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When online casinos were introduced, they took the gaming world by storm. Gaming fanatics thronged online casinos and enjoyed indulging in online gambling from the comfort of their home. With the introduction of live casinos, this thrill has been taken a step further. We at AllCasinos bring to you everything you need to know about live casinos, why gamers are enjoying them and how to find the best live casinos in India

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The progression and advancement of technology has had major benefits for gambling. Regardless of whether you are an occasional gambler or a frequent gambler, there is something for everyone. The remarkable concept of modern technology, combined with the very best of gambling, allows for All Casinos India to bring you live gambling. Everything which happens is up close and personal and everything is experienced in real time as it is happening. The excitement is extra and so are the chances of winning. You now have the opportunity to experience real excitement in a real way, with real live gambling.

Real live gambling makes gambling much more exciting than it has ever been before. This time you can gamble in a way that not only allows you to be comfortable at home but also which allow you to have fun. Live gambling has been set up in such a way that you are guaranteed a real treat. You will not miss anything as everything happens in real time, right in front of you. Your chances of winning are better than they have been before. Now you can experience all the action as it is happening and make decisions based on what happens. If you want to change a bet you are more than welcome to do so. If you want to double a bet or increase a bet you can do this too. You have many chances to win.

More about live casinos

Live casinos take place in the here and now. If you want to experience real action in real time, then you may enjoy the benefits of a live casino. The truth is that real online casinos allow you to have real fun. The best part about it is that you can enjoy the benefits from the comfort of your own home. All bets need results as they take place. Everything happens right in front of you, the only difference is that you are at home in front of your computer or phone instead of at a physical casino.

You will feel like you are at a real casino and you may forget that you are at home. You certainly won’t be missing out on any live action as everything will be happening in real time. For example, you will be able to see the croupier deal you cards, roll the dice and spin the roulette wheel. Everything happens in the exact same manner that it would in a physical casino. There are no hidden agendas and even the staff is unaware of what cards you will get, where the dice will land and what the results will be. Everything is happening at the moment you are seeing and experiencing it. This means that nothing is left up to chance and everything is exactly the same as a physical casino.

What are Live Casinos?

What if we told you, you can experience the absolute thrill of a real-world casino through your computer screen, sitting in the comfort of your home? Welcome to the world of Live Casinos! Live casinos allow you to place bets on a game that is live. That’s right! In a live casino, you can see the croupier of the table deal your cards, roll the dice or spin the roulette wheel real time, just as if you were sitting in a real casino!
You can place your bets on a game while it is taking place live, watch the odds change real time and change your bets rapidly. Exciting, isn’t it? Live casinos are an all new level of thrill and fun!

Why Do People Enjoy Live Casinos So Much?

Gaming enthusiasts love the excitement of a real-world casino with live games. But it is not possible for us to spend a lot of time in a casino given our daily schedule, jobs and commitments right? When the buzz of a real-world casino can be delivered to you in the comfort of your home, it is bound to get a love of attention and fan following!

Live casinos bring you the thrill of a real game where you can react to changes in the game, perceive the odds and change your stakes rapidly! Just like you, other players are watching the game live, altering their stakes and changing the course of the game. All of this is LIVE!

This rush of adventure is fun, fun and more fun!

Read more about the different live casino games and rules here:


Live casino games offer people much more excitement than a physical casino. In fact, there are many additional benefits. Gone are the days when you need to drive to a casino and spend time, energy and money. The commuting time is cut out, the hurrying is taken out of the equation and you simply can do what you do best. All time is spent focusing on the fun, no more worrying about getting back and forth and staying awake.

Let’s face it there are many responsibilities associated with day to day life. The majority of these responsibilities may make it very hard to make gambling possible. Having to work around many other variables leaves little time for leisure activities and enjoyment. This has all been up until now. Live casino revolutionizes gambling at its very best. All the benefits are extracted while the negatives are left out.

There are real people playing at live casino, all of which are placing real bets in real time. Poker games, roulette games, Black Jack and much more is happening just as you see it. Just like in real life you can change the odds, change your bets at appropriate times and make decisions at the moment. You can evaluate the odds and observe and place your bets when you are ready to do so, based on what is happening.

If you are feeling lucky the chances are high that a live casino will be the very best bet for you literally. The excitement is very real and so is the fun and action. You can expect your adrenaline to be pumping and for your heart to be beating. You may want to have a strong drink next to you while you are playing because you will be at the edge of your seat as you place your bets. The stakes are just as high in comparison to a physical casino. The odds are the same and the potential for making money is definitely there. There are many casino bonuses and jackpots which you could win.

The truth is that a live casino offers more genuine fun and excitement than ever before. You can wear your pajamas and slippers if you wish to do so. You can make yourself comfortable in your own sanctuary while you make your gambling decisions. Many people find that if they are in their home, they have extra luck because they are surrounded by comfort. If you have a lucky shirt or a lucky mascot, be sure to wear the shirt and keep the mascot next to you. The possibilities for endless fun are real.

Best of all is that you can relax in knowing that you don’t need to drive home. You don’t need to worry about rushing around or fitting something else into your schedule. You can let your guard down and focus on just having fun and making money. The convenience and comfort aspect will allow you to experience real excitement without adding stressors. Having to rush home to make supper is a thing of the past. Everything takes place at your convenience.

