Instant Withdrawal Casinos in India (2023)

Playing at online casinos is very entertaining, but having to wait for a few days to withdraw your winnings is not fun. If you want the benefit of receiving your withdrawals instantly, a bit of research is needed on your part. And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with.

In this detailed guide, we’ll talk about online casinos in India that offer instant withdrawals, so make sure to check our list of the best casinos that have this option.

List of Instant Withdrawal Casinos
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List of the Top Instant Payout Casino Sites in India

What Is an Instant Withdrawal Casino?

When you’re requesting withdrawals at online casinos, your payment is processed through the payment provider, either your bank or a third party like an e-wallet company.

But many casinos, as well as payment gateways, have worked to make instant withdrawals possible. However, not all casinos support instant withdrawals and the speed of payment also depends on the payment method you are using.

Furthermore, instant withdrawals don’t literally get processed in an instant. In fact, you will still have to wait for a while to get your withdrawal processed, but that is now measured in hours, not days, at least for the fastest options.

Some online casinos offer payment methods that can process your withdrawal within an hour. While that is quite efficient, it’s also rare.

Instant Withdrawal Casinos India

What Is a Casino Withdrawal Time?

So, we mentioned that withdrawal times at online casinos in India can vary a lot, depending on the payment methods offered by those casinos.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the most common withdrawal times and how we would classify them, from slow casino withdrawal times to fast casino withdrawal times.

What Is Considered as Slow Casino Withdrawal Time?

While it’s hard to determine exactly what is seen as a slow casino withdrawal time, if we compare different processing times available at online casinos today, we can get a sense of what is slow and what is fast.

With that in mind, we would say that any casino withdrawal time that lasts more than 48 hours can be seen as slow since 1-2 days is pretty much the standard withdrawal time for most payment methods.

What Is Considered as Fast Casino Withdrawal Time?

So, with 1-2 days being the standard or average withdrawal time and more than two days being a slow withdrawal time, what can be seen as a fast withdrawal time at online casinos in India?

Basically, anything that’s faster than 24 hours can be considered a fast withdrawal time, but in some cases, instant withdrawals might take up to an hour only. Unfortunately, those are still quite rare.

That being said, it’s important to note that crypto casinos, i.e. online casinos that offer cryptocurrencies as payment options, are the best options where you will often find fast withdrawal times.

Why Can It Take a Long Time to Withdraw From a Casino?

Even though online casinos have become so popular in India and attract thousands of players regularly, instant withdrawals are still relatively rare. But why do casino withdrawals take time to reach your hands?

This mainly depends on two factors. First of all, when you place a withdrawal request, the casino operators need to check your activity on their platform and verify that everything is fair. They will go through the games you played and ensure that all your winnings and cash balance are accurate and legitimate.

The time it takes to verify and process your withdrawal request varies but in general, most casinos take up to 24 hours to process the request. However, some online casinos in India offer faster processing times, which can take a few hours or might even be processed almost instantly.

Reputed casinos that use highly efficient and automated software are more likely to process the withdrawal request of casino players immediately. Still, processing your withdrawal immediately from the casino’s end doesn’t credit the money to you right away.

That brings us to the second factor, which is the payment method. Different methods have their own systems for transferring funds from the casino’s end to your account. Now, this is something that the fastest payout casinos don’t have control over.

So you need to know which payment methods offer instant withdrawals in India and which do not. And it’s what we’ll be looking at in the next section.

Casino Withdrawal Methods With the Fastest Payout

As we mentioned already, withdrawal times at online casinos in India also depend on the payment method you use to withdraw your money.

Some of them are fast, others are slow, so let’s take a closer look at the fastest options first.


Some of the fastest options for withdrawals at online casinos are e-wallets and one of the most popular ones in India is Skrill.

This is also one of the payment options that support instant withdrawals, so you will receive your funds in your Skrill account almost immediately, usually within an hour or two.

However, not all Indian casinos have Skrill as one of their payment methods, so keep that in mind before you decide to join one.


Just like Skrill, Neteller is also an e-wallet that’s often included among the payment methods at online casinos in India. So, like the other e-wallets, this is also one of the fastest options for withdrawing funds from online casinos.

In most cases, Neteller withdrawals will be processed within an hour, although it can sometimes take a bit more, up to four hours. Another advantage for Neteller compared to most other e-wallets is the lower fee for withdrawing funds from gambling sites.


While PayPal is the most popular e-wallet in the world, it is still not that unusual to come across an online casino that doesn’t have it offered as a payment option. That being said, you will be able to use PayPal in most instances.

PayPal withdrawals are also processed quite quickly, usually within two hours, but in many cases almost instantly, within one hour or less. On top of that, PayPal has many other advantages, including a great user experience.


Unlike the other options we mentioned so far, Paysafecard is not actually an e-wallet. Instead, Paysafecard is an online payment method that allows users to make payments to the card itself and then use the card to make deposits to online casinos.

In the other direction, you can withdraw funds from online casinos to your Paysafecard and then transfer them to your bank account or use those funds for other purposes online.

