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In general, bitcoins and cryptocurrencies have brought about a lot of hype regarding how we deal with money. This completely digital form of currency, which uses Blockchain technology, was launched in 2009 has become very popular among millions of people.

It was only a matter of time that Indian online casinos started to integrate bitcoins as a mode of payment. Fast forward to the present day, there are several casinos that allow players to make deposits and withdrawals with bitcoins.

Considering the popularity of bitcoins and the growing number of bitcoin casino India, it’s no surprise that this online gambling trend has caught up among Indians as well. However, some people are still not very clear about how bitcoin casinos work. Which are the best bitcoin casinos? How do I make deposits and receive withdrawals with bitcoins through my player account? These are common questions that many Indian casino players still wonder about.

So we’re here to make things simple for you and give you a clear idea about bitcoins casino. We’ll also guide you through some of the best bitcoin casinos in India where you can play casino games with bitcoins, so let’s get into it without further ado.

How Do Bitcoin Casinos Work?

The first thing you’d want to know is how bitcoin casino India works. When you’re playing with normal currency such as INR or USD, things are pretty simple. We’re all used to payment methods like bank transfer, credit and debit cards, and e-wallet. But what about bitcoins? How would you deposit and stake your bitcoins on live casino games? And what about the withdrawals?

Though online gambling may seem initially confusing, it’s actually not that complicated at all once you understand the process. So here’s a simple explanation of how you can play casino games on BTC gambling sites.

Performing Online Bitcoin Transactions

With normal currencies (also called fiat currency), there’s always an operator managing your transactions, usually the bank where you hold an account. If you’re using e-wallets, there are multiple layers of transactions as both your bank and the e-wallet provider work through the transfer of money. With O, the middlemen are all out of the scenario. All you need to perform bitcoin transactions is an India bitcoin wallet.

You can find a number of bitcoin wallets in India, which are basically programs or software that you install on your device – a phone or a computer. They work in the same way as e-wallets as in you store your bitcoins in these bitcoin wallets and send or receive the cryptocurrency just like how you would in an e-wallet. It’s like using Paytm or PayPal but only for bitcoins instead of fiat currency.

Making Deposits in Bitcoin Casinos

When you’re playing in a casino that supports bitcoins, you will find it in the list of available deposit methods. Log in to your player account and click on the option to deposit with bitcoins. You will be asked to enter your bitcoin wallet address. You must be familiar with UPI payments, so a bitcoin wallet address is just like your UPI ID.

Once you provide the bitcoin wallet address, also enter the number of bitcoins you wish to deposit. Then follow the instructions on the casino site, and your deposit will be processed instantly. If the casino works with both fiat currency and cryptocurrency, then the bitcoins you deposited will be converted to INR and credited to your cash balance. The conversion rate may vary among casinos, but it’s usually close to the standard market exchange rates for bitcoins.

But there are some casinos that accept bitcoins and not fiat currency. In such casinos, your casino balance will be displayed in bitcoins too. And even the wagers will be placed in bitcoins. Due to the high value of bitcoins, such casinos let you wager very small fractions of bitcoins, too like 0.001 BTC or even less because wagering one full bitcoin on a slot spin is like wagering millions in rupees!

Requesting Withdrawals in Bitcoin Casino

Just like deposits, you can also receive withdrawals in bitcoins through your player account, and the process is quite the same – go to the withdrawals section, select bitcoin as the mode of payment, and enter your bitcoin wallet address.

And just like the case with deposits, if the bitcoin casino works with both fiat currency and bitcoins, your cash balance will be in INR. When you choose to withdraw in bitcoins, the amount you are withdrawing will be converted to bitcoins based on the exchange rates of the casino and then credited to your bitcoin wallet. And if it’s a live casino that only deals in bitcoins, then it gets even simpler as your casino balance will already be displayed in bitcoins and you can withdraw it to your wallet directly since there’s no need for any conversion. You can also contact their customer support to learn more.

Understanding Bitcoin Wallets

By now, you have become aware of one thing – one essential thing for playing in bitcoin casino sites is to have a bitcoin wallet. And if you don’t have little or no experience using bitcoin wallets, it can be confusing where to start. So we’ll help you understand more about bitcoin wallets and how you can use them.

What are Bitcoin Wallets?

We’ve already mentioned that bitcoin wallets are programs made for bitcoin transactions, and they work just like e-wallets work with fiat money. Bitcoin wallets can be of different types, such as:

Online wallets

These are cloud-based online sites where you can sign up for a wallet. Then you can access the wallet and perform transactions by signing in to the site. The benefit of online wallets is that you can access them from anywhere.

Desktop Wallets

These are programs made for desktops, so they must be downloaded and installed on your computer. Such wallets can only be accessed from the computer they are installed in, but their benefit is that they are more secure than online wallets.

Mobile wallets

These are apps that you install on your phone, quite similar to apps like Paytm or PhonePe. When you use mobile bitcoin wallets, you get the benefit of security as well as the flexibility to access the wallet anywhere as long as your phone is on you.

