Whatsapp Pay Casinos in India (2023)

Indian casinos use a variety of payment methods to accommodate the needs of their players. WhatsApp Pay, an in-chat payment method for WhatsApp, is one of the methods that many casinos are using since it’s a commonly used payment provider that allows players to quickly and safely transfer funds to and from their casino account.

WhatsApp Pay is also easy to use on a mobile device which is becoming one of the most important features to both casinos and players. We’ve compiled a list of casinos using WhatsApp Pay for you to browse and choose from.

List of WhatsApp Pay Casinos
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List of Legit Indian Casino Sites That Accept WhatsApp Pay

What Are WhatsApp Pay Casinos?

WhatsApp Pay casinos are casinos that use WhatsApp Pay as one of their casino payment methods. Since the WhatsApp chat app is one of the most popular social media apps for younger players, casinos are looking for ways to accommodate them and allow them to pay and withdraw funds directly from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Pay casinos offer a variety of games both based on luck and skill and they vary when it comes to their bonus structure. These are the features players should take into account when they are choosing which WhatsApp Pay casino to use.

About WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Pay was developed by the chat application WhatsApp as an in-chat payment method in 2017. WhatsApp itself is owned by Meta (formerly known as Facebook). In 2020 the service transformed into a payment service that can be used for online transactions outside of the chat app itself.

At this point, WhatsApp Pay has about 60 million users with the goal of expanding to 100 million soon. The service is still limited to just a few countries: the US, India, and Brazil. India is the main market for WhatsApp Pay from day one.

How Do WhatsApp Pay Casinos Work?

WhatsApp Pay is simple and intuitive to use. The app was initially made for peer-to-peer transfers and it works similarly when it’s used to pay for services online as if you’re transferring funds to a casino itself. The payment method can be used to both deposit funds to a casino and withdraw from it.

All of this can be done using a mobile device. Since most casinos allow the players to play on mobile devices as well, by using WhatsApp Pay you can complete the whole process using only your phone or a tablet.

WhatsApp Pay Casinos India

What You Need to Know About WhatsApp Pay Casinos in India

There are a lot of WhatsApp Pay casinos in India since gambling is popular and WhatsApp has targeted the Indian market for its services from day one. That’s why players should carefully consider which WhatsApp casino to use. The first concern is how safe and well-established a casino is.

Other than that you should take into account the type of players the casinos are attracting and find one that suits your budget and playing style. The size of the bonuses and the wagering requirements attached to them are important as well.

WhatsApp Pay was created as a peer-to-peer truncation app for WhatsApp users.

How to Choose a New WhatsApp Pay Casino in India?

Players can benefit from using a new WhatsApp Pay casino and such casinos are open almost every day. New casinos tend to offer better and more generous bonuses as well as lower wagering requirements for withdrawing funds. They also provide the latest games and software solutions.

A player should be aware of all of these features when choosing a new WhatsApp Pay casino to use. A lot of the time, new casinos are providing a better offer than the established ones so that they can find their way to the new market and attract new players.

Can You Play at WhatsApp Pay Casino on Mobile?

WhatsApp Pay can be used on a mobile device with ease since it was first made as a peer-to-peer payment transfer for WhatsApp. Funds can be both deposited to a casino account and withdrawn from it using a mobile device only. The interface used by WhatsApp Pay is intuitive and simple enough to use even if you’re a novice in the world of online gambling.

Most Indian casinos are looking for ways to move most of their online gambling offer to mobile devices. It’s less costly for the casino and more accommodating to younger players that are used to gambling on their phones or tablets. This means that a player can both manage the funds and play the games all on the same mobile device.

WhatsApp Pay and Casino Bonuses

WhatsApp Pay casinos offer bonuses as a way to promote their games and reward loyal players. Bonuses are usually more generous with a new casino and they often come with wagering requirements you’ll need to meet in order to withdraw the funds you’ve won with

The most common casino bonuses include:

  • A welcome bonus is offered to every new player once they set up an account.
  • Free spin bonuses that sound like free money but actually have a high wagering requirement attached.
  • No deposit bonuses in which funds are added to your casino account before depositing your own.
  • A no-wagering bonus that doesn’t require you to bet using the bonus at all.

WhatsApp Pay and Casino Games

WhatsApp Pay casinos offer a variety of different games and a player can play any of them using WhatsApp Pay as their payment method. Indian casinos offer local and western games since both are equally popular. They also offer games of luck and chance and accommodate high rollers and those that play mostly for fun.

  • Slot games are the most popular gambling games in India and beyond. It’s a game in which you can win big and it’s based on luck alone.
  • Table and card games are known as games of skill and they have a very low edge in favour of the casino, which is why they are loved by the players. Poker and roulette are the most popular but there are countless others as well.
  • Dice games are also widely played in Indian casinos and these depend on luck alone. Craps is the most played dice game in India.
  • Lottery games are popular in India and played even in the states that otherwise don’t allow gambling.
  • Sports betting has a long tradition in India and it was often exempt from laws banning gambling. The most popular sports in India are soccer, cricket, and horse racing.
  • Live games are becoming an important part of the offer for most WhatsApp Pay casinos. These games are streamed live from a real on-the-ground casino and players take part in real-time.

