Indian casinos have a variety of different payment methods available so that they accommodate the players regardless of where they come from and what services they are used.

Skrill is one of the most commonly used e-wallets and Indian casinos often allow deposits and withdrawals with it. Check out our list of casinos that do and choose the one for you.

List of Legit Indian Casino Sites That Accept Skrill

What Are Skrill Casinos?

Skrill casinos are online gambling establishments that accept Skrill as their payment method. Skrill is an e-wallet used to pay for online services that can be connected to a bank account or a debit card. There are numerous such casinos and they differ when it comes to games their offer and the bonus structure made to reward new players.

About Skrill

Skrill is a digital wallet company founded in 2001, and it was called Moneybooker at the time. It grew and became one of the largest companies in the field. In 2015 it was acquired by Optimal Payments which also owns the rival Neteller. It has over 30 million users around the world and in 40 different currencies.

How Do Skrill Casinos Work?

Skrill is simple and safe to use and it can be done by someone with no experience in online shopping or gambling. There are also no fees to be paid while the funds are moved to and from the e-wallet. There are some when you deposit the funds to your bank or card.

Skrill Casinos India

What You Need to Know About Skrill Casinos in India

Skrill is commonly used in India and the casinos that use it differ, when it comes to what kind of games they offer, what kind of players use it, and what kind of bonuses they provide. When choosing a Skrill casino for you, you should look for the ones that have the games you’re looking for and a generous bonus offer.

How to Choose a New Skrill Casino in India?

There are many advantages to setting up a new account at a Skrill casino. These include the variety of games you’re getting and the access to the latest software and the best software providers. It also helps to use the bonuses the casino offers to new players to lower risk for them. Choosing a Skrill casino, therefore, depends on the balance of these offers.

Can You Play at Skrill Casino on Mobile?

Skrill casinos can be used on mobile devices and the Skrill app itself can be used on mobile devices. This goes for both depositing and withdrawing the funds with Skrill and to Skrill. Online casinos are rapidly moving all of their work to mobile devices to accommodate the needs of the players that mostly gamble this way.

Skrill and Casino Bonuses

Skrill and other casinos offer bonuses to support new and loyal players. These bonuses are often if not always attached to some form of wagering requirement. This means that a player needs to spend some of their funds in order to be able to withdraw the funds that they’ve got as a bonus. A novice player needs to be aware of such requirements.

  • No wagering bonus is a bonus with no wagering requirement attached to it.
  • No deposit bonus is issued to a player before they make a deposit, but it can have a wagering requirement.
  • Free spins are slot bonuses that usually come with large wagering requirements
  • Welcome bonuses are bonuses issued to new players and they sometimes have wagering requirements.

Skrill was long a competitor of Neteller, but now both are owned by the same parent company.

Skrill and Casino Games

Skrill casinos offer many different games suited to both Indian and western players. The games can also be based on luck alone or require skill from a player. It’s best to choose a game you understand that you’re familiar with when it comes to rules and the wagering process. Many Indian casinos also offer sports betting.

  • Betting on horse racing, football and cricket is common in Indian casinos.
  •  Lottery games that are based on luck alone are also popular
  • Slots are the most played games in Indian casinos and they are also based on luck alone
  • Card and table games are games of skill and they are widely played.

Advantages of Gambling in India

Skrill has many advantages that have made it rise above other e-wallets and helped it grow its customer base over the years. Most of these are a direct product of competing with other e-wallets over the years and tailoring their offer so that it provides what competitors aren’t able to.


Speed is often cited as one of the most important features an e-wallet can provide for its users and Skrill delivers when it comes to speed. The deposits are instant as they are with most other e-wallets, but withdrawals are much faster – for the most part, it will take 24 hours to get your funds.

Security System

It’s one of the safest payment methods out there. There’s a two-layer protection system that will make sure that you don’t get scammed and that no funds are deposited or withdrawn unless the user wants them to be. It also offers good customer service in case something happens and you need to file a complaint.


Skrill is widely accepted by casinos and other businesses across the world. It works in over 100 countries at this point, and it offers over 40 different currencies. It’s also popular with Indian casinos and they vary in terms of size and the players it caters to, which means you can play in your favorite Indian casino even when you move abroad.

Disadvantages of Skrill Gambling in India

There are also some downsides to using Skrill as there are with any other payment method. These are mostly about the fee structure that can be somewhat challenging for small-time players that will lose a lot of their winnings in the process of depositing it to their cards and bank accounts.


There are some fees that you’ll need to cover when transferring the funds from the wallet to a bank or a card. They are 2 percent for domestic transfers and 4 percent for transfers from abroad. This is true regardless of the amount you’re transferring and it can be somewhat challenging for those who play for small amounts.

