ecoPayz Casinos in India (2023)

Indian casinos offer a lot of different games and a generous bonus structure made to entice new players as well as keep the regular ones happy. As a part of this strategy, they offer quite a lot of payment methods for the players to choose from — ecoPayz is one of those, and it has a loyal base of customers.

Check out the list of casinos that offer ecoPayz, which we’ve compiled for you, and choose the one that suits you.

List of ecoPayz Casinos
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List of Legit Indian Casino Sites That Accept ecoPayz

What Are ecoPayz Casinos?

EcoPayz casinos are the casinos that use ecoPayz as one of their payment methods. Indian casinos which offer this deposit method offer a lot of different games and have various approaches to bonus structures provided to new players. These features are just as important as the payment method, and you should also pay attention to them.

Choosing the best ecoPayz casino for you may seem difficult for a novice, but we’re here to take you through the process step by step.

About ecoPayz

EcoPayz is one of the first online payment platforms out there and one of the longest-running payment methods in general. It was founded in 2000 by Phil Davis. At this point, ecoPayz works in over 150 countries and operates in more than 40 currencies. It was based and accredited in the UK.

How Do ecoPayz Casinos Work?

EcoPayz is one of the simplest payment methods, and anyone can set up an account and make deposits and withdrawals. It’s also a useful buffer between the casino account and your bank. This is a rather important feature now when online privacy is such a vital concern.

ecoPayz Casinos India

What You Need to Know About ecoPayz Casinos in India

Many casinos offer ecoPayz as one of their payment methods, and choosing the one for you depends on other features the casino has to provide. The most important of these is the quality of the games and the software solutions, as well as the bonus structure and the wagering requirements. We will take you through everything you need to know about ecoPayz casinos before you select one from our list.

How to Choose a New ecoPayz Casino in India?

When choosing ecoPayz casino, you should be aware of the games that it will offer as well as the software providers. It’s also a good idea to find out about the bonuses that the casino pays out to the new player and to those that keep signing up. These can help a new player lower the risks inherent in casino games.

Can You Play at ecoPayz Casino on Mobile?

All the casinos on our list are made to be played on both desktop and mobile devices. The same goes for using ecoPayz to deposit and withdraw funds. The service has its own app, and in general, casinos are moving towards mobile and wearable devices as the next big trend in gambling.

EcoPayz is a payment method founded in 2000, which makes it a veteran in the field.

EcoPayz and Casino Bonuses

Casinos offer bonuses to promote their services and allow the players to try a few games out without risk to their funds. You’ll be able to claim these bonuses as you sign up with your casino account and add ecoPayz as a payment method. However, in some cases, you’ll need to wager with your funds before you’re able to withdraw the bonus funds. The most common bonuses include:

  • No wagering bonuses that don’t require the players to bet with their funds
  • No deposit bonuses that you get before you deposit your funds
  • Free spins, which often come with quite large wagering requirements
  • Welcome bonuses are added to the account of each new player.

EcoPayz and Casino Games

Casinos that offer ecoPayz have a lot of game options and a lot of different developers they cooperate with. It’s best to choose the games that you’re familiar with and to try and learn how to play new games without actually having to bet on them. Here’s a list of a few games that are often played in Indian casinos.

  • Sports betting – mainly football, cricket, and basketball, but other sports are also.
  • Live casino events – which are becoming more lavish and complex now when most of the gameplay happens online
  • Lottery games – Indian players use casinos based abroad to play the lottery since the states operate the game within India itself.
  • Dice games – these are simple and based on pure luck
  • Slots are the most popular casino games in India and beyond
  • Card games are based on skill more than any other casino game.

New Casinos That Accept ecoPayz in India

While ecoPayz is often used as a payment method at online casinos in India, this option is not as popular as some other payment providers in the country and especially outside of India.

In any case, many new casinos in India will also offer ecoPayz as a payment option and we have created a list of Indian online casinos established in the last two years that accept ecoPayz as a payment method.

Advantages of ecoPayz Gambling in India

EcoPayz is a popular payment method, and it offers a lot of advantages for both the players and the casino. It’s a simple tool and one that almost any player can use. It’s also safe and quick compared to many of its competitors. That’s why it’s used in over a hundred countries with many different currencies.

It Comes With Its Own Prepaid Cards

You can order the prepaid ecoPayz card and use them to top up your account. The e-wallet can also be connected with traditional bank accounts or cards. This variety allows the player to top up their wallet in a few different ways, and that’s always an advantage. You can easily find the cards online or in stores.

