Important Slot Terminology That You Need To Know Right Now

Important Slot Terminology

Do you know slots are some of the easiest and most popular casino games based on pure luck? As the game does not require you to be equipped with lots of prior knowledge, it attracts thousands of players from around the world, who are just looking for some fun play-time at online casinos. Most of them do not even know what happens when the reels spin.

This clearly shows how easy it would be, to play slot games. However, a wise man is someone, who grabs at least all the necessary information that improves his chances of ‘win’. Hence, no matter you are a newbie or a slots expert, you must be updated with some of the most important slot terminologies that keep on evolving from time to time. Taking a note of these slot terms will only enhance your gaming pleasure. So, scroll down and check out the complete glossary of slot terms and phrases:

Slot terminology: A-G

3-reel slot: As the name suggests, this type of slot has a 3×3 reel set, i.e. three reels and three rows. Being inspired by the first ever slots, they often look like vintage games.

5-reel slots: This is the most popular format of slots that most of the casinos offer. However, you can always find a variety of reel slots at different casinos. These slot machines have three rows and five reels.

3D slot: In this type of game, everything – animation, interface, symbols, introduction etc. – is in 3D.

243 paylines: Also known as ‘243 ways to win’, this term means that there are no fixed paylines in the slots. However, the slots will count a few identical symbols (generally three or more) as a win, which land next to one another.

Auto play: This is a popular feature or option that allows the reels to spin automatically, a certain number of times – 10, 20 and even 100. Hence, the player needs not to click on a button every time they wish to spin.

Active payline: A payline that is currently in play is known as an active payline. If it consists of a winning combination, it will result in a payout. Usually, the multiple paylines slots, give a chance to the players to choose the number of paylines that they desire to be active on a spin.

Bet: A bet is referred to as the total amount of money wagered by a player on each spin or round of the game.

Bet per line: This term refers to the amount of money wagered on a specific payline. In some of the slot games, players have the option to make bets across different active paylines.

Bet levels: Bet level defines the size of the wager placed by the player, in relation with the coin value. This can be better explained by an example. For instance, if you have a coin value of £10, then a bet level of 3 will be three coins, i.e. £30.

Budget: A budget defines the limit of money that a player sets aside for playing slot games. Now, this budget can be constructed, with or without loss limits, time limits or win limits, for one game separately or all of the games altogether.

Bonus game: This is a popular feature in slot games that adds fun to your gaming pleasure. The bonus offered to you can be anything, like a mini-game based on skills, an opportunity to spin the bonus wheel etc.

Bonus features: Features found within a slot game are known as bonus features. They may include (but are not limited to) re-spins, free spins and modified wilds, like cascading and expanding.

Coin: Each coin used in the game represents the virtual money of the player, which has a specific coin value assigned to it. This value is subject to change between rounds.

Coin value: As stated above, each coin used in the game is assigned a specific value that can be set or defined according to the value range offered by the game.

Coin win: It is a kind of reward offered to the players in terms of coins. If each coin value is £1, then a 50-coin win will be equal to £50.

Cascading reels: This is a bonus feature, wherein after a win has been achieved, the winning combination disappears from the screen. To fill the empty space, symbols from the above reel fall and create new opportunities for a winning combination on a single spin. They are also known as tumbling or falling reels.

Cold slot: It is a popular slang term used for games that don’t pay out quite often or do not pay out soon. At present, this term is not widely used because of the RNG software. However, this may be used when talking about jackpots

Double or nothing: This is a gamble feature in some slot games, which allows the players to place a wager or bet on their win. In such a situation, there are two options left to the player – either to lose the amount of money won or double it. This feature involves guessing what number would appear next or what colour of the playing card would appear next, etc.

Demo game: As might be evident by its name, a demo game feature allows the player to try a specific game for free. This allows the player to get an overview of the game, learn about different features, how these features behave and know how the slots pay out. In a demo game, you need not to place a cash bet. Hence, you cannot claim any wins. You might also not require to log in to a casino website.

Expanding wild: Most of the slot games offer these types of wild symbols, which expand wildly to cover the entire reel. This, in turn, creates larger chances of wins.

