Bitcoin Casinos in India (2023)

Players are always on the lookout for different modes of payment in online casinos. Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the more interesting ones that have been used for quite a while. It’s the king of crypto, and almost every player interested in crypto gambling goes for it first. Bitcoin gambling in India has many benefits, and we aim to discuss them in this piece.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Bitcoin casinos, how they work, how to get and use BTC for gambling, and much more. Most importantly, we have a detailed list of all the leading Bitcoin casinos in India below for you to choose from.

List of Bitcoin Casinos
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List of All Bitcoin Casinos in India

What Are Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos are standard online casinos that accept Bitcoin. They allow you to do the same things in regular casinos, with the main difference being that you get to use Bitcoin to deposit, withdraw, and even play games in most cases.

Bitcoin is a mode of payment but also a currency, like all cryptocurrencies. It can replace rupees and other payment methods like credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill.

You can use regular online casinos that offer Bitcoin as one of the many payment methods or crypto-exclusive casinos that only use cryptocurrencies or solely Bitcoin.

If you decide to use Bitcoin-exclusive casinos, you’ll get additional benefits like anonymity, easy registration, the use of Bitcoin for everything in the casino, fast and cheap transactions, and more.

Bitcoin General Information
Created 2009
Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto
Symbol BTC
Accepted in Indian Casinos Yes

Brief History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first successful cryptocurrency, created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, a still unidentified person or persons.

It is the king of cryptocurrency as it’s still the most popular, widely used, and valuable coin on the market.

Bitcoin is so big that it effectively takes up around 40% of the entire cryptocurrency market. With every crypto’s price fluctuations, it still takes up around that number most of the time. The second is Ethereum, which barely holds 20% of the market.

The coin was invented as an alternative to fiat currencies, so it’s not controlled and issued by centralised governments. Thanks to blockchain technology, BTC is entirely decentralised, meaning no one controls it, not even its maker. The more users it has, the less centralised it is.

Bitcoin inspired all other cryptocurrencies, at least to some extent, starting with Ethereum and going through the other 20,000 cryptos currently in existence.

Important Milestones in Bitcoin History

Bitcoin has gone through a lot over its two-decade-long history. It’s still only growing with every passing day. Here are a few crucial milestones in its history:

  1. August 2008Bitcoin whitepaper is published.
  2. January 2009 — The Bitcoin Genesis Block, the first-ever BTC block, is mined.
  3. October 2009 — The first exchange rate for Bitcoin, $1 for 1,309.03 BTC, is released.
  4. May 2010 — The first financial transaction using BTC occurs. A Florida man purchases 10,000 BTC for two Papa John’s pizzas that cost around $25. The crypto community still celebrates May 22 as Pizza Day.
  5. November 2010 — The Bitcoin market cap surpasses $1 million for the first time.
  6. February 2011 — Bitcoin’s value finally exceeds $1.
  7. April 2012 — Bitcoin’s price goes above $100 for the first time in history.
  8. November 2013 — The price of Bitcoin surpasses $1,000 for the first time. Falls quickly after that and doesn’t exceed the threshold until early 2017.
  9. November 2017 — The price of BTC goes above $10,000 for the first time.
  10. December 2017 to January 2018 — Bitcoin goes through its biggest crash, with the price falling from almost $20,000 to around $6,000.
  11. November 2021 — The price of Bitcoin reaches an all-time high of $68,789.63. 2021 became the biggest year in the history of this cryptocurrency. In 2022, it was worth ‘only’ around $20,000.

Bitcoin Casinos India

How Do Bitcoin Casinos Work?

Bitcoin casinos work like all other casinos, they only use Bitcoin as a payment method, while the rest remains the same.

Bitcoin-exclusive casinos are slightly different. You don’t have to use personal information to register, as Bitcoin doesn’t require that. You can register in a second and make transactions very quickly.

You also get to:

  • Claim numerous Bitcoin bonuses that are bigger than regular ones
  • Play provably fair games (more on that later)
  • Use Bitcoin for both playing and making payments

Making Deposits in Bitcoin Casinos

Depositing BTC in an online casino is pretty simple, even for new-time users.

If you already have a wallet with bitcoins in it, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log into your casino account.
  2. Visit the Deposit area.
  3. Pick Bitcoin as a method you’ll use.
  4. Copy the address given or scan the QR code with your Bitcoin wallet app.
  5. In the app, paste the address or let the QR scan populate the field.
  6. Input the amount you want to send to the casino.
  7. Double-check that everything is correct and confirm the payment.

