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Paytm is one of the most popular digital payment methods that let users make payments with the utmost ease. A report by Zinnov, a global research and strategy firm, Paytm has 39 million Daily Active Users. This financial service company has been and still is a leading digital wallet used by Indian than any other. However, on 18 September 2020, the mobile application of this Paytm disappeared from Google Playstore for several hours. Many resources claimed that the app was eliminated for violating Google’s gambling policies, but it was suspended to launch a UPI cashback campaign by the app tilled PayTm Cricket League. Under this campaign, the user would have been rewarded with the stickers for money transfers or making payment via the app, which can be redeemed for cashback. The offer was perceived as a violation of Google Play Store policies on gambling. 

However, the Paytm application was back on the Playstore after 4 hours of suspension! The company had to remove the cashback promotion to get back to the play store. Now after the whole story, one question must be crossing the minds of all the online gamblers who used to play casino games using Paytm as a payment method – “Is Paytm Still a Payment Option at Online Casinos in India?”. Well, the answer is “YES”. You can still fund your casino account using this e-wallet. 

There are still gambling websites that accept Paytm as an option such as Betway and Pure Casino. If you belong to these sites, the relisting of the app is good news for you. 

However, if you are still unaware that you can use PayTm to deposit money to a casino account, and want to use it now, here we will guide you through the entire process along with specific things to consider while gambling through Paytm. 

When you decide to gamble at a PayTM casino, there are specific basic requirements. Here we will start briefing about depositing funds to a casino account via this e-wallet, assuming that you already have a Paytm account linked to your bank account, and you are familiar with the procedure to fund your Paytm account. 


  • A Paytm account along with Paytm UPI ID
  • A Bank account 
  • A casino account that accepts Paytm as a payment method 


Visit the deposit page of the casino

Log in to your casino account and go Menu. There, you will find options like “deposit” or “my account”.

Select the amount you want to deposit

Enter the amount you wish to start. The minimum deposit amount for different gambling websites is different. You’ll have to select the minimum amount or more to get selected. 

Choose net banking as your payment option

When you have reached the selection of payment methods, you will not be able to find Paytm. So, you’ll have to select Net Banking as a payment method, and you’ll be redirected to your linked bank account.

Locate and copy your UPI ID on Paytm

Paytm application and locate & copy your UPI ID. Once done, the casino will redirect you to the bank. There, paste the ID to its specified field named as “VPA” or “UPI ID”. You do not have to add any name or email there. 

Accept the payment request from Paytm

In the next step, Paytm will open, and you will have to accept the UPI request from your bank.

See the confirmation

When the request is accepted, you will see the confirmation screen on Paytm. 

Wait for the confirmation from the casino site

As soon as the payment is confirmed at Paytm application, you’ll also receive a confirmation from the casino. 


The transaction is completed, and the online casino will also confirm the same.

Note: Before you get started with Paytm as your payment method, make sure your account is verified for the transactions. Otherwise, you cannot withdraw the winnings or bonus to your wallet account. Paytm has made it compulsory for all the users to update KYC for hassle-free transactions. 

Things to Consider When depositing Funds Via Paytm

You have to use the same payment method for depositing and withdrawing the funds from the online. It is the rule set by all online casinos, which say, the payment method for depositing and withdrawing the funds must remain the same. 

  • No fee is implied by for depositing funds the online casinos 
  • Deposits made using this payment method are shown directly to the casino account. 
  • A minimum deposit has to be made that online casinos charge, and the amount is different for different casinos. 
  • The casinos accepting Paytm may ask you to submit documents to verify your identity. The documents required maybe your driving license, passport, or utility bill. 

Things to consider When Withdrawing Funds Via Paytm

Many online casino users have to face restrictions in India when it comes to withdrawing funds/winning/bonus. According to their norms, you will have to use the same payment method to withdraw the amount as used for depositing. 

  • Casinos using Paytm offer quick withdrawals. The withdrawal option for this wallet is the fastest, and the transactions are completed within 24-48 hours. 
  • All online casinos have a minimum withdrawal limit, and some casinos charge for withdrawing the funds from the first withdrawal. However, some sites allow 3 to 5 withdrawal in a month for free. 
  • Many casino sites may also ask you for government verification before permitting the withdrawals. There are several documents you may have to submit to the casino site to process withdrawals, which may include your passport copy, driving license and a utility bill. 

Why use Paytm as Your Payment Method at an Online Casino?

If you have not tried Paytm casinos yet, below are the reasons to do it. 

  • It allows Instant transfers 
  • An excellent option for Indian players
  • It charges no fees 
  • This digital payment method has a widespread use 

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