Online Casino Licences in India (2023)

An online casino needs to be licensed by the proper authorities. Having such a licence proves that the casino is legit and trustworthy and allows the establishment to provide certain services. These include running gambling games, allowing deposits and payments, and purchasing gambling software solutions.

It’s important for a player to make sure that the casino they want to play in is licensed since it means it’s trustworthy and that you have resources in case something goes wrong. Check out our list of licensed casinos and choose the one for you.

List of Licensed Casinos
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List of the Best Licensed Casino Sites in India

What is an Online Casino Licence?

An online casino licence basically states that the casino in question has undergone a screening process by the appropriate government body and is in compliance with all the rules and regulations regarding gambling in the host country. Some of those rules and regulations state that the casino is dedicated to fair play, responsible gambling, and treating their players in accordance with the law.

Casino Licences India

How Much Does an Online Casino Licence Cost?

Just like with any other sort of government licence, the first question that comes to mind about casino licence is: “How much is this going to cost me?”. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer, as it depends on several factors, the most important being where you decide to get a licence. One thing that all countries share is that you will have to pay an application fee upfront.

Your application will be reviewed and if satisfactory, you will be issued a licence. The waiting period varies but is usually between 20 and 30 days. Once a license is issued, you will have to pay an annual fee to renew it each year. Again, the sum depends on the location.

Which Is the Cheapest Casino Licence?

Online gambling is a market like any other and you will often find participants trying to undercut their competition with lower prices. Except in this case the participants are various governments trying to attract business to their respective countries. The general rule is that the countries that have recently joined the fray offered the lowest licensing fees.

At the moment, the government of Curacao has the lowest prices, so many of the new casinos, especially those opening in India, are registering there to benefit from lowered costs.

Most Important Gambling Licences for Indian Market

India has complex gambling laws and many Indian states don’t allow gambling at all. However, the law does allow casinos to use gambling licences based abroad and provide their services to players within India.

Most Indian casinos that do so, obtain licences from offshore locations that specify in gambling as one of the benefits of their unique legal status. These licences are easier to get and less expensive than those from more well-established gambling locations, which is a useful advantage for small and up-and-coming casinos.

Curacao Gaming Licence

Curacao is a relatively new addition to the world of offshore zone gambling. It’s also one of the least expensive licences out there and many new casinos decide to base their operations on a Curacao licence for this reason in particular. It takes about 6 weeks to get approved which is pretty fast compared to others.

The licence covers online gambling, bingo, and sports booking. On the downside, Curacao doesn’t offer disputes between players and casinos and that’s an option that can come in handy in day-to-day operations.

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) was set up in 2001 and it controls all the gambling licences in Malta – including those for lotteries and sports booking. There are four different types of licences issued in Malta and they differ for games of luck and those that require a skill.

If a casino has an MGA licence it has gone through a process to make sure that the games are fair and balanced and that all transactions and deposits are safe and easy to track or dispute.

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

The Gambling Supervision Commission works independently from UK regulatory agencies and it’s been operational since 1962. It issues licences for both land-based and online casinos and it makes sure that other gambling regulations are followed. The rules are much stricter in the Isle of Man than in most other regions we mentioned.

It’s also one of the most expensive licences to get since you need to pay for both the application and the annual renewal. The process takes about 12 weeks and it covers fairness, the safety of payments, and rules about minors.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

Alderney is one of the Crown dependencies and it’s the largest of the Channel islands. Therefore, this licence comes with the same benefits as those from the Isle of Man – it’s somewhat more rigorous than other offshore destinations.

There are no land-based casinos in Alderley and the Commission can only award licences for online casinos. Game fairness and rules forbidding minors from gambling are all enforced, so it’s a licence that can be trusted.

A gambling authority issues the permit and checks the casinos to make sure they follow the regulations.

Gibraltar Gambling Licence

Gibraltar has a lot of experience handling online casinos and its licence is one of the most well-respected when it comes to offshore gambling. The verification process is much more complex and longer than with most other agencies we mentioned – it takes about 6 months.

The licence is also one of the most expensive out there. It can cost up to $70.000 to get one, depending on how your casino is structured. The licence is valid for 5 years but there’s an annual fee for renewals.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake isn’t an offshore location since it’s a part of mainland Canada. However, it does have its gambling commission and can issue casino licences which is why it’s treated as one. The gaming commission was founded in 1999 and it was a part of a wider policy that includes no taxation on casinos and gambling winnings in Kahnawake.

It has long been one of the most popular offshore zones for US casinos and now it hosts gambling establishments from all over the world.

UK Gambling Commission

UK Gambling Commission is relatively new – it was founded in 2007. However, there were other regulatory institutions issuing licences since the 1960s. The commission issues licence for both online and land-based casinos and they are one of the strictest regulatory bodies out there.

Casinos that operate under this licence need to provide fair games, as well as prevent money laundering. There are also rules about minors and being able to quickly and easily deposit and track funds. UK casinos offer representation in disputes between players and casinos.

