Minimum (Low) Deposit Casinos in India (2023)

Most online casinos have a minimum amount you can bet and many specialise in small bets and players that don’t want to risk large amounts. These casinos are usually best suited to new players and to those who want to learn about the game without having to risk too much early on.

It’s also an appealing proposition since all the games still work the same and you can end up winning big even though you start with rather low bets at first. Check out our list of low deposit casinos and choose the one for you.

List of Low Deposit Casinos
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List of Casinos with Low Deposit in India

What Are Minimum Deposit Casinos?

Minimum deposit casinos are gambling establishments that allow you to make small deposits and therefore bet small amounts with less risk. They provide all the casino games, tournaments, and bonuses provided by the casinos in which you can bet big.

Such casinos are most often used by novice players and those who want to learn and try games out before they start seriously betting and risking larger amounts. It’s also possible to win big at some of these online casinos.

Minimum Deposit Casinos India

How Low Can an Indian Casino Deposit Be?

Indian casinos offer a lot of different minimum deposit options and there are no rules as to how low they can be. In most cases, casinos won’t go below 100 Rupees. Some casinos are considered to be minimum deposit and allow players to deposit as much as 2000 Rupees.

Keep in mind that sometimes banks have limits about how much you can send or deposit and if your bank has higher limits than that of a casino you won’t be able to use it, at least not by sending the lowest amount.

₹100 Minimum Deposit Casinos

One hundred Indian rupees casinos aren’t that common since it’s a rather low amount and one that doesn’t always suit banks, card providers, and other payment methods. It’s also not used by many players since it’s considered to be too low and therefore not as exciting. However, ₹100 minimum deposit casinos do exist and we’ve compiled a list of them for you to try.

These casinos also offer bonuses and they mostly come in the form of matching the deposit made by the player. In some cases, this bonus kicks in only when you deposit more than the initial 10 Rupees.

₹500 Minimum Deposit Casinos

Five hundred Indian rupees minimum deposits are also rather rare since it’s still a small amount and both banks and players prefer larger bets. However, there are such casinos out there and they are usually used by novice players. The casinos on our list that allow this small deposit, are all licensed and safe to use.

Welcome bonuses, free spins, and matching deposits are all available in ₹500 minimum deposit casinos and it’s possible to win big while starting with such a small deposit.

₹1000 Minimum Deposit Casinos

This is the most commonly used minimum deposit casino since the amount is just right. It’s large enough to make the bets fun and provide a chance to win big, but still small enough that it suits novice practice who regard it as a way to practice.

All the bonuses provided by ₹1000 minimum deposit casinos can also be found in those in which larger deposits are used. This includes welcome bonuses, deposit matching, free spins, and bonuses with different wagering requirements.

Minimum deposit casinos are a good vehicle for testing your skills and learning about the games.

₹1500 Minimum Deposit Casinos

Fifteen hundred Indian rupees minimum deposit casinos are considered to be on the higher end of things when it comes to minimum deposits. In some casinos, they open up a chance to use some of the casino’s features not available for those using the smallest deposit out there – such as live events.

The bonuses offered by ₹1500 minimum deposit casinos are usually the same as those that you can use with large deposits and they come with a similar set of wagering requirements.

₹2000 Minimum Deposit Casinos

This is the largest amount you can deposit and to still consider it a low deposit. There are novice players that avoid such casinos as they do the lowest ones since the risks are greater and not suited to them. However, ₹2000 minimum deposit casinos are becoming more common and our list includes many different options to choose from.

All the live events, casino bonuses, and wagering requirements apply to these casinos as they would accept larger bets and deposits.

New Minimum Deposit Casinos in India

Since new casinos in India have to try and do everything in their power to ensure that they attract as many new players as they can, it’s no wonder that some of them are offering low minimum deposits.

With that in mind, we checked online casinos in India that were opened in the past couple of years to see which of them have minimum deposits and we have created a list of new minimum deposit casinos for you to check out.

Advantages of Minimum Deposit Casinos

There are many reasons to use minimum deposit casinos and that’s why there’s always a market for them. They are a great opportunity for those who want to try the games out and learn the rules firsthand but don’t want to risk betting too much.

There are also players who enjoy the games for the fun of it and don’t care about winnings that much. low deposit casinos are a great option for those players. After a while, some of them will move on to larger sums but many will keep using low deposit casinos as well.

Low Risk

The low risks involved are the biggest advantage of using low deposit casinos. That means that a player can use the casino and play the games as they are without having to lose too much of their own funds. It’s good practice and many players move on to casinos with higher deposits once they understand the game.

