Real Money Casino Games in India (2023)

Gambling is a popular pastime in India. Both Indian and western games are widely played online and on the ground casinos. Indian players enjoy both games of luck and those that require skill and take time to learn.

Some of the Indian online casinos allow players to play for real money and to deposit and withdraw funds using a variety of payment methods. These differ in the types of games they provide and the size of the bets you can make. We’ve created a list of real money casinos for you to browse and choose from.

List of Real Money Casinos
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List of the Best Indian Casinos With a Variety of Real Money Games

About Indian Casino Games

Gambling has long roots in India and local casinos tend to offer both Indian and western games. Players can find both games of luck and those of skill, as well as bets of all sizes. In recent years Indian gamblers have moved online and to mobile devices. Live events in particular have become increasingly popular since they mimic the experience of visiting an actual casino.

Indian casinos also offer numerous bonuses to help new players find their way around the games and try them out with less or no risk. These bonuses often have wagering requirements limiting when you can withdraw them.

History of Casino Games in India

The history of gambling in India goes centuries if not millennia back. Teen Patti and Andar Bahar, the most popular Indian games have been around long before the British. However, the British did introduce a western deck of cards as well as some of the most popular western games that took root in India.

Casino and gambling were regulated in 1867 and most Indian states still use the same legal framework to this day. In recent years, four Indian states have legalised all gambling allowing both online casinos and on-the-ground gambling establishments.

Current Indian Casino Games Trends

Indian casinos are focusing on games played on mobile devices as well as on live events streamed from actual casinos. These are popular with players because they are convenient and easy to try and because they are more trusted than the games determined by a random number generator.

Indian players are also showing a preference for games of skill rather than games that depend on luck alone. These games have an advantage in favour of the casino as all gambling games do but it’s a small edge and how you play the game actually matters.

Real Money Casino Games India

Different Modes of Casino Games Available in India

There are two major modes you can choose from when playing in Indian casinos. Some casinos offer games played for tokens while others allow you to play for real money instead. The gameplay, rules, and bonuses are the same with both and real money casinos offer many different ways of depositing and withdrawing your funds.

Playing for tokens can be useful to new players as a way to learn about the games and test them out without having to spend or risk any funds of your own. Most players move on to real money games after a while.

Indian casino games can be played for tokens or real money.

Free Online Casino Games

Free online casino games are common in India. They are played for tokens and fun without having to invest any real money. Many players use them as a tool to learn how to play a game and get comfortable with it, before moving on to playing for cash.

The rules of the free online games and their gameplay are the same as with the games you can play for real money. That’s what makes them a good educational tool. Some of these games also offer bonuses in the form of tokens to complete the experience.

Real Money Online Casino Games

On the other hand, as the name suggests, real money casinos are played for real money. This can be done with a variety of different payment methods such as cards, e-wallets, or bank accounts. Players usually move on to playing for cash after having a bit of practice playing for tokens.

There’s a lot of variety within this since you can bet rather small amounts or you can bet quite big depending on the game and the table you choose. Most players start small and move up from there as they become more confident in their skills.

New Casinos Where You Can Play Real Money Games

Having a variety of games that you can play is the key to having fun at online casinos in India and having the option to play those games for real money is obviously crucial.

With that in mind, we checked some of the most popular new casinos that started operating in the past couple of years in India to find the ones that offer the best real money games. So, here’s a list of new Indian casinos where you can play real money games:

Most Popular Real Money Casino Games in India

Indian casinos offer many different games both western and Indian and in equal measure games of skill and luck. Which game to choose is in essence a matter of personal preference – players simply enjoy some games more than others. Table and card games are known as games of skill and with these games, the edge in favour of the casino is the lowest.

However, it’s a mistake for a player not to try a game they are new to. Most of the games offered by Indian casinos are easy enough to learn if you take the time to study the rules and try a game out by playing for small sums.

Online Slot Games

Online slots are one of the most popular gambling games in India and all over the world. It’s a game of luck based on a random number generator on which a player has no effect. Therefore, you can win big slots by investing just a small sum and having a bit of luck.

A player bets and pulls a lever and the goal of the game is for 3 identical symbols to appear in the rows in front of them. In the long run, the return to the player is about 97 percent for most slots meaning that you’ll end up leaving at least some of your funds at a casino.

