Online casinos can offer a number of different promotions and bonuses in order to get you to either sign up and play, or play more while you are registered. One of the most common ways of keeping customers keen is by offering a 20 free spins bonus.

These 20 free spins can be used in order to give you more of a chance of winning, and for more information on the casinos which offer a 20 free spins bonus, we suggest you check it out here.

List of Online Casinos That Offer 20 Free Spins Bonus

What Is a 20 Free Spins Bonus?

A 20 free spins bonus is a really fun way for you to keep up with your game time and gives you more chance of winning. It is one of the most common free spin offers in Indian online casinos.

The 20 free spins can either be used on a slot of your choice, or, and more commonly, a slot of the online casino’s choice. There can also be some wagering requirements attached to them so be sure to check out their terms and conditions too.

20 Free Spins Bonus India

How Often Do Indian Casinos Offer 20 Free Spins?

Most of the time, 20 free spins bonus is offered to those players who have been depositing regularly and is given to them as a goodwill bonus. This 20 free spins bonus can also be given to you as part of the welcome offer, or for those customers who haven’t logged in and played for a while, as a way of trying to get them back.

Play at Online Casinos Offering 20 Free Spins Bonus

Some people like to claim a 20 free spins bonus, and others prefer not too. This all really depends on the slot game that you can sue them on and what the wagering requirements are. We highly suggest that before you claim this bonus, you make sure that you read through the terms and conditions.

If you wish to get more in-detailed information on this, we also suggest you check out what casinos are offering the 20 free spins bonus here.