After completing a deposit, the BTC should reach your casino account in a few minutes. It depends on how clogged the network is and the size of the fees you’re paying.

Once you’ve completed your first Bitcoin deposit, everything will be smooth sailing, and you’ll be able to do it in less than a minute.

Making Withdrawals in Bitcoin Casinos

Withdrawals with Bitcoin are even easier than deposits. This is primarily because withdrawals work practically the same as deposits, and you have the advantage of having done it before.

The time it takes for the withdrawals to pass is rarely long, as casinos typically process them within a few hours or instantly. You only need to add the time it takes for the blockchain to do its part.

In most cases, all of this takes up to 20 minutes, as long as the casino offers instant Bitcoin withdrawals.

How to Withdraw Bitcoin in Online Casinos

Here’s what you need to do to complete a Bitcoin withdrawal:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Head to the Withdrawal area.
  3. Choose Bitcoin from the available methods.
  4. Go to your crypto wallet and copy the BTC address. Ensure you get the BTC address, not another crypto address if you’re storing different coins.
  5. Paste the address in the designated area in the casino.
  6. Input the amount you want to withdraw.
  7. Double-check all information to avoid a mistake that will cost you your bitcoins.
  8. Confirm the payment.

The Basics of Bitcoin Wallets

If you’ve never used Bitcoin until now, know that having a cryptocurrency wallet is a must. You can buy bitcoins on a crypto exchange, but you’ll have to move the funds to a wallet to transfer them to your casino account.

Bitcoin wallets, or cryptocurrency wallets, are simple apps or devices that let you handle your cryptocurrencies and interact with them on the blockchain. Most support the storage of many notable cryptocurrencies, which almost always includes Bitcoin.

If you opt for a software-based wallet, it’s entirely free to set up. You only need to go to the official site of that website and set up an account. Then you need to download the program, if there is one, and install it.

Now you need to create a Bitcoin address and transfer your coins to it. And that’s about it — you can start using it to fund your casino gaming.

However, to decide which Bitcoin wallet to get, you need to understand the main types of crypto wallets.

Desktop Bitcoin Wallets

Desktop wallets are programs you need to install on your computer to use. This is what you get with them:

  • High security
  • Free to use
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Private keys are yours
  • They are lost if someone gains access to the computer
  • Might be vulnerable to computer malware and viruses

They even offer cold storage in some cases, or in other words, offline storage that’s much safer than online storage.

Some of the best Bitcoin desktop wallets are Electrum, Exodus, and BitPay.

Web Bitcoin Wallets

Web wallets are third-party wallets. They are simple websites on which you register to start using. They are thus in the cloud and let you handle your coins through a web browser. They are:

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Security handled by the third-party
  • Private keys are not yours
  • Might be breached by hackers

Some of the recommended web wallets are Coinbase and Metamask.

Mobile Bitcoin Wallets

Mobile wallets are smartphone apps like all others. Some of their pros and cons include:

  • Make transferring crypto easy
  • Very easy to use
  • Offer a great user experience
  • They are as safe as your phone
  • If you lose your phone, the wallet could be gone

Some of the best mobile wallets for Bitcoin include Electrum, Edge, and Trust.

Hardware Bitcoin Wallets

Hardware wallets are physical devices offering cold storage. They come in many shapes and forms but are considered the safest option. Here’s what they offer:

  • Highest security for crypto
  • Private keys are yours and stored offline
  • Ideal for long-term storage of large crypto amounts
  • You have to buy them
  • Not easy to use
  • Complicated for beginners

The best hardware wallets for most cryptocurrencies are Trezor and Ledger wallets.

What Is the Best Wallet for Bitcoin?

The ideal solution, in most cases, is to keep both a hardware wallet and a software wallet, preferably a mobile one.

Hardware wallets are ideal for long-term storage, while a desktop or mobile wallet is perfect if you need to constantly transfer funds, as you would for gambling.

Whichever wallet you choose, make sure you know how to use it and keep it safe. Read up on private keys, Bitcoin security, and more. This is more important than with fiat currency, as you are responsible for your digital assets.

New Bitcoin Casino Sites

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there is no doubt which is the most popular one, so Bitcoin is also the most widely-used cryptocurrency when it comes to payment methods at online casinos in India.