Table, Card and Dice Games

Table games, cards, and dice games are always a player’s favourite because the player has more agency when playing these games. The outcome of these games depends on the skills of the player or on their betting strategies. Poker and blackjack are the most played card games, while roulette remains the most popular table game in India. Craps are a dice game played in casinos across India and it’s the one that most depends on luck.

All of these games come in many different varieties with different outcomes and chances, some of which are local inventions while others are played in casinos everywhere.

Indian players play both Indian and western games.

Online Poker

Online poker is the most well-liked card game in Indian casinos as is in the casinos every. It’s a game of skill and talent and one with the lowest edge in favour of the casino. A player can win at poker by making their bets strategically but also by bluffing and observing the behaviour of other players to catch them bluffing.

There are a few variants that you can try out but Texas Hold’em is probably the most popular one. Online poker can be played against an AI or it can be played live against real players in real time,

Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is a table and card game often played in Indian casinos. Players love blackjack because it’s a fast and dynamic game in which you can win big if you play your cards right. There’s a slight edge in favour of the casino as is in any gambling game, but it’s a game of skill.

The game is controlled by a dealer and the goal is for the value of the hand to come as close to or be exactly 21. In a live version of blackjack, the game is streamed from a real casino, and in the online version, it’s controlled by a random number generator.

Online Roulette

Online roulette is a table game in which a player guesses in which socket a ball will land. The chances of winning are one in 36 since there are 36 spots on the wheel. There are also many other bets a player can make and the skill involved in the game is knowing how to spread your bets to increase your chances.

A live version of the game is broadcasted from a real casino while the players take part in the betting in real-time. The online version is based on a random number generator determining the outcome of a spin and it’s less liked by players.

Online Baccarat

Online baccarat is a popular table and card game played in India but also in casinos all over the world. It’s a game that requires a mixture of skill and luck since a player can’t affect which card will be dealt to them, but they can bet strategically and carefully choose when to withdraw.

The game is controlled by a dealer and in an online game the outcome can be determined by a random number generator or the whole game can be live-streamed from a real casino. The edge is slightly in favour of the casinos as is the case in all casino games.

Online Craps

Online craps is a dice game and therefore a game of luck. A player can’t in any way affect how the dice will fall in an online game or in a streamed live game. All that you can do is place your bets strategically and know how to cut your losses at the right time.

Craps is also one of the most dynamic casinos out there and that’s why it’s so loved by the players. There’s always chatter, commotion, and excitement around a craps table and live events do a very good job of mimicking this feeling when playing online.

Indian casinos offer games of luck and games skill.

Online Andar Bahar

Online Andar Bahar is an Indian game with local roots going back to before British colonial times. That’s what makes the game so popular with Indian players and in recent years with foreign players looking for a taste of Indian gambling culture.

It’s a simple game of luck with two possible outcomes in which the player tries to guess which of these outcomes (Andar or Bahar) will eventually win. The odds are set at 50:50 since a player or a dealer can’t affect the outcome. The game can be played online or streamed live.

Online Teen Patti

Online Teen Patti is also an Indian game with local roots. However, it does use a western-style deck of cards. The game resembles poker but it’s a somewhat simplified version of it with fewer cards being dealt per hand. The game is also sometimes called Indian poker. Teen Patti is a game of skill in which a player can affect the outcome.

Teen Patti can be played for tokens or real money and most players start with the former so that they can learn how to play the game with less risk and move to bet for cash once they are ready.

Online Jhandi Munda

Online Jhandi Munda is a traditional Indian gambling board game. It’s also popular in the region where it’s known by other names. Players bets on a symbol they guess will land face up and the player that guesses the most symbols wins. It’s a game of luck that is determined by a random number generator in an online version.

When Jhandi Munda is played online the outcome is determined by a random number generator which means that a player can’t chase losses and look for patterns in how the game will turn out.

Online Sic Bo

Online Sic Bo is a casino dice game commonly played in India and throughout Asia. The game is known by different names in different cultures. Sic Bo is often compared to craps since both are games of luck that are played by guessing the outcome of a dice roll.

The dealer controls the game by shaking and rolling the dice after the players have made their bets by adding the chips to the sections of the gaming table. In an online version, this is done by a random number generator and the outcomes are the same.

