Relax Gaming Casinos in India (2023)

Relax Gaming is a famous and well-established gaming software provider. It provides casino games and games of luck in cooperation with Indian casinos as well as casinos all over the world. Over the years Relax Gaming has become the number-one choice for many gambling establishments and their players.

We’ve compiled a list of Relax Gaming casinos for you to browse and choose from. Our list goes in-depth about the types of games and features a player can expect when playing one of the Relax Gaming gambling games. All of the Relax Gaming casinos are also optimised for mobile devices.

List of Relax Gaming Casinos
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List of the Best Relax Gaming Casino Sites in India

About Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming is a large and well-known gambling software provider. It’s owned by Kindred Group which owns 9 gambling software companies based all over the world. The company is based in Estonia but it has headquarters in a few other countries as well.

It offers more than 40 different types of casino games and over 40 different slots alone since slots are its most popular product. Relax Gaming is rated to be fair meaning that it’s always clear what kind of chances a game offers to a player. At this point, Relax Gaming doesn’t offer apps but it does provide games you can play on a mobile device.

General Information

Relax Gaming was founded by Patrik Österåker and Jani Tekoniemi in 2010. The first product the company produced was a poker but later it branched out into other casino games, slots becoming their most well-known and beloved product. Over the years Relax Gaming introduced new tech developments, and branded games, and expanded into branches in countries across Europe.

Relax Gaming also produces games of luck such as Bingo and lotteries. These are powered by their own innovative technology and are specially designed to be played on mobile devices first and foremost. Bingo comes with in-game promotions and bonuses as well as mini-games to boost your chances.

The Most Noticeable Features

Relax Gaming doesn’t have many special features but the ones that they provide are clever and made with the player in mind. Most of their slots have a Hold & Win’ mechanic. The concept is simple: when you land the right number of coins or special symbols, they remain sticky. Relax Gaming also allows the players to buy certain bonuses such as free spins.

Relax Gaming games also stand out based on their graphics. The games are beautiful and well-designed, and that’s the case for both desktop and mobile versions.

Relax Gaming Casinos India

Relax Gaming Casino Games

Relax Gaming produces more than 40 different games. These include games of luck such as bingo and games of chance such as slots. The first game the company ever produced was poker, but it’s most well-known for its slots that come in many different shapes and sizes.

Relax Gaming games are often called a mix of classics and unique games. Table games such as blackjack and roulette are also a part of their portfolio even though they sometimes get outshined by the slots. At this point, Relax Gaming doesn’t produce any live dealer games.

Relax Gaming produces top-of-the-line slot games as well as table and card casino games.

Relax Gaming Slot Games

Relax Gaming is most well-known for its slot games. Here are just a few of them that you should check out.

  • Money Cart 2 is a sequel to the popular Money Cart slot game. It has a return-to-player rate of 98 per cent and a hold-and-win mechanic instead of pay lines. The theme of the game is Wild West. The game has high volatility so it’s best for those who love to take risks.
  • Space Miners is a high-volatility slot game with 6 reels and 3 to 10 rows. The bonuses include power-ups, free spins, and a chance to buy bonuses. The return to player is 96 per cent and you can 50.000 x your bet.
  • Temple Tumble 2 is a slot game with a progressive jackpot. The return to player rate is 94.8 per cent and the stakes range from rather low to quite high. The volatility is 4 out of 5 and some of the biggest winnings Relax Gaming players have had, have been on this slot game.

Relax Gaming Jackpot Slot Games

Relax Gaming offers jackpot slot games. In May 2022 Relax Gaming introduced the progressive jackpot system called Dream Drop. At this point, seven of the games Relax Gaming has produced offer this jackpot system and they’ve quickly become the player’s favourite.

Here are the jackpot tiers provided by the Mega Drop games:

  • Mega — Starts with €500,000 (Must Win value is €1,000,000)
  • Major — Starts with €25,000 (Must Win value is €50,000)
  • Maxi — Starts with €100
  • Midi — Starts with €5
  • Rapid — Starts with €1

Temple Tumble 2 Has proven the be the most lucrative game out there and players have already won Mega Drop jackpots in it.

Relax Gaming Games RTP

On average Relax Gaming games have a return-to-player rate of about 91 percent. This means that for every $100 you spend on a game; you’ll get about $91 of them back. In the long run, this means you’ll always get back a bit less than you’ve spent, but this is the case for any gambling game. Here are the return-to-player rates for some of the most popular Relax Gaming slots.

  • Monet cart 2 has an RTP of 98%.
  • Hazakura Ways has an RTP of 93%.
  • Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop has an RTP rate of 90%
  • Money Train has an RTP of 86%

Relax Gaming Table & Card Games

Relax gaming is mostly known for its slots but they also offer classic table and card games. The most popular of these are poker and blackjack which can be considered both a card and a table game. These come in many different themes and variations and can be played by both small-time players and high rollers.

Players enjoy table and card games even though they are less popular than slots. The biggest draw of these games is in the fact that they are games of skill and players can actually affect the outcome of the game by knowing how and when to bet. They have a much lower edge in favour of the casino than other gambling games.

Most popular Relax Gaming games have a return to player rate of 97 percent.