Although new online casinos usually try to offer more cryptocurrency options, Bitcoin still reigns as the most popular option even for casinos that opened in the last two years in India. So, here’s a list of the best online casinos that offer Bitcoin as a payment method.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling in India

Gambling with Bitcoin in India comes with a whole host of advantages. Let’s take a closer look at the main ones.

Complete Decentralisation

Bitcoin is entirely decentralised, meaning a central authority does not own it, and no one can gain full access to it. It’s run by the blockchain, and the blockchain is run by the people on it. In other words, a significant change is only possible if more than half of all users agree.

This makes it a lot safer than traditional payment methods and fiat currencies. It also makes it ideal for gambling as you remain private.

Low Transaction Fees

Online casinos rarely charge any fees on Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. This makes Bitcoin much cheaper to use in online casinos than other methods.

Naturally, you still have to think about Bitcoin blockchain fees, i.e. the fees you must pay every time you make a Bitcoin transaction. However, these are typically low, usually around a dollar or less. Considering the fees you get with credit cards and e-wallets, this is undoubtedly lower.

Fast Withdrawals

We’ve already discussed that Bitcoin transactions are very fast. They are usually over in 5-10 minutes, excluding the time the casino needs to process them.

However, since the best Bitcoin casinos offer instant crypto withdrawals, you’ll always get your assets quickly.

Verification and Transparency

All Bitcoin transactions are public. No one can see who made them, but everyone can see which addresses were used and how much was transferred.

Each transaction has a code on the blockchain, so you can easily verify that you’ve made a payment or that the casino has processed a withdrawal.

Worldwide Acceptance

Bitcoin, like all cryptocurrencies, knows no borders. It’s used online, anywhere on the planet. The same is true in India, as the country allows Bitcoin.

However, you still have to consider that online gambling is unregulated in India, so you must stay safe and use reputable casinos like the ones we recommend. Furthermore, Bitcoin is taxed in India, like all cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin offers high privacy and near anonymity if used in crypto-exclusive casinos.

However, even in regular Bitcoin casinos, you can avoid offering your payment info, like your bank account and credit card info, by using Bitcoin instead. That way, you stay safe and keep your personal information private.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Inflation

Bitcoin is not like fiat currency — it’s not subject to inflation. It works similarly to gold, so its price keeps rising over time (in most cases) and doesn’t fall due to inflation.

There will only be 21 million bitcoins ever made, which is why they cannot depreciate over time as fiat currency does.

Provably Fair Games

By gambling with Bitcoin, you get access to provably fair games. These games are made with blockchain technology that effectively replaces random number generators.

Provably fair games often have higher RTPs, making them more rewarding for the player.

In other words, provably fair games are the same as regular casino games but more transparent and trustworthy. Not even the casinos and the providers can change their underlying code, making them fair and random.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Gambling in India

Unfortunately, Bitcoin gambling has its disadvantages, like all forms of gambling. Let’s look at the main cons so you can decide if they are a problem for you.

High Volatility

The biggest issue with Bitcoin is its inherent volatility. The price of Bitcoin can change by a couple of thousand dollars within a day in extreme cases and by a few hundred dollars in most cases.

This makes Bitcoin gambling problematic as your winnings can suddenly be worth a lot less, but they can also be worth a lot more.

No Reverse Transactions

Once a transaction is made and registered on the blockchain, there’s no going back. Bitcoin transactions are not reversible, so you can’t get a chargeback if you make a mistake or lose your funds.

Lack of Regulation

Bitcoin is not adequately regulated in most countries, and even though it’s taxable in India, there are no specific laws governing it.

Due to this, the government can always suddenly decide to ban it and leave many players stranded.

Bitcoin Gambling Guide in India — How to Start Playing in a Bitcoin Online Casino

You’ve already seen that using Bitcoin in online casinos is relatively simple, meaning that starting your journey in a Bitcoin casino is equally simple. Let’s look at the steps you need to go through from start to finish.

1. Create a Bitcoin Wallet

The first step is to pick a wallet. Use our recommendations to choose one and start setting it up. Once that’s done, make sure to create a Bitcoin address.

2. Purchase Digital Currency

You must pick a good crypto exchange in India and create an account on its website. Some of the most popular exchanges are CoinSwitch Kuber, Zebpay, Krypto, Bitbns, UnoCoin, WazirX, and CoindDCX.

Once your account is ready and verified, you can pick a deposit method to fund it with rupees. Then the only thing that’s left is to buy bitcoins.

Make sure to withdraw the funds to your wallet after you’ve made the purchase.

3. Select a Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin gambling is only as beneficial for you as the casino you use. So, make sure to pick a good and reliable casino.