Expanding reels: This term is used to describe the additional reels that are introduced on the game screen. There is no limit of expanding reels in a game. Hence, there can be one or more of such reels, which makes way for more winning opportunities.

Free Spin: This is one of the favourite features of the slot machine players as you need not to place a bet to spin the reels. Hence, while you leverage free spins, you are actually not risking anything. This is how without putting money, you can make money at online slots. In some games, you might also find different elements included in free spins, like modified Wilds, multipliers, special symbols etc.

Fixed paylines: In some slot games, players are not allowed to activate paylines, as they have fixed paylines.

Fruit machine: A fruit machine is just another regular slot machine, which generates random combinations of fruit symbols.

Fixed jackpot: In a fixed jackpot feature, one can win a fixed amount of money. Even if the player continues to play, the set limit of winning amount does not increase.

Slot terminology: H-N

Hot slot: These slots are the ones that are known to have a higher frequency of winning. This implies that these slots fetch more rewards for the players.

High-value symbols: The symbols featuring on the slot reels are assigned with different values. Hence, the high-value symbols are the ones that pay out the maximum amount, when a winning combination appears.

High volatility: This term represents a slot that offers high rewards and high risks. In such slots, the players are more likely to win or lose large amounts simultaneously.

Jackpot: It is known as the biggest win possible on the given slot machine. A slot game which offers a huge win can also be termed as a jackpot slot. They are generally classified in different types – local, fixed and progressive.

Low-value symbols: Symbols appearing on the reels are assigned certain values, which may be high or low. So, the symbols whose pay out is lesser than what is offered by others are known as low value symbols. Some of these symbols include A, Q, K and J.

Local jackpot: Most of the casinos offer local jackpot game, which can be won only by the players of that specific casino and players are also paid money by the same casino. For example, you are eligible to win a local jackpot in LeoVegas, only if you are a LeoVegas player and the casino will pay you the money, upon winning.

Low volatility: Low volatility slots are those that are less risky than others. Owing to the minimized size of risk, the players can expect frequent wins and also recoup their wagers. However, players trying their luck at low volatility slots may not be able to witness any huge win.

Minimum bet: Minimum bet is the least amount of cash one can place a bet on per spin.

Max bet: Maximum bet is the biggest amount of cash one can place a bet on per spin.

Moving Wild: These are special types of symbols, which move to a different position when different paylines are hit. This is done so as to benefit the player.

Medium volatility: In these types of slots, the risk factor is higher than low volatility slots, but lesser than high volatility slots. Hence, if you play medium volatility slots, you have the chance to lose and win larger amounts, in comparison to the slots that offer less risk.

Multiplier: These are unique, in-built slot machine features that multiply your winnings by a numerical figure that is generally predetermined. The aim of multipliers is to increase your wins.

Mobile slot / Mobile optimized slot: The meaning of this term is quite evident by the name itself. With the increasing demand of mobile gaming and gambling, most of the slots are optimized for all types of mobile devices. Hence, you can access them from anywhere, anytime and from any mobile device. Click here to check out our best mobile casinos.

Nudge: Once a spin is completed, the nudge feature in the slot shifts symbols to a different position, so as to help the player conclude more number of wins. These symbols are shifted by one or more spaces.

Network jackpot: When you play with real money on the slots offering network jackpot, a small amount gained from each spin is given to the game provider, which is then added to the pot. The contribution keeps on going and the moment someone wins the jackpot, the total money is sent to the winner-hosting casino. It is also known as a pooled jackpot.

Slot terminology: O-W

One-armed bandit: This is nothing, but a nickname or slang used to describe a slot machine. Since these machines consist of a lever (looking like a single arm) and make the players feel robbed, when they lose, this is why the reference to ‘one-armed’ and ‘bandit’ comes in respectively.

Pay table: A pay table icon is generally available at the bottom of the screen. Once you click this icon, a pop-up will appear, which will help you everything about the game – list of payouts, symbols in-game features etc. It explains how much the player will win for each combination of ‘number of coin bets’ and ‘symbols’.

