Indian casinos offer a lot of different payment methods. Among those, one of the biggest Indian digital payment companies you can rally on is Paytm.

Even though it’s an Indian service and made to service the needs of Indian players, it’s not as widely used as some of the other payment methods available. Check out the list of the Paytm casinos we’ve compiled for you and choose the one that suits you.

List of Legit Indian Casino Sites That Accept Paytm

What Are Paytm Casinos?

Paytm casinos are gambling establishments that use Paytm as one of their payment methods. It’s a reliable casino payment option and one with a long history in India and with Indian casinos in particular.

These casinos offer many different games and have various bonuses with and without wagering requirements. Those are the features on which most players base their decisions to choose a particular casino.

About Paytm

Paytm, which is short for pay through mobile, is an Indian digital finance company funded in 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma. It offers digital payment services, QR code payments, as well as many other financial services. It has over 350 million users at the moment. The company is also known for its charitable contribution, especially during the Covid pandemic.

How Do Paytm Casinos Work?

Paytm casinos are easy enough to use and they have a lot of convenient features specially made for quickly depositing and withdrawing funds to and from a casino account. The transactions are safe and there’s no need to share too much of your personal or bank info with the casino in order to make the payments.

Paytm Casinos India

What You Need to Know About Paytm Casinos in India

Paytm is one of the oldest and most well-known e-wallets in India. Many casinos use it and offer transactions in rupees. Casinos that offer Paytm have a wide selection of games and vary when it comes to how their bonuses are structured. These features are key when selecting one of the casinos from the list we’ve compiled for you.

How to Choose a New Paytm Casino in India?

The latest Paytm casinos offer many different advantages for new users. The most important of these is the selection of games, and software developers behind those games. Players that set up a new account also benefit from bonuses made to attract new players. These often come with wagering requirements to be aware of.

Can You Play at Paytm Casino on Mobile?

Paytm casinos can be used on a mobile device and Paytm has a mobile app with which you can confirm or keep track of the transactions. This goes for both making deposits and withdrawing funds and both are equally easy and safe. Most casinos are moving to mobile devices these days since that’s where the players are.

Paytm is one of the largest Indian e-wallets.

Paytm and Casino Bonuses

There are many different bonuses offered by Paytm casinos. New players should take advantage of these but they also need to be aware of the wagering requirements that are attached to such bonuses, since they are sometimes higher than the bonus itself. Bonuses that are advertised as free often come with such requirements and end up being expensive for a novice player.

  • Welcome bonuses are deposited to every new player
  • Free spins are used for slots but they come with wagering requirements so they aren’t free
  • No deposit bonuses are added to your account before you deposit your own
  • No wagering bonuses don’t require a player to wager any of their own funds

Paytm and Casino Games

A player can use a deposit they’ve made to play any of the games offered by the casino they are using. Indian casinos offer both games of chance and games of luck. They also provide western and Indian games since both are equally popular with Indian players. Casinos also have sports betting and live events.

  • Slots are the most popular casino game in India even though they are based on luck alone
  • Card and table games are a close second and they require skill and allow the player to improve over time
  • Lottery games are also popular since local laws don’t allow them since they are based on luck.
  • Sports betting was always a part of Indian gambling culture especially when it comes to horse racing and cricket.

Advantages of Paytm Gambling in India

There are many reasons players choose Paytm as their main payment method. It’s been around for a long time and it’s safe and easy to use. The withdrawal and deposit times aren’t that high and the fees are not paid until you withdraw the funds from the e-wallet. The casinos that offer this payment method are also known for their generous bonus structures.

Widely Used

The biggest advantage of using Paytm is how widely accepted it is and how wide a range of casinos accept it. It’s one of the most common payment methods in India and all the casinos allow the players to deposit and withdraw funds with it. This gives you a wide array of games, tournaments, and live events to choose from.

Good Range of Limits

There are some limits as to the smallest and the largest amounts you can deposit and withdraw but they are so wide that they accommodate the needs of most players. It works well for both small-time players that will make a lot of withdrawals and the high rollers who don’t want to be bogged down by limits.