You can pick a casino we recommend or find one on your own by using the criteria we cover in the next section.

4. Make a Deposit and Choose a Game

Visit the official site of the casino and start the registration process. Provide all the necessary information to complete it successfully. Verify your account if needed.

Once it’s ready, you can choose Bitcoin for depositing and complete the payment. This should be over instantly.

Now that you have your bitcoins, head to the game library, pick a game, and start having fun!

How to Pick the Best Bitcoin Casino in India?

Choosing the best Bitcoin casino to use is all a matter of ensuring it fits all the necessary criteria that point toward an excellent BTC casino. Let’s check what these are.

Availability in India

Bitcoin may cross borders, but casinos don’t, at least not everywhere. Some casinos are not available in India, so you need to ensure the one you want to use is.

Many Bitcoin casinos allow Indians to register. Just check that India is included in the list of countries when you start the registration process.

You can check the T&C to ensure India is not on a restricted country list. Use Ctrl + F to search the page for India instead of reading the whole thing.

The Right Licence

See what licence the casino has. If it has no licence, avoid it.

If it uses a Curacao licence or some other like Malta Gaming Authority, you can be sure it’s a trustworthy online casino.

Diverse Game Library

Check that the library has enough games from the essential categories like slots, table games, live games, and provably fair games.

Ensure the games come from notable providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Play’n GO.

Plenty of Rewarding Bitcoin Bonuses

You want to join a casino with many bonuses and promos you can claim with Bitcoin. Plus, they need to have favourable terms and wagering requirements of around 30x.

Look for an excellent welcome bonus, reload bonuses, free spin offers, and a loyalty program.

Instant Withdrawals

The casino must offer fast or instant withdrawals. You also want it to provide instant deposits for Bitcoin transactions.

This is not counting the blockchain processing times, as the casino cannot influence those.

High Mobile Optimisation

Mobile optimisation is crucial in online gambling, as most players in India use their phones to play casino games.

That’s why you need to look for Bitcoin casinos with mobile-friendly sites or dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

Quality Customer Support

Customer support matters greatly in online casinos, so look for Bitcoin casinos with 24/7 customer support.

You also want them to have an excellent live chat and other ways of reaching out to customer service agents like email or phone.

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin casinos are simply online casinos that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. There are even some Bitcoin-exclusive casinos where you can only make payments with this cryptocurrency, but in most cases, you will have other payment options at your disposal as well, whether other cryptocurrencies, standard payment options, or both.
  • If you want to use Bitcoin at online casinos in India, you will need a Bitcoin wallet if you don’t have it already. There are different types of BTC wallets you can use, including desktop wallets, mobile wallets, web wallets, and hardware wallets.
  • Some of the main benefits of using Bitcoin as a payment option at online casinos include lower transaction fees, faster withdrawal times, anonymity and better security, and access to provably fair games, which have higher RTP (return-to-player) percentages. On the other hand, some of the disadvantages include a lack of regulation, unpredictable price fluctuations, and the inability to reverse transactions.
  • Before you decide to join a Bitcoin casino, pay attention to a few factors to make sure that you’re making the right decision. For example, check the variety and quality of bonuses, whether the casino offers instant withdrawals, how good is customer support, the number of casino games you can play, etc.

Play at the Best Indian Casino Sites That Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin casinos are perfect for anyone looking to start gambling with cryptocurrencies. They are also a nice change for any casino player, and they are likely the future of online gambling together with all other crypto casinos.

If you’re ready to use them, you only need to pick a casino on our list and open up an account. It’s rarely easier than that, and you’ll quickly see how great Bitcoin casino gambling can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no law in India dealing with Bitcoin gambling. Gambling is largely unregulated, while Bitcoin is allowed, so it’s perfectly safe to use BTC in online casinos. What matters is picking the right BTC casino. Stick to the regulated ones recommended in this guide.

Yes, Bitcoin is perfectly safe. It’s safer than most traditional payment methods, which is one of the main reasons why it’s gone mainstream. You only need to worry about using a good and reliable BTC casino. In this guide, you can find regulated and reputable Bitcoin casinos for the Indian market.

Bitcoin is widely used in Indian online casinos, so it’s hard to find the single best one. However, there are several you should consider, all listed in this guide. They have a wide range of games, good reputations, rewarding bonuses, and much more.

