Maharashtra is one of the Indian states that doesn’t allow gambling and hasn’t updated its gambling laws since the 19th century. However, in Maharashtra, as is in the rest of India there’s a vibrant gambling culture, and playing casino games is a popular pastime. This is accomplished by using the services of casinos that are based outside the state.

We’ve set up a list of casinos operating in Maharashtra for you to browse and choose from. The casinos on our list offer a variety of different games and have many bonuses for new players to take advantage of.

List of the Best Casino Sites in Maharashtra

Is Online Gambling Legal in Maharashtra?

Online gambling isn’t regulated in Maharashtra, meaning that it technically isn’t illegal. The laws regulating gambling in Maharashtra haven’t changed since the 19th century when the practice was banned. Casinos founded outside the state can still provide their services to its residents, however.

The winnings you make from an online casino based outside the state are still taxable in Maharashtra. There’s a limit of 10.000 rupees and if you win more than that it’s taxed at a flat rate of 30 percent regardless of what the sum is. Lottery, on the other hand, is legal and Maharashtra was one of the first states to allow it.

Brief History of Online Gambling in Maharashtra

Online gambling became a thing as soon as the internet and personal computers were widely available. It started in the early 90s but it wasn’t as sophisticated as it became just a few years later. Indian players are deeply involved in gambling culture and they are tech-savvy which made them adopt online gambling quickly.

In the late 00s, the state-regulated online payments and therefore effectively regulated the way the winnings from an online casino based abroad are tracked and taxed. Online gambling was always on the cutting edge of the industry and it quickly involved apps, live games as well as any other innovation that improved the gambling offer.

Current Gambling Laws in Maharashtra

The only law regulating gambling in Maharashtra is still the Public Gambling Act of 1876. It was a law that forbids gambling in India and it’s still in power, meaning that gambling isn’t allowed and on-the-ground casinos can’t be opened in Maharashtra. The law doesn’t mention online gambling creating a loophole allowing players from Maharashtra to use casinos based abroad.

The lottery regulation act adopted in 1998 allows lottery games even though gambling isn’t allowed. Maharashtra is one of the Indian states that have such laws. There’s also a law from 2007 that doesn’t deal with gambling in particular but gamblers need to pay attention to it since it allows the funds made abroad to be taxed when deposited to an Indian bank.

Maharashtra Online Casinos Games

Online casinos operating in Maharashtra provide a variety of different games. This includes Indian and western games since both are very popular with Indian players. Casinos also offer games of luck and games of skill and both have their appeal to the players.

Slot games are the most popular gambling games in Indian casinos, but there are also card and table games. These have a lower edge in favour of the casino and unlike slots, they depend on the player’s skill. This means that over time you can get better at it and start betting for larger amounts.

Public Gambling Act of 1876 regulates gambling in Maharashtra

Casino Slot Games in Maharashtra

Slot games are among the most popular gambling games with Maharashtra players. A slot is a game of luck alone and a player can’t affect the outcome but it’s possible to win big even with the smallest of bets. That’s what players find so attractive about the game, and what causes them to sometimes chase their losses even when it doesn’t make sense to do so.

Laws currently in place in Maharashtra don’t allow for slots or any other form of gambling but if the casino you’re using is set up outside the state, you’ll be fine.

Casino Table & Card Games in Maharashtra

Table and card games are also available and popular in Maharashtra casinos. These games depend on the skill of the player rather than on blind luck alone. They still have an edge in favour of the casino, but it’s a much smaller edge and a player has a fair chance against the house.

  • Poker is the most popular card game and it comes in many different forms.
  • Roulette remains the most played table game. It’s more focused on luck, but the skill comes from knowing when to bet and when to give up.
  • Baccarat is a card game somewhat similar to blackjack.
  • Andar Bahar is a popular Indian card game based on luck alone.
  • Teen Pathi is another Indian game often played in Maharashtra casinos. It’s somewhat similar to poker.