Relax Gaming Live Dealer Games

At this point, Relax Gaming doesn’t offer live dealer games. They are focused on working with casinos and providing gaming software for online gaming but not on live gaming at this point. In this regard, Relax Gaming is somewhat of an outlier.

Live dealer games are streamed from a real casino while allowing the players to take part in real-time. It’s becoming a popular way to gamble online since it mimics the look and feel of going to an actual casino while playing on your mobile device. Hopefully, Relax Gaming will get in on the innovation soon.

What Is New at Relax Gaming?

Relax Gaming is always looking to innovate its products and create new games and new tech solutions as well as find new casinos to partner up with. A brand new slot game was already introduced in 2023, and two others were released in December 2022.

Relax Gaming is also expanding to new markets and it’s now licensed in Greece. It partnered up with a few new gaming studios as well including Air Dice, Octopus Global, and Smartsoft Gaming, to name a few. Last year marked the fifth year anniversary of the popular Mega Drop Jackpot project.

New Relax Gaming Games

Relax Gaming has released a few slot games in recent months and all of them were well-liked by the players.

Grim the Splitter Dream Drop was released in January of 2023. The game has a horror theme to it and it’s a high volatility slot. The return to player rate is set at 94 per cent and you can 100.000 x your bet. There are 15 different ways to get to the jackpot which makes the game unpredictable and a lot of fun.

In December 2022, Relax Gaming released Net Gains, in collaboration with Casino Grounds. This high volatility slot with fish-themed gameplay allows the player to increase their winnings 15.000 times if they hit the jackpot.

New Relax Gaming Casinos

Relax Gaming is partnering up with a lot of different casinos offering their slot and other gambling games. New casinos and new markets are created on a regular basis. For the purposes of our list, we consider any casino that’s been open for two years or less to be a new casino featuring Relax Gaming games.

There are reasons a player should try out new casinos. They tend to offer better bonuses and more generous wagering requirements as an effort to attract new players and establish themselves on the market. New casinos also have the latest tech Relax Gaming has to offer.

Are Relax Gaming Games Optimised for Mobile?

Relax Gaming games are somewhat unique when it comes to how they handle mobile gaming. Games are available on mobile devices and you can play them in the same way you would on a desktop device. However, this isn’t done via apps – instead games can be played within a browser on your phone or tablet.

Mobile gaming is becoming an increasingly important field for many casinos. It’s a less expensive way to set up a gambling establishment and it’s more in touch with the younger players. Relax Gaming is a part of this trend in its own way.

Relax Gaming games don’t come in the app form but they can be played on a mobile device.

Relax Gaming Casino Bonuses

Casino games produced by Relax Gaming offer a variety of different bonuses and jackpots. These are useful ways for casinos to promote their work and help new players with less risk. Bonuses come in many different forms and usually have wagering requirements. This means a player can’t always withdraw the funds they’ve got without betting some of their own.

Players need to be aware of the wagering requirements before using a bonus so that they can decide if the bonus is worth it in the long run. Casinos are the ones that make this call and they are usually upfront about it.

Relax Gaming Free Spins No Deposit

No deposit bonuses are the ones that the casino provides to a player before they made a deposit to their casino account. Those bonuses are considered to be more generous than free spins and match bonuses but they do come with wagering requirements of their own.

It’s important to note, however, that the bonus policy is set by the casinos and not by the software provider that produced the game. Therefore, Relax Gaming games may have a different bonus structure in different casinos, depending on their respective policies. Newer casinos tend to provide more generous bonus offers.

Other Relax Gaming Bonus Offers

Casinos provide a variety of different bonuses as a part of their offer to entice new players and reward the loyal ones. Which bonus is available at what casino, depends on the gambling establishment alone and isn’t operated by Relax Gaming. Here are a few of the most common bonuses, casinos will provide:

  • Welcome bonuses are provided to every player as they sign up and they tend to have wagering requirements,
  • Free spins are a common slot bonus and they are what they sound like but also have wagering requirements,
  • No wagering deposits don’t require a player to wager at all to get the bonus.

Key Takeaways

  • Relax Gaming is one of the most popular software providers for online casinos today. The company was founded in 2010 and has since grown to become one of the leaders in the industry, so their games can be found at many online casinos in India.
  • The main reason why Relax Gaming is so popular is due to the quality of their slots, which have immersive graphics and engaging stories. Some of the best-known slots from this company include Money Train and Money Cart series, Space Miners, Marching Legions, Snake Arena, Iron Bank, and others.
  • In addition to slots, Relax Gaming also provides different table and card games, the most popular being poker and blackjack. However, unlike most providers today, they don’t yet have a live casino catalogue.

Play at the Top Relax Gaming Casinos in India

Relax Gaming is a gambling software provider that’s well-established in the gambling world and well-known most of all for its slot games. Other than that Relax Gaming also provides table and card games and is playable on a mobile device without the apps. They don’t provide live dealer games, however.

We’ve set up a list of the top Relax Gaming casinos for you to browse and choose from. When doing so a player should be aware of the bonus structure that the casinos provide. These decisions have nothing to do with the software provider and differ from one casino to the other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Relax Gaming is owned by Kindred Group.

Relax Gaming is known for its slot games.

Yes, they can.

No, they do not.

It’s about 91 percent.

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