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The competition in the online casino industry is rising at a maniacal rate. Every day more and more people are joining gambling world to make a fortune at online casinos in India. With a rise in the number of players, casino operators try everything possible to attract newbies. It is because of this explosive competition, most leading web-based casinos have come up with generous incentives and bonus schemes. But apart from these incentives and free spins, casinos are also launching generous VIP Programs to keep their existing customers engaged and make them feel “Important”. After all, casinos become reputable when they successfully keep their customers by their side, and VIP programs are a tribute, they pay to their loyal customers.

The online casino VIP Programs are the options most web-based casinos offer to their loyal members. It is a way of making their players feel important, which they do by presenting rewards and benefits for betting or playing games on their sites. VIP Programs are provided to encourage players to keep using their website for gambling, that too frequently.

With an online casino VIP Scheme, players can earn points (miles) while playing games for real money. These points bring several benefits to players such as bonus cash, prizes, and many other perks. In most online casinos’ VIP programs like at Royal Panda, the more points players earn, the higher tier level they score, which means big bonus cash, cashback, and incentives.

Keep in mind that the rewards you earn through VIP programs are exclusive.

There are different tiers in a VIP program, and at the lowest tier, the rewards are simple and basic. But as you keep playing and earn more points, you will progress to higher VIP tiers and the rewards also get better. Each tier has its own rewards, which are exclusive to the players in that specific tier only.

At the highest VIP levels, casinos will even assign you with your own personal account manager. If you want to reap these benefits, you must achieve higher VIP ranks. That is why it’s very beneficial to be a part of VIP programs so that your casino experience becomes more rewarding and profitable. By not participating in VIP schemes, you are missing out on all the best rewards and benefits that the casino offers.

How To Become A VIP Program Member?

There are many different ways to join a VIP program, but it all depends on the requirements placed by the online casino. For the most part, casinos automatically enroll the players in a loyalty program, meaning when a player joins a gambling site, he/she is placed at the bottom tier of the program automatically. As the player gradually plays for real money, he/she starts to earn points that bring him/her closer to a VIP tier, like just LeoVegas. Whereas in some casinos the members have to deposit an amount to get the membership.

In some casinos, neither of these two options are available and you will need a special invitation from the casino to enrol in the VIP program. Such casinos don’t usually take new players in the program, so you will have to spend some time and money in the casino and play regularly. The casino will notice your activity on their site and once they are convinced that you are a loyal and esteemed player, they will invite you to the VIP program. In case you have spent considerable time and money but haven’t got an invitation, you can contact the customer support to know more about your status and if you qualify to join the VIP program.

So, the best way to become a VIP Member at a casino is to play regularly with real money by depositing good amounts.

Difference Between a Regular Bonus Play and a VIP Scheme

Before you bag the benefits of a VIP program, it is necessary to understand how a VIP Program is different from a regular bonus play. So we’ll explain how both VIP program and bonus play works, and the difference between the two.

In bonus gameplay, you are provided with a cash bonus amount in your casino account to play and place bets, after depositing funds using a bonus code. The winning amount in bonus play can only be cashed out when the bonus and/or specific gameplay requirements are fulfilled.

In VIP programs, there are different levels or tiers and you start from the lowest tier just like everyone else. As you start playing, the casino awards you points for wagering money on different games. Every casino sets their own rate as to how much money you must wager for one VIP point. The casinos also have their own requirements for the points needed to move to the next level. At every level, you get better and better rewards such as regular free spins, exclusive match bonuses and cash backs, special bonus points which can be redeemed to bonus cash and much more.

In summary, in a VIP Program, you will be rewarded for wagering real money, while in bonus you will have to wager for a certain amount to meet the requirements of the casino bonus to cash out the winnings. On top of that, the biggest advantage of a VIP program is that it’s an ongoing scheme that gives you regular benefits and rewards, while bonus offers last only for a fixed duration.

Pros and Cons of a VIP Program and a Bonus Play

VIP Program



Bonus Play



Casino VIP Tiers

VIP schemes allow you to access higher tiers and offer better returns on your investment. Generally, VIP tiers are shaped in steps, and sometimes, these are determined as “Platinum”, “Gold”, “Silver”, and “Diamond” tiers, just like at Betway. The simple rule these tiers follow is that the more amount and time you spend at an online casino, the higher the VIP tier will be.

Under some VIP Programs, you can also buy points, just like airlines, while in some programs you can also buy or sell these points to other players. You do this in a case when you do not want to exchange your points for gifts and other exclusive offers, then you can sell these points in return of cash at a pre-decided exchange rate. Irrespective of what you do with these points, they remain to be a part of your VIP Scheme, which bring you incentives and encouragement to keep playing. This way your loyalty towards casinos increases and which in turn increases your bank balance and gives you indefinite chances of winning.

How to Maintain a VIP Status?

Getting VIP status is only half of the battle, the real challenge starts with maintaining it. The experts at Casumo casino say that you will have to keep earning the loyalty points to a decided ratio. You will only reap the benefits of VIP Status until you keep fulfilling the requirements of the VIP Club.