There’s still a thrill in using these casinos since the players win and lose as they do when they play for larger amounts.

Suited to New Players

Using minimum deposit casinos is best suited to new players since it’s a way to make the first steps in the world of online gambling. That way novice players can learn the rules of the games firsthand and experience the look and feel of the game. It helps when moving on to playing for larger amounts.

Since there’s a large variety of low-deposit casinos and a lot of different levels of deposits one can make, a player can gradually move from the lowest of deposits to higher ones.


It’s still possible to win big when adding small deposits and betting small amounts. This comes from the progressive features of most games which allow the players to build on what they’ve already won and increase their winnings piece by piece. It also comes from bonuses available to all players regardless of the size of their deposits and bets.

Players enjoy the possibility of winning big even when the chances for it are remote and there are always examples when it did happen – in the case of slots – it happened for some of the biggest winnings in history.

The chances of winning are the same with minimum deposit casinos even though the amounts are lower.

Frugal Gambling

Gambling is often seen as an indulgence and sometimes even a vice. However, it’s possible to gamble frugally without having to waste too much money in the process. Playing in this way still follows the same steps as any other game and it’s equally exciting to win and increase your winnings over time.

The games you could play in minimum deposit casinos are still made to work in favour of the casino since that’s how most games are – even those based on a skill such as poker or baccarat.

Disadvantages of Minimum Deposit Casinos

There are also downsides to using minimum-deposit casinos. As is the case with most things, downsides come from the same features that can be considered an upside. The casinos that allow the lowest of deposits won’t have all features and games available to those who bet on bigger amounts.

There’s also less chance of winning big and it takes time for you to build up your winnings over time and branch out to a larger deposit bracket. Those who want to win big usually don’t use these casinos, since all the fun is in the small deposits and bets.

Small Bets

Small bets are the main point of low deposit casinos but they are also their biggest downside. If you want to win big and play for large amounts, you’ll have a hard time doing so with these amounts. This is especially true for the smallest deposits we’ve mentioned.

There are bonuses you can get on these amounts but since they are mostly matching the deposits you’ve made; chances are the bonuses will be low as well. Some low deposit casinos also offer welcome bonuses, which aren’t tied to the amount you deposit.

You Don’t Get the Full Experience

Some casinos won’t offer the full experience to those who play at the low deposit casinos. Some of the features offered by most casinos aren’t available if you bet the lowest amounts. In most cases, this goes for live events – which are too expensive to set up and manage and therefore not profitable for low-amount bets.

There are also casinos that don’t let the players betting small amounts have access to all the games. The cut-off line differs from one casino to the other.

It May Lead to More Spending

It may be counter-intuitive that betting small amounts can sometimes lead to spending more than you would on larger bets. However, this is the case since it’s easier to disregard small losses, and when that happens players tend to deposit more and try to win back their losses. In the long run, this can lead to losing more over time.

Some minimum deposit casinos don’t allow live events.

It’s easy to lose track of the small amounts and that’s why players should carefully monitor their spending and set stop-loss limits.

Key Takeaways

  • Minimum deposit casinos are online casinos in India that accept low deposits, so many also call them low-deposit casinos.
  • Some online casinos in India allow users to make a deposit of just 100 Rupees, but that is the absolute lowest amount you’ll be able to find. Other common low-deposit casinos allow deposits of ₹500, ₹1,000, and ₹2,000.
  • The main advantage of low deposit casinos is the reduced risk of losing more than you can afford. These casinos are also good for new players who want to test out some games, without spending too much money. Also, despite low deposits, you can still get lucky and win big, although that’s more likely to happen with larger bets, which you won’t be able to place with small deposits.

Play at the Minimum Deposit Casinos in India

Minimum deposit casinos are a great way for novice players to learn more about the games they want to try out and to do it with little to no risk. The casinos that offer the lowest deposits also offer bonuses and players can enjoy all of their games. The chances of winning are also the same for any amount.

There are different levels out there and the smallest deposits can be as low as 10 Rupees, while the highest in this category is 2000 Rupees. Check out our list of low deposit casinos and choose the one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum deposit casinos are casinos that allow low deposits.

In some low deposit casinos, you won’t be able to play at live events.

Everyone can use them, but they are most commonly used by novice players.

It can sometimes lead to spending more than you’ve planned since the losses are small.

The lowest amount you can deposit is 100 Rupees.

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