Yes, of course. Many do, as Bitcoin has become a popular payment method and currency. It’s the most popular cryptocurrency, so every crypto casino you find will cover BTC. Many traditional online casinos accept Bitcoin, so stick to those if you want to use both rupees and BTC.

In most cases, you’ll get to play the same casino games you do in regular online casinos. The best Indian BTC casinos have a wide range of slots, table games, live casino games, jackpots, and many other titles.

Outside of someone giving it to you, you can technically get it for free. However, that involves mining, which requires expensive hardware as it has become more difficult for regular people without special machinery to mine bitcoins. If you use a regular computer instead, it will take you years to mine anything.

If you don’t want to or can’t get BTC, you can always use some other crypto. Here’s a guide on cryptocurrency gambling that will tell you about this online casino gambling form and which coins to use. Alternatively, you can always use traditional Indian online casinos.

There are no laws on Bitcoin gambling in most countries, so BTC casinos don’t require a licence. However, the best ones still use them, as they want to prove to their members that they are legitimate and trustworthy. You should only use licenced Indian Bitcoin casinos if you want to start gambling with this crypto safely.

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Nemanja is our content editor, casino enthusiast, and expert on all things crypto. Thanks to his extensive expertise on these topics, Nemanja is able to provide our readers with the best information and insider knowledge about crypto casinos in India, the most interesting casino games to check out and all the latest news from the world of iGaming.

How We Review and Rate Bitcoin Casinos in India

Overall Reputation

1. Overall Reputation

The overall reputation of a Bitcoin casino includes a look at who owns it, how popular it is, how big it is, and whether it is safe and secure enough.

Terms And Conditions

2. Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions that are fair and transparent will be rated higher than unclear or unfair terms and conditions at Bitcoin online casinos in India.

Complaints History

3. Complaints History

When rating online casinos that accept Bitcoin, we also take a look at their complaints history to see if players are having some problems with them or not.

Depositing Process

4. Depositing Process

A smooth depositing process can be very important at Bitcoin online casinos, so we make sure to check all of the available options and how well they work.

Withdrawal Process

5. Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process at Indian Bitcoin online casinos is an important part of the overall experience, so we also take it into account when we rate online casinos in India.

Withdrawal Process

6. Casino Games

The number and variety of casino games, from slots to table games and live casino games, is another thing we focus on in our Bitcoin casino reviews.

Bonus Offers

7. Bonus Offers

How good bonus offers an online Bitcoin casino has is probably one of the most important factors that players consider before joining, so we take a good look at them.

Mobile Optimisation

8. Mobile Optimisation

When we review the mobile optimisation of Bitcoin casinos in India, we check whether they have a mobile app as well, in addition to being optimised for mobile devices.

Customer Support

9. Customer Support

We rate customer support at Indian Bitcoin casinos based on the number of ways you can contact them, average response time, and the number of languages they offer.

Special Features

10. Special Features

Bitcoin casinos in India often provide special features like a VIP programme, responsible gambling tools, casino tournaments, and others, so we also rate them here.

Total Rating

Total Rating

This represents the average value of all the metrics we used to rate an online bitcoin casino, which provides you with a better idea of what you can expect from a casino overall.

Playing Cards

How to Start Playing at a Bitcoin Casino in India

  1. Choose a Bitcoin Casino From Our List

    Before joining a Bitcoin online casino, ensure to have a thorough look at our list of the top ones in India.

  2. Read the Terms and Conditions

    It may be uninteresting to read the terms and conditions at Bitcoin casinos in India, but it's important to do so in order to know what you can expect.

  3. Create an Account

    To play at Bitcoin casino sites in India, you need to have an account, so once you've decided which casino to join, start the registration process.

  4. Make a Deposit

    If you've already created an account at an Indian Bitcoin casino, it's time to make a deposit and start playing casino games.

  5. Claim a Casino Bonus

    Casino bonuses for new players at Indian Bitcoin casinos come in different forms, make sure to claim your welcome bonus.

  6. Choose a Casino Game

    Indian Bitcoin casino sites offer a broad range of casino games, pick one or more that you enjoy and start playing.

  7. Have Fun and Enjoy Playing

    With all your preparations done, you are now ready to play games and have a great time at the Bitcoin casino of your choice.

  8. Withdraw Your Winnings

    To collect your winnings when playing at online casinos that accept Bitcoin, remember to make timely withdrawals and avoid delays.

  9. Don't Forget to Gamble Responsibly

    Playing responsibly while at Bitcoin casinos is important, avoid common pitfalls such as chasing losses or overspending.