Panama Gambling Licence

US casinos are often licensed in Panama since it’s a trustworthy licence and one that you can get nearby. Online gambling became legal in Panama in 2001 mostly because of its tax laws. There’s no tax at all on winnings made in online gambling. Panama also has strict money laundering laws so everything needs to be done by the book.

Since there are no taxes, the price of the licence itself is a bit high. The licence will cost a casino $40.000 and there’s an annual fee of $20.000 for renewing the permit.

Antigua Online Gaming Association (OGA)

Antigua Online Gaming Association issues licences for online casinos and sports booking establishments. The paperwork is standard but those who apply for sports booking need to apply for a casino licence as well. Both gambling practice and business models are under supervision when applying for a licence.

Antigua also offers dispute mediation when there’s an issue between a player and a casino. It’s a useful resource and one that most players are looking for when choosing a casino to play in. The Association is responsible for routine inspections as well.

Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA)

The Swedish Gambling Authority issues licences for Swedish casinos including those based online. It offers safe and secure player protection schemes that make sure that the games are fair and payments are easy to trace. The SGA allows for casinos that use cryptocurrencies as one of the payment methods.

Players can’t file a complaint with SGA since it’s handled by a different agency called Swedish Consumer Agency. The licensing process is simple and easy to follow and it handles both the company and tax information as well as making sure the games are fair.

A casino with the proper permit is allowed to purchase software needed for gambling.

Other Online Casino Licences

These are the major offshore licences that most casinos use, but they are not the only ones. There are also a few smaller entities that issue gambling licences and that are gaining traction now that the gambling world is expanding and it’s truly global.

The most commonly used of these are licences issued by: the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, Estonia, Montenegro, Seychelles, and Saint Kitts and Nevis. All of these have unique regulations of their own, but they are all trustworthy.

What are Casino Licences For?

A casino licence is a document that states that the casino has gone through the process of authorisation with the proper authorities that are legally allowed to issue such a document. It’s a sign for the player that the Indian online casino can be trusted both when it comes to games and when it comes to payments.

There are many reasons for a casino to display their licence, not only because it’s a legal requirement but also as a way to establish trust with the players that use their services.

Buying Software

Casinos need to have a licence in order to purchase some of the software solutions needed to run the gambling establishment. This mostly means games but a gambling licence is also required to get some of the software needed for payments and deposits. An individual or a business licensed for other types of services won’t be able to purchase these software solutions.

The licence also needs to be renewed on a regular basis and only then the casinos can purchase the latest versions of such software.

Payment Methods

Casinos need a proper licence in order to use most of the commonly used payment methods. Cards, bank accounts, and e-wallets are all used to make payments and deposits to and from casinos and all of them will require an appropriate licence.

Casinos that have a proper licence are also more likely to have safety methods in place, in case something goes wrong with a payment or if there’s a dispute. The authority that issues the licence acts as a mediator in such cases.

Making Sure the Games Are Run Honestly

Casino games need to be run honestly and with integrity even when they are made to work in favour of the casino. Authorities that issue casino licences are there to make sure that this is the case and they continue to monitor the casinos by having inspections put in place.

A player that uses a licensed casino that runs games based on a random number generator can be assured that their odds are fair and that they have a chance of winning.

It’s a Sign of Trust

Casinos that are licensed with respectable authority are trusted by the players and by sponsors. It’s an especially important advantage for small and new casinos that want to establish themselves in the new market. The fee paid for the licensing process is well worth such advertising.

This is especially true for casinos that are based online since it provides an extra layer of protection for the players in case there’s a dispute or a payment is misplaced or mishandled.

Offshore zones that issue permits usually have no taxes or a very low tax rate.

Which is the Best Licence for an Indian Casino Operator?

Since India is an unregulated market, any off-shore licence allows online casino operations. The Malta gambling licence seems like the best solution, but it is also the most expensive one. That is why most Indian online casinos are registered under the Curacao licence.

Play at the Top Licensed Casinos in India

Casino licences are proof that a casino was inspected by the proper authority and that it runs fair and trustworthy games. It’s also a prerequisite for purchasing certain software and tools needed to run a casino. Many casinos set up their licences in offshore zones due to gambling laws and tax regulations.

Here’s a list of online casinos that have proper and trustworthy licences, we’ve compiled for you. Make sure to check it out and choose the one that suits you the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

A casino licence is a document allowing a gambling establishment to operate.

Offshore zones commonly allow gambling since they attract it with their tax policy or in some cases, lack of taxes altogether.

It means that it’s legal to operate and that it’s safe to deposit and withdraw funds to and from it. In most cases, it also means that the games are fair.

Permits are often issued by the gambling authority of Kahnawake, Panama, the UK, and Malta, as well as many others.

Casinos pay fees for starting the licensing process and for renewing the licence.

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