Boku Casinos in India (2023)

Indian casinos provide a lot of different payment options to meet the needs of their large and diverse customer base. Among these, Boku is one of the favourites since it provides a good and fast service while keeping the players safe online. Boku is based on mobile payments.

However, it’s a service meant to deposit the funds to your casino account and not to withdraw from it. We’ve compiled a list of Boku casinos for you to browse through and choose from.

List of Boku Casinos
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List of Legit Indian Casino Sites That Accept Boku

What Are Boku Casinos?

Boku Casinos are gambling establishments that accept Boku as one of their payment methods. Boku is a simple payment option based on mobile payments. This means the players using these casinos deposit funds using Boku, and the amounts are charged via their mobile phone providers. It’s a way to add funds to your casino account quickly. The casino allows it to vary significantly in terms of games and bonuses they offer.

About Boku

Boku is a mobile payment company founded in 2009 and based in San Francisco. It’s available worldwide and was founded by Mark Britto. The company listed its shares in the London stock market in 2017, and in 2022 it processed about $7 billion in payments from over 70 different countries.

How Do Boku Casinos Work?

Boku casinos are relatively easy to use since they don’t require the player to provide any bank or card data or to have one. All you need is a Boku account and a cell phone through which you’ll be charged for the deposit. However, this also means you’ll need a different payment method for withdrawing funds from your casino account.

Boku Casinos India

What You Need to Know About Boku Casinos in India

Many Indian casinos offer Boku as one of their payment methods. They have a variety of different bonus structures, and this is something a player should be aware of before they commit to a casino. It’s also important to make sure that the casinos on our list have the games that you’re looking for and that they are using the latest software tools and features.

How to Choose a New Boku Casino in India?

When you set up a new account for a Boku casino, you’ll get a welcome bonus and some free spins in most cases. New casinos also have the latest games and live events to mimic the experience of visiting a casino. All of these features are what makes a good gambling establishment, and those are the features to compare and contrast between the casinos on our list.

Can You Play at Boku Casino on Mobile?

Boku casinos can be used on a mobile device. Most casinos these days are looking to transfer their service to mobile and even wearable devices since that’s what most younger players are using as their device of choice. You can also deposit with Boku using nothing but your phone.

Boku is a payment method that allows you to deposit funds via your phone bill.

Boku and Casino Bonuses

Casinos offer many bonuses to support new players and keep the old ones loyal. The player needs to understand if a bonus has a wagering requirement. If it does, the player will have to spend some of their funds before they are allowed to withdraw the bonus and the winnings made with it.

Boku and Casino Games

Boku payments can be used to play any of the casino’s games. Most Indian casinos offer games based on luck and games based on skill. They also offer western and Indian games alike, and both are equally popular with Indian players. Here’s a list of games you can expect in Boku casino:

  • Slot games are easy to learn, and you can win big
  • Table games that rely both on luck and skill
  • Card games are the most skill-based games of all.
  • The lottery, which is based on chance alone
  • Sports betting – football and cricket are the most popular options.

New Casinos That Accept Boku in India

While Boku might not be that popular as a payment method outside of India, it is one of the most commonly used payment options in the country, especially at online casinos in India.

Taking that into account, we checked some of the online casinos that were established recently, like in the last couple of years, and we created a list of the best new casinos in India that accept Boku as a payment method.

Advantages of Boku Gambling in India

There are many reasons to use Boku as your payment method when using Indian casinos. It’s simple and easy to add funds to your casino account using Boku and to do so, you won’t need to share any private and bank info with the casino. The funds added this way are also available right away.

No Bank Needed

In order to send funds with a Boku account, you don’t need a bank account or debit card. The funds are sent by connecting your casino with a Boku account and charged to your phone bill. This convincing is what attracts many players to the service since the funds are easy to get if you want to place a bet right away.


