Teen Patti gold has become extremely popular in the gambling industry in India. Indian players can get engaged in some real money play with this game from pretty much anywhere inside the country.

The reason this game has become such a hit is because they it is playable from smartphones or tablets and comes with an excellent live casino experience that is hard to beat. Whether you have an Android, Windows or Apple phone, the optimized game is perfect for all screen sizes. It requires no downloading and delivers a smooth playing experience.


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What Is Teen Patti Gold?

This is a new variant of the Indian classic game Teen Patti. This game is quite similar to poker and you can play it with your friends and family online. You can choose a mode of language that you are comfortable with and don’t have to stick with language English or the default language of the app. There are plenty of modes in this game and recommended sites that can offer exciting rewards for the winners. Most of the websites will also give you a private room where you can play with your friends and family.

You can experience the real life live gaming experience from the casino floor by playing this game in the mobile casinos. It is streamed on a very high resolution video with trained dealers who are adept at Indian languages and can make it very easy for players to get through the gaming session.

How Do You Play Teen Patti Gold?

Take a look at the following tips before you start your journey.

  1. For new players, it is better to start with smaller wagers and increase it with bigger cards. Only bet as much as you are comfortable to risk.
  2. Keep an eye for the playing patterns of your competitors. Stay neutral when placing your bets and be confident when you are playing so you are not influenced by your competitors.
  3. It doesn’t matter what cards you have, stay vigilant and make sure you place reasonable bets. Placing huge bets can get you to lose a good amount of your money very fast early in the game.
  4. You can play blind in this game up to four times anywhere through a round.
  5. If you are not sure about your cards, utilize the sideshow option. This will improve your winning chances. If you are trying to avoid entering a losing streak, show your cards and pack the game.

What Are The Ranking Of Cards?

High card

This is the lowest ranked card combination. If you have none of the below combinations and somehow still lasted till the end of the game, then the result of the game is decided by looking at the player who has the highest cards.

Two of a kind

This is the 5th ranking combination. If you have two cards with the same value, it is called two of a kind. Double aces has the highest value and doubled 2’s has the lowest value in this combination.


This is when the combination of cards you have are from the same suite even when they are not in sequence.

Street or sequence

If you have a combination of cards that are consecutive in ranking but belong to different suites, this is called a straight or sequence. The highest and lowest values follow the normal rule of sequence cards.

Pure sequence

This is the second highest rank of card combination. If you have three consecutive cards that belong from the same suite, it is considered a pure sequence.


This is the highest ranked combination. If the player has three cards of the same rank, it is called a trail. The highest trail is 3 aces followed by three Kings, etc. The lowest trail is 3 2’s.

What Are The Terms Used In The Game?

Like any professional card game, there are some terms and lingos you should be accustomed with before you start playing

Blind player

A player who has not seen his cards but still wants to continue playing. This player is able to raise the stake in the game whenever they want to.

Seen player

A player who has seen his cards and continues to place bets. They must raise stakes twice in the game.


The least amount that has to be contributed by all players on the board.


Any bet placed by the seen player.


This is where one player calls the cards of another and asks them to show the card. The other player has to show their card in this case. The winner is whoever has the highest card combination.


If the player has seen their hands and they want to withdraw because they don’t have strong cards, it’s considered fold. The player can leave the table once they have folded their hand.

Pot limit

The stakes in this game can go extremely high. The pot limit is a limitation placed at the time of placing the bet. In any game, the maximum allowed amount is pre-decided through this part limit. Players can place their bets of any value under this part limit.

Spread limit

Some teen Patti game tables have a preset maximum bet amount. The players are not allowed to place a bit of higher value. They can choose a bet amount which has to be less than the spread limit.

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