to use for Indian players and it is also one of the most famous methods to fund their gambling accounts. The reason being that it makes the entire process of creating and setting up an account in INR a lot easier, where the user does not have to worry about currency exchange charges. 

In 2015, the company was undertaken by the Paysafe Group. The company was founded in July 2001 and owned and operated by Skrill Limited in London, United Kingdom. 

There are several casinos in India where Skrill is accepted as a payment method.

How Does Skrill Work?

The working mechanism of the platform includes:  

  1. Creating account 
  2. Making payment 
  3. Withdrawing funds. 

Creating account

Creating a Skrill account is a matter of a few minutes where the user can bring all the payment options to a single place with zero hassle. Skrill accounts can be created in 40 currencies (including INR) and more currencies can be added to the account later.

Making Payments

Make payments and other transactions in a simple, secure and fast manner using the stored cards and your bank account.

Withdraw Funds

Transfer funds and rewards to your bank account from Skrill wallet instantly. Moreover, you can use an ATM for the withdrawal of the funds.

Why choose Skrill for Online Gambling in India?

There is more than one reason to opt for Skrill for online betting. Since you are aware that Skrill is available in India, it is time to know more about the advantages of its usage. 

Placing bets on skrill is a lot simpler and easier in India, which is not the case with other payment options such as MasterCard, Bank Transfer or Visa. 

Skrill allows you to set currencies in INR. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about currency exchange fees. Plus, Withdrawing money from your account is not a problem with Skrill.

The players can claim welcome offers and other bonuses offered by RoyalPanda, where Skrill can be used to top up the balance to your account.

Is Skrill Legal in India?

Yes. Using Skrill as a payment method is safe in India. India holds one of the top places in the list of countries where Skrill is legal. So, you can proceed to create a skrill account without having a second thought in mind. Also, you can request and avail a Skrill card which can be used in numerous ways such as online shopping and at local stores.

Is it Secure to Use Skrill in India?

The answer to this another frequently asked question is Yes. Skrill is safe as well as secure for the deposit and withdrawal of the funds. When seen from a judicial viewpoint, this platform offers you all the privacy required to ensure that you never catch the attention of the authorities for gambling online. The transcript will show the transaction of funds to the UK. Hence, the chances of getting caught and asked about the transactions are reduced to zero.


The security terms of Skrill say that your bank and card details are kept intact and never revealed. The information is transmitted through encryption with the highest standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS Level 1), which encrypts your data to an unreadable format. Hence, all the important information and details are kept safe.

Skrill is also authorized by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), also it is the first e-money issuer in the UK which is licensed.

Two-Factor Authentication

Being account security a priority, Skrill works on two-factor implication. Google authenticator which is available to Skrill users offers advanced security to keep all the information and money safe. This authentication requires the user to enter a code sent to the phone and put an email address and password. The users will only have to add Google authentication to their phone, so, any third party cannot have access to your account.

How to use Skrill in a Casino?

Now that you know Skrill is legal and safe to use, you should know how to use it for gambling in casinos. This first step is to create a free account, which you now know is not a tough job.  

  1. Go to the official website of Skrill to create and verify the account. In case of no verification, you will only have access to $1500 or less (depending upon the region, country, the credentials you enter and other factors). Once the verification is done, you are bound to no limits. 
  2. Once the account is created, you have to fund the account before starting playing in a Skrill casino. For funding, you will have to add your bank account to the wallet, in most cases. The entire procedure may take up to 2 to 5 days, as you might need to visit your bank to initiate a payment from there. Moreover, you can fund the account using your debit and credit cards, but it may include a small fee. 

Below is the information on the deposit and withdrawal of your money from the skrill account.


For depositing the amount to the Skrill casinos go to the deposit sections, opt for Skrill and enter the required information. Add the amount you need to deposit and submit. The amount will reflect on your account instantly. Once the amount is reflected in your account, you can start gambling.


The amount can be withdrawn from your Skrill account easily. For that, visit the withdrawal section of the casino and click Skrill. Then enter the information (credentials) required and the amount needed to be withdrawn and click confirm. Voila, you are done! The amount will be credited to your bank account instantly. Next, you have to go to your skrill account and withdraw the amount to the bank account. However, the process is a bit slower and may take up to 5 days. Also, you can withdraw the funds using credit card withdrawal, cheque, and automated withdrawal.