Paysafecard is a very secure payment method and one that is also quite fast, especially for deposits. However, the same can be said for withdrawals, with payments processed within 24 hours and, usually, much faster.


While not many Indian casinos accept cryptocurrencies, that is also constantly changing and we are seeing the rise of casinos that accept some cryptocurrencies as payment options. That is great for multiple reasons.

First of all, crypto transactions are the safest of all and given the way that cryptocurrencies work, any transactions are difficult to track and are considered anonymous. So, you don’t need to have a bank account to use crypto to gamble online.

More importantly, cryptocurrency transactions are the fastest option when it comes to withdrawal times at online casinos. Barring any exceptions, your withdrawal will be processed within minutes, an hour at the most.

Casino Withdrawal Methods With the Slowest Payout

We talked about the fastest withdrawal methods you can find at online casinos, so let’s take a closer look at the payment mentors with the slowest payout/processing times for withdrawals.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is a traditional payment method and it is also one of the slowest. Bank transfers go through a tedious process of forwarding the transaction, so they will always take a few days to credit the money to your account. To be more precise, it can take anywhere between 2 and 10 days.

These are not exact figures for all online casinos and they can vary depending on the bank and the online casino, but you shouldn’t expect anything faster than a couple of days with this payment option.

Credit Card

While credit cards are still quite popular as a payment method in most online casinos, they aren’t always available. In fact, they are also banned in some countries as a way to prevent problem gambling, but that’s not the case in India.

Regardless of that, if you decide to use credit cards for withdrawals at online casinos, you should expect a waiting time of at least 24 hours and up to 5 days. In any case, a couple of days is the fastest withdrawal time for credit cards in most cases. Also, don’t count the weekends here, only business days.

Debit Card

Just like credit cards, debit cards also have the same processing times when it comes to withdrawals from online casinos in India.

That means that you will have to wait at least a day to get your withdrawal processed, but in most instances, it will be 2-5 business days and up to 10 in some extreme cases.

New Casinos With Instant Withdrawal

The number of online casinos in India is growing every day and new casinos often provide their players with instant withdrawals so they stand out from the rest of the websites in this competitive industry.

With this in mind, we checked all Indian casinos that were established in the last two years to find the best new casinos that offer instant withdrawals, so make sure to check our list below.

How to Choose a Quick Withdrawal Casino in India

While instant withdrawal at online casinos shouldn’t be the most important factor to consider when you choose which online casino to join, it should definitely be considered and seen as important.

With that in mind, here are a few tips that can help you choose the right instant withdrawal casino in India that will suit you.

Make Sure to Choose a Reliable Casino

Before you even focus on the fastest withdrawal methods offered by an online casino, you need to make sure that the casino is trustworthy. It won’t matter much if they promise fast withdrawals if they aren’t reliable – security and safety are more important than fast withdrawals.

So, check whether the casino you want to join has the necessary licenses to operate in India and do a quick search to check what other players said about the casino. You can also take a look at our list of legal online casinos in India.

Pay Attention to Processing Times

As we mentioned earlier, not every online casino in India has the same processing times for withdrawals. In fact, even the casinos with fast processing times can differ by a lot, with some processing payments within a day and others within an hour.

So, before you check which payment methods are offered on a site, you should make sure that the casino itself is doing everything in its power to keep the processing times as short as possible.

Check All Available Payment Methods

Once you’ve determined that an online casino is quick to process payments, it’s time to check which payment methods are available since that also affects withdrawal times.

We already mentioned which payment methods are the fastest, but it doesn’t hurt to mention that again. If fast withdrawals are important to you, the best options are cryptocurrencies and e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

However, make sure to check each method individually at online casinos, since withdrawal times can vary from one casino to another even for the same payment methods.

In addition to having these options, you should make sure that the casino has your preferred option and that you can use that option for both deposits and withdrawals, which can also save a lot of time.

Lastly, pay attention to withdrawal fees – whether they exist for your preferred payment method and how high they are at that particular casino.

Keep Other Withdrawal Conditions in Mind

Withdrawal times and fees are not the only things to consider since you also need to pay attention to the withdrawal conditions to avoid any unpleasant surprises and to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

For example, online casinos have different limits for withdrawals, like a minimum withdrawal amount or a maximum withdrawal amount. So, make sure to read the terms and conditions for your preferred payment method to be sure that you aren’t missing any important information.

Key Takeaways

  • Withdrawal times at online casinos in India can vary a lot, from almost instant withdrawals that last less than an hour to withdrawals that last multiple days. It is important to note that withdrawal times don’t just depend on the casino, but also on the payment method that you’re using. Still, many casinos today work with payment processors to make their withdrawals faster, leading to the rise of instant withdrawal casinos.
  • Some of the fastest payment methods to use at online casinos in India include e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal, along with cards like Paysafecard. However, the fastest payment methods are cryptocurrencies, which come closest to being truly instant withdrawals. On the other hand, bank transfers and credit/debit cards are the slowest methods available at online casinos.
  • If withdrawal speed is important to you, make sure to check the available payment methods before you join an online casino. You should also try to learn more about processing times at the casino and, as always, be sure to choose a reliable casino that holds proper licences to operate in India.

