Big Bucks on the Royal Panda Live Roulette for Sunny from Bangalore – Certainly a ROYAL Win!

Ruby: Hello Sunny, thank you for giving your time for a quick chat. Definitely a day you aren’t going to forget, right?

Sunny: Thanks, Ruby! Absolutely, I’m on top of the world. Didn’t think just another casual spin on the wheel could get me this big jackpot.

Ruby: Superb! Let’s start off with knowing a little about you. Readers at would love to know the player with the biggest sweep on the Royal Panda Roulette.

Sunny: Well, I’m just a regular 30-year-old, I work with a bank. I’m based in Bangalore and enjoy a game of roulette in my free time, probably a couple of times in a month.

Ruby: Right, so it’s safe to say you aren’t an avid player. How did you make such a big win, then?

Sunny: That’s right. While I enjoy Roulette, I don’t really play much due to a busy schedule.

So, the story goes like this. I was back from a regular days work and was waiting for my wife to get home from hers so we could have dinner together. I got comfortable on my couch and was casually surfing the internet when I saw the Royal Panda Live Roulette page on my search engine suggestions. I had some time on hand and wondered, why not!

Ruby: Boy, aren’t you glad you clicked on that suggestion?

Sunny: Oh, yes! There was a 200% bonus on, which I lapped up with both hands! I played a few rounds on the colours, odd/even games and other out of the wheel bets, just to warm myself up before I was ready to take a bet on the numbers. Within a few games, I was actually beginning to enjoy the game, as I was playing after quite a few weeks.

With each spin, I would win some or lose some. Just the usual round of Roulette, right? Well, my wife got home and it was time for dinner. I thought to myself, one last game. But which number? That was the day before yesterday, the 26th of July. So I placed a big bet on of all my win as well as the bonus, on number 26. When the wheel stopped, so did my heartbeat. It was 26!!

Ruby: Amazing! We at All Casinos are very happy for you on your win! What was your final winning amount?

Sunny: It was a neat Rs. 25,00,000! Isn’t that incredible?

Ruby: It sure is! Many congratulations from us and all our readers! What do you plan to do with your big sweeping win?

Sunny: Well, to start off, I certainly want to plan a holiday to France – the Eiffel Tower is no more a distant dream. I’ll probably gift my wife a new car too. The rest of it ill park away to see what I can do. Another big spin maybe?

Ruby: Good luck with that! We hope this is the first of many more to come.