Pooled jackpot: As mentioned above in network jackpot, this type of jackpot consists of a prize that is contributed by the wagers of players. These players are the one who play the slot games in casinos that offer a particular game.

Progressive jackpot: As the name suggests, this type of jackpot continues to progress or grow as long as the players continue to place a bet. The other jackpots, viz. local and network, can be progressive in nature.

Payline: It is a line that displays the winning combinations of symbols, and accordingly, the payout is awarded. It is also known as a winning line or betting line. Usually, in most of the slots, the paylines move from left to right. However, in some, they move both ways.

RNG / Random number generator: Almost all the slot games use RNG software, which produces a random combination of numbers, symbols or other patterns, after each spin. Hence, there is no fixed pattern that appears as the outcome. Slots, which use RNG technology are completely fair. Also, the games are stringently checked through an audit test to analyze if the software is up-to-date or not.

Re-spin: If you are playing re-spin slot games, you will get another chance to spin the reels, after the initial spin has been made. This is done to help the players achieve a bigger win. In some slots, the symbols and bet levels remain the same in the second round of spin.

Row: Just like any regular row, a ‘row’ in slots represents a horizontal line that consists of symbols aligned on the reels, side by side. The number of rows in different slots may vary.

Reel: It is the vertical section of a slot, on which different symbols land in different combinations, once a wager has been placed and the player clicks on ‘spin’ button. There can be three or more reels in a slot game. However, 3-reel and 5-reel slots are the most popular ones.

RTP / Return To Player: It is the percentage of money (wagered by the players) that is paid back to the players over time. This is calculated over a long period of time. So, one must not expect that the value shown on every spin will be recouped. Read more about RTP here.

Symbol: The icons appearing on the slot reels are known as symbols. There are different types of symbols, each having a different value assigned to them. Some symbols even have the power to activate features.

Slot tournament: Since it is a tournament, you get the chance to compete against other players. If you win, you can receive a coin prize. The players spin the reels like they always do, and each time they win, they are offered with some points. The more the players will spin and win, the more will be their rank among all the players. This, in turn, boosts the chances of winning the tournament. These tournaments also include a leaderboard, which helps in keeping a note of the progress of the players.

Scatter: Known as the highest paying symbols, the scatter symbols often appear in a slot game to open up mini-games, free spins or other bonuses. Hence, they can be referred to as symbols that unlock various fun bonus features, designed with a unique graphic.

Sticky Wild: These are Wild symbols that do not change their position for more than one spin. Generally, they are not available in the base game. You will always find them when the bonus round is triggered.

Stacked Wild: This is another type of Wild symbol that cover an entire reel, giving you improved chances of a win. They come in bands of two, three, four or five symbols.

Slot / slot machine: In a slot machine, the players place a bet on the outcome of spinning reels. Its standard layout consists of three or more reels, which spin and display the outcome, once the player clicks on ‘spin’ button or pushes a lever, as in brick-and-mortar casino.

Total bet: The total amount of money wagered by a player for the current spin.

Video slot: This term is just an alternate way to refer to or describe online slots.

Variance: Variance represents the amount of risk involved in a game. Slots with high variance are more risky, while slots with low variance are less risky.

Volatility: Volatility is another term for variance. Just as mentioned above, slots with high volatility have higher risk, which means that the players have more chances to lose before landing a win.

Wild: These are unique symbols in slot games, which have the ability to substitute for other symbols. As a result, the players land with more wins and turn from losers to winners. In some slot games, wild symbols are assigned with a very high value.

Win both ways: It is a popular phrase that you will generally hear when the win will be counted in both directions across paylines. You will always find winning combinations from left to right, if the slot you are playing is not ‘win both ways’.

Wandering Wild: It is a bonus feature that appears on the reels of the slot game. After the first spin, these symbols will shift or move to a different position in a certain direction. It is also known as Moving Wild.

Winning combination: A wining combination is a pattern in which matching symbols land on the payline. After a winning combination has been achieved, the player is rewarded accordingly.

With these popular words and phrases in mind, you can have a better understanding of the games, and better chances of improving your possibilities of winning. Players from India enjoy slots at the online casino Royal Panda. So, mug up these important slot terms and get started.