High Roller Casinos in India (2023)

There is a wide variety of bonuses that you can claim at online casinos in India, but the highest and best bonuses are reserved for high rollers.

In this article, we will explain what is seen as a high roller bonus and offer you our list of the best high roller casinos in India where you can claim these exciting bonuses.

List of High Roller Casinos
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List of All High Roller Casinos in India

What Is a High Roller Bonus?

It is almost impossible to put an exact number on what kind of deposit would make someone a high roller and it depends on what a casino might consider a large sum of money.

Some high roller casinos might consider a deposit of ₹50,000 to be a large one, others might consider a deposit of ₹20,000 large enough to earn a high roller bonus.

In any case, a high roller bonus is very similar to a regular deposit bonus, with the main difference being that high roller bonuses are more generous, i.e. bigger.

Why Do Casinos Offer a High Roller Bonus?

While every player is important for online casinos, there is a huge difference between casual players who make small deposits and place minimal bets and high rollers, who make large deposits and bet on high stakes.

So, online casinos naturally want to attract those types of players, the “whales”, the VIP players, the high rollers – and they do so by offering them better bonuses than they offer to regular players.

High Roller Bonus India

How Does a High Roller Bonus Work?

As we said before, a high roller bonus works just like any other bonus, but with more money involved. In fact, some high roller bonuses might also include free spins in addition to bonus funds, just like a regular deposit bonus.

Meanwhile, you do have to be considered a high roller to get this bonus, which means making large deposits and playing at high stakes at online casinos in India.

How to Get a High Roller Bonus in an Indian Casino?

The way to claim a high roller bonus depends on the type of bonus. For example, if a high roller bonus is awarded as a part of a welcome bonus, anyone who makes a big enough deposit will be able to claim it.

However, some high roller bonuses are awarded as a part of a casino’s VIP programme, in which case you will have to meet the conditions to become a VIP member on the site first. That usually includes spending a certain amount of money or time at a high roller casino.

New Casinos That Offer a High Roller Bonus

While high roller bonuses can be found often at online casinos in India since casinos appreciate big and loyal players, new casinos in India usually offer better high roller bonuses so they can attract those big players to join their websites.

So, we checked some of the best VIP casinos in India that started operating in the past couple of years and created a list of the best new casinos with high roller bonuses, just for you.

What to Look for Before You Claim a High Roller Bonus?

High roller bonuses generally come with better terms and conditions than regular casino bonuses, but there are still things you need to consider before you claim one:

Deposit Conditions

Depending on the casino and the type of bonus, the size of a minimum deposit that you need to make to claim a high roller bonus can vary.

We mentioned this earlier, but some online casinos might decide to offer a high roller bonus for deposits of ₹20,000 or more, especially if the bonus is a part of a welcome offer and the casino wants to attract new high rollers.

In other cases, especially if the bonus is awarded as a part of a reload bonus, the size of the minimum deposit might be higher to some extent.

Wagering Requirements

While it is possible to get a high roller bonus with no wagering requirements, that is rarely happening at online casinos in India. However, high roller bonuses tend to come with lower wagering requirements than regular bonuses.

Wagering requirements usually go from 20x to 50x the bonus amount. Meanwhile, high roller bonuses will often have wagering requirements of 10x or 15x the bonus amount, offering another incentive for players to make large deposits.

Expiry Date

Even high roller bonuses will have some expiry dates. For example, a date by which you must claim the bonus before it expires, which is usually between 10 and 14 days from the date you made a deposit.

Another one is the expiry date which determines when you have to meet the requirements. This one is usually longer and in most cases, you get 30 days to clear the wagering requirements.

Eligible Games

High roller bonuses usually don’t include any restrictions when it comes to casino games you can play using the bonus funds. However, that can sometimes be the case, so make sure to check this out in the bonus terms and conditions.

On the other hand, some casino games will certainly contribute more to wagering requirements than others. For example, table games contribute less than slots, in most situations.

Limited Winnings

You will have a hard time finding a high roller bonus that has limited winnings, especially if a bonus already has wagering requirements.

After all, high rollers won’t appreciate their potential winnings from playing with bonus funds being limited, so casinos usually don’t risk losing on their big players by setting these limits.

Benefits of Claiming a High Roller Bonus

While all casino bonuses have certain benefits, those are obviously magnified for high roller bonuses. So, let’s check them out in more detail:

  • Better Bonuses — Compared to regular bonuses, high roller bonuses are bigger and usually come with lower wagering requirements.
  • Mitigate the Losses — Simply by playing with bonus funds instead of your own money, you get a chance to mitigate any losses and increase your chance of winning by playing more.
  • Good for Testing New Games — By using a high roller bonus, you can test some new games or simply try out old games that you haven’t played before. Meanwhile, you can save your money to play your favourite casino games.
  • Great for Experience — While high rollers are usually experienced casino players, if a high roller bonus is a part of a welcome package, even those new to online casinos can claim it. In this case, a high roller bonus can help you gain some experience and learn more about casino games, gambling terminology, and other important things.

Key Takeaways

  • The main difference between a regular casino bonus and a high-roller bonus is the size of the bonus, with the former being much bigger and more generous.
  • It’s practically impossible to determine exactly how big is a high roller bonus and how casinos decide who the higher rollers are. Still, we can say that deposits of ₹20,000 or more are usually seen as high-roller deposits by casinos.
  • Some of the key factors to consider before claiming any bonus at online casinos in India include deposit conditions, wagering requirements, eligible games, expiry dates, and limited winnings.
  • The benefits of high roller bonuses are pretty clear since they are usually much more valuable than regular bonuses, so they can mitigate your losses more and reduce the risk of losing too much.

Play at the Top Indian High Roller Casino Sites

While high rollers are welcome at any online casino, not all of them have high roller bonuses and some of them simply have better bonuses than others. With that in mind, we have prepared a detailed list of the best online casinos in India that have high roller bonuses you can check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference is the size of the bonus since high roller bonuses are higher than regular bonuses. Also, high roller bonuses often come with lower wagering requirements.

No, high roller bonuses are higher than matching deposit bonuses. For example, a match deposit bonus will offer 100% of your deposit in bonus funds, while high roller bonuses will offer 200%, 300%, or even more.

No, you can’t cash out a high roller bonus – at least not until you’ve met the wagering requirements and turned your bonus into cash.

They can be a part of a casino’s welcome offer, but they are more commonly offered to active, loyal players who are seen as VIP members at online casinos in India.

In a nutshell, yes, it is worth it. Obviously, you will have to make larger deposits and play at higher stakes, but the advantages of high roller bonuses compared to regular bonuses are clear and diverse.

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