Poker is one of the most entertaining and accessible games in the world that can be played entirely for free or for the smallest/highest stakes. Or even you can enjoy the fun on the mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. Currently, more than 100 million players are playing poker games online worldwide. The popularity of the game will continue to rise near and far. Want to know why it is becoming the players’ choice and how could you play it? You have come to the right place. In this post, you will learn everything that you must know to start playing poker games online in India.

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History Of Online Poker

Before 2000, the poker game was played in the land-based casinos or smoky bars. But, the interesting turn takes place in the 2000s when an accountant from Tennessee and the internet brings this game to the internet world. Before this, it was played in chat rooms. The launch of advanced technology leads to the development of online poker sites where players are able to wager against each other and safely play the games while securely making transactions online.

The craze of online poker version increases from 2003 when an amateur poker player – “Chris Money-maker” got eligible for the “World Series of Poker Main Event” via a $40 tournament online. He finished the game taking home $2.5 million winning amount. It was the time poker was being disclosed on ESPN. It encouraged more than hundreds of thousands of players to play online poker games.

What Is Online Video Poker?

Video poker is a card-based game played with one deck of 52 cards. However, in some of the variants such as Joker Wild Video Poker, an additional Joker card is also used as a Wild Card. This card can take the value of any other card to make a poker hand. Online video poker is the web-based version of traditional poker games played except that it is played on the internet. There are a number of websites that offer a variety of online poker games with a varying range of stakes available. The biggest advantage is that there is no need to download and install any app on your device as it is played online.

Online Poker Game Terminologies

Now that you have decided to try this game, it is necessary to get aware of the terms which are most frequently used throughout the session. Here are some of the most commonly used online poker terms:

Action, Ante, All-In, Bad Beat, Bad Beat Story, Backdoor, Blind, Big Blind, Bubble, Board, Button, Burn, Buy-In, Check-Raise, Connector, Call, Check, Cold Call, Counterfeit, Community Cards, Cut-Off, Draw, Dealer Button, Dealer, Draw Out, Drawing Dead, Fold, Full House, Flop, Four of a Kind, Flush, Gut shot, Heads-Up, Hand, Implied Odds, Kicker, Limit, Limp, Muck, Nuts, No-Limit, Omaha. Over-Pair, Open-Ended, Off-Suit, Open-Handed, Out, Over-Cards, Orbit, Pot-Committed, Pot Odds, Pair, Pocket Cards, Pot-Limit, Quads, Ring Game, Rock, Rainbow, Rake, River, Royal Flush, Raise, Semi-Bluff, Satellite, Showdown, Set, Short Stack, Sit-And-Go, Side Pot, Slow Play, Split Pot, Small Blind, String Bet, Straddle, Straight, Straight Flush, Time, Tell, Top Pair, Tilt, Turn, Tournament, Trips, Under The Gun

Understanding these poker terminologies help to get your lingo on and smoothly play the game as you will know what is happening right away and what you have to do next.

How To Play Online Poker Game?

The rules of online poker variants are simple. Visit recommended casino sites such as VoodooDreamsBetwayJungle Raja CasinoRoyal Panda, etc., and choose your favourite title. The round begins when a dealer gives 2 hole cards to players. The first betting round is called “Pre-Flop”. You’ll get an option to fold, check, and raise or call during betting. The 2nd round starts when 3 community cards are dealt on the table. The first player sitting on the left side of a dealer will bet first to begin 2nd betting round called “Flop”. Then, 4th card is dealt face-up to start another phase called “Turn”. At last, a community card is dealt on the table to begin the final betting round called ”River”. The final stage is “Showdown”, where players make 5-card hand combination using 2 hole cards and 5 community cards.

Poker Variations

Poker fans will feel delighted to know that they have so many options to indulge in to get some new experience every time. Online poker rooms offer numerous variations that are attracting the attention of myriads of players. Let’s jump to the most exotic poker variations –

Texas Hold’em

This variant is easier to understand and master. This is one of the most common poker variants that consists of lots of action and provides highly advanced strategies.

Seven-Card Stud

It has been overtaken hugely by amazing variations such as No-Limit Hold’em. It is also easy to learn. You can get a big edge over others by keeping track of cards being folded.

Five-Card Draw

This is a classic poker game that has numerous strategies to play. There are no community cards. Mind games are big as you cannot look at the cards of other players.


In this variant, which is a lowball game, players need to make the best low hand using their cards. This is a slow game that becomes the preferred choice of players who master to see and keep track of cards.

2-7 Triple Draw

This is a limit game that has blinds to spice things up but no community cards. Understanding and playing this game is completely straightforward. You will surely find this game your favorite one if you like mind games and bluffing.

