Baccarat: The Fibonacci Strategy

Baccarat is one of the most popular table games in online casinos as well as land-based. It is known to be a game of pure chance. The history of the game dates back to the 1400s when it was invented by a person named Felix Falguiere. Initially, he named the game as Baccara, and later it was renamed as Baccarat, which in its French spelling. The game became more popular after it appeared in Hollywood movies. Even though it is called a pure game of chance, there are some strategies that you can implement to form the winning odds. The name of the strategies includes – Fibonacci, Martingale, Paroli, Labouchere, and D’Alembert system. Today we will talk about the first system, the Fibonacci Strategy.

Let’s dig deeper and start exploring this advanced Baccarat strategy to get one step closer to meet your set goals in the game. However, it is worth noting that using any betting system does not change the odds of a game, but it can help you meet your gaming goals and help you keep the things under control. And it is important to remember that the house will always have an advantage of approx. 1.06% in the game. 

Everything to Know About The Fibonacci Baccarat Strategy

Besides Baccarat, the Fibonacci betting system is also very famous among roulette players. In fact, the strategy can be used in any game consisting of even bets. The Fibonacci system features a less aggressive approach and allows a manageable increase in the bet size compared to the Martingale. 

The entire strategy depends on the sequence of numbers, which is called the Fibonacci Sequence. The sequence of the strategy is as follows: 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89, and the series continue as long as required. To put it simply, each number in the sequence is the total of two numbers ahead, for ex. 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5 and so on. 

How does The Fibonacci Baccarat Strategy Work? 

When you start using this strategy at the Baccarat tables, each number comprising the sequence represents the amount of units you have to bet. In the initial phase of the game, you get the one betting unit, where the unit represents the amount of money, which has to be set before the game starts. The experts advise setting the unit value in a way that a unit doesn’t demonstrate the value of more than 1% of the total value of your bankroll. 

In Case You Lose

So, when you initially start by betting 1 unit, and in case you lose, move on to the next number of the sequence, which is again one, and you have to bet 1 unit again. But in case you lose again, next bet to 2 units, if the result is the same, keep betting through the sequence such as 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on, until you win. 

In Case You Win 

In case you get the win even at the starting number of the sequence, get started with the entire sequence once again and place a bet on 1 unit. However, if you win somewhere in the middle of the sequence, lower your betting amount by moving back in the sequence two places.  

Below is the demonstration of the gameplay. 

  • Bet placed on 1 unit and lost – bet size moves on to the next number in the sequence (1). 
  • Bet placed on 1 unit and lost – bet size increased by 1 and becomes 2.
  • Bet placed on 2 units and lost – bet size increased by 2 and becomes 3
  • Bet placed on 3 units and lost – bet size increased by 3 and becomes 5 
  • Bet placed on 5 units and won – bet size moves 2 numbers back in the sequence and becomes 2
  • Bet placed on 2 units and won – bet size moves 2 numbers back again, and the system is over, you can get started over it again. 

The series of bets demonstrated above include 6 hands, among which 4 hands are lost and 2 hands are won. The losing bets consist of a total of 7 units (1+1+2+3) and on the other side, the winning hand also consists of 7 units ( 5+2), which makes an even outcome. 

Another Example for Fibonacci Betting System 

For instance, INR 100 is your initial bet and your table limit is INR 5,000, so in case you lose 9 hands continually, you won’t be allowed to increase your bet anymore. 

Bet  Size 
First  100
Second 100
Third 200
Fourth 300
Fifth 500
Sixth  800
Seventh  1300
Eighth  2100
Ninth 3400
Tenth 5500


When you can see that the odds are not in your favor, this system can work for the short sessions. 

Pros and Cons of the Fibonacci Baccarat System 


Just like any other betting system, The Fibonacci betting strategy helps you keep things under control. Using the system will he;p maintain the level of concentration during the play and keep the mind stable. You’ll have control over your emotion, which is lacking in the addicts. 

This is a simpler and linear betting system, it suggests to follow your losses, but it features a quite manageable way than the Martingale strategy.


This betting system is more suitable for land-based casinos rather than online casinos India. When you adopt this system at online casinos like Royal Panda, it can be used to play for the short sessions. And like others, this is also not a foolproof path to win the game, since a house advantage is always there. 

Risk Associated with the Fibonacci Strategy 

Now you know that no matter what no matter strategy you choose there is always a house edge of 1.06%, the only risk that lingers with this system is that long series of continued losses could affect your bankroll majorly. 


The Fibonacci Strategy is a simpler and easy-to-understand strategy that helps you keep track of your losses. When used this system wisely, it can reap numerous benefits in the game.