Nagaland is somewhat different from most other Indian states. It does allow online gambling and it allows Indian companies to provide online gambling services while being based in the country. It’s, however, much more restrictive than when such services are provided by casinos based abroad (as is the case in most other states).

We’ve compiled a list of online casinos from Nagaland, check it out and choose the one for you.

List of the Best Casino Sites in Nagaland

Is Online Gambling Legal in Nagaland?

Nagaland has legalised online gambling, unlike most Indian states. It allows casinos based and operated in India to run their services in the state. However, the laws that govern online casinos in Nagaland are stricter than in neighbouring counties. They don’t allow for games of chance but only games of skill meaning that the player should be able to control their ability to win a game.

Brief History of Online Gambling in Nagaland

For the longest time gambling in Nagaland was governed by the same law that is in effect in the rest of India- the Public Gambling Act of 1867. The changes were introduced in 2016 with the introduction of the Nagaland Online Games of Skill Act. It opened the market and allowed the local gambling establishments to grow.

Current Gambling Laws in Nagaland

Online Gambling is regulated by the law introduced in 2016. It introduced a licensing fee for every new casino and made a distinction between games of skill and games of luck. Only games of skill are now allowed in Nagaland. It also created a poker license as a separate one, since it can be used for poker only and not for other games of skill.

Online Casinos Nagaland

Nagaland Online Casinos Games

The law in Nagaland makes a distinction between games of luck and games of skill. Both such games are commonly played in casinos based abroad. If you want to use the services of Nagaland casino, you’ll need to limit yourself to the games in which the player’s skill plays a role in how the result will turn out.

Casino Slot Games in Nagaland

Slot games aren’t allowed in Nagaland casinos since slots are games of luck rather than skill. It is a rather popular game since you can win big and fast, but you won’t be able to try it in one of the casinos based in Nagaland. Many players that focus on slots in particular keep using the services of casinos based abroad as they do in the rest of the country.

Casino Table & Card Games in Nagaland

Table and card games are allowed in Nagaland since they are based on skill. In fact, these games are the best when it comes to how much control a player has over the result. This goes for western games such as poker and blackjack and for Indian games such as Teen Pathi and Andar Bahar. However, poker licenses need to be obtained separately as poker is organised as a separate game of its own.

Online Lottery in Nagaland

Online lottery isn’t allowed in Nagaland since it’s a game based on luck alone. No games of luck are allowed in the state due to the law passed in 2016. Lotteries can still be played if a player uses the services of a casino that’s based outside of Nagaland and therefore legal. It can be a casino based in one of the states that allow lottery or outside of India.

Live Casinos in Nagaland

Live casino events are legal in Nagaland as long as the games that are played are among the legal ones. This only includes the games of chance as determined by the law. Live events are becoming increasingly popular lately and they tend to mimic the look and feel of actually visiting a casino. It’s how most younger players gamble.

Sports Betting in Nagaland

The rules for sports betting are the most complex and the most confusing. Placing bets on the outcomes of sports games is illegal in Nagaland since it’s considered to be a game of luck rather than skill.

However, it’s allowed to bet on virtual sports since it’s a skill because the results can be more easily predicted by learning about the statistics of the game. Bets on horse racing are also allowed.

How to Gamble From Nagaland (Legally)

Nagaland has legalised gambling in 2016 but with many caveats as to what kind of gambling is allowed. It’s possible to play at Nagaland casinos based in India but only if the games you’re playing are based on skill rather than on luck and chance. It’s easy enough to play at most of these casinos as well as to withdraw your winnings.

1. Set Up an Account with Local Casinos

Create an account in one of the casinos from our list and choose a payment method that is used in that casino. Many Nagaland casinos offer a variety of different games made by many different providers. Laws in Nagaland allow only games of skill such as poker or table games.

2. Use the Bonuses

There are also many bonuses that the local casinos award to new players. Use those bonuses to your advantage but be aware that some of them come with wagering bonuses which means you’ll need to spend some of your funds in order to withdraw the bonus. It can sometimes be more than the value of the bonus itself.

3. Have Fun

Nagaland has a unique approach to gambling and it only allows games that depend on the player’s skill. This puts you at an advantage when compared with most other games out there. Have fun and try out a few different games until you get better at them and improve your standing.

Play at the Top Online Casinos in Nagaland

Nagaland is one of the rare Indian states that allows local online gambling establishments. There are stricter rules, however, as to which games are allowed in these casinos. The law passed in 2016 allowed games based on skill and forbid those based on luck and chance.

Check out our list of Nagaland casinos and choose the one that suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are, but there are limits to what games you can play.

There’s one type of casino games allowed in Nagaland — the Games of skill.

No, but betting on virtual sports is.

Yes, but casinos offering it need a separate license.

They were changed in 2016.

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