The players who have newly got the membership can easily maintain the status by simply wagering for a reasonable amount monthly to fulfill the fraction. This can be simply done by playing a few VIP online casino games.

A reputed Indian online casino will display all the details on the site to inform the members about the requirements, and what they can expect from the scheme. Even if the player loses the status for one month, they can make a comeback as soon as they have enough points.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Casino VIP Program?

Now that you understand what an online VIP Program is and what are its perks, it is time to know how to bring the best out of it.

Know the Insights of The Program

You may encounter many players across the web sharing their bad experiences with the VIP Program. This happens when you don’t fully understand the program, and jump right into it. You need to understand that they won’t give you perks for free; they are also expecting something in return. Well, you can simplify such issues by taking a few minutes and read all the details about the program in depth. See if there is anything important you must take notes of before kicking off with the VIP Program.

Verify If There Are Any Limitations or Deadline

It is necessary to check whether there are any limitations or timelines associated with the program. By keeping a check on the limitations, you would be aware of the expiry date the points you have earned by far. However, there are many online casinos out there that do not push you to a timeline, the VIP Programs here are indefinite, you can wager anytime and earn points.

Choose The Best Games To Earn Rewards

This tip may not work for all the players, but when you are chasing the rewards or a tier status, choose a game very carefully. Online casinos feature special games where the players can earn additional VIP points while playing. Some casinos put these games throughout the years, while others keep rotating the games that bring excitement with extra points.

Make The Best Value Of The Points Earned

Most reputable online casinos like Casoola offer reward points for playing under your VIP tier. These rewards can be different from cash prizes such as holiday packages and other presents. It is your responsibility to bring the best value for your points.

Contact Support When Needed

To get the most out of VIP programs, you need to have detailed info on how they work. While the information that is publicly disclosed by the casino will tell you everything you need to know, there may still be some doubts or some points which you don’t understand. And those who are new to the online casino experience may not even know the meaning of certain gambling terms. In such cases, it’s not wise to get into the VIP program without clearing all your doubts. So even if you have the slightest confusion, don’t hesitate to contact the casino’s customer support and clarify all your doubts until you are perfect clear about all aspects of the VIP program.

How To Recognize The Best VIP Program For You?

Online casino design unique VIP program for their players, as each player has different preferences. The details of the VIP program will also vary in different casinos so not every program will be the same. So you have to make the decision as to which are the best VIP programs that are worth participating.

So how can you figure out if a VIP program is good for you? Well, here are a few general rules that a good casino VIP Program must include:

Disclosure of Information

The casino should publicly disclose the details about various tiers of the VIP program and respective rewards. Any player should be able to view the information before they participate so they know what they’re getting into.

Detailed Info on Point Collection

The casino should clearly explain everything about collection of VIP points, such as:

  • Wagered money to points conversion rate, which means how much money you must wager to earn one point
  • Points needed to be promoted to next level
  • How to collect the points, whether it can be earned by spending on any game on the casino, or if there are certain games which don’t offer VIP points when you wager on them

These are all essential information which lets you know how you can progress through the VIP levels.

Rewards and Cashbacks without Wagering Requirements

We understand that wagering requirements are a necessary measure for casinos, but that is justified for bonus offers. If you have to fulfil such requirements even in VIP programs, then it’s not very beneficial for you. The best VIP programs should also have wager free cashbacks and rewards so that loyal VIP players can truly benefit from them.

Automatic Opt-In

VIP programs where you are automatically enrolled upon joining the casino are better than the programs which require special invitation or additional conditions. The reason for it is quite obvious – you can immediately start playing for the VIP points in such programs without having to wait. And the faster you start participating, the sooner you can progress through the VIP ranks and avail better rewards.

Is Enrolling In A VIP Program Worth It?

Well, it is truly the call of the players. But, we at All Casinos recommend going for a VIP program to savor its ultimate advantages. These kinds of programs add a lot of value to your account and allow you to earn more bucks for the real money gameplay. From cashback to special bonuses to amazing prices, and above “Special treatment”, these programs truly make you feel like a Very Important Person! So, wait for more and fill your gambling experience with tons of VIP program benefits.

Get Invited To The Best Casino VIP Programs

The number of online casinos keep increasing, as more and more operators are entering the online gambling industry. So there are a lot of casinos out there and most of them also have their own VIP clubs and schemes. As a player, it’s simply not possible to know about them all, and that’s why we’re here to help.

The number of online casinos keep increasing, as more and more operators are entering the online gambling industry. So there are a lot of casinos out there and most of them also have their own VIP clubs and schemes. As a player, it’s simply not possible to know about them all, and that’s why we’re here to help.

No need to check out the VIP programs in different casinos one by one yourself. No need to constantly be on the lookout for newly launched VIP programs. Subscribe to the High Rollers Club and let us do all the work for you and deliver all essential information about VIP programs directly to you. As a member of the High Rollers Club, you will never miss out on the best and latest VIP programs provided by top online casinos.

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