If you wonder what casinos to play, and if you are looking for sites with awesome games and good bonuses, and if you wonder which are the most trusted casinos in India, you should take a look at this list of the most reliable and most trusted Indian online casino sites.

List of the Most Reliable Casino Sites in India

What Makes an Online Casino Safe and Reliable?

After we carefully investigated all the parameters that have the strongest impact to the casino’s safety and reliability, we came to the conclusion that the safest casinos should have a proper casino licence, big popularity, strong security, fair terms and conditions, clean complaints history and a very efficient customer support.

Find more detailed information about each of these parameters in the following text.

Proper Casino Licence

A licence is very important to a casino because it is a certificate which allows offering games to players. To get a licence, a casino must fulfil certain criteria like: offering games from legit providers, use safe payment portals, be safe from money-laundering, promote responsible gambling, offer legit bonuses, promotions and campaigns.

Playing in a licensed casino gives players a positive feeling of dealing with reputable operators. It is important to a casino to have a licence because it is a sign of approval, and it attracts more players.

Casino Popularity

Casino popularity lies in several aspects, and one of the most important of them is reliability. The most popular casino brands that have been in the casino industry for a long time are usually the ones that are the most reliable. That is why casinos take care of their reliability, so that they can gain as many customers as possible.

Casino Security

Protecting customers from cyberattacks is of great importance for online casinos in India. Players have to be sure that their personal data like verification documents and banking info are safe and secure. Public safety is of great importance to a casino, like detecting fraud, cheating and theft.

It is very important to offer safe, fair and non-rigged games. Casinos use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, which ensures that the data sent between the site and user is unreadable for third parties. Encryption algorithms are used to encode the data and protect it from being hacked.

Fair Terms and Conditions

Casinos must treat their customers in a fair and transparent way. Their terms and conditions have to be very clear, so that customers can easily find all the information about bonuses, wagers, withdrawals and payments. This is the best way to avoid any unpleasant situation when it comes to the cashouts, and to gain more players.

Clean Complaints History

Before deciding what casino to play, every player should read reviews given by other customers. These reviews are the best way to find out details about a casino and help customers to decide where to place their bets. It is very important to consider the history of casino complaints and to look for the trustworthy reviews.

Reviews section is the place where you will find most needed information and where you can ask questions. Both casino representatives and gamers are eager to give you the answers you might need.

Efficient Customer Support

Customer support is also of great importance to the gamers, and it is very important that the customer support is very responsive. Good and efficient customer support should give an answer to their customers or fix their game within 24 hours.

Most Trusted Casinos India

How We Made the List of the Secure Casinos in India?

The list of the secure casinos in India is made by the 4-step approach we take when we select the most trusted and secure casinos. Those steps are:

  1. Defining the rating parameters
  2. Rating each of the parameters
  3. Picking up the most trusted casinos
  4. Regularly updating the casino ratings

Read more about each of these steps in the following text.

1. Defining the Rating Parameters

Our casino rating system uses the following parameters:

  • Overall reputation: casino owner, casino licence, casino popularity (number of players, revenue), casino security
  • Terms and conditions: is it fare and transparent or unfair
  • Complaints history: number of complaints, appearance on the blacklists
  • Depositing process: deposit methods (including currencies and cryptocurrencies), deposit time, minimum deposit
  • Withdrawal process: withdrawal methods (including currencies and cryptocurrencies), withdrawal time, minimum withdrawal, maximum withdrawal
  • Casino games: total number of games, number of different game types, number of software providers
  • Bonus offers: number and quality of available bonuses
  • Mobile optimisation: mobile, desktop and tablet optimisation, smartphone app
  • Customer support: variety of customer support options, average response time, availability of different languages
  • Special features: no account option, responsible gambling tools (withdrawal lock), VIP programme availability, tournaments, certification

These are the parameters that, in our opinion, have the most significant impact on the quality of an online casino.

2. Rating Each of the Parameters

These rating parameters helped us in making the list of the secure casinos in India. We rated each of these parameters on a scale of 1-10 and then we got the total rating by calculating the average of each of the parameter’s rating.

3. Picking out the Most Trusted Casinos

To pick out the most trusted casinos in India, first we got all the casino ratings, and after that we had to rank them according to the ratings. After we got this rank, we decided to highlight those casinos that rated 8.0/10 or higher as the most trusted and reliable casino sites in India.

4. Regularly Update the Casino Ratings

It is very important to regularly update the casino ratings, as they change. We want to be sure that we are following up with all the changes that could happen for each of the casinos. It doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative, they should be recorded as they influence the casino ratings.

Play at the Most Trusted Casinos in India

Now that we have explained why customers should gamble in the most trusted casinos in India and made the list of the most trusted ones, feel free to check out our list and choose the right one, or more, for you.

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