iSoftBet Casinos in India (2023)

iSoftBet is one of the leading software providers with more than a decade of experience in the world of gambling software. It has a good reputation in the industry both for the quality of the games the company is producing and the safety features of its backend software.

We’ve compiled a list of iSoftBet casinos in India for you to browse and choose the one that best suits you. When doing so, you should keep in mind the quality of bonuses that the casinos have to offer and these have nothing to do with the software provider.

List of iSoftBet Casinos
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List of the Best iSoftBet Casino Sites in India

About iSoftBet

iSoftBet is a well-known software company behind the Game Agregat Platform. It’s a system that encompasses 2000 different games and cooperates with casinos all over the world. The company is also renowned for its slot games that come in a great many themes and varying odds.

The games created by iSoftBet can be played on both mobile and desktop devices and in most cases, can be played for tokens or small amounts of real money. iSoftBet keeps adding new games and interesting new twists to the gaming mechanics, with each game.

General Information

iSofbet was founded in 2010 and it’s been in the casino game development business ever since. The company is mostly focused on creating slot games but it does create other gambling games as well. It releases about 30 new games every year and now has over 200 games under its belt.

iSoftBet is licensed in more than 20 different markets at this point and it’s become widely known for its customisability and for enabling operators to create bespoke gameplay that suits the needs of their player niche. The company has many branded slots based on popular and beloved IPs.

The Most Noticeable Features

The feature iSoftBet is most well known for is the aggregation platform which combines their offer allowing the casinos to provide a whole library of games to their players. At this point, the platform contains over 2000 games all of which are available to casinos using iSoftBet services.

iSoftBet also provides branded slot games. Many players choose a slot game based on its theme and aesthetic more than on its RTP rates or other features. Branded IPs, such as slots based on Basic Instinct or Rambo movies, are always popular with the players.

iSoftBet Casino Games

iSoftBet is most well-known for its slot games. However, it does offer other gambling games as well. Table games such as roulette or blackjack are also a staple of their offer and they too come in different themes and different gaming mechanics. All of these games can be played on both desktop and mobile devices.

The most important feature unique to iSoftBet games is that you can customise the games to your liking, more than with any other provider. Casinos usually customise features such as bonus structure, tournaments, and whether there will be free spins.

iSoftBet is known for its slot games.

iSoftBet Slot Games

Slots are the most popular casino game in general and they are the most popular product iSoftBet has to offer. These come in a great many themes and tend to differ when it comes to jackpots and available bonuses. Here are a few of the best slot games made by iSoftBet:

  • Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways is a popular slot game with many unique bonus features (cascading reels, symbol transformations, and a respins bonus round). It has 20 reels and a return to player rate of 96 per cent.
  • Brilliant Diamonds: Hold & Win is one of the most popular slot games iSoftBet games, but it wasn’t well received by the critics mostly because of its simple and somewhat mundane theme. The return to player rate is set at 96 per cent.
  • Crabbin’ Crazy Hold & Win has 5 reels and a 3-row panel. The theme of the game is crabs and it’s filled with gags and references an attentive player will quickly catch. The return to player rate for this game is 96 per cent.

iSoftBet Jackpot Slot Games

iSoftBet produces a few jackpot slot games. Most of their most popular slot games aren’t jackpot slots but a few smaller games do cover this growing market. A jackpot slot game is similar to the traditional game, but it also has a jackpot meaning a bonus feature you can randomly win at.

Super Multitimes Progressive, Platoon Wild Progressive, and Absolute Super Reels are the most popular jackpot slots offered by iSoftBet. Platon Wild is one of those branded slot games, based on the popular 80s action movie and it has a niche following among players and movie fans.

iSoftBet Games RTP

The return to player is one of the most important statistics you can learn about the game. It represents how much of the funds a player uses within a game is returned to them in winnings. This is presented as a percentage if a game has an RTP of 97 per cent. Out of every $100 you spend, you’ll get $97 back. In the long run, this means a player always gets less than they’ve used.

Slot Games RTP
Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways 96%
Brilliant Diamonds: Hold & Win 96%
Crabbin’ Crazy Hold & Win 96%
Euphoria 95%
Gold Digger 96%

iSoftBet Table & Card Games

Other than slots iSoftBet also offers card and table games that are popular with the players since they depend on skill more than luck. These games also have a lower edge in favour of the casino, therefore, giving more of a chance to players, even though there’s always a small edge in favour of the house.

The most popular of these games offered by iSoftBet casinos are roulette, baccarat, and poker games. These come in many different variations but the basic rules are the same and the games can be mastered by playing and creating a strategy in how you bet and when.

iSoftBet games have a high return to player rate.

iSoftBet Live Dealer Games

Some of the casinos that offer iSoftBet games also have live dealer events. This is a decision made by the casinos and therefore not all casinos allow it, but the software produced by iSoftBet has the ability to host live events. It’s a feature that’s now introduced by more casinos than ever since it’s popular with younger players and especially during the time when it wasn’t possible to visit on-the-ground casinos.