WhatsApp Pay is safe and simple to use.

New Casinos That Accept WhatsApp Pay in India

Another payment option that can be found at many online casinos in India is WhatsApp Pay, although it isn’t as popular as some other similar payment methods in the country.

Still, plenty of casinos offer it and even some of the new online casinos accept WhatsApp Pay. With that in mind, we made a list of online casinos that were established in the past couple of years in India that offer WhatsApp Pay as one of their payment methods, so check it out.

Advantages of WhatsApp Pay Gambling in India

There are many reasons to use WhatsApp Pay casinos. It’s a popular and trustworthy payment method even though it’s still not available in most markets. WhatsApp is widely used in the Indian market and anyone using the chat app itself will have no problem using it for payments as well.

It’s a good option for those who are already using WhatsApp and don’t want to learn and adjust to a new interface since the one provided by WhatsApp Pay will be familiar to them. The infrastructure and the tech behind WhatsApp and Meta guarantee that the transfers are safe.

The Payments are Safe

The payments made with WhatsApp Pay and the withdrawals made to it are safe and easily traceable in case you need to contact customer support. This is the most important feature of any payment method and WhatsApp Pay excels in it since it has a large parent tech company behind it.

WhatsApp Pay is also partnered with India’s largest payment provider UPI and it uses its features and its infrastructure to provide the best and safest services to its Indian customers. At this point and from very early on India was the prime market for WhatsApp Pay.

Easily Accessible

The WhatsApp Payment method is easy to access and use since it’s a part of the WhatsApp chat app. The interface is therefore created and maintained by the same team and it will be familiar and intuitive to you if you’ve used WhatsApp as a chat app before.

The verification process is both easy and safe and you won’t be able to send or deposit any funds by accident. You also won’t need to jump through any hoops if you want to send the funds right away and start playing at your favourite casino.

The Speed

The payments made with WhatsApp Pay are fast and in some cases, you’ll have the funds ready in an instant. The deposits are faster than withdrawals as they are with any other payment method and as soon as you send files to your casino account you’ll have them available.

The withdrawal process may take up to a few days depending on which bank or card you have connected to your WhatsApp Pay app. However, this too is much faster than with some popular payment methods used in India. Players also find it useful that they know exactly when to expect the payment after they’ve made a withdrawal.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Pay Gambling in India

As is the case with any other payment method WhatsApp Pay has downsides as well as benefits. These may be too much for some users and some may even find that these disadvantages are enough to give up on WhatsApp Pay and find a better payment method to use.

Most of these come from the fact that WhatsApp Pay is a small payment method when compared to others working in the field. It’s just recently moved on to being a payment process and before that, it was used as a peer-to-peer payment app.

WhatsApp can be used to both withdraw and deposit funds to a casino account.

It’s not used Worldwide

WhatsApp Pay isn’t available globally. In fact, it’s available in only a handful of countries at this point, but those countries are huge and play an important role in global commerce. At this point, WhatsApp Pay is available in the US, India, and Brazil. The Indian market was the first one in which WhatsApp Pay launched and with great success.

If you plan to keep using the same casinos you’ve been using in India when moving abroad, WhatsApp Pay may not be the best way to go and you may need to find a different payment method for gambling abroad.

It Doesn’t Work with All Banks

Not all banks work with WhatsApp Pay. Even though it works with UPI which is the most popular payment method in India, some banks won’t work with WhatsApp Pay and if that’s the bank you otherwise work with, there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s best to check if you can connect your bank to your WhatsApp Pay app before connecting your casino account to it as a payment method. You’ll be surprised that even some large and tech-savvy banks don’t allow it. It will take a while until WhatsApp becomes as popular in India as it is in the US.


Since WhatsApp Pay is primarily used as a social media and a chat app, this makes it somewhat dangerous when it comes to scams to which some users may be subject. This usually happens when a WhatsApp Pay user gets a message on an app and it comes with a phishing link.

The best way to go is to practice common sense and not respond to messages from someone you don’t know or that seem unusual for someone you do. There’s also a dedicated support team that will help you out in case you do get scammed.

How to Make a Casino Deposit With WhatsApp Pay in India

Making a casino deposit with a WhatsApp Pay app is simple enough and even those who are new to the world of online gambling and payments can do it. The process is safe and the same regardless of the amount you’re transferring.

Before making a deposit you need to make sure that you’ve chosen a casino that supports WhatsApp Pay from our list and that the bank you connect your WhatsApp Pay account to, supports it as well. If this is the case the deposit will be completed within minutes, with verification taking up most of your time.