Omaha Hi-Lo

Like all other variants, understanding Omaha Hi-Lo is quite easy and you can get a strong edge with some practice. The pot is divided between the lowest and the highest hand. It is an ideal choice for players who are interested in working on their game.

Triple Stud

This is a blend of Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, Razz, and Seven Card Stud. The different variants are switched every 8 hands.


HORSE is an acronym that consists of 5 different poker variations – Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud Eight or Better (Hi-Lo). It offers the awesome selection of non-Hold’em fixed limit games. Using the proven strategy can provide you a big edge over opponents.

Alongside these variations, some more variants are played in different parts of the world by the huge crowd of poker enthusiasts. It includes Stud Poker, Community Card Poker, 5-Card Omaha, Five Card Draw, 2-7 Single Draw, Ace-5 Lowball, Mixed Games, Triple Stud, Chinese Poker, and Badugi.

Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and Joker Wild are three most entertaining and widely played video poker variations for Indian players. In Jacks or Better poker, the payout begins on getting a pair of Jacks, followed by other hands in payout’s ascending order. One or more joker cards are added in Joker Wild variant to the regular deck of 52 cards. While the 3rd variant – Deuces Wild has deuces as the wild. Pai Gow video poker or Double Hand Poker is another popular choice among the Asian players.

Make sure that you thoroughly understand the basics and rules of the selected variant before you try your luck.

Winning Potential

Most people consider online poker as a source of earning money. But, the winning potential is based on numerous factors including game type, play type, the total number of players, and lots more. Among multiple card or dice games and slot machine games, video poker has the best winning potential and low house advantage. Even RTP can go beyond 100% when factor in gambling bonuses and promotions. For example, free players, cashback options, and deposit bonuses just to name a few.

Here, we have enlisted the payout or winning potential of 3 very popular video poker variants in India –

  • Deuce Wild video poker – 96.7% to 98%
  • Jack or Better video poker – 98.4% to 99.6%
  • Joker Wild video poker – 97% to 98%

Play low volatile poker variant if you are seeking just entertainment and some enjoyment. High volatile variants will surely be an ideal choice if you want to play to make a big win. A low volatile game has a low win multiplier, while the game is a high volatile if the win multiplier is higher.

Future Of Online Poker In India

Online poker has become a quite popular game in India. A lot of youngsters are now playing this game and earning a livelihood. The craze among players is rising rapidly with mushrooming online poker casinos. Last year, around 50 lakh players have signed up for real money online poker games in India.

Online platforms operating poker games are charging a 3-5% commission on the winning pot. However, it is expected that most of them will reduce the commission from single player deposits. The top casino sites will update their technology to take complete care of game integrity, security, random shuffle switches, and payments.

Tips & Tricks To Play Poker Game Online

So, you have learned every basic thing such as what variants are available to play online, what are the best winning potential, how to play, etc. You have decided to enjoy the best variation, but the point is how you can play successfully to win among multiple players. Being able to play poker like a pro is much like a job. There are so many tips and strategies for people who are new to play poker online. Becoming a professional online poker player will be much easier with the following tips that increase the odds at the table.

  • Study all the basic, new, and important aspects of the game of poker to succeed as a professional online player. Some of the things that you must familiarize yourself include using the time-bank feature, betting features, rake-back offers, bonuses, the layout of the site, table, etc.
  • Familiarize with the poker hands order and identify a winning hand.
  • Give a trial run to the selected game before playing it professionally with real money. Start playing with low-stakes poker to avoid the stress of losing sessions.
  • Start playing and winning consistently at a single table. Jump into multiple tables when you become highly capable to play more than one table at a time.
  • Never jump straight in showing yourself as a perfect online poker player, but prove it to yourself first.
  • Play in an environment free from all types of distractions to give the complete focus just on better implementing the strategies and winning the session. Phone conversations, net surfing, watching TV, and other distractions can cause diversions. This can lead a player to make mistakes or poor decisions.
  • Play considering your bankroll to ensure that you never play with the amount you cannot afford to lose.
  • Constantly update your hardware or device to avoid system distractions.

It’s time to work on these tips and tricks by practicing multiple variations at the trusted online poker site in India.

Play Poker For Free And Real Money

Even though most of the poker variants are easy to learn and play, it is good to start with the game available in demo mode if online poker is a new term for you. It will help you in getting an idea of how to play effectively and try new things before investing or risking your hard-earned real money. You can practice no limit Hold’em as it is completely free to play. The largest and reputable online casino in India has everything for each poker enthusiasts from India and other parts of the world. Once you have mastered the game, try different games for real money. Don’t forget to consider the expert’s tips to keep improving for better results. Good luck!