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Artificial Intelligence to Boost Slot Production, Says Evolution’s CPO

How AI will influence slot production

According to the chief product officer at Evolution Tod Haushalter, one of the leading software providers for online casinos, the development of artificial intelligence is bound to affect the production of casino games in the future, boosting the production of slots in particular.

Haushalter spoke at a recent industry event in Malta, where he commented on the different opportunities that AI provides, noting that Evolution’s department for slot development already experimented with the use of artificial intelligence.

Experimenting with AI in Slot Production

According to him, Evolution’s development team used a well-known AI program called Midjourney to create a majority of the artwork for one of their new games. To be exact, AI did 80% of the artwork for the game.

Midjourney, just like other similar AI tools, uses prompts to create content. In this particular case, the prompts are visual images, as well as custom artwork. As Haushalter explained, Evolution’s development team took the images that AI produced and edited them to make them more suitable for their new game.

The CPO believes that AI has plenty to offer to the gambling industry, noting that the use of AI in content production especially makes sense for smaller studios since they might otherwise struggle to produce enough games to compete with large studios. Still, Haushalter noted that big studios can also benefit from artificial intelligence.

Exciting Future in Gaming Industry and Slot Production

While Haushalter is excited about AI in the gaming industry, he also believes that the future of slots is very exciting and full of potential, even without the use of artificial intelligence. Today, even a small startup is able to produce slots, which is great for the industry since it brings new, fresh ideas and boosts creativity all around.

The same can’t be said for live casino games, which have higher requirements, like huge investments and greater organisational efforts so that part of the industry is still hard for new companies to break into.

However, Haushalter also noted that even slot production is very competitive today and that even the biggest companies have to remain diligent at all times or they can quickly be outmatched.

Online Slots to Get Into Land-Based Casinos?

While the trend in the iGaming industry is for brick-and-mortar casino games to make their way online, Haushalter believes that we will see more online casino games moving into land-based casinos in the future.

In any case, the CPO is excited about the possibilities presented by the mixing of traditional casino games and the iGaming industry and sees this as a perfect opportunity for software developers to innovate.

Evolution Continues to Grow

As one of the key players in the software production industry for online casinos, Evolution continues to grow and innovate. The company had a very interesting month in May when they signed a few new deals with major gambling firms, such as REEVO and Caesars Digital.

Evolution also expanded on its existing partnership with Galaxy Gaming.

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