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From the leading online casinos to the newest ones, all online casinos are known to give their players exciting bonuses to attract them to their platform. It’s a great way to get new players and retain their old ones. Even for the players, bonuses are one of the biggest mainstays when they are deciding where they should invest their money. Online casino bonuses offer a win-win situation for both players as well as the casino. We at AllCasinos are going to look into the different kinds of bonuses, their features and how you can make the most of them!

Royal Panda

$1000 bonus + 300 free spins

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Deposit Bonuses – Which Online Casinos in India Offer Deposit Bonuses?

Deposit bonuses are generally offered to attract new players. Thus it is usually rare for existing players to be offered deposit bonuses. Sometimes, online casinos do offer deposit bonuses to existing customers as a token of appreciation, although the value is much lesser than that for new players. But hey, any bonus is always welcome, right? Look out for them during holiday seasons or festivals to chance on the offers. You could also sign up for newsletters from online casinos in India to be in the know.

Genesis Casino

UK and Malta casino licenses Offers live casino Customer support 24/7 About Genesis Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse vehicula enim et neque scelerisque rutrum. Nam semper, est a ...

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Which New Online Casinos in India Offer Bonuses?

Well, the answer is all of them! Offering bonuses is a great way for new online casinos to penetrate the market and onboard players. In fact, new online casinos offer much bigger bonuses compared to established casinos, purely to attract players. A lot of new casinos offer sizeable bonus amounts to attract players and cover their investment costs. The initial funding pumped in by the casino owner is seldom enough to sustain it for long. They need to onboard players to be sustainable and not shut shop. Hence, you will often find new online casinos offering almost unbelievable mouth-watering offers in the form of deposit bonus, free spins, 100 % bonus, and sometimes even 200 % bonus.

What are Bonuses with Wagering Requirements?

You will seldom come across a 100 % bonus or a 200 % bonus with hidden terms and conditions such as minimum wagering requirements. Wagering requirements basically mean the minimum amount you need to invest or bet before you are eligible to withdraw the additional funds you received as a bonus. Our advice as seasoned online casino enthusiasts would be to look out for 200% bonuses. They are worth keeping an eye out for. 100% bonuses are nothing special.

What are Free Spins and Which Online Casinos in India Offer Them?

Free spins are nothing but free chances on a slot machine that you can use a certain number of times. Anything you win in free spins is yours to use or withdraw. Online casinos offer free spins very generously in order to catch the attention of players. Some casinos do not even require a deposit amount to offer free spins.

Online casinos often offer a few free spins along with a 100% bonus as a way to attract investors. These are offers you should definitely look out for. Free spins on its own is not a very exciting proposition, in our opinion.

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