There are no fees included when you deposit the funds – the funds that you transfer are the ones you’re going to get on your casino account. This is especially important and useful for those that place small bets and deposit small amounts so that they can use as much of it as they possibly can.

It’s Perfectly Suited to Online Gambling

Boku is well suited to online gambling since the whole process can be completed on your phone or other mobile devices. This goes for arranging a deposit and for actually using a casino to play games, gamble, and eventually withdraw the funds by using some other payment method. Since mobile gambling is the future of gambling, Boku will continue to grow.

Disadvantages of Boku Gambling in India

There are also some downsides to using Boku. For some players, these disadvantages are too much, and they opt out for other payment methods. The most important of these comes from the fact that you can’t use this payment method to withdraw funds but only to make deposits. There are also limits as to how much you can add.

Boku can’t be used to make withdrawals.

Deposits Only

Since Boku is connected to your mobile carrier, it can only be used to deposit funds. The amount you’ve deposited will be charged to your phone bill at the end of the month without any fees. If you want to withdraw the funds, you need to add a different payment method.


There are limits on how much funds you can deposit within a day. It’s set to a relatively small amount of $30. For most players that are playing for fun and want to use the service to get a feel for the games, this is enough. However, for those who want to bet big, it’s a rather strict limit, and Boku won’t suit their needs.

Bankroll Management

It’s not always easy and intuitive to manage a bankroll when you’re using Boku. The amounts you’re depositing are small but even with only one payment of $30 a day – you may end up losing sight of how many payments you’ve made and when. The best way to go is to make a list yourself.

How to Make a Casino Deposit With Boku in India

It’s straightforward to deposit with a Boku account. It’s done in connection to your phone number, and the amount you’ve transferred is charged as a phone bill at the end of the month. There’s no need to share any banking data in order to make such a deposit.

1. The Cashier Section

Go to the Cashier section of your casino account and choose a deposit method. This is where you should select a Boku as a payment method. You should also have a Boku account set up and connected with your phone number. If you have all this, you’re good to go and can make a payment.

2. The Amount

Select the amount you want to transfer. This can’t be more than $30 within a day. You can choose to send less, and keep in mind that there are no fees for this deposit – you’ll get the total amount you want to transfer. Confirm the amount, and you’ll move on to the next section.

3. Add Your Phone Number

In the last step of the process, you should add your phone number. That should be the same number you’ve connected with the Boku account. Confirm this last part, and you’ll get the funds in your casino account right away. The funds will be charged to your phone bill at the end of the month.

How to Make a Casino Withdrawal With Boku in India

Boku can’t be used to make withdrawals since it’s a payment method based on your phone number. You’ll need to choose another payment method to withdraw the funds you’ve earned by playing at the casino. Plenty of them are available, and you should consider the difference between them.

1. No Withdrawals

You can’t withdraw funds with Boku. The players need to be aware of this before they start using it as their payment method. Boku is a fast and convenient way to deposit funds, but it’s not one you can use for the full service of getting and receiving payments.

2. Wait a Bit Before You Withdraw

Since you can’t withdraw funds with Boku, many players take their time before making a withdrawal. They wait before they earn a more considerable sum from their bets. With some of the games available in Boku casinos, you can earn quite a lot with small bets as long as you’re a bit lucky and play your cards right.

3. Other Options

There are plenty of other withdrawal methods for you to use, and most of them are safe and quick. You should also consider the fees that need to be paid on these transfers and choose the options with the lowest fees out there if you’re betting on small sums.

Play at the Best Boku Casinos in India

Boku is a popular payment method to add funds to a casino account via your mobile phone bill. It’s safe and quick, but it can’t be used to make withdrawals. The method also limits how much you can deposit within a day, and it’s best suited to small amounts. Choose one of the Boku casinos from our list below.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s used for deposits only.

The limit is set at $30 a day.

Yes, Boku is safe, and you don’t need to share bank details when using it.

The charge is made via a phone bill.

Yes, it’s made for mobile devices specifically.

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