Bonus Mechanisms

Live casinos often come up with live promotional offers that are open for a few minutes. These offers usually spring up when you are watching a game live, giving you the chance to double your deposit bonus, use coupon codes on bets to multiply returns on the game you are following and other such exciting offers.

These offers make for great marketing ideas and result in more substantial deposits and stakes in live games. It also gives players the opportunity to make good returns on games they can follow and read well.

When it comes to progressive bonuses, jackpots and your chances of winning, the truth is that you can win just as much as you can at a physical casino. In fact, if you play your card rights, there are even chances of you making more. You literally can make more money from an online casino as opposed to a physical one. The amounts you can make are endless and you will literally have the opportunity to become rich overnight. The sky is the limit and so is the winning potential.

Nothing is better than mystery jackpots and live promotional offers. The best part is that live casinos offer all of these and much more. You can take advantage of welcome bonuses, promotional deals and all sorts of spectacular offers. You also will not need to worry about missing out because there are some amazing big jackpots. There are progressive jackpots just as you would find in a regular physical casino. The jackpots keep growing if it is a progressive jackpot. Otherwise, there are regular jackpots on offer depending on the game which you play.

Your chances are winning are better than ever before. Being able to interact in live games has many advantages especially when there are all sorts of offers available. Double deals are not out of the question and random promotions take place too. There are all sorts of fun and exciting promotional offers available. Playing live means that you get to cash in on these offers, promotions and so much more. Everything will become available to you when you play live. You will have full access to all the incredible benefits.

When it comes to slot machines you can expect even more fun. Bonus games and special spin features are including in the majority of slot games. Everything happens in real time and there are many ways to strike it lucky. There are even more opportunities in real time and your odds may even be better. In fact, you will know exactly what moves to make and when to make it. The sky is the limit and in terms of your winnings, there is no cap. You can win as much as you want to.

The pool of winnings and the amounts that the live casinos have is no less than that of a real casino.

In fact, they have all the extra “bells and whistles “in order to make it more exciting and extra fun. One of the very best aspects and benefits of a live casino is that you will not get distracted by other people. In a physical casino other people can become annoying and distracting; however, this is not the case anymore. You can enjoy everything on your terms in your space and at your leisure on your time.

Find the Best Live Casinos With AllCasinos!

Finding the very best live casinos can be tricky, but not to worry as we have done all the research and leg work for you. We provide you with only the very best casinos on the market. We have taken the time to ensure that every single one is a reputable and authentic casino where there are real money and real chances at winning. We have done intensive investigations in order to ensure that everything is in order before we gave it our seal of approval.

We take all aspects into account and have done many reviews. We only bring you the very best casinos out there. We also ensure that the casinos we bring to you make the most of modern technology and do not come with any hiccups or issues. We bring you the very best live casinos that are out there. We have done all the hard work for you, all that you need to do is to relax and focus on having fun and enjoying the games.

If you have never played at a live casino before you are in for a real treat. The casinos we offer are the very best in gaming technology. Everything is of the highest standard and all casinos have passed our tests. We only recommend the very best in the business and assure you that will have a great time. The infrastructure of each online casino is also on a level that meets our expectations and standards.

We have gone the extra mile to ensure that we provide you with the very best list possible. You will be completely spoilt for choice. The sky is the limit when it comes to how much money you can make. The adrenaline rush of a live casino cannot be beaten. Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself and see. Live casinos are filled with everything you have ever wanted from a casino plus much much more.

The truth is that live casinos offer you a thrill that you have yet to experience. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to experience the very best that gambling has to offer. All the games are even more and fun exciting than ever before.

While live casinos are a relatively small market in the total online casino industry, they are still a whole lot of fun to play in. We bring you the best live casinos that have exciting offers, great games, and good infrastructure! Refer to our list of live casinos and make your choice.

Live casinos are a totally different ball game, but we recommend you give it a try and enjoy the adrenaline rush!

Recommended Online Casino In India 

The Internet revolution has flooded the online gambling market. Every day new players are joining. One of the most popular ways of gambling online is via live casinos. Several online casino portals accept Indian players, but not all of them offer benefits such as No Deposit Bonus Spins or even have the same minimum deposit or withdrawal amount or mobile compatibility. So, we have made the list of casinos in India depicting what they offer and what they don’t.

ONLINE CASINOS Minimum Deposit (Rs.) Minimum Withdrawal (Rs.) Mobile Compatibility

(iOS and Android) 

Casumo Casino 1,000 1,642 Yes
Leo Vegas 1,000 100 Yes
22Bet 55 4,149 (Bank Cards), 105 (E-wallets) Yes
Royal Panda Casino 1,000 821 Yes
Betwinner 55 411 Yes 
Voodoo Dreams 2,000 Yes 
Betway 200 742 Yes
Pure Casino 1000 2,000 Yes
Bitstarz 8,210 Yes
Wildz 1,000 2,000 Yes


With the table mentioned above, you can choose which online casino is best for you. It is also advisable to go through the terms and conditions of the online casinos mentioned above so that you have doubts while signing up with the gambling site.
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