Enable Payments with WhatsApp Pay

The first thing to do is to enable WhatsApp Pay on your mobile phone. This is done within the WhatsApp app itself in the settings section and under the payments tab. Once you’ve done that you’ll be asked to provide a phone number to confirm you want to make payments with your phone.

A WhatsApp app allows users to have more than one phone number. When providing a phone number to authorise your payments you should use the same number you’ve provided to the bank when setting up your account or a card. Confirm that you enable payments and you’re good to go.

At this point, WhatsApp Pay can be used in India, US, and Brazil.

The Cashier Section

Once you’ve set up the payments on the WhatsApp Pay end of things, you should do the same on the casino side. This is done by going to the “cashier” section of your casino account. This is where you get a list of available payment methods and you should select WhatsApp Pay if the casino provides the option.

This is also where you make a transfer by choosing the amount that you want to send and where you confirm that you want to make a deposit. Casinos have limits as to how little and how much you can send in a single transfer and they differ from one casino to the other.

Waiting Time and Troubleshooting

When it comes to deposits, there’s no waiting, and the funds you’ve sent from your WhatsApp Pay app appear on your casino account as soon as you send them. This is the case regardless of the amount you send but casinos do have limits for the largest and the smallest amount you can send.

It’s easy enough to follow up on a transaction made with WhatsApp Pay. There’s an ID number you can use to get your money back once you’ve contacted the support, in case you’ve made a mistake or if you were a victim of a scam.

How to Make a Casino Withdrawal With WhatsApp Pay in India

WhatsApp Pay can also be used to withdraw funds from a casino to your account and later on to your bank or card. The process is similar to depositing and equally safe. It can be done from a desktop or a mobile device and the only difference is in the time it takes to get your funds.

Withdrawals are always a bit slower than deposits and you won’t have your funds in your WhatsApp Pay account right away. It takes even longer to get your funds from a WhatsApp Pay account to a bank or card you have connected to it.

The Cashier Section

Withdrawals are done in the Cashier section of the settings of your casino account. This is where you’ll connect the payment method to your account and that’s where you choose how much you want to withdraw in a single transaction. There’s a limit to how little and how much you can send.

There’s no confirmation process on the WhatsApp Pay side since there’s no need to confirm you’re sending cash to yourself. There’s one when you’re making a deposit. The funds will be available in no longer than 48 hours.

Withdrawing The Funds

Once the funds are on your WhatsApp Pay app you can use them within the chat app itself. WhatsApp Pay was first intended to be a peer-to-peer transaction app with WhatsApp itself. You can also withdraw the funds from WhatsApp Pay to your card or bank.

The withdrawals take a bit longer than the deposits and they depend on what bank or card you’ve connected to WhatsApp Pay. Most Indian banks and cards work with it, but the app can’t be used worldwide yet. The fees are paid at this part of the transaction.

WhatsApp Pay allows for 20 transactions a day.


There are no fees when depositing the funds to a casino account or when withdrawing from a casino to the WhatsApp Pay app. However, there are fees for withdrawing the funds from the app to the card or bank you have connected to it. The fee is about 4 per cent.

There are also limits as to how many transactions you can make regardless of their size. The limit is set at 20 transactions a day. For most casino users this is way too much and you won’t have any problems with funding your casino account.

Key Takeaways

  • WhatsApp is known as a chat app worldwide, but they also have its own payment system, which is quite popular in India. So, WhatsApp Pay casinos are just online casinos that accept WhatsApp Pay as one of their payment methods.
  • Security and speed of payments are the main benefits of using WhatsApp pay as your payment option, along with the fact that this is a very accessible payment method.
  • One of the biggest disadvantages of WhatsApp Pay comes from the fact that it’s not accepted by all banks, which can be an issue since you have to connect the app to your bank or card. Also, scams are a common occurrence given that WhatsApp is used as a chat app, so phishing scams are something to be aware of.
  • Making a payment with WhatsApp Pay at online casinos in India is a simple process that takes a few minutes only. Simply go to the cashier section at the casino you’re playing at, chose WhatsApp Pay as the payment method you want to use, and enter how much you want to deposit or withdraw.

Play at the Best WhatsApp Pay Casinos in India

WhatsApp Pay is a payment processor developed by the WhatsApp chat app. It was first meant to send funds from one user to another but now it can be used as a payment processor that you can connect to a casino account. It’s safe and rather simple to use with fast payment and small fees.

We’ve compiled a list of casinos that offer WhatsApp Pay for you to browse and choose from. These provide a variety of different games, software providers, and bonus options. It’s based on these features that WhatsApp Pay users should choose which casino to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, WhatsApp Pay is perfectly safe.

It was created in 2017.

It’s available in the US, India, and Brazil.

Only when you transfer funds from the app to a card or bank.

The limit is set at 20 transactions a day.

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