Bank Transfer Casinos in India (2023)

Indian casinos offer a variety of different payment methods as a way to cover the needs and preferences of as many players as possible. Casinos usually accommodate sending payments to and from banks, cards, or e-wallets.

Bank transfers are therefore one of the most common and safe ways to make deposits. Check out our list of Indian casinos that offer this payment method and choose the one for you.

List of Bank Transfer Casinos
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Indian casinos offer a variety of different payment methods as a way to cover the needs and preferences of as many players as possible. Casinos usually accommodate sending payments to and from banks, cards, or e-wallets. Bank transfers are therefore one of the most common and safe ways to make deposits.

Check out our list of Indian casinos that offer this payment method and choose the one for you.

List of Legit Indian Casino Sites That Accept Bank Transfer

What Are Bank Transfer Casinos?

Bank transfer casinos are casinos that offer direct wire transfers to a bank as one of their casino payment methods for depositing and withdrawing funds.

This transfer method doesn’t require a player to have a card or an e-wallet since the funds come from their bank account directly. The casinos which offer it have a variety of different games and bonuses.

About Bank Transfer

Bank transfers have been around for a very long time since this payment method is older than debit and credit cards.

The first transfer made in this fashion started in the Western Union bank in 1872 with the help of a telegraph network through which deposits were made. Nowadays, transfers are done using the internet, but the principle is the same.

How Do Bank Transfer Casinos Work?

Using a bank transfer as your payment method of choice is one of the simplest ways to transfer funds to your casino account and from it.

A player needs nothing more than the bank account itself and once they’ve confirmed that they approve a transfer it happens right away and without an intermediary such as an e-wallet. Each bank has a different rule as to how the fees for it are paid.

Bank Transfer Casinos India

What You Need to Know About Bank Transfer Casinos in India

Casinos that offer a bank transfer as a payment method of choice are quite common in India and there’s a great variety of them available.

When choosing which one of such casinos to choose from a list we compiled for you – the players should focus on other features the casinos have to offer: such as bonuses and game availability.

How to Choose a New Bank Transfer Casino in India?

There are many reasons to set up a new casino account using a bank transfer as your payment method of choice. Using a new casino account gives you access to the latest games and the best software developers.

Some bonuses are made for new players in particular and they usually have a better wagering requirement policy.

Can You Play at a Bank Transfer Casino on Mobile?

All the casinos on our list can be used on a mobile device. This is a growing trend in the industry since most players bet online and casinos are looking for ways to accommodate that side of the market.

Most banks also have apps that can be used on mobile devices in case you’ll need to confirm a transfer. There are also some banks in which that won’t be necessary.

Bank transfer means that the funds from and to your casino account are sent to the bank directly.

Bank Transfer and Casino Bonuses

New players can claim various bonuses that the casinos offer to help out new players and allow them to experience a game with less or no risk.

There are many different bonuses out there, based on how much of your own wagers you need to add in order to withdraw the funds. Here are a few of the most common bonuses:

  • Welcome bonuses, which are issued to every new player
  • Free spins, which aren’t actually free since you can’t just withdraw the funds you’ve made from them
  • No deposit bonuses, which don’t require the players to deposit their own funds.
  • No wagering bonuses, which are the most generous and don’t require the player to wager any funds of their own.

Bank Transfer and Casino Games

Bank transfer casinos offer all the games you could expect from an Indian casino. This includes western games and local games that are equally popular with the players.

Casinos also offer games of chance such as dice and lottery games and games of skill – such as card and table games. Sports betting is also popular in India especially when it comes to horse racing and cricket.

New Casinos That Accept Bank Transfers in India

Bank transfer is one of the oldest and most reliable payment methods used at online casinos in India and across the world, so it’s no wonder that new casinos usually stick to it and offer it as one of the options as well.

So, we created a list of online Indian casinos that were established in the past couple of years where you can use a bank transfer as a payment option. We checked all new casinos in the country to find the best ones that accept bank transfers just for you.

Advantages of Bank Transfer Gambling in India

There are many reasons to use a bank transfer as your payment method. That’s why so many casinos offer them and so many players decide that it suits them better than all other options.

The simplicity and the prices are the most important reasons most players state as key to choosing this payment method.

Low Fees

The transaction fees are very low when you’re using a bank transfer as your payment method of choice. There is no middleman involved and banks have a large infrastructure behind them, making payments simple and effective. All of this means that the players themselves don’t need to spend too much on transfers.

It’s a Secure Payment Method

The transactions are rather secure when compared to most other payment methods. This is again due to the fact that the transfer is made to your bank directly and therefore handled by the bank rather than an e-wallet or a card provider. Banks also have a good customer support system to sort problems out if they occur.

The Simplicity

It’s one of the simplest payment methods to use. There are no e-wallets and therefore there are no accounts to set up and use. The interface is also as simple as it can be since the entire process takes place on the casino website and you don’t need to learn to use any other software.

