Meghalaya has recently changed its laws regulating online gambling. It was a complicated process and political forces were opposing it. However, the state isn’t really new to the practice, since its residents could always use the services of online casinos based outside of India. It was unregulated but commonly used.

Check out the list of online casinos available in Meghalaya that we’ve compiled for you.

List of the Best Casino Sites in Meghalaya

Is Online Gambling Legal in Meghalaya

At this point, Meghalaya allows gambling since it did so in the law passed in 2021. However, the government claims that it will soon change the law and make it illegal again. This applies only to online casinos based in the state itself. It was always possible to use online casinos based abroad since the previous laws didn’t mention that option at all.

Brief History of Online Gambling in Meghalaya

Gambling was a part of Meghalaya’s culture and economy for centuries. However, the latest law governing it was ratified in 1970 and it forbids gambling altogether. It didn’t mention online gambling since there wasn’t any and that’s why gambling using online casinos based abroad was common and allowed, as is the case in most of India.

Meghalaya has legalised gambling in 2021 and it has made the law much more liberal and modern. The law passed in 2021 is still in effect, but many want to change it and return to stricter laws that wouldn’t allow the use of Indian-based casinos. There are also calls to allow gambling for tourists only.

Current Gambling Laws in Meghalaya

Current laws were made in 2021 and they were a part of a big push to bring in tourists to Meghalaya. The law allows for land-based, as well as online casinos. They also make a distinction between games of chance and games of skill.

Games of chance or luck are allowed but they are more closely monitored, while games of skill are allowed in general.

There’s also a move to change these laws once again and to ban gambling since that’s how the law works in most Indian states. Some believe that it may remain legal for tourists only, but not for residents of the state itself.

Online Casinos Meghalaya

Meghalaya Online Casinos Games

Almost all commonly played casino games are available and popular in Meghalaya casinos. This is true for the casinos that operate within the state and there are absolutely no limitations when it comes to using the services of a casino that’s based abroad.

The current regulations governing the casinos within the state make a difference between games of skill and luck.

Casino Slot Games in Meghalaya

Current regulations make a distinction between games of skill and games of luck. Slots are considered to be games of luck since there’s nothing a player can do to increase their odds. They are still allowed but there are more hoops for the casinos to jump through. Foreign-based casinos provide slots as well and Meghalaya players can use them as well.

Casino Table & Card Games in Meghalaya

Casino table and card games are considered to be games of skill since a player can get better at them and they can affect the outcome. These are also the most popular games in most casinos in Meghalaya, probably for the very same reason. The casinos offer both Indian and western games.

Online Lottery in Meghalaya

Lottery is allowed in Meghalaya even though it’s based on luck alone. The new law that has regulated gambling also allows for lottery and it doesn’t make a difference between an online lottery and the lottery tickets you can buy in stores. Many players also take part in lotteries based abroad.

Live Casinos in Meghalaya

Live casinos are legal and popular in Meghalaya. They offer the same games and tournaments you would otherwise find in a land-based casino and they try to mimic the look and feel that comes with visiting it.

In Meghalaya, as is the case in all of India and beyond, casinos are looking for ways to accommodate a younger demographic of players which gamble online.

Sports Betting in Meghalaya

Sports betting is legal in Meghalaya and it’s one of the most popular forms of gambling. This is the case throughout India where there’s a long history of sports betting due to historic reasons and because for a long time, it was the only type of gambling that was allowed. The most popular sports are cricket, football, and horse racing.

How to Gamble From Meghalaya (Legally)

Now that gambling is legal in Meghalaya, it’s easy enough to gamble and set up an account so that you can do it legally and get paid with ease. This is the case when using the casinos based in Meghalaya and when you’re using those based abroad. Here we will explain all the available options.

Use Online Casinos Based in Meghalaya

Set up an account in one of the online casinos based in Meghalaya and connect it with a payment method that it accepts. You’ll get a few bonuses that are aimed at new players and you get to play any of the games that the casino has to offer. It’s the simplest way to go and it’s still legal.

Play in a Land-Based Casino in Meghalaya

Land-based casinos are also legal in Meghalaya and you can use one of them. They offer pretty much all the games and all the options available in online casinos with the added thrill of the entertainment usually available in casinos.

There are a bit more limits as to how many players can use the services of a land-based casino but everything else is the same.

Play at a Foreign Casino

It’s still allowed to use the services of an online casino based outside of Meghalaya and outside India itself. It used to be the only way to gamble in Meghalaya until recently when gambling was legalised.

You’ll need to establish a payment method that such a casino accepts and that can easily be used within India and you’re good to go.

Play at the Top Online Casinos in Meghalaya

Meghalaya has just recently legalised gambling for both games of luck and games of skills. This happened in 2021 and there are already rumours that the law will be reversed.

Casinos based in Meghalaya offer a variety of different games and bonuses and they also have live events and tournaments. Therefore, feel free to try out the best Meghalaya casinos from our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, gambling is legal in Meghalaya.

It was legalised in 2021.

Yes, both games of luck and skill are allowed.

Yes, sports betting is allowed in Meghalaya.

The most popular sports in Meghalaya, when it comes to sports betting, are football, cricket, and horse racing.

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