Minimum Deposit

The versatility and convenience of the platform make Skrill casinos very popular and the same goes for the Skrill payment processor. And the good news is, there is no minimum deposit. However, there might be some casinos that require a minimum deposit of $10, but some of them may also ask for a deposit of $20. When you are spending $20 as a minimum deposit make sure you receive a bonus as a reward.

Additional Charges and Withdrawal Time

When the fund is deposited using Skrill by a credit card, a fee of 1.9% will be charged. When the deposit is done through a bank account, the fee will be free or 1% depending upon the region. And when the amount is uploaded using Bitcoins, Trustly or Neteller a fee of 1% will be charged. 

If the withdrawal is done through Visa and bank transfers charges are INR 380+7.50%. A fee of 1.45% will be payable in case of online money transfer. However, the withdrawal time depends on the mode of withdrawing the funds. If it is done through a credit card, it happens instantly, the funds will be added to your account almost immediately. And in case of bank transfer, you may have to wait up to 5 days. 

Since this e-wallet payment is meant to make the transactions quickly and efficiently, the experts can see a bright future for Skrill in the online casino market in India. It is already available to over 500+ casinos worldwide and the ratio of Skrill accepting casinos in India is increasing in India at a good rate too.

Gambling through Skrill INR

Gambling using rupees through Skrill is quite simple and easy, and hence there is no way you should ignore Skrill as a payment option while betting. You can send INR to Skrill and access an online gambling account available in the same currency. Since the transactions and transfers are immediate, you do not have to bother about the conversion fee and additional charges on withdrawal.


Since online gambling is illegal in India, you need to make payments that are safe and secure, and Skrill is one of the best options to go for. It is suggested to avoid gamble online using your credit cards and bank transfers to keep yourself anonymous. So, wait no more and create your Skrill account at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Skrill safe to use in India?

Yes, it is completely safe to use Skrill as an online casino payment method in India. Transactions are processed securely with full date security.

Can you create more than one account on Skrill?

No, Skrill restricts the users to only one account. But Gold and Silver account users are allowed to have more than one account type in different currencies.

What is the maximum withdrawal amount from Skrill?

The maximum amount from withdrawal depends on the type of account. Account-holders involved in VIP Schemes have access to a higher limit than the ones with regular accounts. In simple words, the customers with verified accounts have higher withdrawal limits, compared to the customers who do not have verified accounts.

Are Skrill and Moneybooker the same?

Yes, Skrill formerly was known as Moneybooker. The company was first registered in the name of Moneybooker, which later changed to Skrill.

Is there any drawback to Skrill?

Skrill is one of the best payment platforms that are safe, secure, and easy to use. However, there is one thing about it which can be considered as a drawback – Skrill transactions come with a fee. Depositing money using a credit card does charge a processing fee.

What are the advantages of using Skrill as a payment method in online casinos?

Using Skrill in an online casino comes with many advantages. The first and foremost benefit of using it is that the user does not have to provide any online casino with the financial information, Skrill keeps it safe. Also, the user does not have to re-enter the card details, as it is already saved. Creating an account does not involve any hassles. As soon as you get done with the registration process, you can start playing online betting games by funding it.

What is the maximum deposit amount?

The maximum deposit may be different for each deposit method. The bank transfers have the highest deposit limit close to INR 50,000, while crypto has the limit close to INR 39,000.

How to a Skrill VIP?

To enroll yourself in a VIP scheme, you will have to make transactions of at least INR 6,000 related to crypto. Also, it can be bought directly by merchants within three months.

How many users does Skrill have?

Currently, Skrill has more than 30 million users all over the world, and the number is constantly increasing by the year.

Where to find Skrill Indian Online Casinos?

There are over 500 online casinos having Skrill as an online payment method and a big ratio amongst them are Indian online casinos. Above mentioned are the best picks.

Is it necessary to have a credit card to use Skrill?

It depends. If you are using Skrill with the purpose of depositing and withdrawing the funds, then you need to have a credit card. If you are using it for fund transfer, you don’t need to have one.

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