Simple to Use

EcoPayz is very simple to use, and its instructions are straightforward. If you’re new to the world of online gambling, you’ll have no problem figuring out how to navigate ecoPayz, and there’s no need for complicated confirmation processes. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not safe to use since it has all the security measures you may expect from an e-wallet.

Fast Cashout

EcoPayz has a quick turnaround regarding withdrawing funds and cashing out your winnings. This is a problem many payment methods are dealing with, and the players need to wait for days to get their funds. However, with ecoPayz, you’ll have the funds quickly, and you’ll know when the payment will be executed as soon as you complete it.

EcoPayz can be used to make payments between $10 and $120.000

Disadvantages of ecoPayz Gambling in India

There are also some things that ecoPayz does poorly compared to its competitors. These disadvantages may be too much for some players. They are challenging for those who want to bet on and withdraw small sums and those who want to bet big since the tool isn’t made for large transfers either.


There are fees when withdrawing funds from ecoPayz to your card or bank account. There are no such fees when withdrawing them from the casino account to ecoPayz. This may surprise some players since they’ll receive fewer funds than they’ve won. The fee is about 2 percent of the sum you’re transferring when using bank accounts and up to six percent when using cards.


There are many limits on how much funds you can transfer, but that’s the case with most payment methods. ecoPayz also limits how much funds you can keep on your e-wallet account. That amount is set at $120.000. It’s not a tool for the big league players, but it can accommodate those in the middle.

Not Available Worldwide

At this point, ecoPayz is available in over 150 countries but not everywhere in the world, and if you plan to move and keep using the same casino and payment method, you’ll need to check if the country you want to visit accepts ecoPayz. The payment method has been around for a long time, and it’s constantly growing to new markets.

How to Make a Casino Deposit With ecoPayz in India

It’s easy enough to make deposits using ecoPayz. All that you need to do is to follow the instructions and provide the code that’s used to confirm the payment. Your banking data won’t be shared with the casino, but they are shared with ecoPayz in order to withdraw funds to and from it.

1. Make Sure You Have the Funds

Make sure that you have enough funds on your ecoPayz account or on the cards that are connected with it before making a deposit. Keep in mind that there are no fees for depositing the funds from ecoPayz to the casino and that you can transfer all the funds available to you at the moment.

2. The Deposit

In the cashier section, you get to choose the payment method. That’s where you’ll choose the amount and select ecoPayz as your payment method of choice. You’ll be transferred to the app itself, and you’ll get a code to enter and confirm that you approve the payment. It’s that simple.

3. Use the Funds to Play

The funds should appear in your casino account right away. As soon as you get the funds, you can play or apply for one of the bonuses that requires you to make a deposit. There’s no waiting period for depositing funds, but there is some delay when you withdraw the funds to your ecoPayz account.

How to Make a Casino Withdrawal With ecoPayz in India

EcoPayz can be used to make withdrawals as well as deposits. The process is as simple as with the deposit and as safe. There’s a somewhat longer waiting period before you actually get to use your funds. There are no fees at this stage either – they come when you withdraw the funds from ecoPayz.

1. The Cashier Section

In the Cashier area of your casino account, you get to choose the payment method. One of them will be ecoPayz, and once you select it, you’ll move on to the next stage, still within the casino website. Many Indian casinos offer ecoPayz, and you can choose the one for you from our list.

2. The Amount

In the next step of the process, you get to choose the amount you want to withdraw and to withdraw it. You can’t withdraw less than $10 at a time, and no more than $120.000 can be held in the ecoPayz account. Select “confirm,” and you’ll be taken to the next step of the confirmation process.

3. Withdrawal

Choose the withdraw option, and the funds will be transferred to your ecoPayz account. They won’t appear as fast as when you make a deposit. It will take anywhere from one to a few days to get your funds in your ecoPayz balance. This doesn’t include bank holidays.

Play at the Best ecoPayz Casinos in India

Many Indian casinos provide ecoPayz as one of their payment options. These casinos offer many different games and a variety of other bonus structures. ecoPayz can be used to both deposit and withdraw funds. Take your time exploring different casino options before you make a choice based on your gameplay style and preferences.

Check out the list of ecoPayz casinos we’ve compiled for you, and choose carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use it to both deposit and withdraw funds.

The limit is $10.

Yes, in India and 150 other countries.

Yes, it doesn’t share your bank account details with the casino.

There are some requirements for some bonuses.

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