Online Lottery in Maharashtra

The lottery is legal in Maharashtra. It’s one of the Indian states that made the lottery legal years ago. The government authorises companies that provide this service and they can be based in the state. It’s also possible to play a lottery in an online casino based abroad, as with any other gambling game.

When using the services of a local and authorised lottery you’re charged a lower tax rate on your winning. The winnings made abroad are taxed at 30 percent while the local lottery tax rate is set at 28 percent.

Live Casinos in Maharashtra

Live casinos are becoming increasingly popular as they mimic the look and feel of visiting a real casino from the comfort of your home. The games are streamed online in real-time and controlled by an actual dealer in an on-the-ground casino. The players take part in the games from their devices and in real-time as well.

Casinos offering their services to players from Maharashtra have this feature and Maharashtra players can use it as long as the casinos are based abroad in order to comply with the local laws. The rules and the gameplay are the same as when you play on the online version.

Sports Betting in Maharashtra

Sports betting technically isn’t allowed in Maharashtra, either. It’s prohibited by the Public Gambling Act. However, it’s also possible to use the services of a casino based outside of the state and to get taxed on the funds won that way. The same principle applies as it does to gambling.

The most popular sports to be on in Maharashtra are cricket, football, and polo. It’s also common to bet on horse racing and it’s been a tradition going back to the British. Many Indian players also bet on western sports that aren’t that often played in India, such as basketball or baseball.

The funds won at a foreign casino are taxed at 30 percent.

How to Gamble from Maharashtra (Legally)

It’s possible to legally gamble from Maharashtra, even though the laws currently in place don’t allow it. This is done by playing at a casino operating outside of the state. Those casinos can be based outside India as a whole or in one of the few Indian states that do allow online gambling.

The rules of the games, the chances to win, and the bonus systems all differ greatly between casinos so when choosing the one for you, make sure to do your diligence and choose carefully. Our list features casinos that are suited to novice players and high rollers.

Set up a Casino Account

The first thing to do is to set up an account with a casino based outside the state. This is simple enough to do and all that you need is an email and a payment method to connect with your account. It can be a card, a bank account, or an e-wallet. It’s best to go with a payment method you can use to withdraw and deposit funds.

There are many benefits of having a new casino account that you should take advantage of. This includes higher bonuses and lower wagering requirements for withdrawing these bonuses.

 Choose the Right Games

Casinos on our list provide a variety of different games and have many different bonus setups. This includes games of luck and games of skills, as well as Indian and western games. It’s always a good idea to play the games that you know and love. This doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to games you played before, but make sure to research and study the game before playing it.

Most casinos on our list offer an option to play for tokens rather than for real money, at first. It’s a good way to learn the gameplay without having to risk any of your own funds.

Withdrawing The Funds

Another important feature to set up when playing from Maharashtra is the ability to withdraw the funds you’ve won. This can be done via a variety of different payment methods, all of which have their upsides and downsides as well as fees and waiting time to be aware.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you plan to withdraw the funds from a casino set up abroad, you’ll still need to pay taxes on your winnings. These start at 10.000 rupees and it’s a flat tax of 30 percent regardless of how big your winnings are.

Play at the Top Online Casinos in Maharashtra

Gambling isn’t legal in Maharashtra. However, the laws banning it were written in the 19th century and they don’t mention online gambling. Local players can easily use the services of an online casino based outside the state or outside India in general. Those casinos tend to offer games of luck and skill, both of which are popular with local players. Lottery, however, can be freely played in on-the-ground facilities in Maharashtra.

We’ve set up a list of online casinos offering their services in Maharashtra for you to choose from. When doing so make sure to take into account what kind of bonuses they offer and whether they are tied to any wagering requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s not, but it can be done in a foreign casino.

It’s regulated by the Public Gambling Act of 1876.

Yes, at a rate of 30 percent.

The casinos accept cards, bank accounts, and e-wallets.

Casinos operating in Maharashtra offer games of luck such as slots and games of skill such as poker.

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