Disadvantages of Bank Transfer Gambling in India

There are also disadvantages to using Bank Transfer as your main payment method. It’s important to take these into account even though none of them are too difficult to deal with. For the most part, they come from the fact that the service is somewhat slower than with other payment methods.

Lack of Speed

There’s some wait time when it comes to withdrawing your funds. This is not the fastest payment method out there and you’ll probably need to wait a bit more than you would with e-wallets.

On the other hand, deposits are much faster, even though they are not always instantaneous as they are with e-wallets.

Using bank transfers takes a bit more time than using e-wallets.

Bank Information

Some players have an issue with providing their bank information to the casino. That’s the only way to use this payment method since there’s no intermediary e-wallet.

If this is a deal breaker for you, you’ll need to choose another payment method since the casino will ask you to provide your bank info if you’re using a bank transfer.

Some Banks Don’t Allow It

Some banks don’t allow their users to use a bank account to make transfers to and from casinos. These are rare but there are some and if you’re using a service of such a bank you’ll need to get another payment method for the casino alone. In most cases, those are US banks, but there are banks based elsewhere.

How to Make a Casino Deposit With Bank Transfer in India

Making a deposit using a bank transfer is rather simple. It can be done by anyone who knows how to use the casino itself and there’s no need for you to use any other account or online service. It’s also safe enough to do, even though it requires the players to provide the casinos with their bank info.

1. The Cashier Section

Go to the Cashier section of the casino you’re using. This is where you’ll choose a payment method and most casinos will offer Bank transfer as one of the options. Once you choose bank transfer you’ll move on to the next section. It’s important to have the funds prepared in your bank account beforehand.

2. Verify The Payment

In the next step, you’ll enter the amount you want to transfer (there are both upper and lower limits as to how much you can deposit). The bank will send you an email or an SMS message with a code. Enter this code on the casino website and you’ve confirmed the deposit.

3. Wait

Once you’ve confirmed the payment, all you need to do is wait until the funds appear in your casino account. This will take longer than with other payment methods and in some cases, it can take up to a few days.

With other payment methods, it tends to be done instantaneously, but that’s a trade that’s worth making due to other benefits that come with using bank transfers.

How to Make a Casino Withdrawal With Bank Transfer in India

Bank transfers can also be used to transfer funds from your casino account to your bank. It’s equally simple and safe to deposit the funds. However, it may take a bit longer, as is the case when you use another payment method. It too is done within the casino app or site.

1. The Cashier Section

Go to the Cashier section of the casino account and there you’ll select a payment method for withdrawing the funds you’ve earned. This is where you need to choose bank transfer and you’ll be taken to the next stage of the process.

It’s just as simple as when you made the deposit but you don’t need to have any funds in the bank account to withdraw money to it.

2. Choosing the Amount

In the next step, you should add the amount you want to withdraw. It doesn’t need to be the whole amount you’ve won so far.

At the same time, you should be aware of the minimum and maximum deposits that you can make when it comes to withdrawals. There are some fees set by banks that depend on the bank you’re using and the type of account you have.

3. Wait

It takes a bit of time for the funds to be transferred to your bank. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of using this payment method. It’s much slower than using e-wallets and each bank has its own policy. Be prepared to wait a few business days before you’re notified about getting the funds.

Play at the Best Bank Transfer Casinos in India

Many Indian casinos offer bank transfers as their payment method of choice. There are many benefits of using this payment method since it’s widely accepted and easy to operate.

Casinos also offer a variety of bonuses that set up a new account using this payment method. Check out our list and choose the one that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Local bank transfer means the transfer of funds from your local bank to your preferred casino’s account. Once the process is completed, the casino will transfer the fund to your account, which the players can use to play games for real money in online casinos.

Yes, banks transfer is one of the widely used payment methods accepted by online casinos in India. Most public, as well as private banks, permit the transfer of funds to online casino accounts.

Bank transfer is one of the safest and secure methods to make transactions in online casinos. The banks, as well as online gambling sites, use high-end encryption technology to keep the personal and financial information of the customer safe.

It may take up to 3 to 5 business days to reflect funds in your casino account. The players have to be patient when using this method. This is the slowest method, but it brings many benefits and perks along, such as huge welcome bonuses.

Yes, it does. The bank transfer can be used to withdraw the funds, which will be credited to your account as soon as the transaction is completed.

The player only needs to have a bank account and money in it to deposit or transfer the funds to an online casino account.

There is an array of online casinos in India where bank transfer is accepted. Some of the most top casinos are LeoVegas, Royal Panda, Betwinner, 22Bet Casino, Casumo and Betway.

No, the method does not come with a limit. But the banks and casinos do apply certain limits to the transactions. The limits usually vary from bank to bank and from one location to another.

No. There is no medium between your bank and online casino bank, and the transactions are processed directly. The absence of a medium or a middle man makes it a safer and secure method.

Making transactions with bank transfer brings many perks and bonuses along. Many casinos offer huge welcome bonuses when you make your first transaction using this method.

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