Live dealer games are streamed from a real casino and run by an actual dealer. The players take part in betting in real-time. This is a good way for a casino to mimic the experience of actually visiting an on-the-ground casino and attract more players.

What Is New at iSoftBet?

iSoftBet is expanding its services and the products that it offers all the time. It’s moving on to new markets and producing new games all the time. In most cases, these new games are slots, but iSoftBet is producing other games as well. There’s also a push for creating innovative bonus features and most new iSoftBet have some variation of this, depending on the theme of the game.

New iSoftBet Games

ISoftBet creates new games all the time. In most cases, these are slots, but there are also card and table games. Here are a few newest games iSoftBet has produced for you to choose from:

  • Riches of Rumpelstiltskin Megaways is a slot game with an Irish theme. The game was somewhat criticised for its aesthetic which seemed to be too bright and too garish. It has an RTP rate of 96.1%. Max Megaways bonus comes up randomly and creates 170.000 different ways to win.
  • Tales of Silver Megaways is a slot game with a pirate theme. It features a simple and pleasing aesthetic but it doesn’t stand out when compared to its main competitors. The return to rate is 96.1% and there are 6 reels and one horizontal bonus reel.
  • Hook Em Up Frenzy is a slot game with a fishing theme. It has a return to player rate of 95% and there are bonus spins triggered at random that allow the players to multiply their winnings.

New iSoftBet Casinos

iSoftBet works with many different casinos and new partnerships are created all the time. We consider every casino opened in the last two years to be a new one and we’ve compiled a list of such casinos providing iSoftBet games for you to choose from.

There are reasons for new players to use the services of these newer casinos since those tend to provide bet bonus offers as a way to attract new players and position themselves on the market. New casinos also have the latest games and the newest and most innovative software features.

iSoftBet games can be played on mobile devices.

Are iSoftBet Games Optimised for Mobile?

iSoftBet games are made to be used on both mobile and desktop devices. Most casinos are moving towards mobile services to accommodate the needs of their younger players. It’s a less expensive way of setting up a casino and in the long run, it’s also more lucrative for the casino while providing the same experience.

Most payment methods also allow their users to make deposits and withdraw funds using a mobile device only. This, therefore, allows the player to both fund their gameplay and play the game on their phone or table alone.

iSoftBet Casino Bonuses

iSoftBet casinos offer a variety of different bonuses as a way to promote their business and make a name for themselves on the market. These bonuses tend to be tied to wagering requirements, meaning that a player can’t withdraw the funds they got from a bonus without wagering funds of their own.

It’s important to note that the bonus policy isn’t set up by iSoftBet when used in their games. It’s a casino policy and that’s why players may encounter different bonuses in iSoftBet games, depending on the casino they are playing in.

iSoftBet Free Spins No Deposit

No deposit bonuses are the bonuses that the casino issues to players without them having to deposit any of their own funds to the casino account. This is the most generous bonus and the one least used. It’s often used by new casinos as a way to promote their work early on.

It’s the casinos that decide on the bonus policy and not the software providers that create and maintain the games. A player should therefore be aware that different casinos may have different bonus policies while providing the same games by the same providers.

Other iSoftBet Bonus Offers

Casinos that offer iSoftBet games provide a variety of different bonuses. The decisions over bonus policy are up to the casino, so not all bonuses will be available at every casino that has iSoftBet games. The most common bonuses you could find include:

  • Free spins – a common bonus for slot games, but one that often has high wagering requirements and isn’t always worth it.
  • Welcome bonus – offered to every player that sets up an account with the casino. There are wagering requirements, however, so it’s always as lucrative as it seems.
  • No wagering bonus is a bonus that a player can use without wagering any funds of their own. It’s considered to be the most generous bonus.

Key Takeaways

  • Ever since being founded back in 2010, iSoftBet was in the software development business specifically for online casinos and today they are one of the biggest software providers in the world, including India.
  • This company offers a wide variety of online casino games, including slot, table and card games, and live dealer games. Of course, the biggest part of their catalogue is reserved for slots.
  • Some of the most popular slots from iSoftBet are Riches of Rumpelstiltskin Megaways, Hook Em Up Frenzy, Tales of Silver Megaways, Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways, Euphoria, Gold Digger, and many more.
  • With live casino games getting more and more popular today, iSoftBet is also offering live dealer games, including roulette, baccarat, poker, dice games, and others.

Play at the Top iSoftBet Casinos in India

iSoftBet is a well-established and trustworthy software provider working with many Indian casinos. They mostly create slot games but they also do card and table games. Their games can be played on mobile and desktop devices and casinos that offer them also have generous bonus policies.

We’ve compiled a list of iSoftBet casinos for you to choose from. When doing so make sure you take into account what kind of bonuses they have to offer. These policies are set by the casinos so they may differ for the same games, depending on where you play.

Frequently Asked Questions

iSoftBet was founded in 2010.

Yes, they are.

It averages 96 percent.

It is mostly famous for its slot games.

No, this is done by the casinos.

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