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Casino Legislation News

Supreme Court to Listen to Cases Against 28% GST on Bets

A few months after the new 28% tax on the iGaming Industry in India was officially imposed by the government, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) department to be exact,… Read More

New iGaming Tax Starts on October 1st as India’s Government Clears Way for It

Starting from October 1st, the new 28% tax on the iGaming Industry in India will start to apply and the government has been making moves to ensure that the rollout… Read More

The Government Issues a Warning Against Gambling and Betting Advertisement

In anticipation of major sporting events like the Asia Cup and the World Cup (both cricket tournaments), the Indian government has issued a stern warning to media outlets on publishing… Read More

Maharashtra Cabinet Officially Repeals Casino Act After 47 Years

After decades of approval of the Maharashtra Casino (Control and Tax) Act, that law was finally repealed officially at the weekly Cabinet meeting, ending the long-lasting failure to implement the… Read More

GST Council to Impose a 28% Tax on Online Gambling Industry in India

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council finally made a decision on a years-long debate on how online gaming companies and casinos should be treated when it comes to taxes…. Read More

Punjab Police Close Illicit Lottery Operations

On Saturday, June 10th, police in Punjab launched a special action to deal with illegal lottery operations and other gambling practices across the state. In a major crackdown, more than… Read More

Tamil Nadu to Ban Online Gambling and Investigate Fantasy Sports

Tamil Nadu, the Gateway of South India, is on the path to banning online gambling after the state’s governor RN Ravi approved a bill that bans online poker and rummy,… Read More