Easy Refunds

Refunds are simple and automated in case you change your mind about a deposit or withdrawal. There’s a system put in place so that this is done without having to contact customer support or wait a long time and explain the reasons for your refund, as is the case with many competitors.

Disadvantages of Paytm Gambling in India

As is the case with any other payment system, Paytm also has some disadvantages and players should be aware of them before they commit. These are mostly about the fee structure and the waiting periods that are longer than with some competitors. There’s also a limit as to which services allow Paytm, but most casinos do.

There are no fees when depositing and withdrawing funds to Paytm.

Large Fees

The fee for transferring the funds from your e-wallet to your bank account is quite large when compared to others. It’s set at about 4 percent regardless of the sum you’re depositing. This can be a lot for those who play for smaller sums. Some players wait until they accumulate a larger sum before they withdraw it.

You’ll Need a Phone

The identification process is done by phone alone and you don’t need to have an email to set up an account and transfer funds. This can be seen as a good thing but it also means that if you lose your phone, you won’t be able to confirm transactions any other way. Changing your phone number also presents a challenge.

Customer Support Isn’t the Best Out There

Customer support isn’t as good as it should be for an app of this size and customer base. This means that you’ll sometimes be put on hold for a long time and in other cases, you may not get the help that you were looking for at all. It can be somewhat frustrating if something goes wrong.

How to Make a Casino Deposit With Paytm in India

It’s easy enough to deposit the funds with your Paytm account to your casino account. The process is safe and it’s easy to reverse if there’s a mistake. The deposits can be made on mobile and desktop devices and there are some limits, but they are rather generous and suit most players.

1. Have a Paytm

The first thing to do is to have a Paytm account and funds on it. These funds can be on the e-wallet itself or they can be on a card or bank account that you’ve connected with the Paytm account. It’s also possible to add funds to it using your phone, while the funds are charged to your phone bill.

2. Cashier Section

Go to the Cashier section of your casino account and there you’ll select a payment method. Choose Paytm as your payment method. Enter the amount you want to deposit and enter Paytm VPA so that you confirm that you want the transfer to be made. The process for confirmation is somewhat complicated but it does keep the players safe.

3. Confirm

In the next step of the confirmation, you’ll need to enter the UPI ID which is the ID of the payment in particular. Go to your Paytm app and confirm that you want to make a deposit once again and you’ll get a message from Paytm confirming that the payment is made. The funds will be ready right away.

How to Make a Casino Withdrawal With Paytm in India

Making a withdrawal with Paytm is just as easy as depositing the funds to a casino account but it does take a bit longer than it does with any other payment method. It too can be done on a mobile device or a desktop one and there are no real limits as to how much you can send, at least not for most players.

1. The Cashier Section

Go to the Cashier section of the casino account page and choose the payment method you’re going to use. Paytm is one of the most popular payment methods in India and it will be available in most casinos. Choose it and you’ll go to the next page where you choose the amount.

2. Choose the Amount

Choose the amount you want to send and confirm on the casino site. There’s no need to do anything within the Paytm app since you’re sending funds to the e-wallet and therefore all you need to do is confirm that you want it sent. There are no fees at this time, they come when you withdraw from the e-wallet to the bank.

3. Wait

It takes a while to get the funds from the casino account to your Paytm e-wallet. For the most part, you’ll get the funds in about 48 hours. When you make a deposit, the funds are there right away but with the withdrawals, you’ll need to factor in the waiting time.

Play at the Best Paytm Casinos in India

Paytm is one of the most commonly used e-wallets in India and many casinos offer it. It’s a simple and easy-to-use service and it’s as reliable as any other large e-wallet. Casinos offering it have a lot of different games to choose from as well as a variety of bonus structures. Check out the list of these casinos we’ve compiled for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paytm is an online financial services provider from India.

Yes, it can, but it can’t be used with some other online services.

It takes 48 hours.

Only when you’re withdrawing to your bank account.