Exclusive Interview With A Betway Live Roulette Winner From Gurugram, India

Hola amigos..!! This is Rachael. Wish you all a bright and cheerful day. Here we are in conversation with Mehakdeep, a Betway Live Roulette Winner from Gurugram, India.

Rachael: Welcome Mehakdeep and congratulations on your big win at Betway. Owing to your commendable achievement in the online casino game, you are slowly getting popular and are no less than a celebrity in the virtual casino gaming sector. So, just to praise your amazing win and be a part of your ‘live roulette’ experience, we are here to cover an exclusive interview with you.

Are you ready to let our readers know about your awe-inspiring roulette journey?

Mehakdeep: Yes

Rachael: Okay, so Mehakdeep, before beginning, I would like you to introduce yourself to our readers.

Mehakdeep: I am a digital marketing expert, working with a renowned organization in Gurugram, India.

Rachael: How online casino grabbed your attention?

Mehakdeep: Since I entered my teenage, I used to bet on every random thing with my friends, and my luck always seemed to be in my favour. Slowly, I began to place bets for money, and again I was lucky enough to grab all the money from my friends. One fine day, my friend introduced me to online IPL betting. I was worried at first since casinos and gambling are not legal in India. However, upon gaining the knowledge that online casinos are just for fun and have no violations against government regulations, I instantly switched to online casino gaming, with IPL betting as my first ever experience. So, this is how I made my first baby steps in online casino games.

Rachael: You definitely seem to be blessed with good fortune, and your story too is very interesting. At this point, I would like to know that is it only sheer luck that helps you win at online casino games, or you do have some skills that have helped you win during this course of time?

Mehakdeep: Obviously, its a game of luck. But, you cannot claim that it is completely based on luck. With my experience, I can say that winning at an online casino game, for example, slot games, is dependent on some skills. Along with the presence of mind and faith in your fortune, you must keep a few tips in mind, like –

  • When you choose a game of your choice, you need to know the various bets offered in the game.
  • Never play high variance slot games, in case you have a smaller bankroll.
  • It is always ideal to start with free trials of games, if you haven’t played casino games online with real money. Hence, if you try out the game for free at the very first instance, you will get a better idea of the type of bet levels you’ll get in the game.
  • Special promotions can up your game by a huge margin. Hence always keep an eye on promos, like free spins, which will eventually give you an extra benefit of playing the game.

Rachael: Wow..!! Thanks for sharing such a valuable input for our readers. Coming back to your roulette journey, can you please tell our readers about the types of live roulette games you have been a part of?

Mehakdeep: Oh.. yes, of course, it will be my pleasure. I have had experience in playing a variety of live roulette games, some of the prominent ones being Live Double Ball Roulette, European Roulette, Slingshot Auto Roulette, Dual Play Roulette, Mini Live Roulette, Native Speaking Roulette, French Roulette and Immersive Lite.

Rachael: Which one is your favourite amongst them?

Mehakdeep: Obviously, Live Double Ball Roulette – the reason why I am here talking to you about my online casino gaming journey.

Rachael: Indeed. Most of our readers might be unaware of the Live Double Ball Roulette game. So, I would like you to tell our readers what exactly it is.

Mehakdeep: Okay, let me start from the very beginning. I’ll divide my answer into three parts – what is roulette; what are the basic roulette terms that need to be known and finally what is Live Double Ball Roulette and how I nailed it.

Rachael: Okay, sounds good.

Mehakdeep: Roulette is an online casino game that involves predicting the outcome of a spin. You can access a variety of betting options and choose from a range of numbers. The ideal way to make your next prediction is to view game stats, so as to get an idea about where the ball lands most often.

Further, to be a roulette master, I understood its basic terms first, and the same I am going to share with you.

  • Straight or single: When the bet is placed on a single number.
  • Square or corner: When the bet is placed on four numbers, and a chip will be placed on the point of intersection of all the four numbers.
  • Split: Here, the bet is placed on two adjacent numbers, and a chip is placed on the line separating them.
  • Street: This involves placing a bet on a line of three numbers.
  • Red or black: Here the outcome of a spin is predicted on the colour of the number, where the ball is expected to land.
  • 1 to 18 and 19 to 36: This term is used when the bet is placed on the last or first 18 numbers.
  • Dozen bets: it is when the bet is placed on one of the first, second or third dozen numbers.
  • Odd or even: This is quite clear; the bet is placed on whether the ball would land on an even or odd number.
  • Column bets: Here, the bet is placed on all the 12 numbers in the column – from top to bottom.

With such valuable information in mind, I successfully made a huge win at my favourite Live Double Ball Roulette. The most amazing thing about this game is its welcome bonus. With a deposit of just 1200 INR, I got a 100% match bonus of 15,000 INR.

Isn’t it surprising?

After getting the welcome bonus, I started with the Double Ball Roulette game. It was slightly different from the standard roulette games I played earlier. In this game, there were 2 balls in play, released with compressed air, using a special mechanism, which ensures that both the balls do not interfere in each other’s path.

The live dealer whom I was playing with, was very friendly and acquainted me with all the rules and regulations of the same. He asked me to predict where the two balls would land after a single spin is over. I made my bet and the dealer popped both the balls into the shooting mechanism. As the wheel was rotating, my heart was pounding very badly. I was just hoping that my prediction comes out to be true, and guess what, I failed.

No, please don’t laugh. Although, I failed in my first and second attempt, yet I managed to predict the right number in the third spin. I used my knowledge to analyze the prediction stats and turned the third, fourth, fifth…. spin in my favour. Since the game involves 2 balls, there are more chances of wins and more bets are available to you. I earned more than 90,000 INR that day. Seriously, that was a great achievement for me.

Rachael: I am so impressed with you Mehakdeep. Seems like you have gulped all the information regarding Live Double Ball Roulette. On this note, many many congratulations to you on your big win, once again. Can you let our readers know about the strategy you used for winning?

Mehakdeep: Yes, definitely. I suggest every player to place a bet that offers the highest expected return.
As far as I am concerned, I used the Martingale Strategy, according to which, you will always achieve at least a break-even point in your game. I don’t like losing money. This is why I use this strategy in most of the roulette betting games, so that even if my luck and my skills do not favour me on a specific day, I will be able to get in a state of no profit-no loss.

Following this strategy, I placed the bet only on ‘evens’. Every time I lost, I doubled my bet. Luckily, it was only the first two attempts that I lost, and gained way more than what I placed the bet on.

Rachael: You have a wonderful experience of playing the Live Double Ball Roulette game. How would you summarize your overall experience?

Mehakdeep: Honestly speaking, I have been very fortunate in placing bets online. I don’t know if I should regard it as God’s gift or something miraculous. I think it is my knowledge, observing skills, luck and years of experience that has helped me have an awesome hands-on experience in different online casino games. Although Live Double Ball Roulette completely changed my life, yet I would recommend the readers to try their luck in every other live dealer game. They are truly amazing. I believe that its not just about what you lose and what you gain, it is also about how much control do you have over your emotions. I have seen people who continuously lose their bets, but still keep betting, as a result of which they are left with no money. So, guys take it as a fun game, as only then you’ll be able to explore its real essence.

Rachael: Thanks for the lovely advice Mehakdeep. We loved to hear such amazing stuff from you. More power to you. May you keep winning big at live casino games in the future as well..!!