You can’t Use a Business Account

You can’t use a bank account to fund your Skrill e-wallet or to deposit from Skrill to it. It’s allowed to do so with a personal account, however. This means you’ll need separate accounts or separate cards if you plan to use Skrill to gamble. It’s sometimes an issue for those who are self-employed and their personal and business account is one of the same.


There are sometimes issues with the verification process. If this happens a user can’t do anything but register for the service again. It’s an annoying and persisting problem, but once you get verified once you won’t need to go through the process again and you’ll get to use the service to its fullest.

The biggest advantage of Skrill when it comes to its competitors is the speed of withdrawals.

How to Make a Casino Deposit With Skrill in India

Making a deposit from your Skrill to an online casino account is simple enough and safe to do. It can be done on a mobile device or a desktop one. Skrill app can be used to confirm the transfer and as soon as you do so the funds will appear on your casino account. There are no fees at this stage of the process.

1. Prepare the Funds

Make sure you have a Skrill account set up and that you have funds that you want to transfer ready as well. The funds can be on the e-wallet itself or they can be on a card or a bank connected to it. Once you have the funds ready you can go on to the next step and connect your Skrill and your online casino account.

2. Sending the Funds

Go to the Cashier section of your online casino and choose the payment method there. Once you’ve selected Skrill choose the amount that you want to transfer and you’ll be taken to the next step of the process which is the confirmation. You’ll get a code via email or a message and once you’ve entered it – you’ve confirmed the payment.

3. Have Fun

When it comes to depositing funds from Skrill to a casino, there are no fees to pay and there’s no waiting period. The funds will be available right away and you can send all the funds that you have available at the moment. There are some upper limits set by the casino and those vary from one establishment to the other.

How to Make a Casino Withdrawal With Skrill in India

Making a withdrawal is equally simple and safe. It too can be done via a mobile device or on your computer. The main differences are in the fact that you don’t need to confirm in the Skrill app that you’ve sent funds to the e-wallet and that the waiting time is a bit longer.

1. The Cashier Section

Go to the Cashier section of your online casino interface and choose the payment method. This is where you’ll select Skrill and choose the amount you want to send. Some casinos have limits as to how little and how much you can send but Skrill doesn’t have such limits, so you’ll need to do as the casino requires.

2. Confirmation

The casino will require you to once again confirm that you want to deposit these funds and they’ll provide you with the proof that the funds have been sent to your Skrill account. This can be done within the interface of the casino itself or in an email. If it’s an email, keep it until you get the funds.

3. Waiting Period

There’s a waiting period for withdrawals that’s somewhat longer than with deposits. It’s about 24 hours unless there’s a bank holiday. This is still one of the fastest payment methods out there and it’s one of the main reasons players choose it as their primary way of moving funds to and from a casino.

Play at the Best Skrill Casinos in India

Many Indian casinos offer Skrill as one of their payment methods. Skrill has been in the business for a long time and it’s safe and rather fast to use.

Casinos that do offer it vary when it comes to their bonuses and the selection of games that they provide. Choose the Skrill casino for you from the list we’ve compiled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is completely safe to use Skrill as an online casino payment method in India. Transactions are processed securely with full date security.

No, Skrill restricts the users to only one account. But Gold and Silver account users are allowed to have more than one account type in different currencies.

The maximum amount from withdrawal depends on the type of account. Account holders involved in VIP Schemes have access to a higher limit than the ones with regular accounts. In simple words, the customers with verified accounts have higher withdrawal limits, compared to the customers who do not have verified accounts.

Yes, Skrill formerly was known as Moneybooker. The company was first registered in the name of Moneybooker, which later changed to Skrill.

Skrill is one of the best payment platforms that are safe, secure, and easy to use. However, there is one thing about it which can be considered as a drawback – Skrill transactions come with a fee. Depositing money using a credit card does charge a processing fee.

Using Skrill in an online casino comes with many advantages. The first and foremost benefit of using it is that the user does not have to provide any online casino with the financial information, Skrill keeps it safe. Also, the user does not have to re-enter the card details, as it is already saved. Creating an account does not involve any hassles. As soon as you get done with the registration process, you can start playing online betting games by funding it.

The maximum deposit may be different for each deposit method. The bank transfers have the highest deposit limit close to INR 50,000, while crypto has the limit close to INR 39,000.

Currently, Skrill has more than 30 million users all over the world, and the number is constantly increasing by the year.

It depends. If you are using Skrill with the purpose of depositing and withdrawing the funds, then you need to have a credit card. If you are using it for fund transfer, you don’t need to have one.