Play at the Fastest Withdrawal Casinos in India

We hope that our article helped you understand the difference between withdrawal times at online casinos in India. This may or may not be important to you, but you should still be aware that instant withdrawal casinos exist.

In addition to this, if you want to check out some of those casinos yourself, make sure to take a look at our extensive list of online casinos in India that offer instant withdrawals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instant withdrawal casinos are online casinos with the fastest processing times. In most cases, that means a same-day withdrawal, but it can be a bit longer as well.

While there are many things that can affect this, two factors are the most important – processing times on the casino itself and processing times for each banking method.

The fastest payment methods are cryptocurrencies, while e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill are right behind them.

Bank transfers and credit/debit cards are two of the slowest options you can use when it comes to withdrawal processing times at online casinos in India.

Some payment methods have certain fees for withdrawals, but these aren’t usually affected by the speed of payment.

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How We Review and Rate Instant Withdrawal Casinos in India

Overall Reputation

1. Overall Reputation

Checking the reputation of an instant withdrawal casino means that we look at who owns it, how popular the brand is, whether it has licences to operate, and how secure it is.

Terms And Conditions

2. Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions at the fast payout online casinos are an important thing to consider since fair and transparent terms and conditions affect the players in many ways.

Complaints History

3. Complaints History

If an instant withdrawal online casino has a lot of complaints and they aren’t doing much to solve them, it shows that they aren’t trustworthy and will be rated poorly.

Depositing Process

4. Depositing Process

One of the things we consider when we rate the deposit process at fast paying online casinos in India is the number of methods and whether you can make deposits in Rupees.

Withdrawal Process

5. Withdrawal Process

We rate the withdrawal process at online casinos as a while, focusing on different payment methods, limits, and withdrawal times.

Withdrawal Process

6. Casino Games

The best fast payout online casinos in India will have a high number of casino games, developed by a variety of software providers.

Bonus Offers

7. Bonus Offers

Reputable instant withdrawal casinos always provide certain bonuses and promotions to their new and existing players and we are here to check how good they actually are.

Mobile Optimisation

8. Mobile Optimisation

The best fast withdrawal casino sites today are optimised for mobile devices and have mobile apps that have all the functions and features as their desktop websites.

Customer Support

9. Customer Support

Number of customer support options, availability of different languages and the average response time — we take all this into consideration when we rate the fast payout casinos.

Special Features

10. Special Features

Good online casinos in India will try to offer more to their players, including additional, special features, which we also use as a metric when rating instant withdrawal casinos.

Total Rating

Total Rating

Once we rate fast payout casinos based on different metrics, we also provide the average value for all categories combined, represented as the casino’s total rating.

Playing Cards

How to Start Playing at a Fast Withdrawal Casino in India

  1. Choose an Instant Withdrawal Casino From Our List

    Make sure to take a good look at our list of the best instant withdrawal casinos in India before deciding which casino you want to join.

  2. Read the Terms and Conditions

    The terms and conditions at Indian fast payout casinos have all the important information about the casino, so make sure to read them.

  3. Create an Account

    Opening a new account at the fastest paying online casinos in India is simple and you will be able to do it quickly before you can start playing any casino games.

  4. Make a Deposit

    The next step after creating an account at an instant withdrawal casino in India is to make a deposit, which will allow you to play games and claim bonuses.

  5. Claim a Casino Bonus

    Most fast paying online casinos in India offer some kind of welcome bonus for new players, so don’t forget to claim it if you are eligible.

  6. Choose a Casino Game

    Once you have your account and funds in it, you can start playing online casino games at the instant withdrawal casino of your choice, so pick one that you like to start with.

  7. Have Fun and Enjoy Playing

    Gambling online at one of the fastest withdrawal casinos in India can be enjoyable and fun, so make sure to relax and play within your means to avoid any stress.

  8. Withdraw Your Winnings

    Every once in a while you might win something at the fast payout casinos, so remember to withdraw the winnings if you do.

  9. Don't Forget to Gamble Responsibly

    You should always be sure to gamble within your means and be responsible when you play casino games at Indian instant withdrawal casinos casinos.

How to Gamble Responsibly in Instant Withdrawal Casinos

Learn The Rules

Make sure that you are familiar with all the rules of an Indian fast payout casino you’re playing at and with the games you want to play.

Don't Play Emotionally

Staying level-headed at all times is important when you play casino games at instant withdrawal casinos.

Set Spending Limits

When you gamble at the fastest paying casinos in India, you can set up a spending limit and stick to it to make sure you play responsibly.

Set Time Limits

You have to monitor how much time you spend at fast payout casinos and set up a time limit if you gamble too much.

Gambling Is Not A Career

Gambling at online casinos is not a way for you to earn money and you should not look at gambling as a potential career.