Online Rummy

Online Rummy is a gambling card game originating from Mexico and played in Indian casinos. The goal of the game is to match the cards of the same rank or sequence. It’s played with a standard western 52-card deck, 13 of which are dealt to each player at the start of the game.

In the next step of the game, melds are made so that the cards are matched based on their value or suit. After that, each player adds or sheds cards from their hand. The cards are then shown (revealed) and scored based on how many matching sets a player has made.

Teen Patti and Andar Bahar are commonly played real money casino games originating in India.

Online Mahjong

Online Mahjong is a gambling game originating in China that has found its way all over Asia and therefore into Indian casinos as well. The game is tile-based and a player has a moderate chance of winning meaning that it’s always somewhat skewed in favour of the casino.

There’s a lot of skill and strategy involved in how to place your bets on Mahjong and it can affect the outcome of the game even though a player can’t decide how the tiles will be shuffled. There are 144 tiles and 13 of them are dealt to each player as the game starts.

Lottery Games

Lottery games are also widely popular in Indian casinos and are played both online and on-the-ground casinos. These are games of luck since they are based on randomly selecting numbers to play on. However, in many Indian states, local governments do allow lotteries as a way to fund public projects.

Indian players can also freely play lottery games since the Public Gambling Act of 1867 which governs gambling in India doesn’t mention online games at all, thus creating a loophole. The players are taxed on the funds they earn this way.

Online Lottery

Online lottery has been a staple of Indian gambling offers since 2004. The game works the same as it would offline and it’s easy to choose a safe and reliable lottery casino with plenty of experience. The process is simple enough.

  • Players choose one of many online lotteries available in India.
  • They deposit funds using many available payment options from cards to e-wallets.
  • Players choose the numbers to bet on and wait for the result of their favourite lottery game.
  • The rest is a matter of luck.

Online Bingo

Bingo is the most popular and commonly played lottery game in India. The game is simple enough – each player gets a grid of numbers and they choose (basically guess ) what the winning numbers will be. When the number a player has selected is drawn the player marks it on their card. Once all the numbers are drawn players with certain patterns win.

Bingo is a game of luck and all that you can do is select numbers and wait for the numbers to be drawn out. Which numbers will be drawn is determined by a random number generator so there are no patterns you can seek or follow.

Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are another common type of lottery that is played in Indian casinos, but also by buying real tickets at different places. The goal of the game is to scratch the card and find 3 of the same symbols on it in order to win a prize. These symbols are placed at random.

In an online version of the game, the placement of symbols is determined by a random number generator. Cards can be purchased for small amounts and the winnings vary and can sometimes be quite substantial if you choose the right provider.

Games of luck are based on a random number generator.

Live Casino Games

Live casino games play an especially important role in Indian casino offers. They are streamed live from real casinos allowing the players to take part in the games as they are played. The rules and the gameplay remains the same for the players playing online as for those in the casino.

This approach to gaming mimics the look and feel of playing a game in an actual casino. Players also feel that these games are fairer than those run by the random number generator even though there’s no basis for it.

Key Takeaways

  • Gambling has long roots in India and online casinos in this country usually offer both traditional Indian games and western games, including games of luck and games of skill.
  • Online casino games in India can be played for tokens or real money. The first mode of play is also called a demo mode and it allows players to test different casino games without having to spend real money to do it.
  • Some of the most popular real money casino games in India are slots, various table games, lottery games, bingo games, and live casino games, including poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and a variety of Indian games.
  • The most popular Indian games that you can find at online casinos include Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Sic Bo, and Jhandi Munda.

Play the Best Real Money Online Casino Games in India

Gambling games are popular in India and there are plenty of online casinos that provide this service. Indian players enjoy both western and domestic games and in equal measure games of luck and game of skill. Lotteries are also a popular gambling game you can play online and potentially win big.

We’ve created a list of casinos in India that you can check out and choose from. When doing so you’ll need to take into account the bonuses the casinos offer as well as the size of the bets you can make when playing your favourite casino game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, casino games have a long history in India and they are very popular.

Yes, Indian casinos allow you to play for both tokens or real money.

Card games, table games, and dice games are the most played games in India. There are also slot games and lottery games available.

Andar Bahar and Teen Patti are the most common games of Indian origin.

Yes, at a rate of 30 percent.

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