Hardware wallets

These are small devices that you can plug into a computer to access the wallet and perform bitcoin transactions. They come in various types, shapes, and sizes, but you can think of them to be similar to USB sticks. They are the most secure type of bitcoin wallets because your data and bitcoins are stored offline in the device. The bitcoin online wallet goes online only when you connect it to the computer and perform a transaction, and it goes offline again as soon as you unplug it. But while hardware wallets are the most secure from online threats, keep in mind that they are prone to get misplaced or lost, so that’s something you need to be extra careful about.

How Do Bitcoin Wallets Work?

When you sign up for a bitcoin online wallet, you will be assigned a public key or address and you also set up a private key or PIN. These are the main things you need for a bitcoin transaction. When you send bitcoins to someone, you enter their wallet’s address on the cashier page and then put in your PIN to confirm the transaction.

And the same is done when someone sends bitcoins to you. So the idea of bitcoin wallets may seem complicated at first, but they are really quite simple to use, which you will get used to in just a few tries.

Benefits of Playing in Bitcoin Casinos

There are many reasons why it’s beneficial for Indians to play at Bitcoin casino, which we’ve listed below:

  • It’s a great way to exchange Indian bitcoin. If you want to change bitcoins to INR, then deposit with cryptocurrency but withdraw the winnings in rupees. And if you want it the other way round, deposit in INR and withdraw the winnings in bitcoins to turn your fiat currency to cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoins are very secure payment systems. That does not mean other banking payment method or e-wallets are not safe as they also implement excellent security measures. But the level of security is higher when using bitcoins.
  • Indian bitcoin transactions on casinos are extremely fast. Since they don’t move through multiple channels and payment gateways like banks, both deposits and withdrawals with bitcoins are much faster than other payment methods.


Bitcoin online casino is a good place to use bitcoins. If you’re dealing with cryptocurrency, there’s not a lot of options when it comes to spending them. You can’t use them in shopping malls or e-commerce stores. At most, you can exchange them to fiat currency. But bitcoin casinos provide you a platform where you can actually spend your bitcoins on entertaining games, and maybe even win some rewards if you’re lucky.

Some Of The Top Bitcoin Casinos In India

Despite of the benefits of playing with bitcoins, it has not become a standard payment method for all online casinos. So it can take a lot of time for you to find a good casino that accepts bitcoin payments. But we’ve made it easy for you with this list of the top 3 online crypto casinos in India where you can play with bitcoins.

Bons Casino

Bons Casino is our top choice for bitcoin casino because they offer a lot of fun casino games, amazing bitcoin bonuses offered regularly, free spins, and a unique site design and interface that makes it very enjoyable to play on their site. You can make deposits and withdrawals conveniently with bitcoins at Bons blockchain casino.

Pure Casino

Pure Casino, a bitcoin casino in India, is already a hit among Indian players because of their focused approach on the Indian market with features such as local language supported on the website, free spins, a reload casino bonus that can be claimed every week, and of course, a huge collection of casino games. So it only makes sense to consider this gambling site as one of the best bitcoin casinos.

10Cric Casino

Even with their main focus on the sports betting market, 10Cric is a top bitcoin casino. It also operates an impressive casino platform. The main highlight of 10Cric casino is that it is a bitcoin casino. What makes them an excellent bitcoin casino are their big welcome bitcoin bonuses, bitcoin deposits, free spins, other recurring weekly promotions, and most importantly, a collection of over 2000 live casino games categorized neatly into appropriate categories.



We hope that this guide on gambling sites has made things simple for you and given you a better idea of how you can play at online casinos with bitcoins. And we’ve listed some convincing reasons as to why playing at bitcoin casinos for Indian is beneficial. Check out our list of best bitcoin casinos in India, choose blockchain casinos that you like, and start playing with your bitcoins right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin casinos are the online casinos that operate across the world and offer a massive selection of gaming options to play and bet with bitcoin.

Is it illegal to gamble with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin gambling is not illegal if online gambling is legal in your country. There is no separate legislation for this. Check the online gambling laws in your region before using bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin safe in India?

Bitcoin mining in India is considered a safe investment in today’s financial world as there is no law that bans the use of bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies.

What Bitcoin casino games can I play?

Bitcoin Casino in India offers an exclusive variety of games to play online. It includes roulette, poker variants, scratch cards, baccarat, keno, and blackjack with the best features.

Is Bitcoin illegal?

Bitcoin is legal in India. Its use as a mode of payment is not authorized by monetary authority or central bank. So, you cannot use it in banking sector as it is illegal here.

Is Bitcoin a currency?

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency electronically created and flow on the computers. Just like other currencies such as Yen, bitcoin is not a paper money that flow through traditional banking system.

Is Bitcoin a gamble?

Yes, bitcoin is gambling because it has no specific minimum value except for the amount that users are interested to pay for it and this depends on the speculation.

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